Excellent Fitness Quotes for Females

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If you hate the way you feel then do something about it. These fitness quotes are full of encouragement and motivational messages for female trainers who started their fitness journey. Yes, it's hard but what's harder? Having no energy all day every day or doing a 30-minute workout once a day and eating healthier? If you need someone to push you and motivate you then read these motivational fitness quotes before you start your workout, you will definitely get a new passion and more energy to start your workout.
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Excellent Female Fitness Quotes!

1) Life happens and sometimes you lose focus on your goals, but that doesn't mean you throw in the towel No! You pick up where you left off, learn from your experience and move forward with better knowledge of what you want.

2) Your passion will always show up. What you dream about, what turns your light on, what brings a smile to your face.

3) When you face challenges in your journey whether it is fitness or life, choose to view those challenges as opportunities to learn. There will be a time when those challenges seem crippling but that is when you should redirect your focus on how far you've already come. You have it within you to succeed.

4) Perfect conditions will NEVER happen. In a perfect world, the stars would align, fear wouldn't exist and things would happen easily BUT things worth having MOST are the ones that take hard work, perseverance, and dedication. The things most having take running through the barrier of fear and pushing past it to make your dreams a reality!

5) Beginning my week with a workout sets me up for success. It gets me in the right mindset to keep pushing through the week and staying on track toward my goals.

6) You are not promised infinite days or tomorrows. Whatever it is you want to do, you must begin to do it now.

7) Never give up because looking back you'll wish otherwise. Keep chugging along because you never know who is watching you closely.

8) I'm a woman who is doing my best to face my fears; I'm overcoming them and striving to improve my techniques. I look back and see how far I've come. I look forward and see my potential. I look at where I am today and I am humbled with what I am able to still do with all that life has thrown at me.

9) Fight for your dream, believe in yourself and learn how to encourage and build yourself up. Don't take it personally, when you are misunderstood or brushed off. Keep your eye on the prize and push forward.

10) What goals and dreams do you have but are not pursuing because you don’t feel ready or the timing just isn't right? When you put your goals into action you will create momentum, urgency, and more drive to go after it.
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11) What goes on in my mind never stops me from training. The things that bring me down the most mentally seem to somehow give me strength when I have none left. That was my workout today. Hope yours was as tough as mine.

12) I like to make sure I schedule my workouts like a meeting so I have no excuses to skip out on it. Not to mention that scheduling it ensures I get it done and I don't have to worry about squeezing it in when I am more tired, busy and have other things vying for my attention. If I leave it up to chance I know it won't get done because excuses will get the best of me.

13) No one ever said it would be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Give it your best shot, take the good with the bad but never give up.

14) It’s your choice with what you do with it. We should all stop for a moment and realize there is no point in trying to kill time, for time is slowly killing us every day. Get out there and doing something great and let yourself shine. Let’s all make the best of the time we have together. Want to achieve success, get out there and do it. Don't be afraid of failure along the way, failure is just a sign that you're trying to achieve success.

15) Part of growing is humbling you and listening to those who have gone before you. I’ve learned from the best and no matter how much or how little, I would never want anyone who has ever taken the time to help me to think I don’t appreciate that.

16) You may not always feel like you're on your A game for each workout but the important thing is that you show up, give it all you've got and push through despite what you're feeling knowing your body will only go as far as your mind will take it.

17) If you want more for your life and are committed to doing the necessary and hard work to get there, never let those who are comfortable in their dysfunction talk you out of it. Most people are afraid to dream again and have lost all hope. They have already died, now they are just waiting to be buried. Do not let them project their fear on your fearlessness and their hopelessness on your faith.
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18) Investing in yourself will also help you invest in those around you. How will you make time to make your health a priority today?

19) It's so easy to become overwhelmed when starting something new, a new job, a new workout routine, a new eating plan and it might seem easier to give up because it's going to take too long to reach your goals.  But if you give up, you've just guaranteed that you'll never hit your goals. Whereas if you keep going, no matter how slowly, you will always be one step closer than if you quit.

20) It's not always easy to get your workouts in but it's always worth it. There's no magic formula for squeezing in a workout. You have to do your best to make it non-negotiable to work out five times per week. You know how beneficial it is for your health long-term as well as how much better you feel immediately afterward.

21) As you start your day today make sure you schedule time for what's important and make that time non-negotiable. Take time with family and kids, time for your workout, time for personal and spiritual reflection. There will always be jobs, errands, chores, and daily tasks to accomplish but put the most important things first and I promise the rest will fall into place.

22) Give yourself and body attention, take care of yourself, doesn’t let life keep you from being healthy and in shape. Give yourself the time you need, mentally and physically.

23) There are those things in life that you can control, and those that you cannot. For those that you can control, do the best you can. For those, you cannot control, learn to adapt.

24) Begin your day with positive thoughts. Choose happiness and optimism today. Choose gratitude because each day is a gift and a blessing. When you wake up each day, you choose the direction of your day, your week, your life. You have the power to make today a great day. Remember that you have breathed in your lungs and choose to see the good today. God has given you another day to use your talents/skills/passions to bring Him glory and serve those around you. What a beautiful thing it is to wake up with a grateful heart and to be filled with joy knowing you're in God's hands and living a blessed life.
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25) It’s best, to be honest with yourself and keep yourself accountable!! Things happen and you can't let them hold you down or back from your end goal! It's called life.

26) Everyone is built differently. Don't compare yourself to others. You are your own competition and you have your own body to build and nurture according to your lifestyle and outlook.

27) The best part about fitness and losing track is you will always have a million second chances to get back on track.

28) It way too many times that people are so focused on being perfect that they quit when one thing doesn't go according to plan. Don’t let that be you.

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Some great workout tips!

So when I started my fitness journey I was an all over the place, workout whenever I found the time kind of person. Over the course of trial and error, I learned a few things about myself. Now these tips may not work for everyone but I hope some of these tips are useful for you.

1- Get motivated and by this I mean YOU have to be motivated. Accountability is 100% amazing but makes sure you are in the right mindset.

2- Schedule it. If you prefer to work out in the morning then stay consistent with that, if you prefer a nighttime routine stick to a specific time.

3- If you workout at home or go to the gym keep your clothes ready for when you are ready to work out that way there is no excuse for not getting your fitness in.

4- Maybe go to bed a little earlier if you plan on working out in the morning or staying up a little later to work out at night.

5- Cut down on screen time, I know I was guilty of saying I don't have time to work out but spend thirty minutes on my phone.

6- Keep the kids busy. Let them do an art project or have TV. Time while you get mommy time.

7- If you are not first, don't act like you deserve to be, show people by working harder till you truly deserve it.

8- The journey to the top is a long and difficult one. 10 000 hrs will only make you platform ready, 2-3 hrs a day for 4-5 days a week consistently for 2 years still means you are a beginner. So don't look down on others because they are starting! You may still only be a beginner to those who have been there for years.

9- Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you don't like others looking down on you, then don't look down on others.

10- Practice beats talent, every time talent doesn't practice
11- You will hate more days training then you will have fun. Just get up and get the job done.

12- Have fun, just not at the expense of others.


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