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The energy hidden in motivational quotes gives us strong encouragement to start our day with more courage at the workplace, boost up your business with a new thought, remove barriers from broken relationships and step forward in every field of life. These brainstorming quotes are full of life lessons for you and for your kids. Those who have straight hair, curl their hair and those who have curly hair, straighten it. Some wish to move out of their home and those who left their home can't wait to go back. Single people want to be in a relationship and those in a relationship want to be single again. Some take pills to make sure they don't get pregnant and others take pills to get pregnant. Skinny people want to gain weight and overweight people wish they were skinny. Those who have jobs hate their jobs and unemployed wish for those very same jobs. Poor people wish they were rich and rich people wish they could enjoy simple things just like the poor. Famous people try to hide from being seen and typical people wish they could be seen. People with dark skins wish they had light skins, and those with light skins tan to look dark. However, nobody knows! Nobody knows that the only key to happiness is knowing what we have, and just enjoying it.

I just want to see other people succeed in life. It’s not about right or wrong, good or bad cause all that is irrelevant to me and a waste of my thinking. I don’t care if I gain nothing. I don’t give up on people either until they give up on themselves. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing a friend go through a struggle and then build themselves up and find joy in life again. It's beautiful. Life is about the people, not the possessions. If anyone ever needs a chat, you know who to reach.
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Motivational Quote of the Day!

A lot of us already know what it takes to be successful but we are just lazy. If the work is hard, just work harder. Every day you waste is another day some will be ahead of you.

Nothing is permanent in this material mortal world. Not happiness or sorrows. We all shall return to our Lord.

People who have everything doesn't know the value but who don’t have they know how it feels and they don’t hesitate to help when they found similar to them.

Life is not a competition but we all need to push and realized success has to be earned.
Do not become that person who gives, only to make themselves feel better.

Life is too short for experimentation. We must get a lesson from others experiments.

You get to a point in life where you like what u like and don't what you don't. And that's the way it is.

Sometimes the very thing we need has already been given to us, we just overlook it because we're still waiting to get what we want.

Never ask a woman her secrets. You'll either find out something you don't want to know or learn that she won't share them. Not even with you.

If y'all don't plan on being together forever, you're just leasing that person. After your term is up, somebody else gets to drive them.

Albert Einstein would wear the same type of clothing each day to minimize the amount of thought required to pick out clothes.

There is a consequence for everything that we do; even the good things. Be mindful of this.

I live my life with no regrets. But if I had a second chance, there are a few things I might have done differently.

When you get frustrated because they're not paying enough attention to you: Keep in mind; we now live in a society who has managed to shorten? If it’s not you, it’s us.

A relation never last long because of love and care but it last for longer because of the stubbornness of two people to be together, to fight for each other and to let go things happen between them, so never let that stubbornness die in your relationship.

Some people thrive on chaos and confusion. If things are too calm, they find a way to create waves. Don't be like them. Life is already tough enough as it is.

If I had a dollar for every time I didn't feel like waking up but still did. We don't know how blessed we truly are.

Don't be afraid to remove yourself from things in life that no longer serve you. This doesn't mean they didn’t serve some purpose, but remember everything in life has its due season. Seasons change. We don't wear winter coats in the summertime; we put them away until it is their season again, or we get new coats.

You can't be yourself until you know yourself, and you won't know yourself until you find yourself.

Half the people who always complain about being single and not having a date are actually co-dependent on being lonely and thrive on the fact that there is no one out there for them. If they actually did meet the right person they wouldn't know what to do with themselves for they would then lose their edge. Don't believe me? Ask them on a date. They don't want anybody. They just like the attention they get when they complain about it.

Every relationship we begin, whether personal or otherwise will either last forever or end in due time.
We never know the true value of certain things in our life until they are no longer there.

Pain is our body's natural method of letting us know when something is wrong. So don't fear pain; welcome it so that you may learn from it, and hopefully never return to it.

You can tell a lot about a person based on how they tilt their head the same in every picture.

You are the captain of your dream vessel. You are the conductor of your own orchestra. You are the hedge trimmer of your own mental topiary. You are the bowling pin setter of your own vague, overly complex, poorly constructed metaphor.

A thought of the day!

Some want to become rich, others want to become successful at school or at their job and work hard day and night that forget to live. I think the best place to understand life fully and live it in the right way is not the school nor the work field, but the cemetery. Students learn their lesson from their teachers at school (older and experienced) a new employee gets experience and learns from the manager or the boss (older and experienced) but all those are still living and not old enough as dead people. Here are buried the bodies of the hardest workers and the laziest people of all time. Here are buried both the rich and the poor, those who spend all their time trying to achieve and those who enjoyed their time to the maximum. Here you can learn that your time is limited. Here you can learn that nothing matters except being and making those around you happy by having a clean conscience, good health, hope, peace, and honesty. Looking at those who already passed away will teach you how you should live the rest of your life and the keyword knowing that you're still alive and you still have the chance to live it right is saying Thank God.

I don't have many things to complain about. Life is far from perfect, but that's the beauty of it. Hope is what drives me, Faith is what sustains me, and Truth is what keeps me human. It's going to be a prosperous week people. Belief that.

Things don't always go as we intend, but as long as you keep a positive attitude and don't allow yourself to be distracted by the waves of life, the universe tends to unfold as it should.

The thing about people is; they don't change much. What does change is the way we perceive them.

Breaking our word to others can eventually merit us a negative report on the bank of credibility, just like failure to pay a bill can eventually lower your credit score. If you tell someone you're going to do something: do it! Life is hard with bad credit.

Some women love as if they will never leave you. But then they leave as if they have never loved you.

I never regret anything because at the end of the day you always learn something new whether it be you can trust no one you can give so much and receive nothing in return or not everyone loves you the same way you love them and there's also the positive which is not everyone is the same.

Shout out to all the parents that stick together. It's important for kids to have both parents growing up. We seem to have forgotten that.

Stop leading people on and allowing them to be confused about your intentions! If you don't want a certain something to certain people, just say that. Your inability to do so only reveals how immature you really are. You like the attention.

Y'all can keep those misguided girls. To me, there's nothing attractive than a virtuous woman. A woman who challenges me to be better as a man!

Remember that change will not happen overnight and it cannot happen with one person.

Part of becoming an adult is learning to tell the truth. Lies keep us in the dark. The truth will shed light. Lies keep us in captivity. The truth sets us free. Kids lie. They lie because they are afraid to get in trouble. We are adults. Why do we have to lie? We're grown. Stop lying and grow up.

A lot of times I catch people looking at me strangely. It doesn't bother me, though. I imagine they are a bit taken back when they actually get to witness a person who doesn't really care what people think about them. It’s like seeing a beast that isn't in captivity. That can be a life-changing experience for anyone.

Sometimes we feel lonely even though we're surrounded by a lot of people like the moon feels so lonely even though it's surrounded by millions of stars. It's an opaque body while the stars are sparkling flames of fire. All we need is a person like a sun; a person who no matter how different, can understand us and automatically they'll do their best to light us up, so our smile will be a reflection of their light.

A person who wants you in their life will put you there. You will not need to force, or coerce nor convince them to include you. You will just exist there naturally, without effort.

Don't be upset if they're taking too long to catch the hint, or if they can't figure out what you're trying to convey by the way you've been acting lately. Maybe they're slow.

We have to be mindful of how we deal with people. We never know what a person is dealing with or struggling to overcome at any given time. Maybe we don't care because it doesn't directly affect us. A person who doesn't wish to make another person’s life harder than it already is is one who has encountered a considerable amount of difficulty in their own lives. Those who don't consider such things have likely had it easy and have yet to face any real adversity yet.

When you've been done wrong in a relationship you must refrain from becoming a victim of the usual isolation, self-loathing and depression that follow when you end up getting played. The best medicine is self-reparation. Buy nice things for yourself. Treat yourself well. Do well at work. Save money. Hang out with people you love. Stay single for a while. Next time they see you, they're going to be sick to their stomach. And you're not going to give a shit. Just like they didn't give a shit when they played you! The best way for you to hurt them is for you to help you.

I'm just a girl who feels too much sometimes is enthusiastic about everything in life and puts in 100% into everything I do. Into friendships, into work, into my home, my relationship, everything and when I don't see those results right away I sometimes gets down on myself. I wonder am I being the best friend I can be. Should I be eating better? Working harder? Succeeding more? Being a better girlfriend? A better cook, A cleaner person, Stronger, A better coach, A better photographer, Man oh man. It can get very overwhelming than I think, STOP you are doing the best you can. You are human. Committing a mistake is part and parcel of going through life. We all learn as we go through with the process and it's somehow a product of our innocence. On the other hand, to commit the same mistake sounds like intentional but then again, it's pretty forgivable. But to commit the same mistake thrice, four times and so on. So yes, it came with a warning and with the virtue of the courage we took as we gambled into committing the same old mistake; it is right and proper for us to face its consequences. We opted not to digest its lessons so there - we'll learn it the hard way. We as humans are not perfect; we were never made to be perfect. We make mistakes; we cannot compare ourselves to anyone but ourselves. So it's okay to say the wrong thing, forget to make that phone call, forget to throw a load of laundry in the dryer, miss out on the gym, mess up a meal, it’s OK.


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