I Need You in My Life Quotes for Boyfriend

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These well written I need you in my life quotes for your boyfriend or husband are the best love phrases you can write on his birthday or anniversary cards. Appreciate the days, weeks, months, and years you've been in a relationship or marriage you're in with your inheritance (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife). It's time to turn up out loud today. Have extremely great plans with my boyfriend today. Love comes in many shapes and sizes; the love of a friend, an animal, a mate, a sibling, a parent, or a child, to name a few. Why not give your loved ones a heartfelt gift. Gifts come in many forms. It can be a physical gift of some kind, or it can be the gift of your time or the gift of a phone call to a loved one telling them how much you care. These need you quotes and sayings will definitely impress your guy in no time. Whatever it is, please take this opportunity to reach out to the ones you love. My wish is that all of you will experience more love in your lives this week.
I need you in my life

I Need You Quotes for My Boyfriend/Husband

1- This is so stupid. But the funny thing is I don't require a lot from my significant other so it makes sense that I'm not expensive. The only things I need are that which money can't buy.

2- Thanks for being the special one in my life and loving me unconditionally in all times of my life. We both need blessings of friends and family for our happy life.

3- Babe you truly are a sweetheart and without you, my life would be boring. You support me, you make me happy, you are always there when I need you and even when I don't think I need you, and you’re there. I fell in love with you and I keep falling in love with you over and over again. Thank you for always being there and being the best boyfriend any girl could dream of.

4- I am thankful to God to have matched me with you, my darling husband. You have always been alike pillar behind and next to me and like an umbrella holding above me when I have needed support, shoulder to cry on.

5- To the man that I love dearly! You are my best friend you are my lover but you are my inner soul to live. You are my world. God brought us together for a reason and I can't thank him enough. Our anniversary is 3 days away the best day ever. I just needed to say I love you very much. I am so much honored to be your wife.

6- You are the best boyfriend ever taking care of me all the time, you always standing next to me when I really need him.

7- He's my most favorite’s person in the world and I love him so much! Not only because he's the father of our daughter, but because he didn't run out on me when I needed him and because he's stuck by my side through everything. He's made the last year and 5 months the greatest. He's a great boyfriend but will be an ever greater daddy. I know he'll do everything he can for both of us even though he's going to have double trouble with 2 of me.

8- There is no need for big flash cars houses or designer clothes when all we need and want is each other air to breathe food in our tummy and our babies. We have made so very many amazing memories together Looking forward to the much more to come.

9- You are a wonderful man but I don't think I need too many words I think the years speak for themselves we've had good times and bad and it takes work and I'm looking forward to much more.

10- No matter how much you make, how handsome you may be, you will never compare to the man that sacrificed his life willingly for others for over 3 decades, who I share 4 of the most amazing children with and four perfect grandchildren. You are the man that I have shared teen years, my twenties, thirties, forties, and now my fifties with.

11- To me, Valentine's Day has always been about you. It's because of you that I understand how important it is to express the deepest corners of your heart with your mate, no matter at the moment if those corners are filled with love or disappointment. It's because of you that I know what a successful marriage looks like, and what it requires. I am very grateful for your example. I love you and need you in every moment of my life.

12- Marriages are like school because we keep learning in order to have a wonderful marriage and a beautiful family even though there are times where it seems like a roller coaster ride and sometimes it's like leaving your dreams. In these 18 years, I see that both of us have grown so much.As husband and wife and parents. I can foresee many more wonderful anniversaries with you and till my last breath taken away.

13- I love you so much. I will always support you no matter what. We will not stop to reach for our dreams and no one can stop us. Just believe in yourself in everything that you do. Believe and trust everyone you meet that they can do change their lives. We are far better than we were before and I am positive we can do more great things together. Again, I love you and need you badly. Thank you for everything.

14- You're the most annoying person ever, you make me so mad at times but it's like you're my happiness at the same time, I really can't explain how the same person that make you mad is the one you need to be happy, I love you nosey.

15- I can't say how blessed I am to call you mine. I love growing old with you! You are an amazing husband and daddy, and provide us with all we need and want. God truly knew what he was doing when he gave me you! You support me in all I do, as well as our boys! We have had our ups and downs and ins and outs but have fought through all the trials, and I know there is much more to come but we both know that when we put God first, it all falls into place! I love you so much more than words can express.

16- Through so many ups and downs, my life with you was, will, and still the best that happened to me.We may not be together on our first anniversary; you will always be in my heart. Every beat of it is you. And you know what? You always make every single day a valentine day because you never stop courting me and making me feel loved and special.

17- You are a man of integrity and morals. A man that is kind hearted and has a tender spot in his heart for animals. You are a man that works hard to provide for me and others that might be in need. A man that is generous and willing to help someone in need. You are a man that spoils me. A man that I not only love but adore!

18- He is the man I can laugh with, have good days and bad days with, play with, fight with, celebrate with, fall apart with, pray with, dream with, tackle life with, disciple our children with and grow and change with. He's the man that showed me there were hope and a future and that our God brings us exactly who we need when we need them if only we'll let Him. I cannot imagine sharing this life with anyone else and am so thankful that God brought the perfect partner to me. Love you to the moon and back.

19- The best moments of my life so far have been the ones that I have shared with you. I was like a ship lost out at sea with no planned destination and you gave me direction and helped me reach shore and fulfill my purpose. My life is meaningless, senseless and aimless without you. There is just no one in this whole world that I love as much as I love you.

20- Thank you for every little thing you did and for the sacrifices you've done for this relationship. Months gone by but my love for you hasn’t lost its spark and the fire keeps burning. And I'll promise for a greater months, years, and decades to come. A gift to hold on to no matter what life may bring.

21- You are my love; you are the person who holds me when I need to be held. You are the person I share my everyday thoughts and concerns with the one who understand and comfort me. You are the person I miss when you are not around. You are my bright tomorrow I want to be able to give you all the love you need and also the time you need, to develop your own interest and reach your own goods. We have made a commitment to love and respect one another. I love you and need you.

22- I may not always say how special you are for me, I may not reach because I am busy, but you are someone l really love and care for. Distance is not the boundary of my love for you even we're far away from each other because my heart beats taking your name and it beats because you stay here.

23- You mean everything to me. I never loved the way I love you now. Those eyes that speak, those sweet smiles I love to see, and that chubby body built I crazily hug over and over. I love every bit and pieces of you.I love how you treat me.

24- Valentine's Day is nothing to a girl who always gets gifts and her boyfriend shows love and affection all through the year. If you making a big deal out of it, you need a new man.

25- I didn't know you will be given to me as an answer to my prayer. When I first led my eyes to you, you're like a star I cannot reach nor touch and be closer. But things had changed. You gave the world, the universe, and the galaxy to me. I can be who I am, what I am, and what I have without hesitation, doubt but pure love. I miss you, love you and need you.

26- You are truly the epitome of everything I need and want, and I have been blessed and honored every single one of the last 365 days to call you my husband. We have made it through our first year, and it has not been easy, but our faith in God and the love we have for each other has held us together. Thank you for being the husband I have always prayed for. I love you endlessly.

27- Sometimes all you need on a Friday night is a glass of red and a real tight snuggle puddle with your favorite boyfriends

Funny I Need You Quotes for Him

1. I don't know if I need to renew myself or should I need a brand new boyfriend.

2. I don't need a real boyfriend that is going to break up with me on our first fight I don't need a guy in my life to make me happy I have my 15 Facebook boyfriends and that's all I need.

3. Well if anyone needs a cheap date, you’ve come to the right place.

4. You don't need to be in a Church ministry to have a purpose. You don't need a boyfriend to complete you. You don't need all the unnecessary attention to feel loved. You are not defined by anything this world has to offer. Your identity is found in Facebook and in it alone are you complete.

5. I'm young and I need the money instead of a sticky and caring boyfriend.

6. I don't know about the Game of Thrones or Harry Potter bit, but if you need a good salad tossing apparently I'm your girlfriend.

7. I even need you when I lost all candy crush lives.

8. I don't need to be $5000 a year; it could be free for life if you know what I mean.

9. You are the most wanted person even when I don’t need gifts from you.

10. Who needs to pay for a pedicure when you have a perfectly good boyfriend?

I Need You Letter for Angry Boyfriend

Dear angry Youngman,

Life has been so hard without you. I can't think straight I can't sleep and I rarely eat as much as I need to every day. You were my best friend and more. You were my hero, my rock, my laughter and my boyfriend all in one. I miss you more than anything you could ever imagine. However, I'm doing better than anyone thought I would. I'm back at college and I'm going to do new sports just like you always wanted me to. I'm keeping my grades up and I'm keeping myself in check. I have my priorities straight, I have a group of friends that hasn't stopped being there for me. I miss those days when I have the most amazing boyfriend that never turns his back on me. I have friends that turned into family and family that turned into people I don't even know anymore. The world has changed and so have I. I'm not only maintaining good grades and working this semester but I'm redoing last semester as well. However, there are so many downsides of what’s going on.

My old friends are always mad at me, people at college always have something to say and I do argue with you in my thoughts. And just like you used to say, that's life. I miss everything about you. I miss you looking out the front window at night while I took the trash out just so I would feel safe. I miss it when you would call me into class behind your mom's back just so we could go to romantic dinners and watch scary movies all day. I miss you yelling at me about always doing something over the weekends. I miss you teaching me about country dance because for some reason I still don't get it. I miss you saying "nope" every time you had to take me to cheer. I miss you getting the worst road rage a man could have. And I just miss your hugs, the comfort, and the warmth, which is not only warming my body but warming my heart with your presence. All I ask for is for you to always be with me. Keep me safe and look out the imaginary window at night so I feel protected. I'm going to make you so proud boyfriend. I love you.

Your, girlfriend!

What you need for a love life?

The tapestry will be woven with all the life events, the beautiful and the not so beautiful things along your journey together that make you what you are today. It really does not need to be expressed on one day of the year the love and kindness should be spread over the 365 days and if you have days where you don't feel that love and you will get them believe me, you need to think back of when you first met and the dizzy feels of love when you could not get enough of each other, if you are not feeling this way and lost that loving feeling - spend more time together without technology leave that home so your attention is on each other no one else to re-kindle that magical feeling. There are those I know that are living a lie and staying together for the kids that are not fair to anyone and stops you reaching real happiness. Kids are not stupid they can pick up the vibes you are doing more damage by staying. Now it’s your turn to text these I need you quotes for him from the heart because there is always someone out there for you reach out someone will take your hand, I just know it.


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