Happy One Year Engagement Anniversary Quotes

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Before you start reading these happy one year engagement anniversary wishes and quotes, let’s discuss a little bit about the importance of true love between you and your fiancé. Love is the greatest teacher. It spills over into everything in life. I've thought many times how I could describe it but it never fails that no words seem worthy. Actually, the best that I've come up with is that most people have multiple relationships in their life. And in each one, we all think that somehow or in some way we are in love with that person, but then it ultimately ends up not working out. Then we're on to the next one, each time learning from our mistakes before and inching closer to what, at the time, seem to be the most elusive thing in the universe. That is something very special happens and it only happens with one person on this planet. This person does something you've never experienced before and it rocks you to your core. They wake up your soul. Or rather your soul recognizes them and beats on your heart and head. I would never be able to say that I feel complete, or at least well on my way, until I met you. A year ago today I asked her to marry me and I've only gotten more excited about it. I love you, babe! Happy 1st engagement anniversary!
Happy 1Year Engagement Anniversary Quotes

Anniversary Quotes for Happy One Year Engagement

Today on this day we got engaged, happy first-year anniversary baby. Everyone that knows her knows what an amazing big hearted soft soul of a person she is. She does everything for anyone even when she can’t; she finds a way to help. You are my best friend and someone I have always been able to count on.

Dear love, one year completed today. But, still, we are in same happy, crazy, and small miss understanding but finally lots of love. What ever happened till now you always stand for me! Here I want to say really am blessed by the way am asking only one thing from you. It all will continue till my last breath. Hope you will. Love u lot honey. Happy first year engagement anniversary!

Happy one year engagement anniversary! My world has changed so much since you've been in it and I don't regret it for one second, you are my reason to stay alive, I am not living just for me no more everything I do is for you, I am not perfect but I try every day to be a better person and a better husband to you.

When you love someone you don't just give up, and after all, we've never given up on each other no matter the flaws, and always been here for one another. I love you so much and I don't care what anyone has to think. It's me and you against the world. Happy one year engagement anniversary!

Today marks 3 years of dating, 1 year of engagement to 4 years of love with this handsome guy. Although you see me the date on Valentine day in and day out, don't get it twisted, this man is the backbone that holds our family together, my best friend and the one who God made specifically for me. I am forever thankful for him and always proud to be his wife. Happy Anniversary, my love!

Today marks my one-year engagement with my fiancé. On this day, we committed ourselves again as a loving couple and have since been proud of how far we come together. A few days ago, my fiancé and I celebrated our three years anniversary together and we discussed our plans for the future. Since we are getting married next month, we then talked about having children and possibly even moving into a bigger home if this happens.

One year ago today, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. And 3 months from today, I will have the honor of becoming his wife. Words cannot describe the joy that this man has brought me, and I can't wait to discover what God has in store for our future. Out of all the women in the world, he chose me. And that blows my mind every moment of every day. I love you! Happy one and the only anniversary of engagement!

I got an early first-year anniversary gift from my fiancé! A new engagement ring, that came in a bridal set! I'm on the verge of tears. I am beyond blessed to have this man in my life, to call him mine from now until forever. He works harder than I've ever seen a man work, and he does it all without one complaint. He just kisses my forehead and says, I'm happy if you're happy. He does everything with me in mind, just to see me smile. What a privilege to be his wife.

Happy one year engagement anniversary! Words cannot explain how thankful and fortunate I am to have you as my wife. Not many people get to do their sport with their partners, not so many people’s partner knows 6 languages, or travel with them around the world. Thank you for always putting me first and supporting me along the way.

One year before we had not only exchanged rings but also exchanged the promises for a new beginning of our life. One year ago today I asked this dew drop to marry me. Words can't express how truly blessed I am to share this life with her. Happy engagement anniversary babe! 3 months to go!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year; it's my favorite person’s birthday and also the anniversary of our engagement. Thank you for asking me to be your wife, I would say yes a million times! I love life with you. Happy one-year engagement, my best friend, and fiancé!

One year ago, I didn't expect that our lives would be jammed packed with so many life changes in such a short period of time. We discover a new place, lots of the sunshine, engagement, vacations, a wedding, buying a house and lots of time with friends and family. One year ago today, I hoped I'd be as happy as I am today. I absolutely love living where the sun shines brightly every morning. I love being married to my best friend. I love that our house is starting to feel like our home. I am extremely proud of the risk we took just one year ago.

One year ago today this handsome man got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! I was and still am so happy to say yes! I love you, baby! Every day with you is an adventure and I love it cannot wait to become your wife.

Love is what makes us strong enough to be able to make our long distance relationship work, no matter how much distances we share we'll always be together. Thanks for being born and keeping me in line always. You are a true best friend. Congratulations on our first year engagement anniversary.

My heart is so overjoy looking back on the 5 years you have been with me. I have never experienced someone loving me the way you do, I have never met anyone who can control me the way you do, but I would not have it any other way. Happy one year engagement anniversary!

When you're alone, you reflect. You reflect, then over think, you over think, then regret. You regret and become depressed! So stay happy and stay with people who make you smile and happy. Happy one year engagement anniversary!

It was last year when I prayed that God would make me into the woman I needed to be, specifically for the husband he had for me. And for several years we stood in each other faces and never realized he was molding us for who we needed in one another. I wholeheartedly feel I am about to marry my soul mate, my protector, my lover and my friend and I am more than confident that you will continue to make me happy. So many emotions have gone thru my head and heart since you proposed on this day one year ago. I wish my Daddy was here to experience this with me, so for this it’s bittersweet but I am confident that he would want me to be happy so I am going to enjoy this ride with the love of my life.

Exactly 1 year ago it all began, right here! I was looking for seashells on a date and couldn't find any pretty ones so he said well what about this one, as he proposed with a beautiful engagement ring.
Biggest happiness is when someone we love has another prominent backbone apart from us. The feeling you get when you know they are safe is priceless. Happy one year engagement anniversary!

Yes, we do it, make a milestone of our first-year engagement. We are laughing at the cute things you used to do as a teenage girl, and as you got older. We made so many good memories. We wish we could have you close to us but we know that God puts people in the right spot to touch and bless the lives of those close to them. You were my first teen crush and now become my real love, I love you so much.

I've learned to know not all people will understand how I feel, but I am so happy and so lucky to have a partner that has done infinite care, love and more. Happy one year engagement anniversary!
Our one year engagement babe, if I had the money id marry you today, it's beautiful how we can become a family and fight to keep it that way, you are the one for me, another year is ready to say I do, I have already in my heart, I love you, I want nothing else but to please you. Happy anniversary of one year baby!

Today marks our first engagement anniversary! The best word I hear every day from you is – I love you. I wish that I can live the rest of my life with your love and affection. May God keep you safe when you are in danger!

Twelve months ago today my big, red boyfriend asked me to spend my life with him, and as an admitted over-thinker and notorious questionnaire, I can honestly say that I've never once doubted saying yes. Standing beside you and loving you has been one of my greatest joys. Happy engagement anniversary!

I hope this new decade will be a thousand times better than the previous one! God has given you another year to celebrate. My wish is that this will be the beginning of the best year ever as husband and wife through all the fun in life.

I know I’m like fifteen minutes early but I wanted to say happy one-year engagement Jacob Pate I miss you dearly and wish you were here with me. This year has been crazy but I don’t regret one second of it I love you, baby.

Happy one year to me and my fiancé, it's been a rough year but I love him with all my heart and soul and I can’t wait till I get to marry my best friend, I love you.

Happy 1 year engagement anniversary my fiancé, I can't wait to celebrate our wedding in next year with all our family and closest friends! These past few years have been the happiest time of my life and I can't wait to live the rest of my life with you. I love you and our two babies so very much.

You make me feel so special and I know for sure you're the one because even after one year of being together every time I see you I still get butterflies of excitement. You make my day go around. We have the most amazing love chemistry together and I wouldn't change this life I have with you for anything. You are my absolute world and I'm so excited to experience life with you.

Happy Anniversary for our engagement! One year already you and me making love and missing together. Every single day I seem to get happier and happier, just because of this amazing man! The moment we set eyes on each other over 4 years ago we both knew what we wanted, it took a while but you completely changed my life the day you asked me to be your girlfriend. Because from that day is when it all started.

Happy one year of engagement to my other half! In 365 days, we will say I love you so much! We started this amazing journey that we are now on. Every single day is perfect walking up to you and you make me love life and love everything we have together so much. I can't wait for us to get married in a year or 2, buy a house, have gorgeous kids, travel the world as a family and spend our entire lives together.

Advice for engaged couples!

In life, we tend to throw people away instead of doing damage control and saving good relationships. It's always easier to replace but in most cases, new doesn't always mean better or as reliable so it can cost you more in the long run! I was telling someone recently; when a negative situation develops between you and someone close to you, always try to deal with that person with the guidance of God instead of your emotions. Emotions are never reliable because they change so quickly. Before acting hastily, ask the Lord to help you see the situation the way he meant it to work out because we can lose good people simply by trusting in emotions! Stop, pray, be still and then be guided before proceeding.


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