Insulting Quotes about Haters and Jealousy

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A bunch of quotes about jealousy and haters are enough to insult and shut up your haters on the Facebook, update your Whatsapp or Facebook status with these hilarious quotes and saying. If you're a hater and talk shit to the people around you that are doing what you wish you could do. You're destined to be a peasant, part of the 99% for your entire life. That's why I laugh at people that backbite on me and I update my Whatsapp status with some funny meme quotes about haters to insulting them. I will surely beat you at life, and I will continue to do so. If you’re an appreciator, you going to do big in this world as long as you embrace your mindset and let yourself tell you where you're going. Most of you don't understand that I've been through straight up hell to get where I've gotten too. You better be prepared to fight for your worth if you want to be rich.

You know what's funny? You all think money is my main goal, not at all. I'm searching for pure happiness. I'm still nowhere close, but I'm happier than most of you. Haters try to destroy my happiness, but they get blocked out. At the end of the day, learn from what I said.

To all you people who want to clown on people; Stop wasting your time because all you're doing is making yourself look stupid, you think you're funny? You think you're cool? Honestly no. You're creating this name for you: hypocrite. You're over there clowning someone on their flaws when you don't even realize that you have major flaws of your own. Save everyone the trouble and just do you. No need to start drama based on a person’s looks or story. Worry about your looks and your story. You were put on this earth to live your life in a positive way. You weren't put on this earth to ruin other people's lives just for the heck of it. Pretty people with ugly hearts, are just plain ugly so better yourself on the inside before you go and try to act all cute on the outside. Let your spirit free to be happy. Don't envy or show jealousy towards another person’s growth. Find your purpose and lift yourself towards growth. Time can't be bought so don't waste it and don't watch the haters. Keep on keeping on. Your gain is your goal so make it happen for you. No excuses and stop blaming, explaining and complaining shake that devil off.
Haters gonna hate
There will always be haters and people who do not understand this lifestyle. There will always be someone who just doesn't get why we do what we do. Fitness for us goes beyond our physical appearance. Yes, we like to show our progress but are mere to show our hard work and dedication and that anyone can do it with the right mindset. We don't just lift weights to build muscle. We do it to build character. We push beyond ourselves and break the barriers of limitations that the world has placed on us. We have a future to build but it starts within us. Don't worry about the negative people they always trying to bring you down always keep your head up. Have a positive mindset and always prove your haters wrong.
Funny quotes about haters

Insulting Quotes about Haters and Jealousy!

  1. Live for the moment, never mind who doesn't like it.
  2. Some people say that the line between love and hate is thin. I say, that makes a lot of sense.
  3. If you aren’t already got you some fake friends, get you some fake friends. They're good for getting you out of sticky situations sometimes.
  4. That awkward moment when a weird hater puts a heart on your Instagram picture!
  5. If you believe these shows on television, you would think women can't get along and hate each other. I don't know why. I get along with women better than men. Most men think they know everything and don't know when to shut up.
  6. Everyone does something for a reason or there is an unknown history behind every deed! People judge others on behalf of their deeds but not try to know the exact reason or the problem they have been gone through.
  7. If only people could love as easily as they hate, if ever you find yourself speaking hate, jealousy, envy etc over another, pause for a moment and ask you whether you truly know this person. If you don't know them, then you are a hater too.
  8. Stupidest will keep saying stupid things as usual but who cares? I mean seriously don’t the people have any other work? They just keep interfering with others life.
  9. Dear haters, backstabbers and insecure people, you are nothing but a third rate socially irrelevant unhappy people who lives a miserable life that all you can do is scrutinizing every bit of my life and my flaws! But I just don’t care what you are thinking about me.
  10. A woman who hustles can never understand the mindset of haters because hustlers don’t just have the time let’s make money and meet at the top.
  11. So true if you try to make other people happy you are always going to be miserable! I love you and don't care what anyone else thinks. You are my baby and you make me happy so everyone else can just deal with it if they don't like it.
  12. Haters are simply confused admirers that can't figure out why everyone loves you and jealousy are like a disease eating away at the heart.
  13. There's a time in your life you stop trying to bend over backward and expect love when you see they are surely only a person who only love themselves or someone who bows down to them.
  14. Haters don't hate without a reason and jealousy on last for a season, if people are despising you don't let it faze you, they are the one committing treason.
  15. When you think you don’t have nothing. Haters remind you of everything you are and really have.
  16. I've come to a point in my life where I have nothing to explain about who I am and why I made any decisions in my life. I am who I am and I am happy.
  17. I know who you haters are but it's alright because you're jealous and I know you mad. It's okay, though. Someday you will be smart enough to turn your jealousy into motivation to improve yourself and get on my level.
  18. Backstabber can't feel the pain of getting back-stabbed, only who knows the pain that got back-stabbed. The trusted and dear one only does backstabbing.
  19. I'm to a point in my life where I don’t care I'm not worrying about who don't treat me right or who do me wrong or who don't like me. I'm only focus on the important things in life. My soul and my life living.
  20. Don't worry about gossipers, move on. You are better than letting haters and naysayers hinder you. You are capable of so much and they know it. Why let anything or anyone stop you from being the best you that you can be.
  21. The Funny thing about Haters is that they don't even know you know who they are. The Majority of your haters is in your circle. You make yourself look bad when you're downing someone that's being blessed and its called jealousy. Your blessings will continue to be placed on the back burner when you don't celebrate others who are being blessed.
  22. The attitude should not focus on how to keep the haters to hate but to continue to focus on what has them hating in the first place.
  23. Just like in real life, people will judge you and mark you as a failure but the most important thing doesn't stop, and believe in yourself and let your work speaks your success. I don't care if you'll judge me. Yes, I’m a Hero, but it doesn't mean I’m a bad person. It's not about being Zero or Hero, it's about being good or bad.
  24. Fake people can keep being fake, haters can hate. I'm still going to shine.
  25. To whoever talks bad about me, I have given no one a reason. So, you have no right to make up crap about me. I am nice to everyone at school. I may not be perfect like you or popular like 90% of our grade but who really cares. If you aren't really my friend then keep me and my business out of your mouths.
  26. There's some people should keep to themselves instead of drawing attention. If there's a problem, don't state it; fix it. If you can't handle it, get help.
  27. As much as I would like to wrong those who have wronged me, I am better than that. Haters are going to keep hating, and they can continue as they watch from the sidelines as I keep smiling.
  28. Hate for the right reasons and the right convictions, before someone hates on you back in a seriously destructive way.
  29. it sucks when you think someone is really cool and you find out they're haters. I also hate letting myself care about something and wanting to make it even better than it is only to have it backfire in my face. I need to stop getting emotionally invested in things.
  30. To all my haters I thrive on your hate I'm going to aggravate you so bad and you going to be happy to love me because that's what I do and get great joy out of it now hate on that.
  31. I take a chance when I have no chances. I will never run out off options. The table will turn and haters going to hate, I will surely see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  32. Life is so great, there are so many good things in it, why do we have to bother with pointless things, I know you wish you were me? Haters are going to hate, and I'm just going to shake.
  33. I hate when people be like I have too many haters but I am not worried about them. I just am like want attention how if you going to know how many people hate you if you aren’t worried about them.
  34. People will wish you all the success in the world, but they going to hate you when you get it. You actually don’t have haters of you, but you have haters of your success, so keep making.
  35. I love my haters ,they have really helped to get going, they have always been there for me, I am nothing without them. I need more, please.
  36. Haters are going to hate regardless what I do; I don't do it to please anyone but my damn self. I love my hair and I'll love it more when I finish it. Everyone needs some kind of change once in a while, so kick rocks.
  37. Not giving a word what haters think, it doesn't mean I am brave or smart, it means I know they are haters who are going to hate anyway. Let’s be 100% honest, haters don’t hate based on anything rational, so better just to laugh at them.
  38. There’s always that one person who wants to act like a douche bag on your Facebook status.
  39. Sometimes the judgment that gets put on me is ridiculous that I stop and think how much my life is the center of other people and that lets me know I’m doing something right or wrong but haters going to hate.
  40. For someone like me who use to lack self-confidence, have a negative outlook on life, and hated being in my own skin; this was a BIG DEAL! I felt incredible that someone actually looked up to me.
  41. Don't ever think that just because some other females called you cute, you have the right to come into my inbox and act like a human with no respect.
  42. Don't aim to buy the world when you can't even respect it and what it holds.
  43. Things like my fame are exactly why I hate rumors and exactly why I hate when people don't know anything but still choose to talk.
  44. I don't mind if people don't like my voice , everyone has their own opinion , but just keep in mind that no matter what you think , I'm still going to keep singing and staying the way I am.
  45. I never trust a woman that always talking about how she got haters. It’s usually because she has that mindset herself and looks at other women as competition.
  46. I encourage you to go after your dreams, even if people make it seem like you can't achieve it. Your mindset determines your future so it's up to you to choose whether you succeed or not.
  47. I love my haters. They words and weird attitude make me feel like an extraordinary celebrity because their nonstop mouths talk about me all day like a news channel.
  48. I love when some talk a lot of smack behind the computer screen and say when she sees me I'm done, but I've seen her at least 4 times in public, smiled at her and she takes off.  If you are waiting for me to do something in public you’re going to be waiting awhile because unlike you I have too much to lose.

You wish you were me

Women are not just a housewife nowadays! Women get the education, Women got their dream, and the real Women is the one who believes in herself. The world will never care about how much makeup that you put on, how slim your body looks like, how short is your skirt! But the world needs a woman with a strong education and mindset. You better be making that bank and still shining , hope you're still the same goofy person I am today , remember your worth and forget the haters , people come and go but your mind stays with you so make sure your mindset is clear and true. Women and men aren't the same, but to say that one is better than the other is false. A woman can beat a man in certain things and a man can beat a woman in certain things. We are all strong people who face different problems which lead us to the conclusion that we are all just trying living to see another day. There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers and there will be YOU proving them wrong, standing against their false beliefs and changing their chaotic mindsets.

I cleaned out some haters from my Facebook this morning and I'm feeling great! If you don't support me, don't like my post, have jealousy issues for whatever reasons or just feel like you’re better than me please move around! I don't have time for you nor do I need your nastiness in my life! If you would like to screen shot this and gossip about it please do but pass it on to all your petty friends and enjoy.


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