Cute New Baby Wishes to Parents

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Do you know what to say when a baby is born to his parents or grandparents? There are so many ways to write new baby wishes in cute and funny ways. You can also design a fantastic greeting card and copy these newborn quotes without my permission. In our society, the birth of a new baby was an occasion for family involvement. Since many relatives lived nearby, grandparents and cousins gathered to lend a hand in the process when needed. On that day, things have changed, and new protocols are in place and traditions have been rebuilt. However, the joy that fills parent hearts at the addition of new family members has not changed, and welcoming and honoring the arrival of treasured, little-loved ones are as important to us or perhaps more so because our times together are so limited and precious.

New parents extended relatives like great-grandparents are expected to visit and gift the new family member within a few days. As usual on such an occasion, parent’s heart was filled to overflowing with gratitude to our God for creating humans with the ability to love so deeply and so extensively. The more children he gives us, the more lovable individuals he puts into our paths, the more bosom friends we connect with over a lifetime, the more our essence expands with love and devotion. He certainly knows best how to love us how to make our lives worth living, not only through knowing Him but, also, through having families who enrich our existence.

Regardless of the circumstances that bring us, children, we love them dearly and unconditionally. Relatives who must parent children because of poor choices by adults, adoptive parents who birth a child through filial love, foster parents who fill in during times of need., all these situations we can see as gifts from our creator because they offer opportunities for these precious babies to receive love unimaginably. More, they offer us who love them the opportunity to become better than we might normally be by sharing ourselves with these wonderful blessings from God. The most precious thing parents can ever see in their whole married life is a newborn life.
Newborn wishes

Cute New Baby Wishes for Parents

Congratulations to the parents and special hats off to the mother for carrying the child for 9 months, I know it must have been extremely hard because I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy via a caesarean section who weighed 10 pounds and some days I could have hardly walk with my belly. I pray for continuing health for you and your child.

Wow, New baby in the family! Congratulations to my sister on her new and first grandchild. It's a cute tiny girl.

This made me cry. God Bless the new parents and may he receive all the love he deserves.

We welcome our newborn baby nephew to the World. May God make him a blessing to us, to his parent and to mankind O God protect him with the best of protection, make him righteous, and make him grow in a good manner, and make him kind to us and mankind. Amen.

Congratulations baby. I'm so proud of you. I'm glad I was there to see you end a chapter of your life as you prepare for a new one. I didn't get to get a picture but its fine. I love you, honey.

Thank God for a new beautiful girl in our family, may protect you and bless you. You are an instrument of love in our family. It has been a long journey to get to today, but well worth the prize in the end.

Welcome my new baby nephew or as I say my new nephew-son!! Congratulations to my big sister and hubby on their blessed son, which means God's Love. Yes, it’s completely worth the wait. We all are overjoyed.

Nothing in this world surpasses the gift of life, and today you gave life to someone. Congratulations and Welcome to motherhood. Words cannot express how excited I am for this greatest blessing.

This is our new great-great-nephew. This is the baby that I've been asking everybody to pray for he was born at 3 pounds 15 ounces and 7 weeks early we will get to see him soon because we're headed to California. Congratulation and welcome to the motherhood, I'll end up being an old grandma now.

Today, I received the sweetest news in my life. It’s when my cousin birth to the most handsome, adorable, cutest and most everything boy. Congratulations on making double digits, my boy. Lots of love and blessings from your loving auntie, I love you so much baby boy.

Congrats baby, I have to find a way there to come see you and the baby. I'm so happy for you!! Welcome to Motherhood, you’ll be fine.

Congratulations to my cousin and his fiancé on the arrival of their new baby girl. I can’t wait to meet my little niece. Nana would be so happy. Congrats to all of my family members, keep up the good work and keep your faith in God, as he will always love you in the right direction.

Congratulations my friend, I’m so happy for you two. With what started as a relationship than a home, a new baby boy and now marriage I'm glad you two have found each other and I wish you nothing but love and the best of luck.

Congrats to my baby sister. She is the youngest and will always be a baby to me. Her new chapter in life just begins today as she becomes a mother of a cute baby boy. Congratulations to my mom as well, you raised 5 healthy successful children. You deserve a major pat on the back for a job well done.

It's times like this where living away is really hard. I just want to say a massive congratulation to one of my best friends and her boyfriend on their baby news! I love you so much and I can't wait to meet her at Christmas. I miss you so much.

Newborn Baby Congratulations Messages and Wishes

I want to say Congratulations to my baby boy, now you become a dad. You did it. You ended one chapter in your life and started a new one. To see you walk across that stage made my heart smile. I know you'll continue to be great in whatever you decide to do. I love you and this is a new beginning.

Congratulations newly parents! How exciting to have a new baby coming to your family! I would have loved to come to the shower but I work that day and can't get out of it.

Congratulations to this beautiful young mama right here. She's actually one of my many sweet young aunties. Thank you, Lord, for blessing our family with a new beautiful baby girl! I am so glad you both made it. I wish to meet you soon baby girl. I love you both very much.

It’s the birth season, not just for babies but the start of something new for people’s lives. I wish you all the joy and happiness as you start this new journey of your life, reach for the stars baby. We are so proud of you.

I am freaking totally awesomely psyched out, congratulations to my best friend. I'm so proud of you.  I wish you nothing but the best on your new journey with your baby girl.

Congratulations to my cousin and her husband for their third baby boy born yesterday. He is so cute! I'm so excited for you two! May God bless your family on this new journey and I hope to see you soon, I am sending lots of love from my family to yours.

Congratulations to my eldest son my daughter in law who delivered their healthy baby boy this morning. Also congratulations to the New Grandparents, on their new addition to their family. Thanks for making me a Grandpa for the 2nd time; this is such a blessing to be able to be there for the birth of my second grandchild.

Seeing that I have about five or six girl cousin having new babies this year, I am so in baby fever, but I know I can't have another because it will mess with me financially, and I wouldn't be able to leave my newborn at a daycare center so congratulations to all my beautiful girl cousins.

It killed me to hold in the good news this long! Ladies and Gentlemen, please send your greetings to my big sister, my role model, my baby bear on delivering a cute baby boy. I couldn't be prouder of her, May the Lord continue to bless her, guide her and empower her.

Today’s an exciting day for our family. I feel this is a new chapter for a lot of people and even for me. And we are going to succeed in whatever we set out mind to. It’s not January nor does the beginning of the year but today feel like the start of something new. God bless you all.

What to say when baby is born?

Congratulations to my baby brother who will soon be a father. He's going to be holding his new baby like I once held him. I got to be an auntie again, which is one of my most favorite things to be.

Today, I wake up to some amazing news! Huge congratulations to parents on the birth of your beautiful little girl. Welcome to the world baby, I can't wait to meet you. Welcome to the magical world of motherhood ladies.

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! I remember the sound of my baby crying for the first time. It was music to my ears. I hope you are well, squeeze that beautiful baby boy! Again congrats a lot!

Congratulations to my friends and his wife for the newborn baby girl ,may she be beautiful , joyful and health and may she be lucky in her life , and with a good and kind heart but most of all be a good person. God bless your little one.

You do such amazing work. I wish I would have been closer for you to do pictures for me when I had my baby girl. Love seeing your work, by the way, congratulations on your new addition.

Welcome to the Motherhood Quotes

1. Shout to my friend and his fiancé on their newborn child! That is one lucky baby because she has been blessed with a parent that has one of the kindest hearted souls I have ever met in my life.

2. All differences to the side my sister and sister in law bring a baby girl into the world tomorrow so I'm praying for safe delivery tomorrow and welcome to motherhood ladies. Don’t get scared when about contractions just rub her back and be on your best behavior.

3. I am welcoming my first grandchildren into the world and it was the most precious moment to me, but seeing my oldest daughter jump right into motherhood was just as precious. Through all her pain and while undergoing a C-Section her first concern was her kids! Tears fell from my eyes knowing that even though I had her at 17 and may have struggled to make sure she and her sister had what they need, she was paying attention and know what it is to be a mother.

4. I just want to say welcome to motherhood to this beautiful baby mama, I know I have to do nothing but clean dirty nappies and making bottles for the new baby from now.

5. So I have had my first welcome my sister to motherhood moment. I thought newborn had a wet diaper well I open it up and it was also dirty. I go to get in the wipes and guess what? Yep, they were empty. I started to fasten the diaper back up to go get some wipes and she sticks her foot in it. We are home alone so what do I do. You wiped it off with my hand and then onto my pajama pants then went and got some wipes. The things we will do for our babies.

6. I introduce to you my entire newest nephew, I want to congratulate my youngest sister on her new bundle of joy and welcome her to motherhood. This is a journey that for sure will change you in the best way possible as you ensure the best love and bond ever created as a Mother and son. You’re going to be a great mommy and he's truly a blessing.

7. I am so proud to have had the honors of bringing my great niece into this world last night, thank god for a healthy baby girl. You did a great job, welcome to motherhood. Live, love, teach, protect and provide for a princess.

8. Welcome to motherhood sweet girl. Take care of yourself and your angel with all the love and other emotions that you are going to be experiencing, remember to rest and accept help from others around you. God bless you and congratulations.

9. Today was very eventful. I'm so blessed to be an aunt! It feels great. I'm in love with my nephew. I am so proud of you too sissy. Welcome to motherhood.

10. Nothing says welcome to motherhood like changing a dirty diaper in the car at a parking lot! Thanks, funny kid. Your mommy's day is now complete. You be the strong woman we all know you are! Love you lots!

11. Congratulations on your bundle of joy and welcome to motherhood darling I'm sure you'll be an awesome mother I can't wait to see that little rascal he has been terrorizing you before birth.

Right of a Father on His New Born

If you’re not grown enough to handle situations don't put yourself in them. Women fail to realize that fathers have rights to their children also. Dad is just as important as the mom; I don't know who told you, women, you have the power because you gave birth. I don't understand why females are so salty when the father doesn't want to be with them. What needs to be done instead of trying to keep a father from their child is called self-evaluation. There is a reason he doesn't want you so evaluate yourself and maybe you will figure out what's wrong with you. For all of the women out there playing and toying with their children lives, let me tell you, that child is not a puppet. It’s a human who deserves both parents in their life. See you chose that Individual to be the father of your child. You knew about that individual before you chose to have a baby by him. Whether you're together or not gives you no right to say when or where the father can interact with his child. I don't understand some of you women. You feel like you have the power because you had a baby. Let me put a little birdie in your ear. God gave you a blessing when he handed over one of his angel to you. So how dare you be selfish and stingy with one of his gifts? So you women really need to think about what you are doing to your children. It's not fair to them. It's not about you. This is my honest opinion and thoughts about how I feel when women use a child to get why they want from the father.


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