Beautiful Ramadan Quotes and Wishes

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Celebrate this Ramadan by posting lovely Ramadan quotes greetings and captions on your Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp statuses. Also, send these Ramadan blessing quotes through SMS text messages to your Muslim friends. Muslims all around the world do fasten in the Holy month of Ramadan. Are we going to celebrate this Ramadan with the same concept as last year? From last year until this year we have a year to understand and do something to celebrate the celebration with full of perfection in the truest sense. The true meaning of the celebration is the day we celebrate the victory after we worked hard to free our spirits from imprisoned in our gross body so, we still have time to try. This time, we hope we celebrate this Ramadan with great joy in the truest sense.

All Muslims around the world assume when they have done fasting for a month, it is sufficient for them to have fun celebrating the feast. Is it true? No! The purpose of fasting is to purify our hearts so noble trait arises from our hearts. After we managed to purify our hearts, our souls will be freed from our gross body. Is this happening? Why did it not happen? It did not happen because we do not know what is the meaning of fasting in the truest sense before we, fasting or pray or do anything that is enshrined in the pillars of Islam, we must understand the 7 secrets within us that we must purify. We must know that there is something within us that must be cleaned up to be clean and pure. Once we already clean and holy, then we do our worship with full understanding and enjoyment in the truest sense. This matter does not happen to all people around the world regardless of their religious affiliations because they do not have a proper understanding from the right teacher. That's why every day many events that are very daunting and depressing occurred around the world because of our request to Allah so that we are safe and live in peace and restful does not reach to him because we still do not have the true knowledge and we still did not clean our hearts in the truest sense. It's time to change everything. Peace be upon you.
Ramadan Wishes

Ramadan Quotes and Sayings!

1. Please invite your friends and family! I'm excited to see so many new faces this time around, the bigger the meeting the better! Let's make this Ramadan full of love and worship! No one needs to experience it alone.

2. Ramadan is a beautiful time to Cleanse, Focus and Gather you. Stay prayed up because right up until Ramadan, there will be evil doers that attempt to take you away from the focus of your faith, your reasoning and massage your weakness, catching you off guard, but it won't be their fault because the devil works through everyone, even the ones closest to you. Be thankful for the ones who really love you, pray together and build the strength of Allah’s Protections from evil.

3. I miss Ramadan so much and I love this wonderful month. I pray may we experience many Ramadan’s in the future and may Allah give us more strength to observe them.

4. If Ramadan finds you with weak faith in Allah and lacking in knowledge of His attributes, let it leave you with strong faith and a deeper knowledge of Allah.

5. If Ramadan finds you with a troubled mind and heart filled with evil thoughts and inclined to evil deeds, let it leave you with a tranquil mind and heart inclined to pure thoughts and good deeds.

6. If Ramadan finds you with a sharp tongue towards your family and fellowmen, let it leave you with words of praise for Allah, blessings on the Prophet and words of support, encouragement and wisdom to your fellow humans.

7. If Ramadan finds you lying and backbiting and bearing false witness against your brothers and sisters, may it leave you speaking the truth, only uttering good about people or refraining from comment and being a witness for truth and justice?

8. If Ramadan finds you fornicating or engaging in lewd and shameful practices, let it leave you acting within the bounds of lawful intimate actions.

9. If Ramadan finds you are not praying any or all of your daily prayers, and then let it leave you’re offering compulsory prayers without lapse for the rest of your life.

10. If Ramadan finds you a stranger to the Quran, let it leave you with the best of new found companions: The Book of Allah Al-Quran Al-Kareem! May Allah accept our fasting and other acts of worship during this blessed month and improve our condition from this point forward.

11. If Ramadan finds you hating a people for their race, color, creed, or ethnic origin, let it leave you knowing that no one is superior to another except by their righteous deeds and Allah is the judge of that.

12. If Ramadan finds you ever critical of those in positions of leadership, let it leave you patient and powerful for their hearts to be softened and minds to be open towards the needs of those they are responsible for.

13. If Ramadan finds you without love for yourself and your fellow man, then let it leave you with proper self-love and the ability to find the good qualities in those around you.

14. If Ramadan finds you despairing of Allah’s Mercy or without mercy towards others, let it leave you with renewed hope in the Mercy of Allah and a kindly, merciful disposition towards others.

15. If Ramadan finds you as one who is stingy with their provisions and bounty that Allah has granted them, let it leave you as one who is mindful of those who have less than you and to be as helpful and generous as possible to your family and virtuous causes.

16. If Ramadan finds you as one who is openly defiant and disobedient to Allah and His Messenger, let it leave you as a humble, obedient servant.

17. If Ramadan finds you as one who has not fasted in the past, let it leave you as one who observes and loves the fast and its great rewards.

18. Thank you, Ramadan, for helping me discovers me again. You are the most beautiful month! You live blessings thru my eyes and to have that feeling from you is indescribable. You must know it's hard for us to be apart.

19. It’s the time where Muslims are united. It’s the time where Muslims are kind to each other. It’s the time where Muslims are generous. It’s the time when Muslims are forgiving. It’s the time when Muslims are closed to Quran and Sunnah. I miss its vibes and would wish that it would remain forever. But it only really happens in Ramadan.

20. We are here to make paradise easier for each other. Not to make it harder. So look at how you approach and interact with people. Look at what you wish for them and how much prayers you make for them.

21. Being Muslim means you're constantly struggling and striving to be a better person. That’s the goal of it all, to make your faith rise by the day.

22. If your faith, and your teaching and your worship do not make you a better person, then it is missing the goal. You are not a good Muslim if you are not a good brother, father, son, daughter mother, and wife.

23. Be careful with the words you say and your actions. There was a time when you didn't know what you know now. Help people. Don't hurt them.

24. When you want to know something concerning Islamic matter, ask Allah to guide you and make you sincere, because you want to feed your faith, not your ego.

25. A Muslim balances between fearing and having hope in Allah. They go hand in hand together.

26. I have never seen someone become closer to Allah by someone else mocking and insulting their way of doing things. If you really want to make someone close to Allah, then look at the tone and choice of words.

27. Follow the commandments that are clear in Quran and Sunnah before you start debating on matters which are unclear and unanimous amongst the scholars.

28. Perhaps the trial you are facing is a blessing and perhaps the blessing mean you are facing is a trial.

29. No matter what happens, make sure your faith is not being affected by the situation. I think it's good to ponder over which people are blessings to us and which come as forms of trials.

30. There is so much beauty in having a beautiful character. Nothing attracts me more than someone who has a beautiful soul.

31. We need to talk less and let our actions speak. Sadly, we open our mouth too much without necessity. If we do not properly use our tongue it can be the reason to open the doors of Hellfire.

32. You might be wealthier, better in status, healthier, better in appearance etc than someone else but the question remains are you better in the sight of Allah?

Blessing of Ramadan!

Some people really need to work on their character. There is nothing more easily than to be nice and kind to someone who does the same. But your true character really shows to how you react to people who disagree with you and who do not show noble character. And it's people who are mean to you that deserve your kindness. They need it, perhaps they can learn a thing or two from it. I know it will be the first Ramadan for many brothers and sisters. Please try to fast beforehand to know how it feels. There are also so many rules, regulations, and a blessing that comes in Ramadan, and one should seek that knowledge pertaining to it. Feel free to send these Ramadan quotes through SMS messages to other Muslims, post these sayings on your Instagram captions or make it your Whatsapp or Facebook status.


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