Funny Random Quotes for Angry Boyfriend

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Text these funny random quotes to your boyfriend that make him burst out laughing. It is fine to love someone and miss him but it is completely unhealthy to let it consume you. If and when he never forgives you and wants to talk to you, I am sure he will find a way to reach out to you. A guy is not required to love or date you just because you love him. He is not obligated to give you anything. And if you did something to him and he didn't forgive you, that's his choice. You have no right to demand that he forgive you just because you're tired of saying sorry. Like loyalty and respect sometimes a little fun in love is also making a relationship healthy. If your boyfriend is angry with you over some issues, now it’s time to bring him back to love mod with these random funny quotes and questions. Few of  these funny random quotes and sayings that make no sense in your current situation, so keep a quote wisely according to your boyfriend angry mood. You may directly post these funny quotes on your boyfriend Facebook status or simply add these saying on your own Facebook status or Instagram and tag your boyfriend there. Sometimes calling your boyfriend nickname is enough to make him happy.

Funny Random Quotes for Him!

1- I like your make-up skills.  I like your stubborn personality. I like your attitude towards animals being equal to humans. I like all your Whatsapp and Facebook statuses too.

2- You are a big listener even if you don't look like you are listening. You are quick tempered and you don't like being told to calm down.

3- Let’s discover some sweet things to say to your angry friends over text.

4- It makes me smile when I see you're finally happy, even though I haven't found mine.

5- You have been on my mind for awhile now, hope you’re safe in the toilet.

6- There are people out there who can see past the exterior beauty to the true beauty on the inside; those are the people who will coax out the extravagant butterfly waiting inside you.

7- Your beauty makes people around you happier. That's not the nature of all beauty but a miracle of Instagram special photo effects.

8- I like that you are Leo, and all the traits that go with it.  I like that you have had a stupid job for almost two years and that you excel at it.  I love your developing drawing skills of funny cartoons.
Who cares what opinions people have? They only have an opinion for a little while, it is YOUR life. You are the one who spends every minute with the decisions you make. They are no one! If you've found happiness, run with it.

9- I love your capacity to love those forgotten by society, i.e.: the homeless, stray animals, updating a Facebook status after every 10 minutes, etc., and your desire to always be better than what I am now.
I love that you can still smile after everything you've been through. I like your loyalty and I also like your childish behavior which makes me feel special.

10- My boyfriend look so cute in an angry mood and we get strange looks all of the time. When people find out that I am dating an angry young man, people laugh and ask me why? But I don't really care. I am proud of my boyfriend and I love him a lot. As long as we both love each other and are happy then that is all that matters.

11- We look great together, I can tell that your presence around me always make me happy. Forget what everyone else says, you deserve to be happy no matter what.

12- I like the fact you have managed to survive this long despite many adversities and terrible makeup issues and fights. I like the fact that for some reason people say you are popular. I like your hair long.

13- Love comes from within the heart and soul, which both know no color. Let’s love one another truly and fully, forget the anger, this world has already too much hate if you don’t believe me, go and check my jealous friends photos on my Whatsapp.

14- You are loved by a wonderful boyfriend. It's real love, the kind that builds you up, trusts and believes in you. The kind where they do all they can to see you happy. I know you are worthy of this love.

15- Love is blind; we fall in love with whom God intends us to be with. May we have a long, blessed, joy-filled lifetime together! Screw the haters and naysayers; they need to get a life of their own.

16- Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise because they are not a part of our relationship. It just the two of us and considering others isn't a part of it. A relationship is a mutual bond between two people not multiple.

17- I don’t understand what someone's color has to do with love. But as long as you love each other it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks.

18- I know you like to hunt in the forest, stalk prey, chase, prey, kill prey, eat prey, sleep for hours, wake up, take a long drink in the river along the bank, hang with your boyfriend, scare away any hunters with my long sharp teeth and loud roar, cuddle up to your poor boyfriend, I love climbing trees, and spent hours in the shade of a tree grooming with you.

19- Your blue eyed redheads are the rarest of all people, green eyed redheads, and the second rarest. As a green-eyed redhead, I have read that redheads are predisposed to fights and have a lower tolerance for love.

20- I like your imagination even if it sometimes makes you overly crazy when applied negatively. I like your hair now that you work with your natural curl rather than against it. You are considerate and caring. You maybe care too much and put yourself out there for other people, to your own detriment. I may be more cautious now but I feel you are still warm and hopeful at heart.

21- Me and my boyfriend may not look like we belong together, but I know we were meant to be together. He is so strong and the sweetest man I've ever met. I'm tired of being told I shouldn't be with a black man. I love him. That's all that should matter, not his skin color. He's my hero, and he's an American Soldier. He's everything and more.

22- I just want you to know that I may have ended up with someone that is the same race as I am and the opposite gender that I am but I've dated the complete opposite. Never let anyone judge you for being with someone that you're happy with.

23- We are very cute together; our recent selfie got 1500 likes on the Facebook. If you are happy that's all that matters. Don't let others steal our happiness.

24-  always say if you meet someone that makes you feel special and happy, they are a keeper race. We should have nothing to do with it.

25- Some people can't stand for others to be happy as they aren't. You just keep embracing your joy. Log out from your Whatsapp and meet me in real the world.

26- We both look like a great couple together. Who cares if it makes others upset, it's not their life to judge. Hope we have a great life together. And thank you for the cute little fights with me, you are truly appreciated.

27- Go with your heart. When you are given that one person that brings out the best in you, hang on for your life. Those chances don't come very often.

28- You just might surprise yourself by going back to work. I don't know your anger limit but work helps, it gives you a purpose, you have a routine. Are you able to speak with your supervisor and talk about the possibility of light duty so you can ease yourself back into the groove of it?

29- I can't stand people who judge others by their skin color. We are special and we all breathe the same air and have feelings. I'm sorry for you for being judged and sorry they say those hurtful things. You are handsome and all that matters is what's in your heart. Forget everyone else.

30- Don't doubt for a moment that we shouldn't be together. The heart knows what it wants and if you treat me well then everyone should stay out of our business.

31- It's funny how these other prejudice people have their mouths going but they’re the ones that want the darkest tan in the summer. Yup! It's jealousy.

Sometimes for whatever reason, it’s hard to forget or move on from certain people. I would suggest finding something you enjoy to take your mind off of him and to stop contacting him as it may be frightening to him and to be pursued so strongly. Work on doing things that bring you joy and in time, he'll be a distant memory and you'll feel better about you.  It's a hard lesson to learn, but you can't make someone love you! I hope you are able to move on from this with a healthy outlook.

I remember when I was younger I really liked this boy and we were really good friends but he joked around a lot with calling me names and making fun of me and my friends. I felt like I was too mature for him so we stopped being friends. 

A couple years later I was working as a waitress at a restaurant and he came eating and we talked for just a little bit. I gave him my number and he called and we talked a lot he told me that he teased me because he liked me and didn't know how to tell me or how to act. He told me sorry many times and we became friends again not boyfriend girlfriend because I already had a boyfriend and a baby but friends. We worked things out we still talk sometimes not a lot but he too now has a girlfriend and everything hot better for our friendship. If your boyfriend quit dating you, start asking random funny question on the Facebook.


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