Funny Snapchat Captions Ideas for Selfies

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Just stop here and enjoy the most hilarious snapchat captions ideas for your cute selfies. Do you hate it when people on snap chat put a whole paragraph as their caption and they just put like 3 seconds for that story or when people put a video on snapchat with the caption ''wait for it'' and so you wait for it but you shouldn't have because it’s still not funny? Since I hate Snapchat it has kind of became a game at work to Snapchat candid pictures of me to other employees. Usually, this makes me rather upset but I have to admit this one taken by one of the baggers today was actually hilarious, even if the caption is inaccurate. I hate when people take a selfie of themselves in snapchat with a caption saying what they are doing for the day! I don't give a notice! That is what Facebook is for, quit blowing up my Snapchats with dumb snapchats, if you're going to send a snapchat makes sure it's funny and or original I don't want to see what you had for dinner last night and or breakfast this morning!
funny selfie captions for Snapchat

Funny Snapchat Captions for Selfies!

  1. After sending out probably the greatest snapchat of all time yesterday, I sent out a crappy one this morning. I hate when I forget to put a caption.
  2. I really hate when people post selfies on an app like Facebook that was originally taken on snapchat and the black caption bar is still on it.
  3. I want to be a counselor but when someone tells me their problems I seriously can't stop thinking about what they told me and how they must be feeling, it really does affect me more than people think.
  4. I dropped my phone then smacked my head on the draw when I went to pick it up.
  5. If you snapchat me with just your face and no caption every single minute of every single day I probably hate your guts.
  6. I hate when people be like "I’m still trying to figure out how snapchat works" what’s there to figure out? Just take a picture or video, write a caption, and post it on your story or send it to someone.
  7. When girls taking pictures of people on snapchat and laugh about it after putting a caption it make me hate you all.
  8. I know what people are thinking I'm not saying I'm psychic but I'm psychic.
  9. Hi my only boyfriend, I know this is kind of weird for you but I need to tell you something. It’s very important I have an addiction and it is watching your snapchat videos every single day okay now let's get the real dirt.
  10. I hate getting snapshot’s from people when they're driving in the snow with the caption "I'm going to die!!" Well, I'd have to say you're right.
  11. Don't ignore me for days then start talking to me again like nothing happened it doesn't work that way.
  12. If you want your relationship to last longer don't cry out the problems you face in the relationship to everyone because people have different opinions and it's going to bother you so much than the actual problem itself.
  13. Your Snapchat paragraphs make me do happy; you mean the world to me. I will always be there for you and never leave you. I love you so freaking much; you've never left me or replaced me. You always know what to say its and it’s so sweet.
  14. I'm the type of person who will watch where I'm going and still walk into a wall or something.
  15. My family ate dinner which they didn't leave for me and now they're complaining because I ordered pizza!
  16. I hate it when someone sends the same snapchat every day but with a different caption.
  17. I'm not scared of the people I talk to, I'm scared of the people who talk to the people I talk to.
  18. There will always be someone who's being a star in your life and if you're a blind that's a terrible thing.
  19. I hate when girls say all the boys are the same like if you tried all of them?
  20. First of all its love but in the last few weeks, it’s a crazy unhealthy addiction. They don’t love you if they put you down to others and call you psycho and they certainly don't love you if they have another woman waiting in the wings. As long as they are happy that’s all that matters to them. Do I sound bitter? No, not at all, I just realized my head was not fully screwed on at the time and while I knew this person it never would be.
  21. You can only hack me if I trust you and post something cute, so who wants to hack me?
  22. I feel sorry for my future girlfriend because she's going to wake up to too many weird texts.
  23. Snapchat isn't built for people with short term memory problems.
  24. I hate snapchat. I'll send a picture with a caption. Get a reply and have no idea what I sent last and consequently, no idea what they're on about.
  25. You can stay out of this or I'm going to get your mom's number and she'll be getting balls if you know what I mean.
  26. I swear I'm about to throw my phone at my brother's head.
  27. I hate Facebook friend limit. I hate Instagram picture size limit. I hate Twitter word limit. I hate Snapchat caption limit.
  28. So you complain about what someone posts on their Facebook but you refuse to delete them?
  29. To save you the trouble of going on Snapchat there's just everyone taking selfies with the caption either saying "Oh I had the best first days as a freshman" or "I hate high school kills me now" You are Welcome.
  30. When you're talking to someone and everything's going fine until they ask for a picture like we just met on social media flick through my uploads and hit like button.
  31. I hate when you send a snapchat and forget to write the caption so no one knows what I just sent.
  32. I Hate when girls put photos on their stories on snapchat when they are cooking food and the caption is "how am I single" the food has nothing to do with it. It’s just because you're a total mad really.
  33. I hate when people send you snapchats with captions applying to other people. So you just end up staring at the picture wondering what the hell it means.
  34. I hate when people snapchat me and include a caption, yet they only allow 2 or 3 seconds to see it. I can't read that freaking fast. Stop rubbing it in.
  35. Let me take you out not to dinner but on a lovely trip, 6 feet under.
  36. If you weren't there for me when I needed you, don't you dare cry when I die, don't you dare come to my funeral and don't you dare say a word.
  37. I suggest not starting mess with me, with my friends and with my family because I'm already messed off enough and I swear in the end you'll be sorry for what you said or what you did.

I hate when people get on someone's snapchat and take a picture with the caption "hacked". That's the most annoying thing ever. You're obviously not hacking. It’s an unintelligent swine.

I hate Snap chatting sometimes man, look if you going to Snapchat with me, take some ill photos of something, make a funny face and add a red caption, don’t take a picture of the wall, or your carpet, or your elbow and try to start a conversation. Snapchat isn’t for everybody, stop treating the next social network like the last, that’s social networks dies out fast by stupid people. Does anyone else get pointless selfies on snapchat that doesn't even have captions on it? I hate when people snapchat themselves at a certain unnamed food establishment with the caption "I really need to stop having this". Ok. Why are you telling me this? What do you expect me to do, jump through the phone, shove my hand down your throat and pull the Big Mac out of your stomach?

This is probably going to sound extremely contradicting as I'm writing this online but if I don't write it here no one will see it. I hate the Internet, I hate that it's such a priority in our lives and that some people can't live without their daily dose of Facebook or other social media sites, some people are so wrapped up in being online that they miss the beauty of spending time with people and being out. Personally, I could live without social media, easy - at the end of the day why would you rather be sat sharing posts about goals, why don't you close your laptop, turn off your phone, work hard and actually enjoy the precious moments life has to offer, life is short and what's the point of living it if you're spending half of your time looking at a screen. I can't deny that yes it feels like an addiction as if you cannot live without it but it you tried to you can and I promise you it feels so much better. What's the point of going out and being around people if you're all just going to sit there and not talk, it winds me up when I'm in the company of someone and they've literally come round to spend time with me but they just sit there and snapchat other message other people? Why are you here if you aren’t going to talk to me? This is a pointless statement but I just need to rant and I hope that if any of you read this; please make the most of the time you have with people if you put the Internet before the company you're in then don't be surprised when they finally get sick of it and leave. Making memories is an important thing, do it while you can.


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