Lucid Dreaming Quotes

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The following quotes about lucid dreaming are eye-opening messages for all spiritual lovers. Do you always record your dreams during times in which you are extremely sad, happy, or stressed? My dreams are most the most vivid and memorable during times like this and to me, everything that goes through your mind has some sort of meaning. So I log it, I define it, and I make sense of it in my everyday life. To have control of your thoughts and dreams while you're physically asleep is actually a powerful feeling. I have found dreams to be very powerful. It is your core self-speaking to your consciousness and it is raw emotion and your hearts healing power.

Have you ever woken up in a sweat or your hair is standing on end? You know you’ve witnessed something, it felt so real, but the reality of the world around you forces the memory away. Remnants of the dream will play through your mind like a movie on a reel as you’re pouring your morning coffee. Everything in your reality is so familiar but you just can’t shake that feeling, that you experienced something, and at that time it was very real. What if I told you it was possible to remember it all? To experience a dream, even control it? Some would call it a lucid dream.

Sometimes you just need to stop and simply feel. Be. Get into your natural rhythm and be gentle with yourself. Get into your natural rhythm of the universe within to without. We are powerful human beings who are not perfect; because if we were there would be no space for growth and without growth we do not learn. Life is education and connection to love and teaches each other with our connection to the earth and her energy. She nurtures us, nourishes us, gives us love and strength unconditionally. We need to strive to be the best we can be and if we are not, that too is okay because tomorrow is another day, another chance to reinvent ourselves. What we think, so we shall be, as within, so without. Love and respect you. You are important. Then love and respect will spill out onto others through example. We love and serve each other best when we love and accept ourselves.

How amazing is it that we can do things like this in our dreams? There comes a point where it happens so often it's no coincidence when you allow yourself to be in tune with the universe around you, your subconscious is always awake. These are things you do; it's you becoming one with the word around you. The following quotes are based on true self-experiments.
lucid dream quotes

Quotes about Lucid Dreaming!

1- When exploring the idea of death from a vibration perspective, physical reality is more like death than death is! Death is simply waking up from this dream we call life. The more we see life as a type of lucid dream, the more dreamlike your life can become. The veil is lifting between the two states and this is the true Apocalypse.

2- Objects don't have existence but existence has objected. Consciousness does not emanate from the physical body, the physical body emanates from consciousness. The nature of reality is the opposite of what we are taught in western society.

3- Lack of abundance and fear of disappearing or death are dependent on the belief of the illusory separate self. Our entire society is built around reinforcing that belief. It's no wonder the human race is neurotic. However once that belief has been shattered, these fears will drop away when there is nothing to prop them up.

4- When the Physical mind goes to sleep at night it dreams, however from higher mind's perspective, physical reality is the dream state.

5- Life is endearing and weird and it will remain that way until I no longer observe it. You all are beautiful fragments of a dream I am currently lucid inside of. Stay happy and peaceful so you can enjoy your wakefulness, even while you sleep.

6- Physical Mind is not capable of knowing what is going to happen. It can only know what has happened and what is happening. This is why it's so important to simply allow things to unfold naturally, easily, with absolute knowing that Higher Mind is guiding you through your excitement, which is the driving force and organizing principle of You-universe! We become our own worst enemy when we try to force situations and circumstances to match what physical mind thinks should happen based on past experience.

7- Progressing in my Lucid Dreaming so much! I can control more of my world and even change more of my surroundings. It’s definitely a slow going process but it is so extremely worth the wait.

8- All suffering arises from the illusory separate self. You can always tell when a thought is arising from the separate self. It's almost always disempowering and limiting. What awareness can do is simply acknowledge it and know on whose behalf it comes. Do not follow it, do not act on it , It cannot survive in the light of pure knowing.

9- When you try to Lucid Dream so you can actually be in love for once!

10- Simultaneous, multidimensional, incarnations is a more accurate description of our true nature. Being able to tap into that resource of experience from your other probable selves, your other counters parts will allow you to explore in the expansion of your awareness.

11- When your peace, joy and happiness are dependent on people, things and circumstances there will be much suffering and strife. When you know that it is your State Of Being that actually determines your outer circumstances then the cycle of suffering can be broken. The universe, your current life is a reflection of your beliefs and definitions.

12- Vulnerability is strength itself because it opens your deeper self to be analyzed, healed & loved by you, bringing your core self to surface.

13- Believing is seeing! You have to be in the vibration you prefer in order to experience the things that are germane to the frequency domain, its pure physics.

14- To feel the love you have to be in true love, not pretending and hiding an evil nature.

15- You cannot perceive that which you are not the vibration of! Follow your excitement, it's your true north, it represents your core vibration. Remove any expectation as to how things are supposed to happen, expectation is a form of limitation.

16- Infinite consciousness precipitates as a finite consciousness because it's fun and exciting to not know what is going to happen! So if you think life is hard and things are uncertain, remember your true nature which is infinite, is really having a blast.

17- If you don't like your dreams make up a twist to them and you have a real opportunity to learn to lucid dream. It only takes belief and a strong desire to do it. What is the point of lucid dreaming? Astral travel is the real thing.

18- Excitement is the driving force and the organizing principal, which is why it is so important to follow it, no matter what the outer circumstances are. It is your true north, in a sense it is the only rational path, and to follow it, is usually not a decision physical mind can make; you have to go with your heart and take a chance, what have you go to lose.

19- From the perspective of Infinite Consciousness, the so-called waking state or physical reality is really the least conscious state. One could say the human condition is like having amnesia. You know you’re here, but you don't remember where you came from or where you're going; however since we are infinite consciousness. It’s really all just good fun, so enjoy the moment, the only true reality.

20 Conventional brainwashing and societal indoctrination, tells us that there are 7 billion beings on the planet experiencing one earth. Perhaps a more accurate description would be that there is actually one being experiencing 7 billion earth.

21- Lucid dreaming is an ultimate test of trust. No mask, a perfect time to nurture your innermost self. The self you pushed down and ignored. It is the hurt self, the tired self, the small, broken depleted self.

22- The Path of least resistance is really following your highest excitement! When you don't that's when you hit resistance. I know we are all taught that good things don't come easy. That life has to be hard. However when you are truly doing what you love to do, it is easy, remember excitement is the organizing principal, so it's really about knowing thyself and knowing what it is you really want ,what really excites you if you don't then yes life is difficult.

23- Conviction comes from knowing, direct experience, beliefs comes from others, society, what we are taught, social engineering. Yet most people base their entire reality on beliefs.

24- Remember, you're existence itself, everything is within you; you are not subject to anything.

25- Every probable reality exists as a static frame like on a film strip. Consciousness experiences movement, linear time and space by moving through these static frames at near infinite speeds. After what we call death in our more expanded state, we can take a roll of this film, what we call a life, and examine every frame, see every moment frozen, timeless. We can do what some call life reviews, we can cut sections out, we can replay other parts we want to change, we can scrap the whole roll and start over, and we are infinite beings.

26- As we move out of polarity consciousness, out of duality, we are entering a trinity state of being, where the balance point between positive and negative becomes the third perspective. In this balanced point, we begin to see all choices as neutral, and we understand that only we can give meaning to live, nothing has built in meaning, We don't have to be afraid of making the wrong choice, since all choices exist in the present moment, all choice are connected, which means any choice we make can still lead us towards our highest excitement, as long as we define it that way, as long as we allow it to.

27- In the life of a lucid woman, the night is a ritual harvest of the day, embracing every shadow is without hesitation, a limitation is a comedy, and light itself is an elastic prayer. Muse infuses her breath into the fractal of creativity that dreams of blooming through your body, into your world and is in sheer awe of your reality masterpiece.

28- What truly instigates the real meaning behind our dreams? If you have a nightmare, It's said that only your worst fears are being recognized and brought to live before your very eyes. If you simply just have a dream, though, it’s said that your desires, memories, or needs are displayed within the dreamscape. The inner-workings of your subconscious mind are somewhat of an unfathomable place to anybody other than yourself, and yet even then, there are things that you may never comprehend.

29- Your astral travels, by lucid dreaming, will put you in the driver’s seat and you are now in control of your astral body travels, and the trips are very vivid and interactive with other beings in the astral world.

30- Open contact is already happening, in our dreams, and in physical reality, the first to have open contact meaning those who came first. They are the 5th hybrid race, so they are the most like us. They were the ships seen over Phoenix known as the Phoenix Lights. In reality, all beings  are individuated aspects of all that is , we are all connected, at some level, there are groups of consciousness, there are collectives , each one coming together to form a unique experience , any name we give them or ourselves is simply a tool , a way to separate into various experiments in consciousness.

31- There is no out there! Everything is a reflection of our state of being, our beliefs, and our definitions. One of the greatest evolutionary leaps that we will be making during this powerful awakening period is that life can be dream-like, that life can be a fairytale. It is simply a choice! So what are you going to buy into with your source energy, heaven or hell, it’s up to you, both choices are equally valid, both choices are equally available to you.

32- Forget about past life incarnations, future incarnations, remember there is only the present moment, everything exists now. Yes, we can have the experience of linear time but that is simply a choice, an agreement we have made collectively, to create a type of experiential reality.

33- Dreaming lucid is amazing but when we see that reality is also a dream we can also feel through lucid minds.

How can I make myself have a lucid dream?

Have you ever woken up and said wow that was a dream, and then you probably just had a lucid dream. A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware they are dreaming. The first experience can be terrifying because you realize you are dreaming but you can control lucid dreaming and can do it whenever you want. Lucid dreaming is a very peaceful experience but like everything, there are always bad sides to every good side.

There are plenty of ways one can fall into a lucid dream but there's one of the most successful ways. Start in a dark room, a room so dark that when you put your hand in front of your face, you will not be able to see it. Start counting from 1-100, you may find that easy but in between every number you must remind yourself that you are dreaming (for ex. "1 I'm dreaming 2 I'm dreaming 3 I'm dreaming and so on) this might take a while as you are reminding yourself your are dreaming after every number but just hand in there.

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Does Lucid Dreaming Have Side Effects?

Lucid dreams and astral projections are beyond the existential state of just basic living, there reside portals to which you could project your consciousness to embark on a journey separate from that of your own physical body. Such things, however, should never be taken so lightly. You are vulnerable in such states. Should you wander too far for too long, then you may lose yourself in the terrifying heaven and the majestic hell. Remember to return, if significant things bind and ground you to this dimension. Time flows regularly here but holds no relevance or tangibility over there. Time is infinite because space is infinite. Mere pockets of infinity feel immersive while the equivalent to 10 seconds there would be 10 years here. To avoid any side effects, just make sure you come back before you miss what's going on.

Is Lucid Dreaming Real or Fake?

What frequency are you operating on? You know when you are asleep but in a semi-awakened state and you are dreaming and it feels real. Well, when you are awake and living life as normal it is just another frequency of experiencing what is perceived as reality. Imagine being in a higher level awakened state and experiencing a reality not immersed in the trappings of the physical world. How would that alter your consciousness? Now imagine everyone in that heightened state. Imagine a directed lucid dream guided by loving kindness, higher wisdom, and a harmonious existence.

Do you remember, have you ever experienced that tingling inside your stomach? That feeling of joy when you have a dream like no other, that one dream that you wished you could have kept dreaming your whole life, that one dream that keeps you hooked throughout the following day, the dream that you didn't want to wake up from? That eternal feeling of being complete when you are in that special place or with someone special! The reality of which is spell bounding and yet virtual. The one experience you've had and then waited and tried to force it back again and again only to fail at each trial and then at the moment when you've eventually quit, it shows up. Right there, that’s the thing, the only feeling when you desire nothing else but to stay where or what you are dreaming of. That is something that cannot be expressed in words, but can only be felt. Hail Lucid Dreaming. After reading the above mentioned lucid quotes you may already get the idea of its pure reality, so there is no need for further explanations.

Lucid dreaming has always been a fascinating topic. The ability to become self-aware within your dream and control the outcome is something many scientists and scholars have used to solve complex problems. You may have unsuccessfully experienced lucid dreams on several occasions. The initial shock of realizing you are dreaming usually wakes you up. But, with practice and employing different techniques you may get very successful lucid dreams and they will be incredible.


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