Quotes that Helps You Stay Positive in Tough Times

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These inspirational positive quotes about life will help you spend all your day with a great positive attitude and never give up in tough times. We are in this world but we don’t have to be of it, how much different would things be if we acted in a loving manner instead of anger, vengeance and hatred toward each other and forgive people for their mistakes while simply keeping a positive attitude regardless of our situation, even the nastiest person can be positive if all of their circumstances are good and things are going their way, what truly shows your character is how you behave when everything seems to be working agents you. If we want to grow we should hold ourselves to a higher standard, and in the long run, we will help out so many other people who are just hurting and we ourselves will be happier, as a result, just some food for thought. Start your day with these uplifting quotes and never give up in hard times.
Positive quotes for hard times

Stay Positive Quotes in Tough Times!

1) Life is too short and tough, we must smile always, and no matter how hard the situation it is. Always thinking positive and live a happy life, so we must enjoy and appreciate our lifetime.

2) In order to succeed through tough times, you have to buckle down and always believe you can get through the bad times. Your mindset has to be in a world where you always come out on top. Yes, you may not do it right the first couple times but hell if you let that hold you down. Positive should be a constant mindset at all times. Believe and you will achieve the world.

3) We may have some real tough times but we have way more love and happiness together so we will never give up.

4) If you are having a bad day, try not to react negatively. I know that controlling your emotions is not an easy task. But I tell you one thing, it is much better to try this than to stay mentally trapped in circumstances that maybe not have anything to do with you. Better keep a positive attitude, calm and relax, as this will not last forever.

5) These times are tough and we all have life struggles but it's so important to remember that health needs to be our focus no matter what life throws at us.

6) Keep a positive attitude today as hard as it may be and lift someone's spirit. Someone needs that smile today.

7) In life wherever you are chasing something worth having or even chasing your dreams you are going to have to go through the struggle, failure and plenty of let downs but it is through this process that will make and shape you into the man or woman that you must become to appreciate what you truly desire. So never quit when you are chasing your dreams no matter how hard or impossible it may seem.

8) Life either way it goes is a blessing. Never lose sight of all the good things through tough times will come. Remain positive and continuously moving forward.

9) Big time players make big time plays. Mentally tough players stay positive and wait to capitalize the next opportunity. Always have to hold yourself accountable. You have another opportunity tomorrow to respond.

10) From day to day there are so many negatives in life from so many angles it can be tough for anyone to find the positives. I feel it’s important to remember the bad times so the good can be cherished so much more.

11) Every new day is a chance to change your life. When you wake up you can either decide to have a positive or negative attitude. I urge you to be positive for it breeds positive and negative breeds negative. Always be at the steering wheel of your destiny. If you fail to beware of life taking you to a roundabout of frustrations. You won't know the real direction of your life. Do not delay decisions that determine your destiny. Start dreaming great because the small dream has no power to move the hearts of men.

12) Attitude and positive vibes always matter when it comes to sickness and healing processes. It's not the easiest, but it definitely assists in fast recovery physically and mentally.

13) No matter how much stress we go through, bring that positive energy around you. Someone to make you laugh, smile anything in the direction. It will get you through the tough times.

14) In our lives, we will have times that will test our faith. We have times that will make us feel that nothing is going right and there seems to be no end in sight. However, things have a way of working out and having faith, belief, and a focused positive attitude will allow you to get through those tough times.

15) Remember to go to bed with positive thoughts and you will wake up with a positive attitude. Accept the things you can't change and set a goal for the things you can.

16) Struggles in life can be so difficult and yet so challenging. In moments like that you say things out of spite only because you’re hurting inside. The reality is life and trying to stay positive is very motivating and yet life is so hard but I will keep my head up and let tough times pass.

17) Life is so precious and people we love can be here one day and gone the next so unexpectedly. Give the people in your life that you love a hug and kiss and let them know how much they mean to you, life is too short and we aren't promised tomorrow.

18) Sometimes the universe will test us to see how capable, determined we are to go for what we want! It left for us to press harder to see the result we want to see. When you can stay in your higher vibration, you will attract positive people that will help you see more possibilities to achieve and will push you to reach higher levels of success.

19) A negative thinking person assumes difficulty in every opportunity. But, A positive thinking person assumes positively in every difficulty. So please try to be a positive attitude towards life.

20) If you think positive and keep a positive attitude then you will get positive results. If you don’t get a positive result, don’t let it discourage you or take you out of character. Remain the positive person that you are and let God handle the rest.

21) Today won't be anything like how yesterday was. I'm claiming to have a good day. When you go in with a positive attitude nothing should ruin your day.

22) A positive attitude goes a long way. What are you presenting? Let those special good feelings shine through.

23) Moving on does not mean forgetting it but it means choosing happiness instead of pain. In this life don't expect anything from anyone be it, love, be it respect. Because expectation, when not fulfilled, gives you pain. When you get something without expecting it, it gives you pleasure. Keep doing your part love others, Respect them, and leave the rest to God.

24) Life is all about perspective, attitude, and action. Look for the good in all things, keep your attitude on a higher altitude and never give up! If you implement these 3 things daily then you will start to see a positive change in your life.

25) We don’t always have all the answers, but we still can have a positive outlook with clear eyes and joy in our hearts and understand that everything happens at this time.

26) Anything on earth is subject to change, including your circumstance, no matter how bad it might be right now, it is subject to change. Just like time passes and no man can hold down the hour, so shall your circumstance pass and your change come. Believe me, your change will come if you persevere and never give up.

27) There is a big difference between learning from the past and living in it. Try to differentiate the two for a better future.

28) Something you will have to constantly battle throughout life is fear. It’s one of the biggest enemies to dreams and goals because it causes you to doubt and lose belief in yourself. One way to help deal with fear is to read and listen to something inspiring every day to soak up a positive message. So my message for you is to try to always keep a positive attitude no matter how negative things maybe and to have a meaningful dream or vision to outweigh fear, whenever it creeps up in your mind.

29) Life doesn’t always go the way planned, and we wake up and say how did I get here, but always remember to keep smiling because even though we don’t understand, God always has a plan no matter what it is or how long it takes he has a plan, that’s the definition of faith.

30) To find yourself, your natural self, is to find happiness. Now I've gone in depth of how that is happiness, how you define yourself is everything, and your natural self is, quite simply, happy, content, like a playing child.

I don’t think I've ever explained how to find yourself. Well, honestly, that comes from spending time with your thoughts, exploring them, seeing where they go, where you want them to go, where feels good, not so good, and pretty much figure out what makes you who you are, when you know all your pros and cons you can decide what to keep and what to change. Talk to yourself, a lot, but with the changes you want to implement, positive reinforcement, and acceptance. The things you dislike are habits, bad habits, and like quitting smoking or heroin, you have to talk yourself out of it, put yourself off, change it simply because you want it to, you'd be surprised how quickly something happens when you simply want it to, skip the doubts, the how's, the worries that come with not having power over yourself for some time.


The more you spend alone, the more you discover about yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly, but you just accept and let go what you can't change about yourself and your past, even love it because it's you and you're awesome or whatever (you decided), and the other habits you have, you can choose to grow out of them. Take your time, the more at ease you feel the easier it will be. Personally, I have conversations with myself on a nightly basis (which is why I'm so much fun alone lol), I think it's healthy.

You are in charge of you, who you are, what you do, where you go, what you say, what you think, how you feel. It's always been you, and always will be. You can either stay on repeat, re-living your past over and over, never moving forward. You can live in fear of the future, and everything else that is really beyond your physical and mental control.

But does either of those things feel good?

Then it's not you, you’re not being your natural self. When a child is in neutral, they're happy, content, and same with adults but sometimes we lose track of how to do that. You are now, in this very moment staring at your screen, scrolling through Facebook, escaping the outside world for a moment, as we all do. You can be whoever you want to be, but most importantly you can be happy, content; like a playing child. It's a choice, you make, alone in your mind with just your thoughts.

So, how often do you talk with yourself? How awesome are you?

Regardless whether you read this or not, I think you are awesome, because you're humans, and we do awesome things, we do. So if you live long enough to see the end of this post I hope you’re smiling. Hope you learn a lot from these positive quotes and now you can move better in all tough times of your life.


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