Stop Bullying and Speak Up Quotes

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These are not only stop bullying quotes but motivational messages for the people who speak up and stand up against the bullying. These are not anti-bullying slogans but a new campaign against this hateful world. Bullying, it’s not something critical to others. To some, it had some distorted or tormented their lives. It starts for some in the household, to some, it only starts at the very beginning at school. It varies from one individual to another. However, the ones that can help with it are the teachers. Think about it, our parents are teachers too, they teach us on how to be good or how to behave in a proper manner. Teachers either police us or nurture us only because it’s for our own benefit. Bullying occurs not only in school but also in the workplace when we get older But the worst always is in school, because we have always had that mindset whereby to tell the teacher about the bully would end us up on the road that we would be shunned by others for being a teacher’s pet or whatever for the sake of blending in. Some bear witness and say nothing, some add on to the bullying and some continuously allow themselves to be bullied just to be accepted. Teachers are the police to the school because it’s very much like our society when we get older. The people, strangers meeting for the first time learning to get along or manipulate others to get along with happening at this stage in life. Teachers don’t just teach, they instill good values to the young one. We've either bullied or be bullied in school. To some, it’s nothing big, but to others it has ruined their lives and we must always help those who suffer from it due to that a child may show mild depictions of depression that may get full blown from prolong exposure. We send the young ones to school to learn in hopes that they are guaranteed a fighting chance at life in the future, so we can only hope so much that the teachers nurture these young souls, groom them into the better people of tomorrow. But when the teacher gets tired of a rowdy class, a noisy classes a disruptive one. What can they do? Isn’t the child shaped according to the parent? Should the basic good behavior be practiced and taught? But when the parent gets to know the child is bullied and no one stands up for him/her not even the teacher. What can we do? For starts, either responsible party not doing anything is the recipe for disaster.

Cyber bullying is another serious problem that just has to stop but unfortunately, probably won't because there will always be people out there who are rude, obnoxious and loud. So nice people need to be louder! There are a million things I want to say and do to bullies, or more appropriately called, cowards. But the one trend I have seen lately is a great tool genially used to comate bullying is called It's a micro-giving site where people donate small amounts to help others reach their goals. I have seen 3 bullying stories lately where others stepped up to help shut up the bullies and reach out to those bullies are attacking. Such a great idea to truly empower those being attacked! I hope she feels like a queen on her prom night and has a deserving guy to take her or walks in solo knowing her worth and feeling like a queen.
Stop Bullying Quotes

Stop Bullying Quotes and Sayings!

Just because someone has power does not mean they talk vulgar. People who belittle others and make a joke out of serious matters are the ones who suffer the most. Something traumatic must have really affected them in their life.

When did we stop teaching our children to stick up for themselves? We preach acceptance and telling adults but when that fails we need to teach them to defend themselves.

We got to start learning to voice our opinions without fear or favor. We need to stand up against the bullies. You might not realize or perhaps you choose to ignore it but we are being bullied today, all of us, by you know who. So it's up to you. Stand up against the bullies or suck it up, feel humiliated and suffer in silence.

Kids need to be taught that bullying is not acceptable and not an escape plan for all of the life's issues.

Bullying in any form, physical or emotional, from anyone at all, needs to stop. It doesn't make a difference whether it is a friend, partner, family member, at school or the workplace, mocking or harming people because of sexual orientation, abilities or disabilities, popular or not, how people speak, their personality , what clothes they wear, rich or poor, what they look like , big or skinny, short or tall etc.

Please stop bullying it's not nice and it means and makes people hurt deep inside. We have lost many beautiful souls due to this problem so before you act or speak think of what you’re doing to that person.

Words do hurt and if you don't stop with the words, someone you're bullying could kill themselves.

It goes without saying everyone has been in this situation at some point in our lives. We need to speak up and say something. If everyone said something nice to at least one person a day, every day, the change would be amazing. We need to do this for not only ourselves but the youth and kids of today.

One to stand up to bullies, but at the same time, it puts the blame on the bullied. Every situation of those who are bullied or those doing the bullying are not the same neither are the circumstances sometimes bullying is one on one, sometimes it is a large group against one. Children, even our teenage children don't have the maturity to see beyond their world are much smaller in their mind. Their world is always here and now.

You can stand up for yourself all day long but in most cases it won't stop anything you will still be lonely and shunned, which leads to a feeling if isolation, which leads to depression, which leads to despair , and can lead to self-hate and lack of self-worth ,and can spiral into self-destruction.

The bottom line is it is not the bullied fault or blame it is the fault of the bullies and that us where the blame should lie.

I cannot follow bullies regardless of my weakness, I will fight against it because this is my life and I will choose the way I want to live it. Even if I lost everything I will not give up on being myself.

I am so sick of hearing about bullying. There is NO such thing. The simple truth is that a bully will only go as far as the victim allows and if it clearly bothers them, it will continue and intensify.

No matter what you are reading, what you are hearing, what you are seeing, note that the devil takes every opportunity to stir up division among unity! If we open our eyes we will see the ugly spirit that's orchestrating a war between two races that we should've been so beyond in this day and age. Politics should never have the power to pull out such a deep level of hatred towards people you recently had zero issues with.

You have a bully you attempt to solve it peacefully if that doesn't work you punch them in the face. Soon as you stand up to them they stop.

Anyone who chooses to bully people is a coward trying to make themselves look and feel good, because deep down, they hate who they are. Bullying needs to stop.

Advice for Parents:

Parents, please speak with your children. Please, parents, stop teaching kids hate. I am not saying that you are teaching is purposely, but kids learn by actions, they learn by what they see on TV, video games and hear it in the music that listens to etc. So please limit their exposure, limit what you do in front of them. This streak needs to stop. Too many younger kids are going too soon because of bullying. Parents speak with your kids and try to help them if needed. Schools and the faculty stop ignoring the cries for help so your ratings are good.

Always take the time to get to know someone. Always be nice to whomever you meet, you never know their story or what they're going through. We all need to wake up and realize videoing fights and encouraging bullying whether it be cyber or physical, it is wrong and it needs to stop. We all have to do a better job of thinking before we speak. Words and actions really impact people more than we know. I encourage all parents to listen to your children. So many times we think bullying is hitting or slapping, an actual physical attack. It can be worded just spoken, not yelled, just spoken. Pay attention to your children. Those who are the bullies and deal with it, and those who tell you they are being bullied. It could change their lives.

People that are affected by bullies need to realize that it's not the outside influence that is the problem, or source of their discomfort, but their own lack of self-esteem, and lack of confidence that makes them feel the way they do. Life is full of people that try to knock you down, and the sooner you get past it, and realize that how you feel and respond to what happens to you is 100% up to you and fully within your control, the sooner you don't give a rats ass about what some bully says or does. And to parents who whine and try to protect their kids from the real world, you are not doing your kids any favors. You are raising them to be emotionally weak, and unable to face, or deal with adversity. How do you think that will work out for them when you're dead and buried, and they have to take care of themselves?

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Stop Bullying and Speak Up Now!

I am seeing allot of people get cyber bullied or even bullied elsewhere, I get it technology is changing and this is starting to get out of hand a bit, but you can stop or ignore it. What are words? Words are just sounds that we make that we understand right? You are reading this and you understand the words, but what if I was to write it in a language you didn't understand? Do you understand that? No? I guarantee you this is not keyboard mashing, this is an actual language! Now I could have said the worst thing ever about you something so mean it will bring anyone to tears. But you don't understand it; you don't know what sound this is if it was spoken to you. You would look at the person and walk away like they were crazy, and that's what the language you speak is, sounds that we understand. People have their opinions about you and put you down to make them feel bigger than you, trust me I have bullied people when I was younger and I regret that I have also been bullied before. My point is not to listen to the sounds that people make, it only sounds that we understand so stay strong make yourself happy, don’t care what anyone else thinks of you, they don't live your life, you and only you can choose what makes you happy. 


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