Sample Apology Letters to Girlfriend

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The following samples of apology letter to your girlfriend are a good example of a lot of the factors that impede anger against an argument or fight being taken seriously. Most of the apology text messages give no indication that what a guy did was try to hurt his wife, fiancé or girlfriend feelings. An apology might not right wrongs, but if he apologized it could make her feel better, make her feel a little more open to the idea of moving on? Instead, you blame her, making her feel worse when she probably already blames herself.

Feel free to edit these apology paragraphs according to your situation and send it to your girlfriend or wife.
Apology paragraph for her

Sample Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Ignoring Her

Dear Angelia,

I don't know where my depression and anxieties come from. I don't feel bad all the time but sometimes it builds up until there is not much I can do so the worst feelings come out unexpectedly. I was always the shortest in my grade so I was never picked for anything like sports or other activities. Therefore, I shun myself from many things that love bird couples enjoyed. With the bombardment of jokes at my expense, I allowed myself to become less social. There come an age and space in life when you reconcile to the fact that memories can enlighten you, but not necessarily feed you, unless you are seriously enterprising, by making your relationship work for you and I am not of that mold. So I would be triggered more by a mechanical necessity, rather than a wish to loaf about. Apologies, to a sweet girl who wanted me to replicate, things someone else has done. I have walked my talk and I am sorry for that. Now you are my open phone book for the rest of my life.

Now I got the fact, you are the most beautiful thing ever happened into my life and by ignoring you, I made the worst mistake of my life. I am really sorry for all this nonsense stuff.

Your bad boyfriend,

Sample Apology letter to girlfriend for lying

Dear Rose,

I love you more than my heart can grasp. The best part of my life has been falling in love with you. You are my heart, my best friend, my hope for survival. I love having you in my life; you make me the happiest woman alive. When I'm with you nothing else matters. I forget about this world, all that matters is that moment with you. I can't wait to make life with you a reality. I can't wait until our plans together prosper, but until then, I here love you, riding for you till the very end. I'll be there when you walk out that gate and even after. A part of me has become you and I'm glad I met you and loving you makes me a better woman. I know I hurt you by lying over several issues but I promise, I will never do it again. Accept my apology and let me enter into your heart once again but with great purity.

Thank you for everything you do, for all the light that you add to my life, for the happiness, for helping me in the process of becoming the better version of myself, for making me a priority knowing how busy your days are, for your passion, your commitment, for being you, for all the love, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sample Apology letter to girlfriend after fight

Dear girlfriend,

You want to know what hurts my feelings and disturb me off the most. It's the fact that family thinks they can treat you like a toy, talk to you like a pet and they think its okay. After countless times of screaming, I hate you, getting cussed out, told to get the out of the house, being screamed at because their day was bad. I'm supposed to be okay after years of that. But now I realize it's not okay. I wouldn't let a stranger treat me like that. So why would I let my own flesh and blood break my heart? If one day you're screaming get out and the next you try to be nice to me why would I continue to want to be a part of that? Why would that be okay for you to do, but if I did it I'd be the worse person on earth, if I did it you would’ve cut me off, but instead, I've forgiven you even when you never apologized. I still wanted you in my life. But now since you've deleted me off Facebook after you were the one that was wrong. Oh wait never mind, I'm the one that was wrong for not accepting your apology you never even said. I'm tired of being the bad guy just because I'm tired of getting hurt by you. From this day on all, I can say is, I'm truly and fully heartily done trying. That was the last time I let you hurt me, and break me down. After years of crying because of the hurtful and hateful things you've done to me. This was the last straw. I really do wish you the best. But you need to work on yourself. Fix your heart and figure out how to love people.

 I might have let you do it constantly to me but other people won't and you’ll end up alone and I don't want that for you. I will never understand why you do or say the things you have to me. I'll never understand how you could see me crying and continue to yell louder, saying even more hurtful things. I'll never understand why I wasn't good enough for you to care about me. Because how can you care about someone you constantly put down and hurt on purpose. I've loved you even when you said you hated me, with tears in my eyes I still loved you. I'll just never understand why I'm not good enough to get that back from you. But girl, you can't expect to treat someone like and say the things you have said and for me to act like it never happened. So I'm glad you deleted me off Facebook. I still know you'll see this somehow. To be my own flesh and blood, you've hurt me more than anyone else in the bunch.  After all this time I've still tried to make plans, or get excited when I see your car outside in the driveway. I still want to see you after you've countless been rude, hurtful, ignored me, and made me feel like I was worthless. I still wanted to spend time with you. But out of all the things I don't understand, which I never will. I hope you understand how much you've hurt me and I hope you understand why I'm tired of being hurt all the time by the things you have done, I hope you understand why I gave you the cold shoulder. You can’t pick and choose when you care about someone, you can't constantly say hurtful things and still think I’m going to always be the punching bag. But I'll always love you and I'll always want the best for you.

Sample Apology letter to girlfriend after cheat


As a human being, I did many wrong things during my soon 30-year-old life. One of the hardest things I ever had to do is however to write this apology you're reading now.

Why? Because when I look at your face I can see that I really hurt you. It makes me feel horrible to witness the results of my deeds. You look shocked, sad, angry, and worst of all. You look like you lost all hope.

To explain what I have done I have to rewind a few years. For 5 years now I had this relationship going on with 4 different women. We have mostly been texting but also at times had talked on web camera. I did not only cheat on you with these women but on the past 2 girlfriends, I had before you. I also had plans to meet one of these women to have fun in real life.

I never thought of the relationships with these women as real. I, however, wish I did because the hurt I see in your face is all too real and the way it makes me feel is also very real. So I guess it had very real consequences. It's not only you I hurt. Some of these women possibly liked me for real and I took advantage of that. Through many years I allowed them to believe they had a chance that I cared, but I don't. I only care about you.

It is not only cheating I have done that I am ashamed of today. I also said some really stupid things about a feminine protest. These women were protesting women harassment and I called them rotten chicks the reason I mention this is because I truly believe in your causes and also what you has done together with the feminine. I am very ashamed to have been a part of the problem rather than the solution. I hate to be a part of that same culture that uses women, as you keep fighting against. That is a betrayal of both you and my ideals. Especially a man like me with a following should inspire people to be better, not worse at these important matters.

All these messed up actions I did that hurt you so much dear. They probably put me in the psychopath category. I know I am a much messed up individual with a massive amount of mental issues. I know that none of them is any valid excuse for what I have done. I have manipulated people and I have manipulated you. I have hurt many but I honestly only gives a word about the hurt I did to you.

We are the psychos for doing what we did to her. We're grown up people who hurt a special person who has been nothing but hurt and hurt all over again her entire life. And now we are on that shortlist of abusive men that hurt her as well. We should be ashamed of that rather than attack her. I beg you for your forgiveness knowing I far from deserving it. You are my, everything and I love you.

I am, only yours!

How to Say Sorry To Girlfriend in Romantic Way?
There are so many ways to say sorry, but adopting a romantic way could please her in a speedy way, so here are few tips about it.
  1. Invite here in your home with romantic background music and hold a bouquet of red roses with a sorry card over it.
  2. Post-1000 sorry posts on your Facebook timeline and tag your girlfriend in every post.
  3. Send sorry heart balloons of her favorite color to her address.
  4. Ask her to forgive you or you start crying in the public.
  5. Gift her cute little puppy.
  6. Text her romantic poetry and love poems as much as you can.

Final Advice for Guys

You know, the one thing that I would just like to say as a general statement and out of the blue, is that somewhere in the distant future when I am in a relationship eventually someday would be that the one thing I would never deprive my future girlfriend or wife of doing, is their normal everyday social friendly conversations with their other male friends that they've known and will continue to know just as friends. Because in the past I've met and encountered maybe about 2 people in my life that when I've seen them in a grocery store or another public area or building that when I tried to hold a simple and normal everyday casual conversation with them, both of these people have said to me: "sorry my boyfriend doesn't like me chatting with other men." And the whole time I'm thinking to myself "what's the point of being in a relationship if you are limited to and allowed to just communicate with friends that are only the same gender as you, and that you feel as though the both of you have to suddenly ignore and shun all of your opposite gender friends. It just doesn't make sense to me. The only probable logical explanation for this type of issue is that the male or the female is extremely overprotective of their boyfriend of girlfriend. My point being is that nobody should be overprotective about their male or female relationship partner, because they should equally value their love for each other and still have plenty of freedom to communicate normally with other opposite gender people, and by the same token no one should also be under-protective about their male or female in a relationship, because there could be issues that would lead to them not taking their relationship serious enough.


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