Cute Summer Quotes Captions for Instagram Photos

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Could you spend your summer without selfies? No way, everyone likes to add summer fun photos on the Instagram with cute captions. On this page you will discover a lot of funny summer quotes, you are welcome to use these quotations on your summer pictures as a caption.

Dear winter, I am saddened to have to tell you this but we are breaking up. I'd already felt myself drifting away last year when you came to visit, as you no longer make me happy. In my unhappiness, I've found a new season which I am more attracted to, it's summer. Summer is warm and inviting, kind and gentle. I fell in love with the way he warmly caresses my skin. Summer is much hotter than you and more fun, your coldness towards me has become a problem as you've become too frigid, insensitive and just boring. Summer has brought me shining warmth; he takes me for beautiful walks on the beach to watch the sunset and much more. Summer is hot and on fire, not cold and frigid like you. We once shared a beautiful love and I will always love you, only in a different way now. I thank you for the wonderful memories that we've shared together, but I won't promise that I'll think of you sweetly if I think of you at all. As for now we must part ways.

I think it's time to call it quits, I admit, in the beginning, I was pretty into you. After a humid summer and uneventful fall, you felt like a breath of fresh air. It was nice to spend so many evenings curled up on the couch with my favorite movies. Because of you, I rekindled my love for hot chocolate. I even marveled at your falling snow. The Holidays were amazing the parties, Instagram pictures at the beach selfies with friends, the food, and the gifts. I know it would not have been the same without you, but it's time to move on and I think you know why. For one thing, I'm tired of you dictating what I should wear. I'm over trudging around in boots. Wool makes me itch and I grow weary of sweaters. I have my own sense of style. I want to wear dresses. I want to wear anything that makes me look like a woman instead of an androgynous lump. What's more, my friends hate you. I'm constantly hearing about your coldness, your bitterness and how your presence depresses everyone. I'm tired of canceled plans because you're around. My family even suggests moving back to North Carolina just to be free of you. I don't want to hurt your feelings, after all, we've been through. I'm just ready for a change. So please, please stop tapping on my windows. Stop meeting me at the door when I leave for work in the morning. I know something better is right around the corner if I could just break free from you.
Funny summer captions for photos

Cute Summer Love Quotes and Captions for the Instagram!

Summer is the time of year when so many lovebirds are starting to plan out their gardens.

I seriously hate winter! There is nobody in the world that gets up and walks outside and says yes I'm freezing off and I love it! So if we could just cancel all the winter weather and skip to summer with shorts and flip flops that would be fantastic!

I like to start my summer from a beach and other like to buy summer suits for me.

Fun in summer is one hobby that I love to start very early in the year, as it really stirs up my interest for the season.

Dear winter, I think we need to be separated the rest of our lives. I hate your cold & rain. I love summer and I will hate you forever winter.

I love beaches and I cannot wait to get up there this summer and play volleyball and the rest of our familiar games. It would appear we are going to have to include some new games to play at the beach with friends as well.

Dear summer, I love you and want you to come back right now, as I hate winter; it makes me want to cry.

If there's one thing I could point out to do in summer, it's to take selfies for Facebook and Instagram in large masses.

If you drove by a coastline and saw 100,000 girls, it would be quite enticing to stop in and stay for a while.

Dear summer, can you please hurry up with yourself. I hate the snow, I hate winter, and I would love to go to the beach, tan again and post my memories on the Instagram with captions.

Dear winter, I hate everything about you other than Christmas, hot chocolate, and thanksgiving. Go away forever and bring me back summer.

I have a thousand reasons to love the summer. Parties, water sports, friends gathering, tan, holidays but nothing matches up to the drunken girls leaving very little to the mind's eye.

Dear summer, you have just begun and I already hate you. Please go away and send your cousin, winter back. I like him better.
Dearsummer I love you

Dear Mother Nature, Have you not heard how much I hate winter and cold weather? If possible, can we get back to the heat of the summer which I love? I cannot take this anymore! Thank you.

Dear summer, Please don't go. I love you and hate winter. I'll never ever complain about it being too hot again if you don't go.

I am counting the days to warm weather and wearing my flip flops with socks just in case the temps get up to 60. I do not enjoy the cold weather at all.

Dear winter please let summer come! I hate the cold weather you bring! Summer is awesome. I want to go swimming so bad and tanning and going on the roof with my best friend, fun times. Summer I love you. Please come quick!

Dear winter, go away I hate you. You’re cold and dark and gross. Bring your friend summer in for a visit.

From my heart: Dear Winter, I hate you, always have. Go away, I will not miss you, I think at this point, the people who used to love you now hate you. Dear summer, everyone misses you! Please come back! Winter has been horrible this year!

Dear fall, I don't hate you like I hate winter but I don't love you like I do Summer. Keep the temperature mild as long as possible so I can golf as much as possible.
I miss you summer

Dear winter, I hate you! I hate everything about you! You're cold and you mess up everyone’s plans! Summer please hurry!

Dear winter, I'm pretty sure no one likes so I think you should just leave so summer can come back. I would like to be tan, not ghostly white, and I would like to make myself work out since summer is a fun time.

Mr. Weatherman, I love the beautiful flowers you bring me in spring, the sunshine in summer, and the colors of the leaves and crisp air of autumn, however, I hate snow. So I was thinking we just get rid of winter all together.

Dear summer, I don't think you understand how much I love you. I never want you to go. Will you please stay this time so I can post more summer captions on my Instagram; I hate winter with every single piece of my soul.

Dear summer, I'm sad to see you go. I hate that your annoying sibling, fall, is taking your place. Please to be visiting earlier next year and staying for a while. Oh, and kindly tell your cousin winter to right off.

The competition is heating up when friendships become rivalries and rivalries become lifelong friendships. You push me to be better and I'll push you.

Dear summer, you have been so awesome to me. You are the best part of the year! You always have been. I love you summer! I'll always love you.

Dear summer, I hate you for being so hot! Everything I felt before you and after you is great! You always come and go but I love it when you go.

Please bring back the sunshine and the warm days and the pool and the palm trees and the joy of summer! I am trying really hard to be thankful.

Dear summer, I hate you, you are worthless, I love how you can put a girl in shorts and a tank top but you make me sweat like no other. Go away and never come back.
I hate winter but love summer

Dear summer, I hate everything about you, the heat, bugs, humidity, allergies, everything. Dear winter, I love you and you can't get here soon enough. I'm counting down the days for cool and cold weather.

Dear Winter I need to see other seasons. I have to break your heart but I never love you. Dear fall I hate to inform you I am cheating on you with spring because her flowers smell better. Dear spring I just want to be with you till summer came again.

Dear winter, I used to love you when I was younger, but now I realize you’re just a birch with cold weather and I hate you.

I know that technically it's not a time for you to go. I know it's getting closer, though. I really hate to see you go. I will miss you. I just want you to know that I will never love fall and winter as much as I love you. They just can't measure up to you. Sweet summer I will wait on you till next year.

Dear summer today is the last day to you. Please do not take long to come back. I so hate your friends fall and winter. Spring is good but I do love you so please tell winter not to be so hard on us.

Dear summer, I am sorry I didn't appreciate you as much as I should have when you were here. 

Please come back. I hate winter so much, there's nothing good in winter. I miss you so much. Please save me from winter. I love you the way more than all those other seasons.

I miss you so much I want you back in my life. You always kept me warm and never let me down, till around 8:15 pm but you can right back up the next morning. Summer you were all so bright and you made everything bloom. Wow, you had so much energy I love and miss you summer. Please tell your ugly sister winter to stay out of my life I hate her.

Dear summer, I’m freezing off under all these blankets and they are not helping! I hate this winter crap and I wish you would come as soon as possible; I love you and can’t wait to see you again.

My lovely summer, I love you so much. Maybe someday we can spend the rest of our lives together.

Dear winter, please don't hate me. But I don't love you anymore. I can't stop thinking about summer, 

so I guess things just can't work out between you and me. I’m sorry, but please go away.

In the summer, I like to leave my windows open to listen to the bird calls around my house.

Dear winter, you're freezing me this year. You’ve made me hate my window which I used to love, it burns in summer. Dear window, it's not you. It’s me. I’ll be back. I love you.

Summer beach parties may be over, but this is still one of my favorite times of the year.

Dear school, we have a love-hate relationship thing going on. I love you when you decide to cancel over the winter and hate you when we have to stay during the summer to make up the days.

Dear summer, why did you leave me? I loved you so much and just one day, you got up and left me. Why? I hate the winter! I told you this a long time ago.

Dear winter, Let me start by saying, I used to absolutely hate you. I despise you for most of my life. But in the past couple of years, you have grown on me, and you treat me so well! You keep my hot flashes at bay, and you don't let me sweat my makeup off my face above my lip. You and I have become quite a pair. I love wearing my long sleeved slouchy shirts and oversized hoodies. My fleece pants and fleece floor length robe because I just sleep in that and don't need all the heavy blankets! Oh, winter usually you give me until mid-end March before you start to bail on me but this year, this year is garbage! Don’t get me wrong, I know you're still hanging around at night time but that doesn't even count! You're letting spring come up and bully you away! I'm not ready for that yet; I haven't had enough sweatshirt weather! Ugg boot and leg warmer weather!


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