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Are you feeling stressed? These stress releasing quotes and tips will bring you out from the nervous tension and also give you great motivation toward a hassle free life.  If you or someone you know is struggling with mental or substance abuse don't let people who tear you don't at your lowest to keep the cycle going, some people do it out of fear of losing their possession, others enjoy hurting others or encourage positions where they can put you down to feel better about themselves. If you know someone is struggling the worst thing you can do is take it personally, this is their battle and only need whatever support they ask for, also negative comments discouraging someone living with mental illness by putting them down and disarm their every ounce of intention, dignity and self-esteem. If you truly care about them support them or if you have to for your own wellness, leave but contact friends and family to help support them, seeking revenge to someone struggling by trying to cause extra problems and stress is the worst thing you can do. You can't tell someone who's begging you to get them help while crying and laugh in their face and tell them no but turn around and call officials to seek revenge for your own satisfaction. That lets a person know right there that there is and will never be love so keep your chin up and walk and never look back. If you're only with someone because you love their kids and miss their kids the strain and depression and rejection to the momma will trickle down onto the whole family so it's a complete contradiction, a mother needs to be love so the children can learn their mother is deserving of love because everyone is. Division in the home spreads like fire and division in this world could cause anyone to feel hopeless but let's not give up, hang in there fellow underdogs and let's win this fight together leave the painful people behind.
quotes for when you're stressed

Daily Motivational Quotes out Sayings!

1- A healthy sense of self-esteem and to have respect for others should come from self-reflection, obstacles conquered and withholding judgment about other people's journeys and struggles.

2- It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day stress. It's easy to get off track and lose out focus. I encourage each and every one of us to take the time out of our day and refocus, re-center and find our peace.

3- When people is stressed out half of the time the try to escape their problems by doing drugs but I like to face them I like to know what's my problem why I feel like this and act on it.

4- When you carry something for a short time it doesn't seem heavy or burdensome. The longer you carry it the heavier it gets to the point of actually crippling and paralyzing the muscles that are being used to carry the light item.

5- Some people will never see the beauty you carry within. Listen to what they need to express. Then, ask yourself if what they have shared with you and about you is true of you. If it isn't, wish them well, let them go and move forward with your life. The dislike, hatred, intolerance or pain they carry within isn't about you. It's about them. And, whatever you do don't tell them to suck it up. Be the better person and just walk away.

6- I've been making this a daily habit and it works. I've found that my biggest problem was the way I thought about what I considered being problems and issues. The only thing I can control is my attitude, my outlook, and my energy. If that's good, then everything else is all good.

7- Circumstances will try to dictate your outlook on life! We have choices how we respond to our valleys, our pain, our disappointments, our impossible situations or mountains and our stress. Even in the darkest moments of our lives God is still very present and wanting to break into our hearts.

8- Be with someone that will bring the best out of you that will encourage you to be a better person. That will build and help you and not stress you and destroy you mentally and financially.

9- If you out here doing wrong, do you honestly think it won't come back twice as harder on you? Stuff doesn’t work like you think it does. Once things start going good and you're settling in happy that's when it come back to haunt you. Treat people like you want to be treated.

10- When a negative thought or self-talk comes, acknowledge it then, let it go. It will come again. Acknowledge it. Then, let it go. Just because the thought enters your mind doesn't make it truth. It's only thought. Let it go.

11- Relish in your past as it has made you who you are today, but don't let it define your future. Plan for tomorrow but don't worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is uncertain. But do relish in today and the moments as this day shall pass and never be again. Make today count as this is the day the good Lord has made. Be grateful for the life given to you and keep God first in your heart.

12- Look at everything in front of you for ideas. Then, draw your idea a hundred times or more. Each drawing will be a bit different but eventually you will come to a place of contentment.

13- Travelling the world is amazingly wonderful. Buying nice things is too, but the best gift of all is creating beautiful memories at home with those you love.

14- You begin to realize, that through the acceptance of your self-perceived negative qualities, your downfalls, your ego-driven competition with others, you can and will find your purpose, and what makes you fulfilled. Embrace that anguish, and use it as a conduit to explore your soul through creation.

15- I've learned over time that we are not always in charge of the outcome and that's how it is supposed to be.

16- Beauty shines everywhere. We can see it in the radiance of a smiling face, the image of a bustling city, the stillness of a walk in nature. We can be filled with awe and wonder.

17- Relationships are so demanding because lots are to be sacrificed. For instance, a woman sacrifices her time, happiness, body, love and money just to make the man happy and yet at the end of the day most of them don't worth the stress. It is about time to move on and don't care about those who don't care about you. Life is too short to stress over a Nigga.

18- When one has a beautiful heart and soul you can see it, feel it and know it. Matters not if they can speak or if you can understand the language they are speaking. It is an energy that is simply known to those who are in the presence of that beautiful soul. It's connection to light and love.

19- Take a deep breath and release the struggle. If you still feel it, repeat that process. Feel the beautiful energy of love permeating your entire being re-energizing every cell. Remember. it takes time for the butterfly to break free from the cocoon.

20- Trust the process but remember to do your part too. The canoe cannot get to its destination by itself. Just keep paddling.

21- Take a deep breath, inhale the love and exhale any worries, look up at the sky and soak up all the beauty this wonderful universe has to offer, give thanks to this life.

22- Stress free is definitely the way everybody should be, life is too short to dwell on what could or should have been. Be happy for what you have.

23- Think and to make choices for themselves. Freethinkers may not always be the best, the richest, the wisest or the most popular but they are free and they are happy.

24- Just because another says it doesn't make it true if you. Protect your heart and your mind too. Go where healthy love lives. Continue moving forward knowing that leaving will be the only healthy and plausible action. Moving on can be a beautiful thing.

25- A bad day does not equate to a bad life. As long as we are given another day, we have hope. When one truly believes that 'only' ugliness exists, one's focus needs to be on changing self, not others.

26- Material things and money do not buy happiness. We are on this earth for such a short time. When you die, you do not take any of your earthly riches with you. Enjoy the things in life that money does not buy. I will take peace of mind and the simple life over the stress and confusion of life in the fast lane.

27- Walk the centered path. That is where you will find peace and happiness. You've got to look for the beautiful and when you don't find it, you have to create it.

28- Life isn't always Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows. You'll know your true friends when you are really struggling. They will love you anyway. They will understand you during those times when you can't be fully present and when you are far off center too. That's called Being Real, Being Connected and Being Supportive too. Vulnerability is an interesting place to be. We're all going to be there at one time or another. Know that it is perfectly okay to be there too.

29- Wherever you are in the world today, whatever you are doing, remember that happiness is homemade. You must create it yourself.

30- Life is too short, make decisions that bring happiness and be in a positive atmosphere that builds you up not bring you down.

31- Live as if you are going to die tomorrow, because you might. Hopefully, that thought will bring things into perspective. We are not here to be miserable and live fearfully 'as victims' every single day of our lives. Be yourself. Speak your truth too, but ask yourself if you are truly focusing on things that really matter in life.

32- When you are able to smile everyday not worrying about what others think. When you can focus totally on your loved ones without social media distraction, when you have good health and when you have forgiveness in your heart. You have now found true inner peace.

33- Let's quit pretending that all people are nice, pleasant, respectful, and polite. They aren't! When you encounter them, be the gracious person you are and walk away. Let's be clear. Nice people do not take advantage of others nor do they treat people poorly. Never tolerate abusive behavior and certainly don't go back for more.

34- Life is too short to stress over negative people. Keep yourself in mind and know that you deserve peace of mind and happiness always.

35- Happiness is found when you realize that life is short and stress is self-created. Live happy and enjoy the moment it could be your last.

36- It's love and light that will change the world. If you can light but one candle, do that. If you can feed but one person, do that. If you can cloth but one person, do that. What might seem like nothing to you may be life changing to another. If all you have to give is a smile.

37- Life changes, sometimes short sometimes long term. It's like watching your favorite TV show or movie. You're distracted for the moment but when it's over and you are back in your mind. Reality kicks in and all you're stress, problems, and your life, all the happiness and regrets and everything in-between. Make the best of it and accept the choices you made in the past because they are what made you who you are today.

38- The path to happiness is right thinking, right direction and right action. Protect your body, mind and spirit from negativity and certainly don't believe everything you read, see or hear.

39- There is a level of peace that escapes life sometimes, when we can't seem to find the beauty in ourselves that others see. We struggle with understanding our beauty and our place in life. I know for me it has been a process of growth.

40- As you find yourself struggling just remember that we will survive through these turbulent times too. Be gentle with yourself and with others too. It won't be easy, but we will get through it. Be the beautiful person that you are and love anyway.

41- When you find inner peace, hope, and faith, you will then see your life dreams come to pass. Because you will have an understanding of whom you truly are and why you were put here on earth. So just try to storing up treasures in heaven and not here on earth.

42- Sometimes, it may seem that we are standing alone, but really we are not. It is in those moments that clarity and peace come. Stand tall, be fully present, let the windblown around you, feel the sun kissing your skin, see the beauty of the world in front of you, breathe in the fresh air, and just be. Feel the magic of the universe. Let your spirit be refreshed, regenerated and beautifully restored.

43- In moments of stress or uneasiness sit quietly, relax, breathe and say to yourself. I am blessed; I am grateful, I am relaxed and trust the journey.

44- Sometimes you need to know when to let go, and no matter how hard it is, deep down you know it's the right thing. Move on, life's too short to be stressing and wondering and worrying. Move on and find your path, your happiness, your future.

45- There comes a point where you decide a change is necessary and when you truly embrace that, you can honestly evaluate yourself and begin working on that positive self-image.

46- When one drifts off to sleep at night, one naturally assumes that another beautiful morning will come. In the same way naturally assume that good will also come in this new day.

47- If you are one who is struggling with finding peace and beauty, that's okay. Start here. Start now. Go outside, Look around. Miracles are everywhere. You just have to slow down enough to see them.

48- The thoughts will come. Let them go. They will come again. Let them go. The Secret is to stay centered, balanced, clear of mind and heart, and to look for the beautiful.

49- When one spends all day being angry, fearful, hating life and the people in it, the harm is to self, others are continuing to live life happily.

50- Life is short. Live life at the moment because the next moment isn't guaranteed. If you spend your time stressing over future then you won't be happy. Sometimes things happen beyond our control. Plan ahead and be prepared but don't stress over it. Some have plan their whole future but yet they either die early or something happens. Be happy.

How to overcome stress?

Are these stressed out quotes are enough to move forward? Struggles, tough times, depression, whatever you want to call it are a natural part of life. With every struggle comes the opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow stronger mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Instead of resisting your struggles and trying to fight and try accepting them as a normal part of life. Try not to resist. Do not automatically try to fix it because you have to get back to work or back to normal because if you rush the process you may miss the big lesson. Don’t forget to enjoy twenty-one pilots’ songs and repeat the lyrics for more inspirations.

It seems like our society only celebrates honors and respects the bright, upbeat and happy parts of life but is not comfortable acknowledging the darker parts of life which we all go through. Sometimes we need space to lay low, do inner work and allow ourselves to grow and this process is not always pretty but it is necessary. While you are down you may discover a new passion, purpose or reason to get back up!

You really begin to see how beautiful and precious this life really is when you accept ALL that life is and that includes the good and the bad. You can also the above-listed stress relieving quotes daily for an instant motivation.

What are some effective stress management strategies?

For everyone, stress is inevitable. At some point or other work, personal life, school, and other responsibilities will weigh on you. Wellness goes beyond nutrition and exercise. Finding ways to manage stress is paramount to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Prayer, meditation and quiet time are all useful strategies for managing a busy brain. An exercise is an excellent tool in alleviating a stressed out mind as well.


You have your own life to live and your life does matter. Don't let social media trap you into thinking you are nobody when most social media post are fabricated and over amplified. Suicides are way up nationally and a lot has to do with the trivial pressure that the world and social media put out there. Depression is a serious issue today and with alcohol and drug use up and people living in other people's fantasies, we are seeing more people get into a darker world within them. That is why discovering inner peace is so important. When you are finally able to let go off world philosophies and peer pressure, you can only then find inner peace and a hope-filled life. Learn to be happy with yourself and don't let others steal your joy. You have the ability to make your own dreams come true and you have the ability to be a light for others to follow. It is deep inside you and all you have to do is have faith in God and search your soul. Posting this as we live life today to please ourselves and we live a life of excess not ever satisfied which in the end leads to an unfulfilled, unhappy, and hopeless life. It does not matter how you look, how much wealth and stuff you acquire or your lack thereof, and your status position either high or low in our society, if you don’t have inner peace and faith within yourself you will never see the true blessings that God has in store for your life.


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