75 Happy Weekend Quotes and Images

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Do you want happy weekend quotes to share on Facebook along with beautiful images? Hope you're all enjoying the weekend and the amazing excitement for the weekend is really setting in! Why? Because it’s so full of expectation for things to get better in all areas of our life! Forget about those troubles and entrust daily to doing one thing that gets you closer to where you want to be. That's how you create real change! Life is a precious gift, given to us by a precious God, who gave his precious son to die for us. Don't take it for granted and live every day to fullest. Be all you can be every second of every day. Love, even your enemies, forgive quickly, be thankful for even the bad and keep your knees bent in prayer. Don't judge others for their faults; instead, focus on yours so that you can better yourself. We all are wishing to be able to spend more time with our family and Weekend gives us pleasant sensation toward our desire. In working days we do hard working because we know if we want to fulfill our family needs; we have to work for it.

I love my family and I'm not miserable or want to be somewhere else I just want to contribute in a way that I'm able that takes the burden off my better half.  Someone told me to not post weekend fun time with your family on the Facebook or Whatsapp because potential haters read a post. Well, I guess if they don't want to hire a person who will show up on time in the hours and show proper respect to fellow humans because they post stuff I don’t know, probably just get judged on grammar and punctuation anyways. No matter how much you help someone with whatever they need to only earn their respect and try to see the best in them and be their friend, you can't do that because 90 % of people don't even respect themselves enough so how are they going to respect you back when they have no respect for themselves. Do share these pretty inspirational weekend quotes and images that have a good amount of meaning to them.
Happy Weekend Wishes

Wishing Happy Weekend Quotes for Facebook

1) Do your best today and your future will reflect everything you do? Dreams are important to lay out the roadmap of where you want to be mean nothing unless you get up get out and get something. Just because you think it will happen doesn't mean it will without effort. Have a happy weekend.

2) Figure out what you really want and work towards it. Those obstacles you hit feel like a major achievement when you resist the temptation and finally hit your goal! It's a proud feeling. Have a happy weekend.

3) Never say never in life; no matter what you do, the impossible is always possible. Stick with it and focus on the finish line and you will get there. Always do your best every day. There will be days when you won't feel up to doing anything, but you must. What you do now is the springboard for success in your future. No matter what the weather is like and no matter who you are keeping company with, always bring your own sunshine. Have a great weekend.

4) For a winning change to looking and feeling great, it starts from the inside and you work your way out. Have a super weekend and good morning.

5) Happy weekend everyone, one of the hardest things to do in life in managing your time! The most difficult part of that actually trusts the timing of your life. Sometimes things are meant to happen in order to push you towards something or someone else.

6) Life is always busy in bringing events. That's what we do! Are we believed to live every day right? Should you discontinue working on your goals because something comes up? No! It's up to you to set the goals you want to attain and keep working towards them. Happy weekend to all my friends!

7) You must do your best to determine what you leave behind in life and what you hold onto. This can be extremely confusing, but once you figure it out, you will be off to your next destination. Always trust timing and don't fight what is meant to be. Live your life and don't hold back. Happy weekend to all my friends!

8) Do you really give importance your daily activities? Are these activities working towards your targets or interruptions keeping you from reaching them?

9) If you aren't happy with yourself or with your life, there is only one person to blame, yourself. Don't like something, change it. You and you alone have complete control over almost everything you do on a daily basis. If you want to do something you have every opportunity to do it. Take charge of your life and do what you want. Make things happen! Stop wasting your life away.

10) Always set goals for yourself. All goals are important; whether short term or long term. Often it takes a long time to figure out what you are going to do in life. Happy weekend to all my friends!

11) Find your peaceful place or create one. Never allow the noise of the people to keep you from hearing your name being called. Happy weekend to you all!

12) Take inventory to see if the things you enjoy bring you joy or prevent it. Happy weekend to you all!

13) Life is definitely tough, and at times will throw you the biggest curve balls. Many people have trouble hitting curveballs because they aren't patient enough to do so. They just continually take swings and miss until they are ultimately defeated and give up on it altogether. The secret is having the patience to wait on it and keeping yourself calm. Happy weekend to you all!

14) You won't get to the good days if you stop and wallow through the bad ones. The victory is in going through it. Happy weekend!

15) You should always make an effort to avoid negativity in your life. Look around!! You will notice the most successful people seem to dodge the entire negative and live their life in a positive bubble. Happy weekend to all my friends!

16) Happy weekend, you’re never too old to learn something new, though. If you are an over thinker sometimes it's not a good thing to think so much. Go with your gut instincts sometimes and see what happens.

17) What you do has to line up with what you want. Our actions bring about the reality we desire for our lives.

18) When bad things happen we typically compounded the problem by aggressively swinging at the issue. Slow down, be patient, and the perfect timing will come to you. In life, there are no failures; only lessons.

19) When you know you gave 100% whether you achieved your goals or not, you can still know that you gave your best and wake up the next day to try again.

20) Our lives are constantly molded by living. You gain experience by your daily actions. You can read a million books, but unless you actually do something, it is only knowledge. When you do something you have never done you gain experience. Funny thing is life never makes much sense unless you act.

21) Absolutely no one can stop you from being you. You only feel hindered when you compare yourself to others.

22) We can no longer give certain things and people access to our soul. Be fearless in cutting ties with what keeps you tied up.

23) How you allow people to approach you say a lot about you. Do not allow what you'll eventually try to change.

24) It's awesome how a killer workout makes you believe in your inner strength. Maybe you were a little out of it, but you’re in such a good mood after your work out. Have you ever noticed that? Add a little exercise to your beautiful morning and see how it makes you feel. Who knows, maybe it will bring some more smiles to your face too.

25) Things don't happen overnight; success comes to those who have a conscious effort to persevere even through the toughest of times.

26) If you want to go quick, go by yourself but if you want to go far away go together. A lot in life can be done on your own, but connecting with people with the common objectives and concerns as you, takes things to a totally unusual level.

Happy Weekend Messages to share on the Facebook

27) When you start realized by yourself, you are answerable for everything that turns outs in your life, things started changing.

28) Read something positive, sharing funny memes, listen to uplifting music, and tell a few jokes and laugh, and even do something for others that make you happy. It's easy to fall into a depressed state of mind when every day is rain and gray skies. Try to be the light that shines on others and builds them up as well. Happy weekend!

29) Life is all about appreciating what you have. The simple things in life that help make the world go round deserve every bit of appreciation.

30) Take your friendship like a precious egg, wrap it up and hold on to it for as long as you can but if that egg goes rotten and is making your life change for the worst, let it go. You are welcome to discover a romantic weekend getaways near me.

31) To have permanent results in anything you do you need stability. Sometimes we're so puzzled by getting instant results; we miss the big truth that there are a few key constituents to making something long lasting. Surround yourself with the real support you need and don't believe the propaganda. Had a great weekend!

32) Without effort, there is no success. The effort is the glue that holds everything together while you are climbing the ladder of success. Good afternoon and have a beautiful weekend.

33) You never know what a smile could mean to someone else as well. Sometimes all people need is a simple smile and it gives them enough positive energy to make it through the week. Had a great weekend!

34) Had a great weekend, life moves so fast sometimes it is up to you to slow down and take the time to take it all in. We tend to make life much more difficult than it really is. Stop making life harder; catch the positive wave and enjoy the ride. Life is too short to not be happy. Enjoy every day.

35) Every single day, you have to get up and do the things you know you need to do, but you don't want to. On the other side, these are the things that will make you the one you want to be. Had a great weekend friend!

36) When life offers you knowledge, take life in. Don't go half’s; Give 100% all the time in everything you do. Learn something new every day. Enjoy your weekend.

37) Friday is a great day to make the time given to you wonderful for you! Hope you are taking full benefit. Enjoy your weekend.

38) Each day we have the option to make choices that progress our life worth, keep us the alike or make us poorer. We are all given an alternative. So now, every chance we get, we're digging our noses in books, updating Facebook status, share images on Whatsapp, posting Instagram captions, taking all the training we can get, staying ruthless and becoming learning machines. Enjoy your weekend.

39) Sometimes we need a little memento to just slow down a bit and be grateful for all that is around you. Then, of course, smile. Enjoy your weekend.

40) Sometimes life gets extremely difficult but it makes it much easier to get through every day when you smile and carry forward a positive attitude. Have a great day and happy weekend.

41) Our thinking’s and attitude both are with us day in, day out. You have more be in charge of what goes on in your life than you give yourself acknowledgment for. What you tell yourself has more of an impact on your life than your family or friends. Have a great day and happy weekend.

42) If they have to make up their mind about whether or not you're worth their time, they're not worth yours. Have a great day and happy weekend.

43) Happy weekend friend, the heart is more than just an organ; it’s where our most treasured treasures reside. Everyone should not get access to your most inner treasures. That is why it’s important to guard it with all due diligence.

44) Every day in life we must quench our thirst for knowledge. Knowledge is everywhere to be absorbed and it is up to us to apply ourselves to not only seek it out but to understand it. Your daily experiences add up to a mind full of knowledge. It is up to you to separate what is useful and important, and what is just wasteful. Have a great day and happy weekend.

45) It's difficult to smile especially when the weather is so damn depressing. But, you must continue to keep the positivity train moving. It's amazing though how much your attitude can change if you think about something happy and as a result smile because of it. Happy weekend.

46) Have a great day and happy weekend. Yes, our thoughts tend to manifest into actual tangible things, so be careful what you spend your time thinking about.

47) You learn from your mistakes and failures and the pain that follows. You build on what caused you to fall short in whatever areas of your life need help. Have a great day and happy weekend.

48) Become a problem solver and be the one who fixes things; not the one who creates the problems time and time again. Work hard on your present day self and it will without a doubt create a better future you. Goodnight and happy weekend.

49) Happy weekend, when the heart and mind connect and become one with definite purpose it will bring about an unstoppable power infused with passion and determination to never quit, back down, or turn around. What is envisioned becomes a reality and the impact left in its quack will live on for generations.

50) It's funny because he will never show up. A man will become perfect with the woman who is perfect for him. Have an amazing weekend.

51) You must believe in yourself and stake your claim to those goals. We all have an equal chance for success; some of us go the extra mile to achieve greatness. Don't be stuck in the mud. If you want something, do whatever it takes to get it. Have a lovely weekend fellas.

Happy Weekend Greetings for Friends

52) You never really want your life to have a soundtrack to a horror movie. Wake up every morning with a new you. It doesn't have to be completely new; just better than the day before. Have a great weekend to all my Facebook friends and family.

53) Goodnight and happy weekend, the worst people for you will naturally bring out the worst person in you.

54) Goodnight and happy weekend, it’s not hard to get a little bit more motivated to accomplish things in life when the sun is out. Even in the rain and darkness, I try to be a bright light of positive energy, but it definitely takes a lot out of you. So, do your best to absorb some of the sun's bright energy.

55) We become better people the more we reinvent ourselves and create opportunity. Most important is to create a plan for your life that will not only promote success but also slow your mind and body to achieve as well as relax.

56) The loudest person in the room is usually the one with the most to prove and the least to offer. Happy weekend and goodnight.

57) Remind yourself of how lucky you are to have a job that you can get frustrated with at times. Remind yourself you have food to cook, and sometimes burn. Remind yourself that even though your pillow just won't fluff up right, that you actually have a pillow. Many of us are extremely lucky to have what we do. Be thankful and spread positive vibes. Happy weekend and goodnight!

58) Don't go through life as a quiet follower. Go out there and lead with a strong voice. Confidence in yourself will allow you to press on and grow stronger. Know that when you set your goals, others have similar goals.

59) Have an amazing weekend, no good relationship can exist without respect because one cannot truly love that which they do not respect.

60) Have an amazing weekend, we can't control what everyone else does in the world but we can control ourselves and our actions. Be the best you and love life to the best of your ability. Always be ready for anything in life! Things change on the fly and you must always be prepared to modify plans. Rid yourself of hate in your heart. Love is the answer. Make Today Count!

61) Always try to better your performance from previous attempts at something. If you aren't improving, you should adjust your thinking and change your methods. Use the difficult times to make those changes for the better. Have an amazing weekend!

62) We haven't truly forgiven a person until we are able to stop reminding them what we have forgiven them for. Have an amazing weekend!

63) There are other reasons that success occur, but without putting your head down and a ton of hard work, there is no chance. Set goals and focus on a purpose in life, and let that inspire and drive your work ethic. Accept my weekend wishes.

64) They say that your joy is within your control. The answers lie within. If you can't find peace and happiness within, it's not going to come from the outside. Isn't that good news, though? Don't let your happiness be decided by peripheral aspects. By doing that, you resign your control! Be the original administrator of your own happiness. Happy weekend!

65) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Sometimes, I try to measure people by their own words; only to find out they didn't mean it. Happy weekend and good morning!

66) Happy weekend Facebook, I don't know everything, but I do know if you lack the basic confidence in yourself and your ability, you will have trouble advancing in life. It's so important to believe in you no matter how bleak things look.

67) I take pride in the fact that I have utmost respect for people, no matter who they are, or where they come from. I wish weekend greetings to all my Facebook friends.

68) If you want to succeed in life you can't be stuck in one place. You must make moves in life and experience many different things before you actually find the right road for success. Happy weekend and good morning!

69) Find your true passion which is hidden somewhere inside you. Do the things that make you happy, but know what your core values are. Do you aware of your core values? The ones that decide whether an assessment keeps you on the pathway to the happy life you want to live? When you do that and lift people along the way, beautiful things happen. Happy weekend!

70) In life, you must learn that many will make promises to you, but many will also never follow through with said promises. Talk is cheap; you will find out through trial and error that you can trust to follow through on their words with actions. Happy weekend FB buddies!

41) Happy weekend, there is always a chance to jump back in the saddle and overcome the issues. When you lack confidence, not only is it obvious but also contagious. All it takes is focusing on one thing at a time. Take the time to focus and strengthen your belief in you.

72) There are many things that bring you towards success in life. However, I feel that hard work is right up there at the top of the list. Good things don't just happen in life; they are a direct result of hard work. Happy weekend Facebook friends!

73) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Long term success upholds a standard of living that encourages development. Makes you step out of your comfort zone to reach another altitude and feel absurd about who you are. Happy weekend to everyone!

74) Happy weekend, be confident in yourself and your abilities. It will come as a surprise some of the things you can handle in life. However, whether you are successful or successful or not, you will always learn something.

75) People make all the time in the world when they want to be with you and get to know you. If they're not making time, chances are you're not much of a priority. It's really this simple.

This weekend is always a weekend that I connect with what makes us happy. My advice to everyone out there is doing what makes you happy, spend time with those who let you be you and live in the moment. There are obvious flaws in my makeup, but every day I try to improve on yesterday and make myself a better person. For those, that may be in the path of what appears to be destruction, my apologies. I feel sometimes things need to go crazy before they become better. I am thankful for those that are patient with my construction of self, and I take complete responsibility for all of my actions. One day I will become the complete man I want to be; until then I am a work in progress.

I am certain I have used all of these happy weekend  messages and quotes before, but sometimes things need to be said or read several times to make them actually sink deep into your brain. I do my best to maintain a level of positive energy that other people can not only see but hopefully absorb. There are times when everything hits the wall and the attitude definitely goes straight to horrible, but that is when you need to regroup and focus on the positive.


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