Happy Being Alone Quotes For Singles

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The following happy being single and alone quotes are the perfect sayings for those who are not frustrated from being alone but far away from the loneliness. There is nothing wrong with being alone. Spend time reflecting and thinking deeply about what you want out of your relationships. Live with optimism and joy every day. Write your feelings down to better understand them, catch up on the books you've wanted to read and dance wildly to your favorite music. Always remember, nobody else can make you better than you already are. It’s your life, live it.

I grown up where ex's are fake where family gangs up on and where no one cares about you till you got money or dead and the only people who do care are dead and as I get older I have no one knows the pain I go throw or they don't know what I face in life because my life right now is horrible and everyone is ganging up on me but I guess it's life I’m glad I grow up in a world with no first love, no care from anyone, and where family jump on you for something you did. Explore a big list of motivational quotes on loneliness and friendship. Post these quotations on your Whatsapp or Facebook status and show your strength to your haters.
being alone quotes and sayings

Quotes About Being Alone And Happy For Singles!

Sometimes being alone is the best way in life because when they hurt you they can't bring you down.

I ever wondered how being alone will truly feel? Besides our family, we need friends whom we can count on when the going gets tough. However, the strong relationship does not develop overnight they take time and commitment to building and maintain. It’s never too early to plan for life.

The best place to start is precisely where you are. The best time to start is the moment you are.
The pain of being alone is nothing compared to that of watching someone else suffer. Make a difference and help. If you don’t, you are no better off than they are.

I thought I had moved from being what I thought was extroverted growing up too introverted now as an adult, but loneliness explains me more perfectly I think.

People who need other people surround themselves to be happy are very lonely in the reality.

You know being alone, sometimes, makes you think way too much, and me, I rather not dwell on things, just makes me a little mad.

Finding love is not easy but one day you will meet that one person that will love you forever.

Loneliness is what you feel and experience inside when you don't have anyone to talk to you. But it teaches you the most important thing in life; to speak to yourself, your heart and your mind!

I know, I am born single and will die single. In between anyone who comes in life is just temporary, even I don't need anyone, but still I thank if someone has shared a single precious moment with me. I love you for that, yes I am happy being single and alone but at least not lonely.

Who says being single has to mean you're lonely? I am using this time alone to re-evaluate and reinvent myself. Beware of what is to come.

God tells us not to be afraid of being alone, of being too weak, of not being heard, and of lacking physical mind knowledge of God.

Being single allows me to spend more time with myself and much attention to my career and more love to my work.

I'm not afraid to die, I'm not afraid of anything. But my biggest fear in life and it's always been the same since I was a child, is ending up alone, I think about it every night and day, that's my one and only fear I have.

I always hide what I feel, I can’t express to anyone else and even my family, I miss being alone nobody but myself I wish there's a time machine to brought me back where I could find myself a happiness.

I finally know what I want out of life, thank you, God,, the agony of being alone the fear of doing things on my own, the tested trials that come to make me strong, the feelings of guilt, hurt, shame, and defeat but my God I know I have victory with you.

Nobody will ever care what you're going through. Sure they will listen but they won’t give a damn. So deal with your loneliness.

Let me being single or take me to a place where nobody judges us, where there is love, peace, and serenity.

If people have no cause to glorify you today, never worry; they will have no cause to disgrace you on tomorrow.

What is the difference between being alone and being lonely? Being alone is being away from others because you choose to. Being lonely is when there is no one there for you.

I don't consider myself as a young lady with my loneliness at all, but I consider myself as a young lady with potential. I never let anyone get me down and I try not to stress over anything whatever I can't handle well. I leave everybody alone and stay on my own.

Sometimes I find myself giving the wrong people my attention, I rather am alone than to deal with these fake people.

We come alone, we go alone in between we spoil our life in accompanying wrong people. Be alone, be happy.

I will take ownership in my mistakes and so on but if you learn to let things go it just makes you a bigger person but I'm single and I do what I please because I did it all alone.

No matter how hard life gets to me, I always manage to pick myself up, and better myself but honestly life is great that I'm alone. Now I have more money for myself and I sound selfish.

I'm done worrying about what anyone else thinks, I take care of me and do my own thing so don't worry about me, I should stand up for myself.

Feeling Lonely Quotes!

I'm so tired of wasting my time on people that don't even try to see me most of the time, oh well this is one of the reasons I rather am alone.

What is in my mind is I'm tired of being alone. I’m looking for someone who feels the same way as a companion and up someone who kind hearted and loves the simple things in life.

There is nothing worse than to be alone, but still being alone is better than being with someone who makes you feel alone.

I want a boyfriend that I can bring around my family and someone my parents would be proud of. Until I find him, I'm happy being single.

There is a difference in being alone and feeling alone; I may not be alone right now but I feel very alone.

Being alone usually looks sad to people. But, being alone is better than to have somebody, who makes you feel alone every time.

I am glad to say that's I'm staying in trying my best to make changes for myself, not for anyone else but me.

It's nice to know that I can have a good conversation with one person thru the whole day and that’s me.

Being alone doesn't mean there is no need to smile. This is the best way to show that u still smiling even you are in hard times.

Maybe it's better to keep a distance from some things and I'll get back where I was at before.
You stay in my past for a reason my life is great with you not in my life, so I have bigger and better things coming my way.

I haven't had so much fun in a while; my life is just great right now and I can't ask for anything else.

So many thoughts haunt me that I want to speak about but truly don’t know how to express what it is I’m feeling being alone. So I say nothing and let them bottle up inside. But I’m so afraid that one day they're going to spill out.

I am not happy being alone. I have friends but it, not the same as having someone you love there too.
My isolation never went away from me, it’s just that other people come closer to me and I couldn't see me in that crowd.

Actions will always speak louder than words so maybe I just got my hopes up and I won't get the benefit of the doubt, I'm tired of having a bigger heart and always being there for people that don't even deserve me being there for them.

Everyone back to their same routine, school, cranky kids, work and me just glad to have my living room and there is no cranky man on my couch.

There came a time when I did anything and everything just to make friends with other people. Now, I don't even care if they exist at all.

I guess I'm single because I have very high standards and maybe in time I'll be happy it's just has to start with myself.

I only have a few friends, I don't mingle a lot. I am not a very outgoing kind of a person and people judge me and call anti-social. But may I just say that I don't like jerks and the people who act as if they know everything and telling me what to do. Don't tell me how to act. Don't control my mind.

Just because you know my name doesn't mean you really know me, so stop giving comments and shut up.

It's a good thing that you found the person who can bears with your malfunctioning and deteriorating mental state and I have proven so many times that a weak-minded man cannot last a relationship with a strong, smart woman, that is why you can't stand a time with me around.

If you are not meant to have friends, it does not mean there is something wrong with you. It’s just that you are happy and contented with yourself and nobody else's company.

It is such a torture for an introvert to be forced to mingle with people when all they want is to be alone with their own company.

Sometimes, paranoia will only because you commit a huge mistake and misjudgment.

Are you a single sway? I think not grumpy emoticon being single is not fun so I don’t see why people pretend it is. I would rather have someone to say I love you too then being alone.

I'm done with People and the whole world, like what does anyone here know about being a good friend. I'm just going to keep doing me. I don't have time to be worrying about anybody else.
Dear Girls, don't worry if my heart is broken. It just means that I have several different cracks and those will help you to get into my heart.

You created your own problems deal with it and don't ever drag me into that.

Being single is all right, I don’t get it twisted. I rather stay by myself because then I won't have to worry about being betrayed, mistreated, lied to, hurt or completely disappointed.

Don't get fond of having many friends when you know there are only a few you can keep and call as real.

Life is so disappointing sometimes and I just don't get people anymore. Am I that realistic that no one even talks to me or anything. It sucks sometimes being alone.

I don't like being alone because no one can tell me what's real and fake. I'm not allowed to be alone either, not for a long time.

Most people are afraid to stay or to be alone that for that there is a simple solution, learn yourself and learn others around. Loneliness is a circumstance; aloneness is a choice. That fits only for some of us. Be afraid of not living.

Dad, I totally miss you, today is one of those days Where I can't stand my life and I need you today I am so sick of being alone, I feel that things are falling apart and I need your guidance, your strength, and your healing hands to touch this shattered heart help me through the trials and temptations that I am facing each day, also help me deal with people that shoot me down lie and disrespect me I am tired of this you where my only shield my protector my everything. Hope you like these quotes about being lonely in a relationship; make it your Facebook status today.


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