Cute Goodnight Paragraphs to Text Your Boyfriend

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Sending and receiving long goodnight texts messages and funny quotes is a common thing between a girl and her boyfriend but these are the cutest goodnight paragraphs you can send to your boyfriend. These are not too long paragraphs but each message contains a great life lesson for him. There is a difference between being with your boyfriend and being your boyfriend. Being romantic with someone takes very little energy. You can sit on the couch next to a person and not touch or speak to them, but you're still with them. Your presence is there absent your spirit. Being into your boyfriend takes energy. It takes a willingness to get involved and connect. Know the difference.

No matter how awesome or painful an emotion is, I always love it when I find a quote or a song that captures it. After all, life is a series of plots and scenes and who would want their lives movie played on mute? When people say they don't care it's because they once did care and they allow someone or something to enter into their heart and crush them to the point where they harden their heart? Now they care about not caring and if they let themselves care they believe that they will get crushed again. Scripture tells us to guard our heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. What's important to you should be guarded because the enemy is come to kill, steal, and destroy. Guard your heart, discern your surroundings and the people in it, but keep living because if you stop caring you'll miss the beauty of life. So let’s explore some cute things to say to your boyfriend.

Cute goodnight paragraph for boyfriend

Cute Goodnight Text for Him from Her

1. You only have one life; don't waste time doing negative actions. People treat you poorly or unkind; smile at them and move on. There is no time for negativity. Live your life with a purpose, don't hesitate and do it now. Good night!

2. In life you must always expect the unexpected, always be prepared, and be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. You can be willing to do something all you want, but until we take action, nothing changes. We must also be willing to change our plans we have for ourselves. Now close your eyes and enter into my dreams.

3. You can be miserable or you can motivate yourself. Who really wants to be miserable? Easy choice, live life as a rehearsal or live life like it’s your last day. Don't wait for tomorrow to do what could be done today. Close your eyes and let’s dream together.

4. In life, we must be able to separate our job from our life outside of work. I have been guilty in the past of ruining my whole day or week because I brought work into my life outside. You should always be ready and prepared to work hard, but at the same time, you should also be ready and prepared to play hard and enjoy your life. Have a lovely night.

5. In life, you should always be trying to learn something new. Always be aware of what is happening around you and be open to learning every day. Be open to trying new things that you haven't before. If you have never done something, you will never know. Goodnight honey.

6. I know I'm a little early but I've never been known for my patience. Happy weekend to all my weird Facebook friends who can’t sleep the whole night! The thing I am most grateful to my boyfriend for is the lessons he taught me.

7. If you aren't prepared and ready to win, more than likely you will be headed for a loss. Proper preparation and planning will definitely push you towards the win you expect.

8. Life is really as tough as we make it. If you are doing what you love, life seems to become a bit easier. If you are waking up every day dreading going to work, chances are you probably should do some soul searching. It's never too late to change things up and find what makes you happy.

9. The future is coming and it's coming fast. There is no stopping the future, however, there are ways to learn from your past and do work in the present to make your future exactly why you want it to be. We don't have control of everything in our lives, but we can do enough daily to ensure that our tomorrows are better. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Put forth max effort every day and do your best. Goodnight my darling.

10. If you don't take the time and effort to attempt to communicate your feelings to others, don't expect them to be mind readers and know exactly what is going on. I feel like there are too many people in the world that expect you to just know what they are thinking 100% of the time. Take time to communicate, it makes everything easier.

11. There is always a way to get something done. Sometimes there's a long way or the short way, and sometimes there's the hard way or the easy way. Whatever it is if you can't find a way; well then you need to make our own way and make it happen.

12. Do your best to slow down and take everything in. We are so busy running around we don't take a time to enjoy life enough. Take in the beautiful scenery and don't become a part of it. Let's slow down the rush for everything. Everything will ultimately be completed in the end. Why stress and freak out all the time over things you have no control over. Goodnight!

13. Things don't happen by themselves; they require effort and hard work. Listen to the people who have influenced you positively; they are the ones who believe in you and ultimately want you to succeed. Finally, we all hit that wall sometimes and we want to quit or give up. It's not allowed.

14. Every season just like every day is a new opportunity to be the best you can be and work towards success. Just like life you have ups and downs but for one day all things are perfectly even.

15. One of the most important things we do in our day to day life is listening. There are many ways to listen, but if you aren't actually listening 100%, you are doing yourself a disservice. You should always listen to understand, and not just listen to reply.

16. Appreciate everything you have and where you are in your life. There are millions of people who have it worse and live tougher lives than you do. Stop complaining and be thankful. The only person that controls your happiness is you. Have a lovely night!

17. So many times in life we are more focused on starting and finishing or getting from point A to Point B. Take your time and look around; enjoy the journey and not just the destination. You can't always be in control of things that happen outside of your life, but you can most definitely control what you do and how you feel.

18. Nobody else or no other thing can control your attitude. Sure you can blame someone or something, but ultimately you control your feelings. Everything we do in life is a sum of all the choices we make. So do yourself a favor. Make good choices and be happy.

19. Stop feeling sorry for yourself or feeling like the world owes you something. If you want it, go get it. Self-esteem and self-worth come from believing in yourself and knowing you are worthy. Enjoy life and live it.

20. Everyone always asks you when you are younger, what do you want to be when you grow up? They should be asking what you want to become. I think this would put more focus on not just a job, but actual goals and expectation you would like to set for your future.

21. Appreciate what you have. Obviously set goals to achieve more, but be humble with the things you have. There are many people with much less that struggle every day.

22. I have not become what I want in life, but I will tell you I try to do things every day to work toward what it is I want to become. A couple of failures along the way will not make me a failure. It will only help me become stronger as I move forward.

23. Don't let something so little become too big and ruin your day. When we attack problems and don't ignore them, they are easier to not only identify but also to contain and solve. Don't put off something until tomorrow if you can take care of it today. Life isn't easy, but you can definitely make it more manageable.

24. There is a definite process. Some people choose to wing it and just attack problems without defining them. Sure, that may work sometimes, but typically won't work every time and will sometimes get you in bigger trouble. Take your time and figure out a good plan before you jump into them.

25. You could spend your entire life trying to find yourself and who you really are. Who you are is a direct reflection of what you do. Actions speak louder than words; so be sure that your actions speak loudly and are positive. Furthermore, don't go through life wanting everything else.

26. If you haven't realized by now, Life is pretty difficult at times. Every day there is always some new challenge to take on or something holding you back from your full potential. The key is to identify these problems early and eat them for breakfast.

27. Life is tough at times, but more times than not, we find a way to get through it. Through the tough times, we acquire strength and wisdom to help us grow along the way. Who you are and what you do, speaks volumes above what you actually say. Be the best you can be. You can talk the talk all day, but if you can't back it up with actions, you are the word is nothing. Don't say what you do!! Do what you say you will.

28. Life really is as hard as you make it on yourself. We all have problems and issues we come across every day. You have to first identify the problem, and then analyze the problem, and then we can fix the problem.

29. I learned many things outside of school that has become much more valuable to me in life. The school is important and gives you a good base for the future, but what you learn outside the classroom is also extremely important for your life moving forward.

30. Work is important to keep our lives moving forward, but if you don't mix in a little bit of play every once in a while, you will burn out quickly. Take Your Job Serious!! But don't take yourself seriously and go to sleep with funny thoughts.

Flirty Goodnight Quotes for Him

Awkward moments when you write a good night paragraph, ripping the weird out of yourself, fall asleep and wake up the next morning and nearly 30 people have liked it.

The awkward moment when a goodnight status pops up praising the person sitting right in front of you!

If you tell me "you're cute" and I say "I'm sorry but I have a girlfriend." That doesn't mean you get mad about it, I'm just asking you to respect boundaries.

Night confession: When I'm alone, I try to squeeze my farts out as loud as I can.

Welcome to my dreamland, where the hugs and kisses are made up and the counts don't matter.
That awkward moment when you dream about your boyfriend without using his name and he is so clueless to believe your dreams!

I had put my love emotions on hold because my boyfriend is so confused, he doesn't know what he want and who he want, I am not got time for that.

The feeling when you got a best friend is when the guy on the right side laughs so much he farts and the guy on the left side laughs so hard he spits out milk.

That awkward moment when you put much wisdom and effort on your goodnight text and he texts you back only one weird but romantic quote.

Awkward moment when you wake someone up by commenting on a status

Romantic Short Paragraphs To Text Your Boyfriend

1- The number may not be accurate but the message is. Do not throw your power away by giving someone the sole responsibility of loving you. People will come and go and you've got to keep living. Good night my Spiderman.

2- The true value of living is a combination of experiences and lessons and how we allow them to shape our thoughts about who we are.

3- Waiting for someone to validate you is like allowing them to live your life. Your shadow is connected to you and all that you are. Good night my hero.

4- Do not allow the idea of love make you neglect the reality of love. The truth is love requires, work, commitment, and sacrifice. And it all starts with you.

5- The art of love is being able to see the soul in the extension of your own. Cherish family. Goodnight champ.

6- Men are not intimidated of your houses, cars or fancy degrees. If they're not reaching out to you, they just aren't interested.

7- Stop using love as an excuse to stay in an unhealthy relationship. True love allows you to see that you deserve better. Attachment and familiarity keep you stuck. Know the difference.

8- We should never pursue, allow or maintain dysfunction because we think we won't find anyone else. That's not love. That's not healthy. Goodnight dear!

9- It's always good to plan for the future and have guidelines for where you want to be, but things happen and we must let go and take detours every once in a while to achieve results.

10- If you want to be the best you have to be willing to do the unusual or the unexpected. Otherwise, you will settle for average and ordinary. Goodnight my rock star.

Love is the Best Gift for your Boyfriend

Be careful of who you allow around you because everyone influences us. Your boyfriend has amazing power over you because he gives you advice, set examples, encourage us to do certain things or not to do things, expose you to different things, and they can either speak life or death into. Surround yourself with people who want the same things as you, who are working toward the same things, and who motivate you. Be careful, mindful and purposeful with yourself and your life, you only get one you and one chance to live the life you want.


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