50 Quotes for Breakups and Moving On

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Moving on from a broken heart situation is always hard but these quotes about break up will motivate your inner soul to get out from depression and loneliness. Have you ever been in a relationship and because of something’s the relationship ended and you were heartbroken? How did you cope with the breakup, did it help, what you learned from it? You can cope with loss, you'll get through your family problems, and you can handle relationship breakups as long as you stay strong and positive. Of course, things won't go your way all the time. Of course, it won't happen through a night. But you'll heal eventually. Don't let anyone bring you down or tell you that you can't reach your goals. You just need to surround yourself with people smarter than or as smart as you are. Don't hangout with people who will help you argue through social media but wouldn't dare to swing with you in person.
Quotes for breakups

I'm not sure why girls have to constantly tear each other down. Actually, I'm doing understand why people, in general, have to tear each other down, but I see it especially with girls towards each other. We should be empowering each other, ladies, really. We are a whole entire united team and we need to act as one. Congratulate and be proud of all the good things your fellow girlfriends do! Like if she cooks dinner for her significant other and its steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans, A+! If she cooks dinner for her significant other and its Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and brownies, then props. Or if she's working a late shift and brings home Chinese takeout and some milk, you go girl. At least she's providing food for herself and her significant other and maybe even her children. If a girl goes through a bad breakup and she parties on the weekends but she still pays her bills and goes to work and school during the week, then let her live that lifestyle. Maybe she'll get tired of it, which cares. That might be how she's coping; she probably just wants company. Don't make her feel like less than a person because of how she's choosing to cope. Or if she's going to college to become a surgeon, or she's already a CNA, empower her to keep going and tell her she's doing an amazing job. If she's working a part-time retail job or even full-time as a waitress and that's the job she chooses for a few years or even her life, then be stoked for her because she found something that she enjoys doing and feels well enough doing it that she could do it for a long time. If she's a stay-at-home Mom, encourage her. If she dyes her hair brown or red or bright blue, encourage her. If she's wearing shorts and her legs are paler than society's idea of beautiful, compliment her anyways. If she wears a crop top and she's got a little chub, tell her that her outfit is cute anyways. If a girl tells you something personal when you guys don't know each other that well, don't go telling everyone else even if it weird’s you out. Let her confide in you. She believes you're being her friend, so be one. She probably needs one and could change her mood by reading some inspirational quotes for breakups and moving on. If a girl goes to raves, or wears flower crowns excessively like me, or has a style you've never seen before, or doesn't wear makeup, or wears what you think is too much makeup, or only posts about her children, or only posts about her boyfriend, or only posts about her dog, or her cat, or her snakes, or if she's moving out or getting married and starting a family at a time you might think is too early, or if she listens to country music instead of pop, or classic rock instead of rap, realize that those things make her happy and confident and her. Don't you ever try to tear another person down because they're not like you or they don't live like you or dress like you or love like you. Or because they're not like anyone else you've ever met. I promise these break up quotes will provide you a new direction. Ladies, and even gents, don't you ever try to change to please anyone else or be someone's friend or their significant other. If you're not accepted as yourself, they're not worth your time. Always stay true to you, and always stay true to what you love and don't ever stop loving it. And next time you might think of demoralizing, criticizing, condemning, or trying to disapprove of who someone is, ask yourself if you'd rather have an original of something, or the copy. Which one is worth more? Don't try to change anyone else, and don't try to change yourself for anyone else. Being 100% you is 110% wonderful. You were made just as you were meant to be.

Quotes about Breakups and Moving On

1. Keep moving forward until you find someone who will love and respect you but you should also remember that there's no perfect girl or guy out there. We all have our flaws.

2. Moving on and saying goodbye is the hardest part in every breakup. You will undergo a series of adjustments and heartaches. You will feel alone, lonely and depressed especially if that person really made a great impact on your life.

3. Sometimes relationships can be difficult and sometimes you've just got to move on. I guess this is what a divorce is like.

4. I think it's funny when a breakup happens and the one partner moves on and is okay, but the instant the other one moves on, they get mad and jealous.

5. You can never move forward if you keep sleeping with your past. Sometimes breakthroughs require breakups, breakup from guilt, bitterness and all that hinders you from moving forward.

6. Have you weighed your heart to see what it's carrying? Is it full to where you cannot receive or empty to where you cannot give? Are strangers there? Do you really know the people in your heart? Do you know your way around your own heart? Are there some people who have an automatic pass, but really need their access denied? Is your heart fighting to stay alive or does it thrive? It's time to get your heart check.

7. People who are emotionally unavailable are not available to care about your emotions.

8. Sometimes putting your best foot forward means doing so in order to walk away! Never stick around for what you don't want.

9. Our nature as humans is to plan, plan and then plan again. We take comfort in knowing what's next. In more ways than not, this is good, proper planning prevents poor performance. And in other ways, we can miss out on discovery. We miss the real and organic experiences. Discovery invites us to newness. It empowers us to pause and gather instructions. Every plan won't fit every angle in life, in every occurrence in life, in every un-expectancy. Yet we can still move. We can still activate. We can still take that next step without knowing whether it's right or left. Movement is life. Keep moving. You're living.

10. It's unhealthy to have a relationship with only need or want. Need without want is an opportunity. You get what you need and you're out. Want without need, is unfailing. Your inner core relationship triggers are not met. Need does not mean to come from a place of lack. It means to connect or to complement. I will need and want my mate.

11. Letting go of the past is hard. The pain and longing will be my greatest enemy. But I know I can do it. Not instantly but eventually. I know God have bigger plans for me. All I have to do is waiting.

12. Take some time to really go through the healing process, restore your heart, and restore your mind. Do what most people don’t do after a breakup and that's going back to that toxic love or moving on and jumping in a new relationship with the baggage of your past.

13. The relationship you choose to build or remain in is a direct reflection of the relationship you have with yourself or the lack thereof.

14. You will never get delivered from something or someone that you're not willing to give up. God is not coming down to change your mind. He's already given you the power to do so.

15. Life offers so many chances to us to move on. It’s more like buffet system where we can change or select the things we want. People easily move on from the things they don’t want - like their failure, they are passed even from their relationship. But for some people this word “move on” doesn’t exist and they keep that pain for years. Life gives us so many different circumstances due to which we move on.

16. Take everything and anything that gets you through the day until you realize that there's more to life than messing around wasting your own life over some fool who let you go.

17. Turn yourself to mathematics. That’s the best thing you have got. Nothing can be as rewarding in being able to perceive the world and explain it.

18. The most painful moment is when you need someone in your life and that person treats you like a toy.

19. A break up isn't the end all be all, as it may feel in our hearts and just because the breakup was with another doesn't mean to breakup with yourself. Your relationship with self is beyond more important than with anyone else, if you can't be with self then how do you expect to be with anyone else? Now that's just become a distraction and not the love that you truly deserve, no need to rush for love it will come but loving yourself is a lifetime and it's worth working on.

20. I am insecure but I am strong, I am alone but I am alive, I am heartbroken but you will never know.

21. Can anyone say that why we fall in love and why it pains? Is there anything more painful than the broken heart?

22. Do what's best for yourself and don't worry about whose feelings you're going to hurt when it comes to getting out of something that's not meant to be.

23. Women innately know how to trick men, they don't go to school to learn it. Many have decided not to love again because of their past experience with them.

24. It feels sad when your friend dealing with a breakup and feeling a hard time to move on and you probably want to do whatever you can to help them. While there's nothing you can do or say to make the pain go away, you can be there for your friend and offer plenty of support. Regardless of your friend's situation, being a good friend can go a long way in helping heal a broken heart.

25. Your intuition will let you know when you need to move on. Don't continue to be used by a heart that's not meant to love you. You're only holding yourself back from the heart that is.

26. When people breakup and move on they always saying you downgraded. Really an upgrade doesn’t always mean that your new man looks better than your ex, sometimes upgrade means your new man brings more to the table than your ex.

27. After a breakup, the loyal person stays single to allow their heart time to mend. The cheater is already in a new relationship. The loyal person feels broken, cheated, scorned, numb, and dehumanized. The cheater experiences a dose of their own Karma when their new partner cheats on them. The loyal person; finds that all along, the unconditional love they've once fought so hard for, has existed inside of themselves all along.

28. Anyone that says they are a person of integrity is usually full of it because those who actually possess integrity don't have to speak of it.

29. From what I've seen, most relationships fail because of lack of space. And the comfort of space comes from trust and security. If these are missing then don't be in a relationship.

30. Be in love with yourself before you allow another to love you because at the end of it all we got our own hearts to mend so protect it by being a positive soul and a loving soul to self first.

31. If you are the other person in a relationship and eventually get together, you have no reason to be angry if they cheat on you later.

32. To those in a relationship, remember it is not how you feel now that is really important. It’s your state of happiness in the future. Make a wise decision today to avoid a broken heart in the future.

33. It's relationships that make a difference. It's not how much you have in your life but who you have in your life that matters! Great relationships are priceless.

34. You helped me realize that I can't depend on anybody, especially the one you have been there for.

35. We met, we departed and we met again after been through all these ups and downs, I truly realize one thing; wounded knees were to heal more quickly than a broken heart.

36. If you're walking on eggshells on the daily basis you're with the wrong person. If you can't be yourself and you're being told what to do, how to do it and when you can do it, it's not worth it. If you're getting disrespected and all your efforts are never acknowledged, that's a self-centered individual.

37. Another day starting off in tears but one thing I am starting to learn is that I think when you hear the saying they died of a broken heart they most likely are right on cue.

38. Let me prepare you by saying this is not as bad as it is going to sound. But my heart is somehow still on my feet and I can scarcely breathe.

39. I don't have my heart broken a few times but it's a blessing to still have a heart.

40. The girl who never in a date is a girl who never feel the pain of a broken heart!

41. Sometimes I try to find a way and reason why I have to be in the world but there isn't answer my question, where do broken hearts go to?

42. My heart is broken because of everything that you did but I'm a nice girl so I forgive and forget. When I was by your side I did anything for you, now I have a smile on my face but it's not because of you.

43. No matter how nice a guy is to that one girl, she still won't choose him instead she'll go for the guy with a better face and weird attitude. And if they break up, the girl will say that all guys are the same and say why I can’t find a nice guy. Well stop using your eyes, that’s really the best advice to give, instead go with your heart. Stop friend zoning all the guys who treat you right seriously and the cycle continues.

44. Most girls have had their heart broken and don't believe there really is that type of relationship out there. Trust me ladies there are still real men out there. Let him find you.

45. No one can break anyone's heart, but emotions broke by others. When your heart gets broken you will die forever.

46. Some things are meant to happen so it can lead you to something or someone better. It was necessary for me to fall in love and get my heart broken with the wrong person so it can lead me to the right one, hopefully.

47. Sometimes we are forced into a position where we have to come to terms with a breakup. The severing process seems longer than the birthing process. It hurts. But departing from someone who is no good for you and no good to themselves is not a breakup. It's a wake-up. Each awakening becomes the sunrise required to illuminate your path to wholeness.

48. You never go into a relationship to look for love. You enter into a relationship because you want to give love. You have to experience love with yourself before you can recognize and experience with someone else.

49. Healthy relationships have consistently operable core elements of esteem, honor, honesty, friendship, reciprocity, understanding, transparency, vulnerability, agreement, trust, compassion and support.

50. When a man or lady tells you that they are not ready for a relationship, believe them and go in the other direction. Do not devote one ounce of time to see if you can change their mind. You can't. Anything you do after being made aware of their wishes is on you.

The pain of Loss in Breakup!

Do you have the message from these breaks up quotes about moving on? When you think of loss it immediately conjures negativity in one’s mind and generally that's the case. We all deal with loss all throughout our lives. As we get older we experience the loss of loved ones to death. We lose our pets. We lose spouses or significant others through divorce or breakups.

These are devastating to us and it's hard to imagine going on with life. We grieve and regardless of how painful it is somehow we do. It's hard but we have a responsibility to and love for those still with us. That is what keeps pushing us forward. It's hoped that drives us. As long as we have that we have at least one more day. The loss in terms of finances can also be very difficult. The housing market crashes and your house are now worth half of what you owe on it. The business you've put your heart and soul into doesn't make it and you have to close the doors on your dream. It creates immense pressure and you wonder how you will ever get out from underneath the financial crush. It might seem impossible but if you can look forward and find even a crack of daylight you can take the smallest amount of hope and it will carry you through another day. You keep pushing and you get another day. Eventually, what you thought was insurmountable is behind you and the door is open all the way. The light of hope is brighter and finally, you can see your way out. Or your kids finally move out. You lose population in your home. You gain money, food, and privacy. It's kind of nice. But then the little bastards move back and you lose all that you gained. If you're like us you move the hell out to recoup your losses.

For men, we tend to lose our hair. Now that might seem to be a negative to some but once you reach a certain age it can be a positive. I mean in terms of your love life you probably already made the sale and you're not trying to impress anyone with your beauty anymore. Maintaining your luxurious locks can be taxing, to say the least. So now all you have to do is rub a little Lava soap on your head and rinse. You save time and money on the product. They say what doesn't kill you makes you better" and that seems to be true. We are learning lessons every day. Sometimes the bad things lead us to something better. Some days are bad but there's always tomorrow. All you really need to get through loss is perspective and hope. All is never lost if you don't allow it to be.

Breakup after Abusive Relationships

Abuse is a huge problem, and dealing with it can be difficult for most people. However, why will you want to keep an abusive person within your life? What is the point of even caring about someone that mistreats you? If you have been abused it is your cue to leave. Most people make a huge mistake by taking back their abusive partner and then end up regretting it. We all make mistakes but make sure you never do that again; learn from your mistakes. Why will you want to be with someone who degrades you? Find someone who is willing to treat you right and will always be there for you. Never allow yourself to be so desperate that you end up settling far less than what you deserve. Always moving forward!

Without you, in my life, I don't have as much stress. So, with that being said please stop trying to get back into my life! As you may have noticed it’s not going to work. If you would've minded your own business in the beginning this never would've happened. The only reason why you're being so immature is because you are miserable with your own life. As we all know misery loves company. Well, sorry to disappoint you but you're not going to bring me down. I have conquered too many battles to get where I am at. I won't let some little mishap distract me from my goals. So, please learn a positive lesson from these breakup quotes and just move on with your life because I have. This will be the last thing I ever post about this situation. Also, if you read this please don't make a bad comment, text these breakup quotes to your ex or tag your ex on your Facebook status . I just needed to get this off my chest. Thanks.
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