Spirituality Quotes and Sayings about Life

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Are you looking for spiritual inspiration? These quotes about spirituality will help you to purify your soul from the lust of this materialistic world. The law of attraction connects you to whatever you feel about yourself. This is why we must exert being positive in seeking energy. If you desire love, if you want to be happy, if you need peace in your life, these come from within FIRST. Then the Universe will see that which you are, what you are projecting, then those on the same vibration frequency as you become vivid in your life. You will come to know your purpose. You must be receptive to all things even when you feel unsure. Meditate on it, let your defenses down and the answers will appear in the most unlikely manner. Now it’s a chance for you to uplift your life by applying this spiritual quotes and sayings in your daily life.
Spiritual quotations

Good Spirituality Quotes about Life!

Spirituality is all about the energy, frequency, awareness, and vibration.

Do not worry if you do not know what to believe in. On the contrary, be glad that you do not know, for, in your state of not knowing if you can accept that you do not know, you become an open vessel for life to flow through. And then believing in something becomes irrelevant because you have your own true nature. You have pure reality. You can be yourself without pretense, anxiety or concern.

Manifest your reality to achieve your greatest version of you imaginable. Life is what you make it, so behold the beauty of your possibilities to the best of your ability.

The more you abide in awareness the more strength you gather. That strength then gets used for the energy wars out in the world.

Isn't it interesting that many people who live in relative solitude but who are surrounded by nature can sense that they're connected to everything, and so do not feel lonely, while those living in cities of millions of people tend to feel separate, isolated, and utterly alone?

Awakening is the purification of mind, body, emotions, energies, intuitions, numinous balance, and synchronistic understanding.

Being true to yourself can be difficult, but it becomes easy with practice. Being false to yourself can be easy, but it becomes difficult with practice.

Dancing is the best form of spirituality, emotion and motion, and it is also a great form of exercise. Dance every day you will lose weight and feel happy. By the way, dancing for Native Americans is the best form of communication. It requires no words but the sounds you make fills you with awe.

It's not really new age or science discoveries. It's ancient knowledge.

Your power, your strength, and your beauty are all unique and special. Own this divine truth.
The unconditioned is the deeper essence of yourself. Conditioning is not your trust vibration. Yourself is wisdom-vibration, freedom-vibration, peaceful-vibration. Fears are memories that are in motion. You are unconditional. You are unconditioned. You are unconditional spirit source.

Every challenge in life is only for the self-contraction to be penetrated deeper, to keep one awake.
There is no solution is the mind, so stop thinking about it and just flow, and the answers come spontaneously and effortlessly from the Spirit-Nature of being.

Every human has a spiritual core inside the body that carries the key to every problem you currently face in your life.

The universe created all the planets for a reason, something beyond science. Everything is interconnected. The more your heart opens the more subtle things you will feel. You will feel the skies and the planets and the stars and you will hold everything in your heart.

The meditation is to deepen what we talked about so that it goes even deeper inside of you.

What you speak comes into Existence. If you speak from the Spirit, it will manifest because a physical matter is only Spirit in disguise. What you say from the backstage of your soul will appear upon the stage of your life. What you speak becomes the reality-experience of yourself. Through yourself you experience everything.

Meditation is ever-present penetration of the self-contraction, effortlessly because of What-Is.
What creates our thoughts has what created the universe. It can be known, but not with the English language. It's more ancient than any of the world's languages. It's the center of this Silence.

You don't think so you don't need to think or get identified with thought. You could think or you could just flow and be.

No one has more power than the light of awareness.

You can only do what you're talking about to stay in your center, by being empty. When you are empty, everything is fine. Don't think that this emptiness is some kind of dead state. It’s not at all! It is universal, in fact. When are you empty of what? Empty of you, of your conditioning, of the idea you have of who you are, when you become empty. The whole purpose of Spirituality, in its truest sense, its truest light, is to bring you back to the state of neutrality, to be empty. When you're empty, you can begin to feel the presence of God and the spontaneity of Existence.

The society keeps you imprisoned through preventing self-love and sending the message that you are not good enough or something.

Be prepared today will be an interesting one energetically. Don't let others overpower you with their energy. The wars are on anchor in being. Root in consciousness.

You have the power and it starts with your thoughts, you must remove all negativity, all doubt and worries from your mind in order for your power to work. It starts with your thoughts, then you visualize, and then you react. The law of attraction is real and as cliché as it sounds. Don't always play it safe, don't get comfortable being comfortable. Control your thoughts.

You waste energy by over thinking it. Instead, just go all out and experience life. Live the moment to its fullest because the moment is you.

The answer you are looking for or maybe the closer you are looking for from someone else or even yourself, you may not get it so stop holding onto it and allowing it to hinder you from being the women or men you need to be.

Minds with greater thinking do greater things. This is because they were able to dictate their conscious thinking through their subconscious mind with relatively super conscious control.

Watch your thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, perceptions, images, sensations, and stillness will merge with silence.

If you are struggling with emptiness in your life, I highly encourage you to reevaluate your spirituality.

You need just enough uncertainty to mix with intention. In that balance, there is a potion, an elixir of life that if you drink it will live forever. The only stipulation is if you drink it you will die. And that is the ecstasy of it; you must die to come to live. You must die to the past, due to the outdated vibrations.

Your Faith transforms ordinary you into the special person you are becoming.

You can break through every single fear because it's that which is fearless in you, which blow through as fearless light.

Astrology is about experiencing cosmic consciousness and oneness with that very realization and experience. You are the universe, not just pretending it.

It's not your responsibility for others healing or journey. You have to let go and forgive them and know that life was given to them by God and therefore their journey is between them and God.

Education is entertainment, distraction from the struggle to surrender. The mushroom depicted in the Satyr image, at the right side of the female figure, is a quicker way.

Our Soul is our unique core essence whereas Spirit is what we all have in common, it is the pure white light, the silent void of emptiness.

at a stage in life, the human brain was without form and foundation and needed to be loaded with facts about the life which he/she find him/her selves. Now the facts which are being imputed into the newly infant brain which was originally a tabula rasa with its familiar nature of incorporated knowledge of emptiness, facts and values provided goes a long way to shaping the totality of the existence of the toddler. The facts could be positive and negative and the methods of imputing these facts could either be physical or spiritual. physicality entail the social political and environmental/cultural learning processes while spirituality involves the mode of belief and the patterns of attaining those said objectives which physicality proclaim through the striving force between supernatural and natural struggle in other to benefit from the abundance of the earth and its aftermath i.e. the eternity. Our parents were expected to be our guidance but by supreme Grace of God Almighty until we can be fully aware still by his grace. This is not just a mere psychological games but the writer state of mind.

Many people don't understand the secret to live license of divine enrichment and smooth sail to live possibility, just free your mind from hate and embrace love.

We are all one. It is only thinking that separates us.

The challenges and obstacles come to strengthen you so that you can stand stronger in the real.

The choice of life we live will most times determine what next in a life. What goes up must surely come down.

We are diluted. If we weren't so disconnected from nature within ourselves, imagine how much we could be amplified by city-life instead - we're addicted to this perceived opportunity. Mercifully, nature awaits us at every edge of every city and on the border of each moment along the outskirts of ego and flashy things.

The study of the natural behavior of mankind's' and their choice making is one of the central themes of politics with religion revealed their spiritual operation.

The world is separated into two entities the light and the darkest part of it, each led to the force of natural life of human faith fullness and emptiness. inadvertently supply us the goodness of life base on the philosophy that govern the separate world of this two school of human entanglement proclaimed but the two have their resultant ending which their apologist have confidently supply us the bases at which ingredients of life certification can be harness. But working in the light can seem to be optional but preferable to nothing else.

In the false self, there are many fears. But in the true self, there are none.

One need courage, satisfaction, perseverance and constant application of life principle in other to become great and somebody in life. Your destiny is not tied to anyone dictation. We all have a choice don't belittle yourself in any way.
Fear is normal but love is natural.

The inner wisdom within you understands that every moment of life is naturally making you wiser - which mean you are detached, you are in a place of witnessing because you know more is happening behind the scenes then what may be appearing with the eyes.

What awakens is what has been awake for eternity. So, in a way, awakening is not about becoming something, it's about being that which you truly are; the eternal awakened needs at the core of yourself. Self is Being; Being is Self.

There is gold hidden in the soul. You just have to dig for it.

Awareness is the beauty, awareness is the power, and awareness is the love. You will become aware that your life and existence is a gift to itself and you are the infinite and unspeakable ecstasy behind all these words.

You are not what society has told you that you are. You are what your own Self-Discovery has shown you. You are not what anyone else's experience says you are, you are only what your own experience of yourself is. You are your own understanding.

Insomnia is not a problem. Being asleep is your problem. Wake up first then you will notice that only the body sleeps, not you.

You can learn more from simply observing, the world around you in a single hour, you can understand secret teachings, in a single hour than a lifetime of reading books. Life wants to show you its secrets. Life itself is a teaching, adventuring into its own discovery, its own joy of wisdom. You just have to look and see with subtle eyes. The vision will come. That vision reveals your true self. That self is life.

You do not have to worry because you are not worried. You are a spirit.

The wonders of the world is beneath your feet, there is no gainsaying I can't achieve something all that is require of you is to tap from the genie of your subconscious with greater monitoring of your actions and don't forget to commit all to God, course of powers that are somehow beyond our handling then the sky won't just be your limit but a starting point.

You are exactly where you are meant to be. Don't worry about things. Let life guide into even deeper understandings of yourself and the universe. Remember life is a spiritual adventure and this universe, we take it for granted, but its vast and mysterious and you are here for a reason.

Something deep inside of you is always awake. It's the fourth state. It's awake, and it watches the waking, dreaming, and deep sleep happen. It just watches, so you are going to have insomnia if you spiritually awaken because once you truly wake up, you will never go back to sleep.

Our mind is an estate of both success and failure it all depends on how you plan to build it.

Allow yourself to meet up with all of the wonderful fairy tales like experiences that life will yield to you when you feel the way you'd feel if that stuff you want is here now. Grasping and yearning are certainly indicators that you are not recognizing the presence of what you want. But for a while, it can be felt but not seen. And as long as we are ok just feeling it for a while, it has to manifest, so why not.

Spiritual Healing!

Only you know the truth about yourself, once you understand that, in the depths of your soul, through the experience of adventure and exploration into this Great universe, you will come to know that no one can define you, except yourself, so whatever people say will no longer affect you in the same old way, because a deep strength and wisdom will be yours, that no one can take away. Even if the whole world disagrees or turns against you, it won't matter because you have learned to never turn away from yourself. Your very journey and listening, and trust turned you towards yourself. It is the ultimate risk - but the greatest life possible. You then become what the sages call as "Master" of life. It is your life, and you make it what it is. You awaken.

Those feelings are coming up to the surface because they are supposing to because they have a space to come up - that space is Awareness. Awareness is that space - that space is love, goodness, beauty, compassion. Just out of relaxation healing happens by itself as a natural process of the soul. You are purity and you are making yourself more and more known to yourself - it's all happening exactly as it should be. Just be when meditation happens and out of being, everything will unfold miraculously on a subtle level and everything will connect and make sense because you are self-illuminating universal and divine intelligence.


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