21 Traits Men Find Unattractive In a Woman

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What men find unattractive physically in a woman? Seriously, the most unattractive trait of a woman is not supporting other women. Words cannot express how lucky I feel to have so many incredible women in my life. The list grows each and every year. Your strength, your passion, and your light give me hope. May you always be as mighty and fierce as you are today, as you will be tomorrow? I am so grateful for you all, truly. To me, feminism is tomorrow. It's hope, it knows that every day is a new chance. A new chance to fight back against who they tell you to be, a chance to love and support your sisters more, a chance to stop being his victim and to start being your hero. And I don’t mean to oversimplify here. There will be tomorrows that bad. Tomorrows that have us on our knees, wondering how such violence could exist in this world. But know that every tomorrow becomes a yesterday. Know that I will always be here to help you start again the next day. Know that I will always fight for your new chance for your right to happiness, and for mine too. And so today, of all days, get yourself ready for tomorrow. Get yourself ready to be a better feminist, to create a more equal world, to start being unstoppable.

I think one of the worst things about being a man in our society is about one thing women take for granted on an almost daily basis, and that is both emotional and physical intimacy. The only socially acceptable way to have this basic human need met for a man is to have a partner, which for most isn't something that you might come by every day for all of your life. In those periods of being single, most men virtually go without any emotional or physical gratification at all, and it changes behavior projection ally towards the more risky and desperate, sometimes ending in a depression like a state. Also, few men have the ability to have an emotionally close friendship, for many reasons depending on the gender of the friend. For some reason, in many cases, a friendship between a man and a woman doesn't last long or ends in a relationship, both because it is expected by society and the workings of biology. And a close and gratifying friendship between men is strongly against social norms, grounded in the idea that emotions are feminine and any display of emotions other than anger between men is gay or womanly. So the odds are stacked against men in being emotionally and physically fulfilled in their daily life. And this helps to explain how some men get overly attached when first seeing a woman because they are having those needs met for the first time in perhaps months. Men get "intense" just like a drug addict getting his fix after months of withdrawal. Just imagine not getting hugged, told you are beautiful or that you matter for long periods of your life, that is the reality of most men in our society, and is one of the contributing factors to why men use more drugs, commit suicide at a higher rate, are less successful at relationships in different forms or treat women negative.

Why do some men not trust women?

I hear men, like my friends and other men in passing conversations, that they do not trust women. The reason that stands out the most seems to stem from the hurt caused by women who these men let into their heart, for years or even briefly. Men feel that women cannot be trusted because it seems that her words are not something to count on, and that what have been said could change sooner than later. Friends have told of women who have lain in their arms telling them of the future they see and want with them or even told them that they love them, only two days after dumping them when nothing has attributed such a change. I myself have had women explain their love to me and poured their hearts out only to change their mind just a few days after. Perhaps men and women relate to emotions and feelings differently. As a man, I can say that emotions felt by most men is not something tied to the moment, we know what we feel and it will in most cases not change unless the situation suffers a major alteration. From the perspective of a man, it seems that women are more prone to be engulfed by the magic of the moment and allow her urges and emotions to ebb and flow with the rhythm of the situation, but mere moments of its passing those emotions and desires could be something else. Men’s emotions and desires are interchangeable constants that a man uses to carve his path forward and carry him upwards. While it seems that women’s emotions fills the now, guides her and informs her while always potentially intermingling with every other emotion and desire, depending on the minute changes coming into play. And each desire and emotion have a degree of strength. She might desire that man across the room and want to know him or date him, or he is just attractive or interesting, but not so much that you want him to do something about it, and if he does there is something he didn’t understand, stepping over a boundary. Men, on the other hand, will ignore you, talk to you if they like you as a friend and not flirt in any way, but if he does like you there is only two degrees of attraction; flirt and love. From the perspective of a man that kind multitude of reasons behind a woman’s gaze causes frustration and mistrust, and fear of approaching her. If this distinction is true, it is easy to see how these different ways of relating to emotions can be disastrous in their own way. A man who has built himself up and knows what he feels is always open to having it all come crashing down, and men learn with age how to build themselves up again better and better, as it is a matter of survival. However, a woman, who do not yet know themselves, are easily open to manipulation like charm and lies and must from trial and error learn what to avoid. Men do not feel that they can trust women because they assume that the emotions of women are interchangeable constants too and if the words said to change all the sudden men think she must have lied to me. While men learn from their mistakes and grow like a snake changing its skin, women more commonly seem to adapt, learn the pitfalls and treat life like a labyrinth, never trying a path that burned her in the past even if might be a faster route to the goal. The stereotypes that men are simple-minded and women are complex are essentially true. And the confusion caused by a lack of understanding breeds mistrust and frustration on both sides. If you feel that I am wrong, then, by all means, I welcome any sort of humble additions.

21 Qualities Men Find Unattractive In a Woman

Here are the most common traits find out in several surveys about why men hate women. I personally do not hate women, I do respect them and a man cannot be a gentleman without resting women. I think especially in a time where humanity has taken a secular turn men suffer even more as women turn strong and independent. For so long men have been a must-have for women, now they can earn their own living and suddenly the feeling of being useful is further away. For me the remedy was to start a love affair with reality itself, to turn my emotional response away from society's norm towards the existential parts of my life. Without the food that I eat, the water that I drink, the energy of the sun and the air that I breathe any woman would still be a waste upon me. The next problem is still the physical desires of the body, this can be lowered somewhat with spiritual practice but in a society where success means bed love, it's safe to say that it's hard. To hold a bit of distance to the identity of body and mind becomes more important, with such a distance even short-termed relationships can become fulfilling. Even something as innocent as sitting close or hugging can become satisfying in a different way as the body is more receptive.

1- A guy find unattractive that when a woman give him eye contact he have to figure out if it is because she simply thinks his clothes are interesting, that she wants him to look back so she can feel attractive even if she does have a boyfriend, if she wants to talk to him or just date him.

2- A guy find unattractive that he is being used just so she can feel that she is an attractive woman.

3- A guy hates that he can behave the same way with two women, and simply because one doesn't think he is attractive that he is a creep or a potential thug.

4- A guy hates that just because he is a man and 2 meters tall, he have to walk at least 5 meters behind a woman late at night, even if he is in a hurry because otherwise, she might think he is a bad guy.

5- A guy finds unattractive that every relationship with a woman is ruled and determined by her emotional difficulties.

6- A guy hate that a woman can tell him she loves him, and the very next day tell him the relationship isn't working out.

7- A guy dislike when his woman tries not to betray her gender, she betrays her own species.

8- A guy hates that after having his heart broken numerous times, and being lied to by those women, he can no longer trust a woman when she displays affection for him.

9- A guy hate that displaying honest affection for a woman, means "you're too intense".

10- A guy hates that women can never tell you straight what they want or feel.

11- A guy hates that women need a constant stream of outer validation and that any lapse in that stream is taken as non-interest, non-affection or non-attraction.

12- A guy hate that he not wanting to have the date, has to mean she is unattractive, even if  they have had a date before.

13- A guy hates that the only way to have a functioning relationship with a woman entails the realization that you have to act as her father and not her equal, and to not means a disaster for the relationship.

14- A guy hates that every relationship with a woman needs to be a power struggle.

15- A guy hate that women keep men in her life at a distance, knowing they are attracted to her, in "case she needs them".

16- A guy finds unattractive that women use dating to get things other than pleasure.

17- A guy hates that women use men, and are applauded as man-eaters or heartbreakers as if it is a good thing.

18- A guy finds unattractive that women are most of the time overly complicated emotionally.

19- A guy hates that women have one bad experience and stay away from the source all her life.

21- A guy finds unattractive that a woman has to reach the age of 35+ before she realizes what a freak she was as a young woman.

21- A find unattractive hate that every time he has something negative to say about women that he also have to endorse cheating, want women to stay in the kitchen or hate feminism, or otherwise condone any of the flaws men have.

Feminism to me is to encourage us to meet in the middle. Women have now moved into previously male-dominated areas and are doing well in schools, universities and have high paying jobs and more and more independence. That to me is encouraging. What I am very sad about, on the other hand, is that men are still mocked and ridiculed for being sensitive. So they bottle up and have a lot of anxiety and other psychological issues. They drop out of school and become depressed at a higher rate than women. To me, that is also a result of the patriarchy. My feminism believes men are more than that. Unfortunately, many people disagree with me and claim men are to blame. This will only backlash as it just has. To me we are equal. Problem is, women can move in a much wider spectrum both physically and emotionally while men are standing still. On top of that they are blamed for the injustice and quickly the sadness will escalate into anger. Anger being one of the few emotions man are "allowed" to express. Kind of like the school shootings where kids are being bullied until they snap, and then blamed for the mess. So we all lose. I think the system is wrong.

Why do so many good looking Men, fall for unattractive females?

Once you mature, you realize that looks aren't what matters. To me, a Woman is not graded based on her looks because she can be gorgeous, but that may just be arm candy. She may be gorgeous, but her personality lacks in many levels. Beauty is not based on appearance always; it is based on knowing that she will be there, knowing that she handles responsibilities, knowing who she is as a Woman. Those qualities are attractive.

Nowadays I meet many beautiful women, but many of them are so caught up in being popular that they miss the fact that friendship encourages strong relationships. So many people are overwhelmed with beauty advances that they begin to shield themselves off from people. In a sense that takes away your beauty. Stop chasing people based on their looks, because it goes deeper than that, its personality, its character, its sense of humor, its stability, its respect for herself, its love for yourself and it is knowing what it means to be a responsible Woman, that’s what beauty is to me.

How Do I Stop Hating Women?

I feel that feminism never really took on the lens of class, in favor of a gender hierarchy. So if an old rich man with misogynist behavior characteristics is more to blame for the expression of patriarchy, so is any man because of attraction. The idea of gender shapes feminist thinking more than class, which also allows the cheering on of rich women to contribute more to patriarchy. Men and women are both affected by patriarchy, yes, but differently. Women are generally sold short, suppressed, held from taking charge and defining themselves. While men are made to think that they act in the best interest of them and how to be strong, successful, in charge. But this creates a huge imbalance between men, mostly psychological. And the problem is that when men are made to believe that emotions are wrong, they are robbed of the only window and tool to help them deal with depression, heartache etc and are forced to act according to what they know, which is action and force. So I understand the confusion in some feminists and why they blame men, because if you don't understand men and how they suffer in patriarchy then it’s easy to see them as the perpetrators. And toss in a heartache and the slobbering drunk every weekend at the bar and you get a understandable but unjust anger that satisfies any sense of personal vindication. Women have been kicked and pushed down, are righteously so taking their own control back. But most men are still unaware of how they have been twisted and made into half-humans that destroy themselves out of pure ignorance of society and their own souls, and no the blaming doesn't work. What is needed is the maternal energy, from both men and women in this matter, but what I see it that most young girls grow up and adopt the same harmful masculine energy that they claim they fight against because they are filled with revenge and anger. Why strength in a woman is conversationally viewed as an unattractive characteristic? Why is that not empowering? It is not about hating men. Men are not the problem. The generational-patriarchal mindset is the problem. It is so popular to be a fan of powerhouse couples and to want the same until someone feels their masculinity is being attacked rather than complemented. It's important to know it is okay to love being a strong woman and love a man at the same time.

Stop being combative and calling it strong! That's actually a trait of underlying weakness. It's unattractive and annoying. There are too many calling men weak because men don't want to put up with their mess. Observant men who aren't blinded by beauty pick up on that quickly. A truly strong woman can make a man convict himself without even attacking him and cause him to want to change, do better or whatever on his own. The strongest women I know have never felt the need to attack me or attempt to question my manhood like others do. They have however inspired me and for that, I have become a better man.


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