Funny Marriage Advice & Quotes For A Happy Life

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Everyone have some wisdom quotes and funny words of advice for the newlywed bride and groom on their marriage. To the people, who want to offer wedding advice to soon to be newlyweds for a happy life, remember what drew you to your experience to begin with and remember that girls like me don't need you to bring them down before they even get started. We're talking about marriage here, not a gym you'd like to be a member of for a few years. Treat it like it's worth something because it was designed to be amazing.
To expect that one will always be right or in the right is selfish and absurd. I know I am young, but in my 8 years being married to my wonderful, beautiful husband, we have never fought, never said an unkind word or elevated our voices at each other. 

We have no problems, or issues that are waiting under the surface. Everything is fixed when the problem arises. We have never gone to bed a dry at the other. Frustrations and misunderstandings are always worked out. I love my husband and I love our relationship. We better each other. We don't appease one another. I know we can't jump right back into a relationship nor do I want to. I want to do this right! I want to date him, I want to be the woman of his dreams and eventually hopefully have him fall in love with me again and again. From that point, it will be a matter of repeating those steps over and over, again and again, forever.

Marriage is for adults, mature people who have come to the age of knowing what they want, making decisions and not others making decisions about their future for them. You should marry your husband, not the man your parents chose for you. However, before accepting a man's proposals, have you asked important questions as to know if you want to live with him despite differences? Are you both compatible in age, education, temperament, physically and spiritually? Is he really the man you want to spend the rest of your life with? If and when you answer these questions can you make decisions and allow the man meet your parents. Stop allowing them to see your mom make decisions for you. You must not let your mom chase away the men you would want to spend rest of your life with when you don't have any problem with their denominations.
Funny wedding advice

Funny Marriage Quotes and Advice for Newlywed!

Defiantly is not the same word as definitely. I know autocorrect won't change it because it is a different word. You need to think about it before you get marry. Sound it out. I believe in you.
Never stop loving your man even if you don’t like his farts. When you stop working together, like a muscle that stops being used, the relationship will collapse. The key is to never stop choosing love; never stop falling in love with him. Keep a space in your heart that's always available to him and only him.

If you’re not treating your man right and still expects him to like all your nonsense Facebook statuses! Being in a relationship is a two-way street. The man can walk away just as easy as the woman. So treat your man the way you want him to treat you that's when you have a real relationship.
You can vouch for each and everyone about what can go wrong in a long term relationship if it is not nourished daily.

You're amazing and you do move mountains! You are stronger, braver, and more wonderful than you know! You have realized your mistakes and are actually taking real steps toward improving and bettering yourself! Which are amazing and what life is all about? A marriage is something that most people talk about, but don't actually do.

Marriage is all honorable. Appreciate your partner. If a plant and soil agree, the union produces good fruits. You will then recognize the fact that divorce is forbidden. The married life is not an alone life, it is a together life. For a marriage to stay fresh and vibrant it needs frequent doses of fun and recreation.

Respecting a husband is like when people only start to value life near death. Be grateful, today. Act, today. Every second counts or change each other's path.

Many key principles for a successful long lasting, productive, beautiful relationship are hidden in a divorced life.

I have often found it ridiculous that you often expect those who haven't accepted your awesome transforming work to act as if they have. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. In fact, rather than focusing on the marriage at all, loving and accepting the person is far more important.

Allow your husband to be solely responsible for the household finances and payments of debts without double checking that everything is in order. You will wake up one day and discover that your bond has not been paid in months or a car is in arrears, always be actively involved in everything that affects you.

Beautiful women like you were called gold diggers if they married rich older, more successful men. Some still say that but the tides have also turned.

The only thing that really gets me down about this marriage thing is that people are ripping into each other about specific sins. When we're all sinners, every day! The blame goes to all of us, so just love each other no matter what our lives look like.

Where there is smoke there are fire, women, I say let us continue listening to our 7th sense, spy and investigate on your husband  until you find what that 7th sense was hinting about.

If your husband has impregnated a girlfriend and he expects the both of you to be part of his life, in order for him to have the better of two worlds, do yourself a favor and remove yourself from this situation.

Women themselves and society at large, have a tendency to place the burden on women to fight for their marriages when there's nothing to fight for.

Be cautious of a man that only talks about girls. I mean the man that talk every time about his female colleagues, female cousins, female actors, female neighbors and only girls. Marriage is not all about these things. Without all these things a good marriage will still stand but without love, no marriage can be stable.

There are such stupid partners in this world. But smile and continue on because you know you're better than that. Don't ever let crappy, toxic partner drags you down. Beshine and be happy.

I don't know about your marriage or what you do behind closed doors but you don't deserve anything but the best. You are a good person inside and out and if your husband knew you good enough he would have that figured out. So don't worry about drama.

You and your husband do have your differences but what married couple doesn't? That's your business though and if you want me to know I'll come to you with a weird advice.

You need to love your partner without trying to force a change on him. Showing love is the best thing to do. I'm a loyal wife but I have my own private struggles with my ex-boyfriends even as a faithful woman. Judgment is not the right approach. A heart like yours will go far in a marriage.

If you want your relationship to last, hit all of the important points for keeping your man.
If you are the type of friends where you are sleeping over and with each other, you ought to be comfortable enough to talk to him about it and find out what you should do.

You are simply wasting your time. I have seen a couple in which both parties kept planning on leaving each other for years, in the end, they still end up together but have actually wasted each other’s time and money.

I also know someone whose dad had kids outside the marriage and her mom finally walked out at age 60 after many years of marriage because she couldn't take it anymore, as kids kept popping up everywhere.

If you suspect something untoward you’ll want to investigate. I do not see any wrong in women checking their husbands' phones.

Impressing people do not work these days and most people are destroyed due to taking other people's decisions. In the end, the people who suffer the most are the kids and yet we get so focused on husband and wife that we forget that fact.

A lot of women tend to complain about things not working out the way they wanted them to, ignoring the fact that they didn't really do what they could have to improve their own situation. Have you really done everything?

Have a Ph.D. mentality. That is, of course, to think as if you're passionate, happy and dedicated.
Go with your instant and do what makes you happy.

Be weird, give your husband a hug even though it may feel weird and do something most wouldn't make a difference.

They are plenty of other men out there; he isn't the last man on earth. Listen to us leave him alone, please. But if you choose to stay be prepared for whatever you just signed yourself up for. We can give all the advice we want but if you won't listen then we can't help.

Wedding Preparation

I want to advise you towards wedding preparation. You will obey these godly counsels that you read in this message, God will be there to help you. But remember that you must do your part, so do not start the morning of your marriage with anger, misunderstanding and bitterness etc.
Always know that two are better than one; therefore, value your partner as you plan your wedding together. These are the useful suggestions: plan within the limit of your resources; do not overshoot your purse.

Avoid unnecessary expenditure, especially to please outsiders. Contribute your own quota, if you have. Please do not cheat your partner. Pray fervently especially for your wedding.
Allow me to congratulate you for finding your soul mate and, at least, finishing a year in matrimony because many people don't even finish two months. If they happen to drag up to three months, it’s due to delays associated with divorce proceedings.

So I am asking you;
1. Are you still the girl he fell in love with and married a year ago?

2. Do you still do those things you did to him when you were dating? Or you assume he no longer likes them.

3. How do you dress up for your husband? When he walks into the room whom does he see Before or after personalities?

4. Your personal hygiene and general cleanliness of the surrounding play a tremendous role in setting the mood.

5. We all give/gave birth but how we juggle roles to avoid conflicting interests between the big men and the children because both are children.

6. Do you care about his looks before steps out? Or do you leave him to whom it may concern?
As you read through this text, try to reflect on how much you have changed over time and address it.
Wish you luck.

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Most of the times these funny marriage advice mean well, but will not always produce favorable outcomes. Most times we advice based on our own experience! A seasoned advisor will enquire about the situation, ascertain how the parties feel and their expectations, weigh the pros and cons, and a discuss a process to be taken. We are all on a journey, where there is no One-Size-Fit-All solution. So, be careful how you advise people, because you can end up becoming the destroyer.


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