Quotes about Fake Friends for Facebook Status

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We collect some warning and funny quotes about fake friends for your Facebook and Whatsapp status. After reading these quotes you can easily distinguish between your real and fake two-faced friends. Sometimes people often forget that being friends with someone, you have to accept the good with the bad with that person. If this person is your ride or die, then talk to them works the kinks out. If it's getting too much for you and hard for you to deal with such as if it’s affecting your life because you care about them so much, then you can always tell them you don't want to be their friend anymore. Simple as that!! It’s a hard choice but don't hide your feelings! Let them be known! That's how you know real friends from fake. That's what real friends do.

Watch the signs of a fake friend! You may think because you treat them so well you will be returned with the same favor but sadly, most of the time that're not the case! I've begun to stop questioning fake friendships and just cut them off. I have to say since I've cut off toxic people in my life, I've been living fantastic! I do so much for people, go out my way and treat people as if they are family and get nothing but spiteful things in return. But, I've learned that everybody isn't raised like you, as real as you, and lastly as blessed as you. Jealousy is nothing but love and hate.
Quotes about fake friends

Fake Friend Quotes for Facebook Status!

  1. Don’t worry about how many friends you got, worry about how many friends are real. One real friend is far more valuable than 10 fake friends will ever be.
  2. Sometimes you feel like you can trust people when you really can't because you never know what's going to be said. so keep your friends close but fake friends and enemies closer.
  3. There is nothing on Facebook, the news, the radio, out of a friend of a friend’s mouth that I would ever believe. Anything that is on Facebook is fake or a lie. That's including anything political, religious, your opinion, her beauty, his gains or anything else.
  4. A real friend should support you if you do something great. They shouldn't try to do something to be better than you. That's just a sign of a fake friend. It seems like there are a lot of those around here.
  5. What does it mean when something bad has been done to you and you don't even know who did it and then one fine day you casually tell about it to your best friend and Boom! The best friend who is as cheerful as a butterfly goes into perpetual hiding.
  6. If you are only interested in people because of what they can do for you - you are actually not interested in them, only yourself. The test of time will reveal true friendships and relationships. Fake relationship will wither away.
  7. Being fake is now a trend, loyalty is simply now a tattoo, friendship means nothing. At the end of the day, you can't trust anyone. The only person you truly have is yourself.
  8. I can’t be friends with a person that's fake. They have a fake mentality. They listen to the bad & when y'all get into it, they start pulling cards. Their hairs are fake and their lashes are fake too.
  9. A friend of your friend is your enemy. An enemy to your friend is your friend. Friendship can build you or ruin you. When spirit talks in your mind of your friends, listen to that voice. It owns the richest message you'd never regret.
  10. Only fake friends criticize and pass judgments, smile to your face and hug you just to bury knives in your back. Shout out to the ones who hate me, the guys who think they played me and jealous girls who aren’t me. Thanks for all the attention and flattery, the more you lower yourselves the high I stand.
  11. Without haters and cheaters, you wouldn't know who your real friends are.
  12. Someday, sooner or later you'll find out who your fake friend is, who is loyal, who your hater is, and who would support you in your troubles. And trust me; some people will give you a big surprise.
  13. I am really tired of fake two faced friends, if you’re going to pretend to be my friend and then talk  bad about me to everyone, you don’t belong on my friend's list, please remove yourselves.
  14. If you really know you thrive off of dependency friendship why not choose one friend and pursue her correctly without your ego getting in the way of how you truly feel about her. And don’t think for one second that when your focus has been switched in another direction that she won’t know about your fake mentality.
  15. I really like to lose money than gain a fake friend. A friend is a rare word when you get older.
  16. I was raised with the mentality that even if my friends or family were wrong, they were still right with me. You showed loyalty regardless. It's a shame nowadays but at the same time a blessing. I'd rather have a small circle then bring fake people around.
  17. Just because I'm a yielding person it doesn't give you the right to mow me down.
  18. Please, don't just trust me. Judge me and see if I am good for you. If not, don't hold it against me and go your own way knowing that I will do the same with you and that I wish you the best.
  19. People often think of this word as a soft one, oh no, there is a rough side of love; the one where you won't hesitate to cut fake people out of your life.
  20. There's always that friend that gets a sad face whenever you achieve something or something good happens to you.
  21. Fake friends will only want to reap from your toil and call it luck. Just keep shut and focus ahead as when they tend to pull you back it means you're ahead of them.
  22. Real Friends are gems. They keep you truthful, keep you positive and keep you reasonable. They are always there for you to cheer you on when things go well and cheer you up when they don’t. They keep you from being alone and keep you going when you think you can’t.
  23. I once thought that friends were those I knew and those that knew me. I've since discovered that friends are those you commit yourself to not those you set conditions for. Check your inventory and rediscover how many friends you really have.
  24. Never run after a friend that has decided to leave you sometimes and pick you sometimes, but it's for good to save yourself from fake friendship. Your happiness is not linked to a friend who blocks you on the Facebook nor on the Whatsapp, not even the one who sees your text message and ignore it. Be positive and be wise enough to save yourself from their dramas.
  25. Friends are not those we spent the most years with, it is those who make you happy the most.
  26. Go through your online friends and be certain your kids are doing the same. Life is difficult enough without all the other crap someone brings to your happiness. Having one good friend or partner is better than 500 that you don't know. We all need friendship and to feel needed, but don't let fake people ruin your life.
  27. Seriously, hateful, bitter, and fake people do not deserve any room in your life. I know some of us have been taught to smile through it all, that's cool and all but not me, they don't even deserve a smile. Besides, I'm not one to fake a smile. Don't argue with fake people, especially on the Internet; they will drag with experience.
  28. You get what you raise. If you don't know what you have, don't put your time into raising a doubtful friend and don’t be surprised at the results afterward.
  29. Social media has ruined the ability to have meaningful relationships. It’s too easy to hook up with lots of people and play games. Not to mention that friendships are all superficial and fake.
  30. A true friend can see the pain hidden behind your smile, the joy beneath your tears and the awkwardness in your laugh.
  31. Don't you hate it when your friends with someone at one second than at the next you aren't friends anymore then they go telling some people fake stuff about you then they ruin your friendship with someone else because they aren't your friend anymore I'm done with everything like this so don't get me involved with anything like this.
  32. Great friends know when something is wrong and always knows what to say to make you feel better.
  33. Never underestimate the power of friendship whether it is when you are courting somebody, in a relationship, or in a marriage. It goes a long way. After all, what woman doesn't want to be wined and dined? But, there are so many other things that you can do. It is the special women that appreciate the little things. But, the problem is and this is what I see, I could be wrong. I have been wrong from time to time.
  34. I keep my circle small because I know loyalty like most things is not cheap. I have to say I have quality friendships that are real over fake ones that come in a quantity of poop rolled in sugar. Knowing who your friend is and who your fake friend is hard, but one should know the signs.
  35. Get your life right and stop worrying about how fabulous mine is! Now continue with your unhappiness.
  36. Argue less with them, cross not to their lines, be focused, and embrace new friends who want to walk with you. Be encouraged from the weaknesses and strengths you gain from them. Keep yourself safe from retardants and inspire yourself.
  37. Once somebody who suppose to be a friend show me any sign of fakeness, I separate myself from that individual because being blind to the signs can cost you your life.

How to Recognize a Fake Friend?

Friendship is a bond that brings people together. There’s always one spoiler in that group of friends and that affects the whole team, as long as I remember it all started out well but it has ended in ruins, haters going to hate, why do people change attitudes and the real question is: are you a good friend? Actions speak louder than words? From my opinions here are some tips to look out for friends if they are real or fake?
1. Do friends bully other friends?
2. Do friends swear a lot?
3. Do friends backstab each other?
4. Do friends gossip when you nor around?
5. Do friends fake being your friend?
6. Do friends be around you when you down?
7. Do real friends exist?
Question to ponder on: Are you a good friend?

How to Spot a Fake Friend?

You can give your all to one person. Be there when she needs you, literally drop EVERYTHING when she called upset and needs you right now. Because that’s the kind of person you are, that’s the kind of friend you would want someone to be to you and why not? Turns out, all this time you thought you had a true friend but all you had was someone that took advantage of everything you believed that was right. Only called when it was convenient for her, but the second you needed something, she was nowhere to be found. To the point where she blamed you for all her problems, blamed you for everything wrong in her life. And you almost believe it. She made you look like such a bad person, and all you tried to do was be a friend, give advice, helps her out in any way possible. But no matter what you said or what you did for her, you were talked about, lied to, and taken advantage of and when times got tough for her, you were still there. And when all was said and done, I have dropped because I was nothing but problems for her. You were nothing but the person who ruined her life. But something you have found to be the most rewarding is losing her. You are the best person that you can be, and you are not perfect. And in this process, you realized your worth. You found who your true friends were the ones that actually give a damn about you, and treat you accordingly.

There are some very nice people in this world who are lonely and would love to be friends but are shunned by us. Believe it or not, many of us are very wary of meeting or allowing such people in our lives, because of the world we are living in. Sometimes we just need to give good people a chance. Too often we prefer hanging out with fake friends because they are cool. Those people do not care one bit about you, just the moment with you. Those people who are fake friends will take advantage and abuse the friendship. Genuine friendship will last a lifetime, while fake friends a second. What people who are genuine are really asking. Take timeout; get to know the heart and not the body. Get to know us. Stop looking at the negative and grasp the positiveness of people who are genuine. We do have a heart. Our hearts are tender. We have love and compassion. Do not take advantage or abuse us. Know this, we do care about you.

A Note for all my Fake Facebook friends!

I don't mind if you lie to me. I chalk it up to you having an active imagination and you trying to impress someone. You can be a king or former kingpin. You can be a millionaire mogul or a militant million man March dude. You can be Tommy tough guy or the crazy chick magnet. It doesn't matter to me. Tell me anything, but here is the funny part. I am entertaining you and laughing at you on the inside and behind your back for a reason. I am laughing because while you are in my face faking it, I see the potential in you to one day make your lie the truth! If only you put as much effort as you put into looking like the man into actually being the man.! But it's okay, because you sure are cracking me up.

My rules my life .Let me introduce myself to my stalkers, if you have a fake Facebook account and are trying to be nosey, don't bother. If you have problems stalking or moving on, then don't bother. An ex is an ex for a reason. If you are married or have a girlfriend and trying to get fresh with me, don't bother because you will get your feelings hurt. If you have envy and deep jealousy problems you don't need to bother. If you are one of those people who are insecure and feel that they always have to compare themselves with others, don't bother. I'm not into competing contests. If you are a wife beating redneck that hates women unless they give you bear your children, don't bother. If you are an extreme right winger, don't bother because some of my liberal posts may offend you. If you have too many friends on your friend's list and one of them could pose a threat, then you will get blocked. If you like to play mind games, then you will get blocked. If you are one of those people who are selfish and thinks that only they are entitled to a happy life or success, don’t bother. If you are an assumption person, don’t bother. If you are biased, ignorant, and only see things in black or white and what you perceive to be right or wrong, don’t bother as these are signs of a psychopath. If you come here on the Facebook to show off, don’t bother. If you are one those people who judge people based on their income, lack thereof, what they drive, house etc, and then don’t bother. If you think you know me and we don’t hang out, and then don’t bother. If you think you know me based off of others opinions, then don’t bother. If you smile in my face and talk negative behind my back, then don’t bother. If you judge me on past choices that were not good based on lack of education and resources, then don’t bother. If you are manipulative and you are about power and control, you need to move on. If you took my kindness for weakness then this is what you got. My life is my business. Keep your drama the hell away from me.


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