Best Samples Donation Thank You Letters

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Here we organized few best samples thank you letters wording after receiving a donation. Collecting donations for some purpose isn’t an easy job and writing a letter of appreciation for donations acknowledgment is also a somewhat difficult task. One this page you will find a dozen of samples and well-written examples of donation thank you letters, you can alter these letters according to your requirements and can also convert into an email. It's okay to switch things up and to begin a new chapter. Often Times people want you to remain where you are as you, not because they don't like you, but because your comfort level is comfortable for them. Your non-growth helps them feel as though they're excelling. Give yourself a life overhaul. Evaluate the things and people you're connected to. Take another look. Take inventory of the gifts you have on the shelf. Are they being utilized? Are your gifts on lay-a-way while you make small payments of an hour here and there in developing them?
 Donation Thank You Note

Sample Donation Thank You to Friends

Dear Janet and Nicole,
Both of you have donated, and thank you for choosing our nonprofit organization as the recipient of your hard earned money. We need you to reach out into your network and pull others into the donation circle. Do you work for a company that matches charitable giving? Let them know you gave so they can have the opportunity to donate. Think your job would be interested in sponsoring send me a private message I'm happy to send them an official letter. We can raise this funds all we have to do is decide to help in any way we're able too.
Kind regards,

Dear friends,
So many of you were so generous bringing food and supply donations to camp for the weekend. In addition to saying thank you, we want to be sure that your donation is officially recognized as a 'gift in kind' donation for tax purposes. If you bought supplies or food for camp please email and I will send you recognition of donation letter on camp letterhead. In your email please let me know the monetary value of your donation. It was a great weekend and we are grateful for all of you.
Thanks again.

Donation Thank You Note for Parents

Dear parents,
Thanks so much for supporting our School Project! Your donation will support many students. They are also lucky for the support students to have shown them when she sent over the jump ropes and soccer balls and school supplies and letter! They were thrilled to receive the thoughtful gifts. Thanks to your family for your entire do for the school project. I would like to say Thank you to everyone who made a donation to the special school. The children were a huge part of our life while we were an escort for them and we had a special bond with each one.
Thank you once again for your openhandedness.

Dear Mr. Adam,
Thank you to Adam for the generous donation of $250 for the koala foundation. Nelson and I are very honored to receive your lovely gift. You are an amazing, generous and beautiful lady. The letter you wrote to Nelson was very touching and we think you’re fantastic.
Sincerely yours,

Fundraising Thank You Note

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,
Hi all thank you very much for all your amazing donations to this great cause I can't believe that I did it and even got this letter saying thanks. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I was having a somewhat crummy day and that completely made it better. You have no idea the load you just took off our shoulders. This is something that is very near and dear to my heart. My fundraising goal may be great, but so is my passion for the cause. No matter how large or small, every donation makes a big difference. Many, many heartfelt thanks to both of you who are able to contribute. Much love to you.
Yours sincerely,

Donation Thank You for Stamps

God is good and he is providing. Two sweet friends stepped up and offered help with printing and envelopes for our letter writing gathering Friday night. Thank you, thank you. We still need stamps donations. If you are able to donate a roll of stamps that would be amazing, as you know this is a huge expense when you have to send out over 500 letters. All donations are tax deductible.
Sincerely yours,

Donation Thank You Email Sample

I wish to express my appreciation for the generosity demonstrated by Mr. Davis in support of our continued efforts to improving the learning environment. Thank you, Mr. Davis, for your very kind donation, which we received yesterday! Your generosity will make an immediate difference in narrowing the pupil desk ratio and subsequently trigger our pupils' desire to learn. Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to realize our goal. Your assistance means so much to me but even more to improving the learning environment which will ultimately promote quality learning. On behalf of the teaching staff and indeed on my own I wish to sincerely thank you for your kind gesture.
May God Bless You Abundantly!

Online Fundraising Thank You E-mail Note

Dear Facebook friends,
Thank you, everyone, for everything, every donation, every prayer, every kind word and thought. Thank you to those who have brought food and scarves and hats. Thank you for the many mailings of books, music, and uplifting cards and letters. Thank you for the drop in check on me especially after those hard days. Thank you for the many beautiful flowers and gift boxes. Thank you for helping my daughter to reach the Go Fund Me goal. And again thank you all for just being there and giving me support as I battle through this. I am so totally blessed.
Sincerely yours,

Short Donation Thank You Notes for Letters

  • Thank you very much for everyone that joins us on all of the different projects we take on. It's all for a good cause, but sometimes we know it's hard. So we really appreciate you doing what you do for our groups and our causes.
  • This thank you letter goes to all of the wonderful people who donated school supplies or gave monetary donations. I thank you too! To the ones who were unable to give this year maybe we'll catch you next year. You guys are awesome.
  • Thank you guys for your support and donation, I wanted to write a letter but always got stopped in the process. You know how it goes! By the way, the technical part of the show you were on did not work so we lost the program. But thanks for being willing. Maybe we will one day get the funding to upgrade our equipment to reach more people and even use the call in technology. We are working on the mission of encouraging people to join us in this fight for life in America today! Please pray.
  • Thank you for reading this. I know many of you donate to several organizations so please don’t feel pressured; we just want this event to continue for many years. We are all volunteers and we all believe a cure for cancer is in our future.
  • Thanks for your last month donations, my family is currently looking for few more donations of supplies to send over to my brother’s unit. Any donation will be greatly appreciated, even a simple letter or card from someone back home or a hand drawn picture from a kid means the world, any questions please contact me or my mother.
  • I can’t express the gratitude and appreciation I have for all my friends and family!! Everyone has been so generous, from donations, running errands, helping with kids and yard work, even coming to help clean my house. It’s been an amazing shop of kindness for me and my children. Each day I feel a bit stronger and hope the recovery will be shorter than the doctors think. You all know how I push myself when I have a goal. So I try to walk more each day and do those physical therapy things often. Again thank you so much, having you guys behind me helps keep me motivated and focused.
  • On behalf of the administration of the school in this public manner like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to the current passed sponsors who made this donation available to the aforementioned name. We say bravo on your gesture and will be remembered for as long as the school exists. We also like to promise you that your donation will be used for its intended purpose. Once again, we say thank and thank.
  • A huge shout out of appreciation to all those who have jumped on board and helped out with my fundraiser! From everyone who attended last night’s movie screening, made donations or helped spread the word, you've all assisted in making last night a full house success!

E-Mail Examples of Thank You Notes for Donations

  1. I want to take time out to give thanks and appreciation to Miss Kate for her donation of school supplies to this weekend school in session basketball tournament. If you find time to come out you and your family will be granted free admission! Thank you for supporting the cause. In a world full of darkness you’re providing light.
  2. I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to our community for their generous donation to fund our Donor's Choose project. My students will be so excited to see the wonderful resources we will be adding to our classroom. I will submit pictures once we receive our items. Again thank you so much.
  3. Hey everyone, at the end of this month our agency is hosting an appreciation luncheon for your parents. We are looking for donations to be given out. This is not a fundraiser or auction, just a way we can celebrate those who give so much to the children in our community. If anyone can help with a donation please message me. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for your support of toy donations this summer. It was amazing to see the amounts of toys our families donated and you can see by the letter below how many children benefited. We have such an amazing community and just another reason that families are the best and you can't teach that.
  5. First I must thank those that have stepped up with donations so we can make this fundraiser a huge success! With that being said we still need help and can use more donations. Please dig deep and let's really show you care about kids. Thank you so much all our friends who wrote letters and send all kinds of donations and gifts. We have computers now in our library.
  6. Thanks to all you amazing people who have donated money from your own pocket and family savings to help me! I'm overwhelmed and will always be here to repay the favor when anyone of you ever needs it.


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