Don’t Judge Me Quotes for Facebook

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The following don’t judge me funny quotes and saying are the best answer for your haters on the Facebook or Whatsapp, just update your status with these quotes. So lately I've been reflecting on the past year a half, and I am extremely proud of myself. A year and a half ago, I wasn't as confident in myself. I accepted less than I deserved, I let people's opinions of me bother me and honestly their words would hurt more than I wanted. But now, I believe I'm flawless and nobody can tell me different. I no longer care about people's opinions, because this is MY life, not theirs. And I absolutely don't allow people's words to hurt me the way they used to because they're not even on my level. I realized that they're just miserable on the inside even if they hide it, and have disgusting personalities so they try to bring others down with them. It took a little longer than I'd hoped, but I can honestly say I love every part of me now. No matter what size I am, I will continue to love myself. I'm proud of the person looking back at me when I look in the mirror, and no one can change that. I don't care who doesn't like me that sounds like a personal problem for them. I will continue to live my life the way I want, keep being real no matter who feels some type of way, and not live my life the way others want me to. You only get one life, so enjoy it as much as you can. Anyone who is negative, judgmental, controlling, or simply pushes a lifestyle on you that you don't want, cut them off! Break free and don't look back.

We must continue to stay positive in order to enjoy the good that life has to offer. Sure, the good ones always seem to go too soon, but that's because there is a bigger plan. It doesn't matter how old a person is, you can tell those that just lived years or actually had some serious life in those years. And there is no doubt he lived every day to the fullest until his last.
Don't judge me quotes 

Don’t Judge Me Quotes and Sayings

1. People try to judge me and always try to make me feel less than, but understand nobody could ever break me. I just don't have it in me to quit when life and people try to knock me down. None of you know the life I've lived and the things I've endured.

2. I don't care to those people think bad on me, I never lost myself because I am a human and sensible girl, but sometimes I made mistake for myself or anyone. I am not shy to admit it because I know nobody one's perfect in this worlds, so before you judge me, look at yourself in the mirror.

3. I'm 1000% sure that almost everyone that acts better than me or treats me some kind of way could never walk a day in my shoes. So I will always keep my head held high, no matter what nonsense people think or say about me.

4. If you want to prioritize a game over your girl, you deserve to be single. Y'all act like I'm saying to be attached at the hip or something. I'm saying play your game, but don't ignore the person you supposedly love for a video game. The game isn’t going anywhere but the person you love will eventually leave if you keep neglecting.

5. Yes honestly frankly my body is not perfect but I tell you 100% my heart is perfect. Don’t judge me and look at yourself first before you judge me.

6. Sorry, I refuse to be hypocrites, stuck up, and severely judgmental like y'all. Yes, I curse a lot, it happens. Yes, I sin, but so do you. Will never sit up on a high horse thinking I'm better than anyone else the ways you people constantly do.

7. Why claims someone that's not claiming you? I understand you all want to show off your boyfriend or girlfriend but they should be showing they feel the same way you do. Don't settle for someone that's not willing to let it be known you mean the world to them.

8. You know not everyone is a real friend. And they aren't who you thought you knew. Doing the right thing always will make someone mad! I don’t care who gets mad at me before you judge me remember I was family and was trusted before new people came into your life.

9. I'm about to rant just so you all know. 90% of you little gold digging girls are more worried about materialistic things than a good man.

10. If you really love a man and he buys you a ring from there just so you can have a damn ring till he's successful enough to get you a better one and you say no, you don't deserve him. A man can spoil you rotten and let you live in lavish all while doing you dirty and not even love you.

11. This generation makes me sick with how much you all concern yourselves with what a man can give you money wise. Be independent and do for yourself. Half of y'all can't even cook, clean or do laundry expecting all this from a man. You all are a joke.

12. The amount of people that are getting salty and being rude because of the things I post is hilarious. I don't post to make y'all happy, or to have you all like me. You, people, are hilarious. If you don't like my posts, delete me.

Don't Judge Me Quotes for Facebook

  • I have never been the type to want people to like me and have a lot of friends. I was not put on this earth to bend over backward taking people's crap. You all act like there are bunk beds in caskets. Not to mention, I have never been the type to back down, I'm not going to just shut up or tell you you're right when you're being a close minded ignorant person.
  • I will call you out on your idiotic ways and will not feel bad at all. Not even salty towards yall, because I sleep just fine every night and enjoy my day every day regardless of what ignorance y'all try to spew on my posts.
  • I'm just saying, all of you close minded morons can definitely count on me to call you out on your moronic ways! Have a nice day to all! Feel free to comment, I will like all of your comments but no one will be getting a reply because I'm currently not in the mood to argue with idiots.
  • I am not Eminem but the struggle is real when you can no longer wear 75% of your wardrobe because all of those clothes are too big on you. Half of my favorite outfits don't fit me anymore so stop judging me.
  • If I take the time out of my day to compliment you, be nice to you all the time, and try to brighten your day, and you ignore me but respond to other people... don't expect me to compliment you ever again. Like I am trying so hard to be nice to people and they just sit there and act snobby about it. But I'm the one that's stuck up.
  • Don't think you're a saint, or you're better than anyone else just because you go to church and commit different sins. Some of the biggest hypocrites and the most judgmental people I know go to church.
  • When people say "you don't look any different” I think the fact that most of my clothes are falling off of me speaks for itself. Just because I don't have a flat tummy yet, doesn't mean I'm not making progress. And another thing, all you fellas that try to talk to me now, hop out of my inbox. You didn't want to talk to me when I was 30lbs heavier but still just as pretty. So don't try to talk to me now, because even if I was single, I don't entertain shallow people.
  • I am not always that easy. People like to say that other people just need to think positively. Thinking positively does nothing when you're surrounded by negativity and not able to get away from it for awhile. Not to mention people with depression can't just snap into a happy mood by thinking positive thoughts. Let's just be real.
  • People hate me because I don't lie to them. I will always keep it 100 with you no matter who you are. Forever saying I'm rude, out of control, because I speak my mind when people are being morons. Unless you paying my bills, you have no impact on what I do! So y'all can keep hating me and being mad because y'all aren’t making any noise. I wasn't put on this earth to kiss anyone's face and sugar coat stuff.
  • I'm not a saint. I'm human and make mistakes just like the rest of you. However, before you judge me based on the mistakes of my past rather than the person I've become, make sure that you are perfect for the rest of your life.
  • It's hilarious how people still don't realize that I'm not going to argue with morons. If you leave an idiotic comment on something I share I'm literally just going to laugh and block you. Y'all getting salty and being rude but I'm over here laughing and still speaking my mind on my page. I don’t know why y'all keep me on here just to bitch about everything I say.
  • Stop making efforts where people are only making excuses. When you waste your time, you waste your life.
  • Stop judging me, this world will never be a good place to live in because so many people's hearts are filled with hate and they love to spread it. It hilarious how people always want to critique other people's lives or try to mess up other people's lives when their own life is messy as hell.
  • Don’t judge me and worry about yourself, and fix your issues so that you're actually a contribution to society. It's disgusting how many people make it a mission to put someone down or attack someone every single day.

Funny Don’t Judge Me Quotes

1- I am tired of you people looking down on me, or thinking I'm not worthy or respectable enough to be with my boyfriend because of his family background and how mine differs. Before you judge me, get slapped.

2- Before you judge me and condemn me to find out what my story is. Make a headline story about, where I am coming from and where am going to.

3- No I'm not the prettiest girl no I'm not the skinniest girl but I'll tell you something I do have is a big heart I grew up at a young age and that's all I have known to do is be grown I love being a teen so if you call me stupid for something I have done in my life please think about how I am and how I grew up so please think before you judge me.

4- I'm not perfect, I have made many mistakes but I can't go back to slap on your face and change my past but all I can do is move forward. Those that want to judge me, clean your closet out first before you judge me and my family because I've cleaned mine out.

5- People wish the worst on you when they see you happy. I don’t know why I truly don't get it but all we can do is pray for them.

6- Try to know first the difference between the present, past and future tense of the words that you're using before you judge me, okay?

7- Watching mirror will definitely help you to think twice before you judge others in many cases by knowing not the reality or an absolute often. Don't miss it.

8- Before you judge me for my occupation of the road I've taken, take a look at my intentions and walk a mile in my shoes.

9- Sometimes I wonder, before you judge me, have you been in my shoes? Do you know my story? Do you comprehend my struggles? Have you ever imagined what it is to feel alone yet happily join the crowd? Can you or can't you come to terms with the fact that I am a success and am here to stay for only one good reason, I never gave up. If you think I will now, say a prayer because I am not going anywhere.

10- Don't judge my choices if you don't understand my reason. Before you judge me, you better make sure you're a perfect wise donkey.

11- Before you judge me please just be a law student first so that you'll know how hard I've been through

12- To Whom It May Concern, get to know me before you judge me. My face does not do justice to the state of my mind.

13- Before you judge me based on something you've heard about me, why you don’t be an adult and just ask me instead of trying to ruin other people's opinions of me.

Stop Judging People

So I wonder why humans judge people by physique or facial expressions. Am not a smiley face person but am funny and fun to be with. I am a people’s person even though I am not good at initiating conversations or making new friends.

You can't judge someone based on a social media. This is the problem with people out here main stream media is too addictive. People assume a person is a certain way because they post something on social media. Maybe I'm posting that to get a reaction out of someone! Anyone! It's not right but it's acceptable. And people are so dumb they like it. And laugh at it. And in turn, assume that the person posting this has a mind frame that is corrupt and downright negative. But no one says anything comments are there and no one says anything! Except you’re a savage! So before you judge me or anyone based solely off social media better you learn the background has a conversation with this person does my direct message intellect coincide with what I post on social media? Do you even know what that means? Have I ever given you the sense in this little amount of time I have spoken to you that I am dull? An ill witted egotistical funny meme? Social media isn’t everything and I sure don't assume anyone is or isn't something based on Facebook snap chat, Whatsapp Tinder or Christian mingles. What did we do before this entire internet? We had face to face interaction. No hiding behind a magic piece of glass we call smart phones. Anyone can be whatever or whoever they want nowadays because we lack face to face interaction. Sorry, I kind of went off the deep end there. But please don't assume I'm someone or something based on zero facts and all social media. I won't you I promise.


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