Funny Text for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

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Do I start writing these funny things when a friend of mine asked me, what to say to my boyfriend to make him smile over a text? I created dozens of cute texts messages for her boyfriend and it really works. There are so many sweet things which help to normalize a complex relationship; here you will find some cute things to text your boyfriend to make him smile. What to say to your boyfriend to make him happy over text? Stop playing dirty and flirty games with your guys over text because it may generate suspicious thoughts into your minds for each other.

Something I've learned is that if you don't give a person clear expectations for what you want, no one can give you what you want. Sometimes the reason we aren't happy in a relationship is because we aren't teaching a person how to make us happy. Sending a flirty text message after a fight is sometimes a great idea for a reunion or a lovely good morning text isn’t a bad choice as well. I hear a lot of people say they aren't going to tell someone how to do this or that, but everybody's complicated so if you don't tell a person what you need and want then how are they ever supposed to figure it out? Plus, if you don't communicate then you'll argue sooner or later, and enough arguing can kill any relationship. Don't confuse being in a relationship with having your King or Queen! A boyfriend or girlfriend is like searching to see who can be the King or Queen, but that doesn't make them that person. The only real commitment is marriage, and if someone really wants to give you that level of respect they will. You deserve to be in a relationship not only with the person you love.

Every single human being deserves to be loved whether it is by their boyfriend, girlfriend, family or friends. Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays because it's a day to celebrate all the love in this world. Wishing everyone the happiest Valentine’s Day ever! The finest things in life are free.

Funny Things to Text Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

1- If you were engaged to me and gave me a ring that belonged to your great grandmother or great grandfather, but you didn't work out. Would you give the ring back or want it back?

2- Don't give room to anything in your life that causes you too much stress or that stresses you regularly. Life is too short to live it stressed out.

3- Everyone in your life influences you, and if it's not a good influence then it's going to be a bad one! You don't have room for bad farts.

4- Tomorrow is a new opportunity to do amazing things! I can't wait to wake up tomorrow, get out and accomplish something new with my boyfriend. Life is a precious, beautiful, and huge gift. They're new limits to which you can grow into, what you can do, and how much you can accomplish if you're willing to do it.

5- You know your boyfriend has an Xbox addiction when he won’t even pause the game for two seconds to eat dinner with you and forgets the one thing you ask him nicely to do when you're at work.

6- I never understood why height was always an issue in a relationship. Like females are like, I want a dude 6'0-6'5" I only like tall dudes. You better be lucky somebody actually like your too. That's why most of the y'all single now. So worried about height when you should be worried about how he treats you.

7- You know you have an Xbox addiction when there's a half-dressed woman standing right in front of you and your eyes don't even leave the screen. Good morning, wake up honey!

8- Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. Let's guys not forget the lonely and brokenhearted cute girls. If you do have some pretty women around you, let them know how much you love them today.

9- If Valentine's day gives pressure and fuss, rather than love and smile, may we always remember that: first, the source of love comes from God, for free; second, love is celebrated not only on a particular date; and third, for love to be celebrated, there should be no pressure, no fuss.

10- I don't hate Valentine’s Day; I just don't understand the need for a special day. You should celebrate your love for each other by the little things you do for each other every day.

11- Never believe anyone is too busy to talk to you. If they wanted to talk to you, they would. People will tell you they're busy but they're talking to someone else or you see them on Facebook. That's why I honestly don't care anymore.

12- What's important to you might not mean anything to anyone else. You're the only person who's going to live your life, so what other people would or wouldn't do shouldn't matter.

13- Sometimes I hate being a nice guy. Females say all the time how dudes aren’t loyal. Or how guys always cheating but when they get a legit nice guy texting them, they brush them off. I'm the definition of nice guys finishing last.

14- It’s funny when you listen to your boyfriend's band in the car more than the radio, not because he's my boyfriend and they're my friends but because it's that amazing to me and I'm addicted.

15- Find a person who is intelligent enough to help you think about the big things in life, make plans, create a game plan and who's solid where you're weak.

16- Now a day, you get in one argument with someone and instead of talking it out; they just hop up and leave. That's why I'm better off alone.

17- Today is going to be an amazing day, blessed, favored and full of opportunities! Claim your blessing! Start your day with me then watch our love show up and show out. Good morning and get out, I am waiting for you outside.

18- Valentine's Day is coming. Now, I hate to pressure you to do anything, but it's about time each of you started planning and working up the courage to tell me how much you love me.

19- Just a friendly word, if you're in a relationship and you don't make me feel like a princess, I am going to punch you

20- I don't hate Valentine’s Day; I just would rather celebrate Friday the 13th more than I would V-day.

Things to Say to a Guy to Make Him Want You

1. Congratulations, you find a great girlfriend who feeds your vision for your life, pushes you to be a better person, and makes you proud to be around her or in her circle, which doesn't accept your excuses but doesn't hold your mistakes over your head.

2. Personally, I hate Valentine's Day, but if anyone was looking for an excuse to send me flowers, feel free because I sure do love flowers.

3. Y'all see one picture of a couple kissing or hugging and y'all like, relationship goals. I want this But behind the scenes she either cheating on him or he cheating on her. But y'all too stupid to realize that it are just a picture.

4. It's funny how everyone judges people by their appearance. People see me in Prada loafers and blazers, then just think I come from anywhere but the hood, but a younger girl can walk up in skinny jeans and she's automatically a thug.

5. You may not be able to make everything happen right now, but if you listen to me deeply, list your goals, make plans, work your plan and walk in faith with me, you'll get there! Don't doubt yourself or give up.

6. Have a great day apart from your Xbox addiction you are someone any girl would be proud of.

7. Never understood why a female got mad if another girl liked their boyfriend’s pictures. Like do you honestly think that he's cheating on you just because a girl liked his picture? If you do, then you have major trust issues and shouldn't be in a relationship. And if he is cheating, then he's a genius.

8. If my boyfriend ever wants to break up, he has to write me a 10 paragraph persuasive essay and if I don't like it, we're still dating.

9. If we just talk and you're not there for me when I need some bucks from you, we're not best friends or even friends.

10. You can't make your decisions based on your emotions because if a person can control your emotions they'll control you, plus emotions change or are confused easily. Take time to think out the things you do and really think about what's in your best interest for the long-term.

11. Don't confuse feeling good because you have a wise girlfriend in your life and having a good girl in your life make you lucky. It's easy to think someone's great when they're actually horrible when you just haven't had a person of your own in a while or if you're used to settling! Be honest with yourself or you'll never have more than what you settle for.

12. When you feel alone lie on my chest and listen to my heartbeat so you know that you will always have a home and never be alone.

13. I want to fall in love again and obsess over someone who will only want me and will save my pictures and take care of me and not lie or cheat.

14. Unless you give someone a chance you'll never know if they're clean or dirty in minds.

15. I just want you to know you are gorgeous! I don't know anything in this world that is more beautiful, well built and amazing than you! You frustrate me beyond words but I wouldn't change 1 thing about you! You're my prince and perfect from your toes to your ends.

16. Promise me that you'll smile for me even though things may get hard in life. That you'll stay strong and keep your head held high. Promise you'll make every negative situation into something positive, because I'll stay right by your side.

17. I got tired of dating for a long time because I had the desire to treat my boyfriend like a prince. I couldn't do that for the guys I kept meeting because they treated themselves like so much less than what I see in all men. I am a princess, I need a man who demands and deserves nothing less.

18. When you really like someone and can't help but send 50 different messages because you just want to talk to them.

19. I am a believer in just because days that are not marketed by a big card company and cheap unsustainable chocolate, even when not single. Be romantic often even with the smallest tender gesture when he does not expect it.

20. Most people don't get how important the girlfriend is, but your girlfriend controls everything you do. If your girlfriend is hurt, weak or conflicted then nothing you do in the physical will be able to fix it.

21. I hate looking at videos of others and their cute Valentine's gifts and surprises knowing that I'm not going to get what I want on v-day.

22. Did I tell everyone about how much I hate Valentine's Day! Today I am loading a refrigerated truck full of flowers and I'm not even halfway done.

23. Can you sing a song for me? I have so many huge things I'm working on right now that are extremely important and I need a fun time, wisdom and favor. Thank you in advance.

What to Text Your Boyfriend When You Miss Him

  • There is something I must confess bout valentines. I mean it’s going to come from my heart, yes I hate valentines, so early notice I being posted up I will not even be on Facebook for valentine because I know what’s going to happen to my wall.
  • Don't accept anything less than what you know you deserve! No love is perfect and no person is perfect, but love should feel good and make you even more powerful inside because of what your mate gives you! Love yourself as an amazing example of what you deserve.
  • Life isn't easy and a lot of things will happen that hurt you. Stopping, taking the easy route or losing your faith isn't an option for you. Let the hard things motivate you to push yourself harder. Now let’s go for a shopping.
  • I don't understand why there's so much Valentine's Day hate. If you hate it because you're lonely on that one day you might as well hate the rest of the 364 days too.
  • When you concentrate on one person and they just waste your time like I'm not going to cry over you because my mascara is too expensive. No guy is worth ruining makeup, definitely not. I'd rather leave a guy then have to ruin my makeup.
  • Everyone battles with their own mistakes. None of us are perfect, and we're all trying. Don't be too hard on yourself but be real because you aren't meant to stay the same, you can't grow without change. A little effort and change make a huge difference. Now I am looking forward a new gift from you.
  • I woke up this morning and all I could do was laugh at myself. I worked late and I was studying in my bed before I fell asleep. I woke up and the other side of my bed was filled with snacks. You know you're 100% single when you fall asleep next to cookies and chips more often than another person.
  • I pray you have an amazing day, more smiles than stress, more peace than arguments, more fun and fulfillment than disappointment. Don't let anyone pull anything out of you that you don't want pulled out, and make sure you start your day with a prayer to block all the negativity.
  • You should be able to see the joy in a person and people should be able to see the joy in you. If you're not truly happy, that should be your first focus until you have that figured out. When you're happy inside, it changes everything connected to you.
  • It's so much easier to be nice than mean, plus it feels so much better inside and gets you so much further! You may annoy people with your bad attitude, but the person you really hurt is you.
  • Whenever we talk I feel so comfortable I can be me around you and not scared that you think I am weird or anything.
  • When people ask me to go hang out or party I think about how my boyfriend would feel, it's not that he's my boss or anything it's that I respect him enough to consider his feelings.
  • Don't ever change. And don't ever let people try to tell you are ugly or anything because trust me you are the Definition of Perfection! I love you.
  • Your company is a huge trigger for me, learning to deal with being with myself and having no one to confide in is funny, but part of my journey I guess.
  • I just realized all my friends have a boyfriend and I'm stuck in the friend zone. Give me an embarrassing photo of you, I'll love you forever.
  • Love has no use for politics or religion, knows no rules or regulations. It disregards time, ignores wrinkles, and rejects bigotry and hate. It just permeates.
  • Remember that whether you're receiving gifts or not that each of us has received the greatest gift of all and it was given to the world and nailed to a cross and still yet his love still remains and will always remain even though we abuse it every day, his love is the only one true love heart emoticon Happy valentine’s day
  • I was just thinking, I'd rather be with coolest boyfriend in the world than the fines.

Ten Lessons for you!

1. As long as 2 people stay close to faith, no matter how far apart they are, they'll always be close and connected.

2. A woman is a man's rib and a man is a woman's covering. Just like your rib gets strong with your body and the body grows to cover the rib, you have to allow your bond, connection, and love to grow in time.

3. Spend more time appreciating the moments you have with a person than complaining about life because the good moments feed your relationship and the complaints smoother it.

4. Love yourself for the other person because the healthier your love is for yourself, the more they will have to love you.

5. Never take your friendship, your dreams, honesty, excitement, or your support out of your relationship because they are your relationship.

6. Listen to what a person is trying to tell you instead of just hearing what they are saying.

7. Know that you'll be empty without the other person before you have to be empty.

8. Never stop supporting the other person's growth, and give them things to you to support, everyone needs both.

9. Never ever say anything you don't mean.

10. Fight for what you want and don't stop fighting! Life isn’t easy or always smooths, but never give away what you value even when you can't see the value for the moment! Don't let a moment take away something you can't replace! Don't speak out of anger, and remember what made you happy when you're your happiest when you make decisions instead of speaking out of a momentary hurt or making a decision when you're hurting. So exclude these things to say to your crush to make him smile over text.

What makes a relationship healthy?

A large part of a healthy relationship is maturity! You have to be mature enough to know what needs to be said and what needs to be kept to yourself! You have to know when to put yourself or your pride to the side, and when to set a standard that will not be broken! You have to know when to ask for advice from people who love you and when to pray or when to just think about things to yourself! You have to know the difference in speaking your mind, snapping and being unnecessarily aggressive, petty or nasty can make the best relationship fail. You can keep your relation strong without playing any dirty games over text or doing prank stuff over Facebook or calls, a true relation doesn't need such fake things but pure feelings for each other.

A huge part of a relationship knows that the other person has feelings that are just as important as yours, and everything you do or doesn't do will affect them in some type of way. Once you get to a point where the other person's feelings, needs, thoughts, views, goals, healthiness, joy, sadness, and future means as much to you as yours - you're mature enough to be in a relationship! When you can take all that in the then smile because you're happy to do it, that's a sign that you're not just ready but you're going to be someone's blessing.

A lot of men overlook how important it is to take your woman on dates so she can have a reason to dress up, something she can be excited about, and to make her feel something new from time to time. A woman who's complete will be the most loyal woman you can pray for, but a woman whose empty will drain the life out of you. Women are Queens, and what Queen doesn't need to dress like a Queen sometimes, be in places worthy of a Queen, feel special like a Queen, and have the excitement of a Queen? If you want to be treated like a King, take care of your Queen and you'll get that, or trade her out for someone else, but you can't give someone 10% and expect 100% back! Most men don't need what women need, so we don't value that, and women will settle instead of continually begging, but believe, people only set for so long and you'll never be happy with a woman who's empty because the man she thought was her King treats her like she's just another girl.

Love yourself first!

The first step to building a great relationship is having a great relationship with yourself! A lot of people you see in relationships aren't in good ones, so don't judge your situation based on other people. Having a woman doesn't make you more of a man and having a man doesn't make you more of a woman. Be a great you and you'll find a person who wants to be great to you, who's great for you, and who lets you be great to them! Celebrate your love for yourself tomorrow! You're one hello away from meeting the person you'll be with for the rest of your life, celebrate that! Someone Is praying for you right now, but they won't recognize you without your smile and a horrible life can kill any blessing, so prepare for the rest of your life by making the most of your right now. Dating a person who has different views and wants different things out of life can be the worst mistake you make. The people in your life should encourage and empower you. Too many of us date people based on not wanting to be lonely, how they look, how they make us feel, but we don't think about how they impact our life.


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