Being Fed up Quotes in a Relationship

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Are you looking for quotes about being fed up in a relationship with your Facebook or Whatsapp status? We all got fed up with life and some of us even got fed up with everything. Sometimes we all are getting pretty sick of getting on here. Someone is always criticizing someone else. It’s usually one of the following: money, job, makeup, clothing, or relationship. Worry a tad bit more about how you handle yourself and let everyone else control their life without the constant put downs. Also, pretty annoying to see parents putting down other parents for not raising their child the way you believe, worry about your own children first. Everyone is not perfect, it’s called life.

Sometimes we are not so much loved as we are useful for a purpose. When the purpose is fulfilled or met you become disposable trash. Not only is this true in relationships but in friendships, work and even with family members. At some point, you start seeing the multiple red flags and signs of experience and you have to make a choice to continue or allow the same old thing to occur. At some point, you just get fed up with it and strike back.

I hope the people in our relationships; whether it's a business relationship, marriage, friendship, realize that we need to feed each other's souls. To inspire one another to create and be in their corner when they need our support when they want to make a difference in the world around us. Help bring positivity for as we know positive people attract positive things into our lives and there are many things that try to drag us down with them. Encourage each other to keep pushing thru the tough times because we may have a larger purpose here than we realize. Give your love, respect, loyalty for those who would never take it for granted and would do the same for you. Be around those who make you want to be a better person and motivates you in life.
Fed up Quotes

Quotes about Being Fed up In a Relationship!

It's pointless to try and make a relationship work if the other partner refuses to work things out. it's best to just move on with your life. Make the best of life and make yourself happy.

This is so true. Some people think that just because there in a relationship they don't need their friends anymore. When they were single you would see them every chance you got. Now it's like you have made some sort of appointment to see them like weeks before but then they still blow you off for their boyfriends family. Whatever doesn’t come crying to me when he dumps you! You were supposed to be best friends but you wouldn't know the meaning if the word love.

Two people with the same habits are never meant to be. If you are an addict and you're unfaithful that’s in a relationship with an addict who is also unstable in their personal life, I can promise you, and you’ll never be happily ever after only if you give it up already.

Everyone thinks just because I am nice that it means you can do whatever without repercussions from your actions. You just feel because I am nice then I will be nice back when you do bad things. Well, you know what your right is. I will tell you in the nicest way I don't need, I don't want you and good luck finding someone as honest and true as I always have been.

Life is so short that it won't be long till you're old and start regretting giving priority to your pride, ego, anger and fear which held you back from truly living, learning and loving.

From now on if I have any kinda relationship with you whether it's friendship or relationship of a romantic nature if you're not doing anything for me and I'm the only one there for you I'm cutting you off. I'm tired of the selfish one-way people in my life.

Don't be in a relationship where you feel like committing suicide or homicide just feed relationship pesticide and kill it.

Do not get into a relationship with someone and then leave them when their anxiety or depression gets bad, if you cannot handle those problems, you have no business dating that person in the first place. If you are too scared to walk with them through it, that person deserves someone better than you and you should mind your own business.

I'm sorry I am a really nice person but when you mess with someone I love and mess something up that you should have never been in the picture then I get mean and rude! If you are the past then leave it as the past.

The moment you stop making excuses and actually commit to becoming a better version of yourself and making a change is the day you will start to see results.

Love is based on purpose or destiny while like is based on emotions, loneliness, and depression.

I don't like being mean, I don't like being mad, I don't like being negative period. That’s just not me so I need to rethink things over and pray. Whenever I feel like this I need to pray. I'm happy don't get me wrong, it's just that the devil is pulling all my positive energy away like a blood sucking leech.

True love comes from a place of strength, not insecurity. A healthy relationship is made of mutual trust, respect, and space not codependency, possessiveness and manipulation. I don't know much but this much I know.

When you have to hide your relationship and just you don't have to deal with people trying to ruin it. Sick and tired of people interfering in my life, there is always someone who just wants to cause trouble and I'm the one who gets yelled at when I say something about it.

The chief breakers of people's marriages are the ones that have never been in a relationship or the ones who have totally failed to manage their own. They will never tell you that things can still be smooth and work but they always giving baseless rumors and hearsay.

I've always appreciated my relationships, especially with my family and close friends but this experience has really made it so very clear how much those relationships matter and how when you really care and love someone anything is possible.

When a person who leaves you because the relationship isn't meant to be like this: emotional abuse in word's are very hurtful and brings them to misery all the time, controlling a person is worse than ever will make a person go into depression, being abusive by hands, and, having an addiction that will treat one badly in a relationship.

Being around negativity would be like having someone beside you who either put the flat there in the first place or helps you slash the remaining tires.

I feel like friendships and relationships are overrated. At the end of the day, you have yourself and your husband, wife or children.

I'm done with relationships! I'm done with the drama of relationships! All I want now is to be left being alone and let me live my life if you want to Bea part of it then I’m here but I'm not waiting around forever.

From now, it doesn't matter which and how many relationships break. If you think I am treating you badly, just think what you do to me. If you can't realize your mistakes after seeing the mirror, then congratulation for your ego! If you think I am treating you good then congratulation, it’s because you also care our relation and treat me well.

The worst thing in relationships is whenever we try to make something special for our loved ones but it make them remember someone else.

People only see the outside and not the inside. So even though someone may look like they have it all together and happy from the outside doesn't mean that on the inside they don't feel worthless, lonely, sad, fatigued, and hopeless. So always remember not to judge someone from the outside until you've been put in their shoes or in this case their head.

I lay back in the grass watching the sun set behind the clouds and it occurred to me that happiness is so simple.

I'm fed up with people who think that it is ok to destroy others and their reputation. And they have never done anything wrong in their lives and think there better than the next person and there not. I'm not perfect I am who I am. Some people are self-centered and selfish in many ways and only care about their feelings and not their partners or their friends feelings and there is something wrong with that. That's why friendships and a lot of relationships don't last.

Nothing is worse than getting into a relationship with a boy, and then realizing after everything he put you through and all the time that you both went through, he really didn't care.

I'm really tired of being the only one texting. Relationships have two-way streets. I guess when I stopped texting them, we quit talking altogether. If you can't make the effort to be in my life, then I won't fight to have you in it.

Respect goes a long way but lets me gone and put this out there for whoever single, got a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, text buddy, Whatsapp buddy, or whatever do not go around asking who I'm with, dating with or nothing else concerning me. I am in a wonderful relationship and I love my man but I can’t let anybody cause issues in my relationship because of a simple crush or whatever the cause may be.

No more fed up

The above listed fed up quotes and saying may represent your straight attitude in your Whatsapp or Facebook status but it doesn’t mean you got really too strict toward every relation. The one thing I will never do is replace my friends and family with money. Money is worthless to me, but to only sustain my living expenses. What's worth more than this earth to me is my relationships and friendships I have with the people in my life. That is something money cannot buy. The feeling of being replaced by money is overwhelming, but on a positive note, I will never do that to the people I love. The amount of money you make does not make you a better person than the person who makes less because in the end we're all going to be chalk lines on the concrete, drawn just to be washed away. Your coffin will be the same size as the man's next to you.

When people grow up in depressed situations or have endured anxiety in romantic relationships, they assume being treated like dirt is a normal part of life. They don't realize that they could be in amazing relationships and friendships that value them, respect them and truly appreciate them because they've never experienced it. They've been taught to internalize the lies people told them all their lives and cannot see the mental and behavioral cage they're trapped in. These are the people who are most likely to end up in abusive relationships again and again. Because they haven't taken the time to rewire and learn to sustain healthy relationships, they feel a familiarity with abusive, unhealthy relationships and gravitate towards it. Simply put, they don't know any better. Are you fed up of feeling sluggish uncomfortable and maybe you would like to change your relationship with food. Or maybe you’re looking to read these fed up quotes.


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