30 Quotes That Will Clear Your Mind

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Is there so much on your mind and you what to clear your mind for a good sleep, meditation or from bad thoughts? Don’t worry these powerful quotes will definitely clear your mind and you can easily concentrate on your tasks. Definitely, these are the best proverbs that make a lot of sense.

The post is centered on an important goal to each person and how to clear your mind or identify the negativity that keeps you from attaining this goal. We've all had a dream or goal and for some reason or another, we put it off or don't move toward it. These powerful clear your mind quotes encouraged and taught you ways to remove the pieces that don't work to find the path back to your dreams.

There are so many beautiful souls walking around feeling alone, lonely, overwhelmed, unloved, etc. If you happen to be one of them know that you are not alone. You do not need to suffer in silence. Speak out, get connect and share your pain. There is not one of us who has not suffered. Know that what you are feeling is normal. Do not allow yourself to sink into a deep, dark place thinking that you cannot share your pain. You are a 'beautiful soul' on this planet and you are loved.
Quotes about Clear your mind 

Clear Your Mind Quotes!

1) Sometimes you just need some good of country music to clear your mind.

2) Soul fatigue is something totally different to body fatigue. They do affect each other but they require different treatment.

3) Beware that those who are clearing your mind are not the same crowd who have worked so hard to define life in such a way as to have convinced you that your mind needs to be cleared.

4) In a nutshell, we are constantly learning about this thing we are all living called life. We have to realize we have one life to live. Be careful who is feeding your soul and the friends that you keep.
5) Close your eyes, clear your mind, throw away all materialistic thoughts and travel to a distant place within your soul.

6) Take a moment to breathe and to release any and all tension moving forward in a peaceful state knowing that you are simply evolving. Look for the beautiful. There's always beautiful. Be gentle with yourself through the process.

7) The power of choice is a beautiful thing. Choose happiness because life’s too short to do otherwise.

8) Once you align yourself back into God will, your heart desires will be fulfilled.

9) The truth is that some live in circumstances that are extremely challenging. If you are there now reframe it so you may continue to move forward in a positive way. Life isn't always easy and certainly isn't always fair. Be present focusing on right thinking and taking right action.

10) A clear mind will propel you to a clear path, in the right direction. Stay focused and determined. It's your path, keep it clear.

11) Stop living in sadness, sorrow, regret, and anger. Wake each morning with the good news that God has already set forth your day and is pushing you forward.

12) When one truly sees the beauty of the universe, it's impossible not to believe in a higher power. If you are struggling with the idea of a loving God go outside and take a close look at nature. Your heart will be filled with amazement and gratitude for the beautiful world we live in.

13) The mind can hold you back more than any physical force or object. If you don't believe you can do it or if you're doubtful about something you will never be able to perform at your best effort. Learn how to concentrate and be at peace with yourself.

14) In life you make decisions and some end up not going the way you liked. The question lies, did you learn from that situation that you were in? Stop looking at the bad things that came out of it. But, focus on what GOD intended for you to learn in that situation that will lead to your blessings.

15) Stop worrying about getting money but find where your talents are. Utilize your talents and let them create revenues for you.

16) Never let stress destroy you, or bring you down or lose hope for the person you love so much and believe into, just have a little faith in God that everything works out for the best sometimes, and things will work out in the end, and life moves forward to a better way of living the life you well deserved.

17) We should be rejoicing in the goodness of what is to come, not the mistakes we have chosen to make. In His word, he has already promised us. But, understand Faith without work is dead. We have to put in the work people.

18) We have been given another opportunity to Love. Slow down enough to enjoy the journey. Your peacefulness will be a gift to others along the way.

19) Keep your mind clear and your heart open to hear the truth. Be wise enough to choose courageous enough to keep the kindness of forgiving and the garden of heart will bloom on the day.

20) The closer we consume our foods to their natural state, the more natural, logical, right and clear our mind will be, free from illusions.

21) We function and are aware of your surroundings if we are not at our best at all times. When we decide that we are at a breaking point, we have to be careful and not let the Devil (temptations of life) weigh in on our thinking and decisions.

22) Regardless of what some think, we are not in control.

23) You are always going to be too much of something for someone so just be yourself. They will love you or hate you anyway.

24) There will come a time when opportunities to clarify, to apologize or to make amends will cease to exist. That might occur today.

25) There are things that are real and things that are not. There is nothing spiritual about it. When walking through a field where cows are grazing, it's quite likely that one might accidentally step in Bullshit. It is wise to learn and know the signs so you can possibly avoid the BS. If you can't avoid the BS, know that you too will survive through it. None of us will totally escape it.

26) Let your intuition be your guide. Your intuition is a gift from God. Be diligent and keep showing up daily. You've got this. No one starts out as an Olympian.

27) Every moment of your life is a gift. Focus on keeping your mind calm, clear, and pure. Your essence is love. Ask yourself if what you are hearing is good and beneficial. If it isn't, let it go.
28) Be gentle with yourself, just keep going. There is a natural path to living, some of which is totally unequivocally unchangeable.

29) Meditation and the Universe open up to you it's a definitely the best way to raising your vibration, the key regardless of what people tell you. When you meditate the objective is to clear the mind, so take no thought don't think of breathing, sheep, candles or whatever just make sure you are in a dark room and think no thought. Half hour a day and wow if you meditate properly, that is if you can silence the mind.

30) Meditation itself is full of simple divine truths that will wash over you and bathe your consciousness. Release all negativity, anxiety, insecurity, false expectation, or any other toxic energy and rest in the pure reality that you are loved and you are love. Then seek to carry this awareness with you through the day.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the realization and manifestation of nature with the entirety and essence of our beings. Meditation is about learning how to remain rooted, anchored and present in the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. With a daily meditative spiritual practice, you become similar to a tree with roots deep in the earth. Should and when a storm occurs, such a tree is not toppled or uprooted.

With spiritual roots and connection deeply and firmly established in the Divine Presence that when the challenges and chaos of the world arise, he or she remains firm, stable, clear and calm in the face of adversity.

Meditation heals the mind and body, gives you greater clarity and confidence to succeed in your career and business, as well as increases your capacity to be present, patient, loving and compassionate in your relationships. Meditation can heal your life. Meditation can save your life. It's time our Community, rediscovers its spiritual inheritance, and again embrace nature as the living spiritual path to enlightenment it is.

To breathe in meditation, clear the mind of all thought. Let thinking come and go like water and wind a flow. The mind will wander, wonder, will grab and focus on what is important at the time. go with it. If you have nothing more to offer it, the focus will move on. Relax in your breath; take a time to feel where the air goes. The thoughts will relax in you and you will find calm.  For more inspiration you may read the related post quotes about spirituality on this site.

How to clear your mind?

A marriage or a relationship does not define you as to what kind of person you are. Maybe you are a huge lover, fun loving, kind and open hearted, wild and also serene spirit. Not only that, but there are many different kinds of relationships in this world and what’s your is not, is one of possession. I find that many people are predisposed to the attitude that once you are in a relationship with another, you own each other in a sense. For those of you who do, good luck with that, and just know everything is impermanent in life.

Those people who attempt to steal our joy and our peace too. Sometimes, not purposefully but still they do. Sometimes, very intentionally via manipulation, lies, attempts to control, avoidance or the silent treatment. Learning how to set healthy boundaries is essential to our own personal growth. Still, we can be kind and gracious in setting those boundaries. Occasionally, we will lose friends and loved ones because of healthy boundary setting. Hopefully, they will grow and maybe even come back again. Some are only meant to share moments of time with us and that’s okay too.

Don't hold grudges because that only serves to hurt you but it is imperative to set healthy boundaries. Some people will purposefully set out to suck the life out of you. You will know them immediately because they are manipulative. You will feel tense, drained, exhausted, and overwhelmed in their presence and sometimes, powerless. Those people are the Whiners, the Manipulators and the Blamers of the world. You were not put on this planet to be treated like that. If you must have exposure to those types, ground yourself and build a bubble of protective energy around yourself before you share space with them. Do not engage in their insanity.

Keep your mind calm, clear and pure. Be cautious of where you are getting guidance from. Question everything. If it doesn't sound right it probably isn't. There are many sick minded people out there. Do not let them fill your mind, spirit, and soul with judgment, fear, and confusion or have you chasing rainbows all over the world. You were given the gift of intuition too. Pay attention to it. If you need to withdraw for a while to clear your mind from the distractions, do that. Clarity will come. Ask yourself if what they are saying and teaching is moving you closer to loving kindness and compassion for all beings. If it is not, walk away. Your essence is love. Our purpose here is to love. If you have taken a wrong path, don't beat yourself up. Simply re-group and continue stay positive in a forward direction. Walk the path of loving kindness, peace, and compassion. There is no magic secret other than love.

Desire is the root or all depression. To want what you once had, or things beyond our grasp! To clear your mind of senseless desire is the first step of true enlightenment. Many things can be achieved through the enlightenment of body and mind. With a sound mind comes a sound body. Through Meditation, and exercise you can finely tune your body and mind to work as one. And through hard work and sacrifice, you can be whatever you want to be. Hope you enjoy these really nice quotes on mind power and learn how alternating active moments of focus to moments of relaxation can be a very effective strategy in problem solving.


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