Anxiety Recovery and Depression Quotes

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The following quotes will help you dealing with depression and social anxiety without medication or any kind of drugs. Social anxiety is a vast spreading issue of today’s worlds and these inspirational depression quotes will help you to release your tension. It's easy to understand people who go depressed in this world, first of all, we live in a crazy world and it influences people what goes around. Secondly, some of us are a bit less in Tune to cope with all of this social anxiety that goes around. I'd say the main reason for all this depression is parenthood and circumstances. Another thing is consciousness. The prison is in mind, it's now the smartest or the strongest that survive but the ones able to cope the most. We have two choices, we live in the world that is dead and dying or it's open and alive, sometimes we need an escape route to find the second option out of those two.

 You are born with natural intelligence, where you find answers to your questions that keep you curious of understanding everything that surrounds you. I have awakened person, not only through theories but also through a great amount of experience. Like they say it's like a splinter in your mind, either you have it or not, either you understand it and to the scale, your mind reaches how well you are in control of that power you have. One of the hardest things in life is to admit or understand you have mental issues. I know people who have pointed fingers on others while not releasing their own flaws. Self-consciousness can be learned. Delusions can be both positive and negative. Being blown off from reality while trying to be in tune with it is difficult! The below-listed depression isn’t your cure but definitely give you a great relief from your social anxiety and other problems and may define a perfect newline to your new life.

The target of these depression quotes about love and life are our teenage girls and guys who start living a depressed life after a breakup. The day the money won't dominate your mind the tease for feeling entitled to greater material goods will be the day you will be set free. Most of us are so hopelessly dependable we are afraid to fail while chasing a dream. In a long run being famous or having a lot won't make much off a difference. Chasing more money the entire life can be challenging for some, a motivation. But it's not always the answer because it keeps your mind wired on things that in a long run won't be the answer. It gives you a satisfaction of an "Accomplishment" that's the only award there is. Having both value and success is rare but possible. Distractions and the money can mislead a person money shouldn't be controlling you; you should be in charge of the money. Money is something that requires maturity to handle as when I was younger I was reckless with it, till to even at this point I feel like there is no point for me to put my entire time grinding money if my money management is flawed, I am not even interested in money these days. I have learned to see what it does, why it's in here and I feel better to lose my ambition over it, there is no sweat, no pressure. Money identifies who are you, which to me is just an illusion. A monopoly for those who find value through money! A lots of money Is only worth for one reason, investments and for an inheritance to make your children life a less depressed and give them an upper edge. There’s only a minor connection and difference between anxiety and depression, both shows instability of a normal mind, so let’s beat depression and anxiety with these helpful anti-depressant quotes and sayings.
Anxiety Recovery Quotes

Anxiety Recovery and Depression Quotes!

Social anxiety does reduce the ability to think and express but it also connects you enough with others to learn something from them while you find a common link between each other, it helps you to advance in understanding an average mindset.

If your reality is manipulated, how can you know for sure, that it's reality in the first place? It's just the reality you believed that is real. The reality is painful, that's why most people ignore it and escape from it.

I lived more adventuring and experienced life than most will live during their entire life span, I thought I was living wrong, but I actually lived it right.

I only want people in my life with Greater vision. I want people able to think outside of their own box. I want courage, I want sensation I want of understanding of the world that leads of the value of intelligence.

Don't be afraid to falling, be afraid of not living.

Sometimes we are so anxious, so anxious to be loved that we end up settling down in relationships that do not serve us. So anxious for job security that we end up spending years going back and forth to a job we hate. So anxious for peace of mind that we will ultimately find acceptance for the things in our lives that we once knew had no position in it. Perhaps we should do away with anxiety.
I keep feeling that everyone is watching me, and judging me. Then I start to act stupid because I'm concentrating too much about what they're thinking about me.

Multiculturalism doesn't work out for its desired potential. Humans are too different for that, there is always people out there ready to engage in warring, as human nature itself is selfish, ignorant and violent. The fear of it is also a good manipulation tool to use masses for selfish advantages for those who rule over them.

The world is not going to end, the cycle of old age is switching to new.

The world is the mean place, so look the best out of it, it won't get any better. As long as you have a choice, you might as well use it. The only thing we can do is to change ourselves.

Having higher brain chemistry is great in terms of able to think a lot, having hyperactivity and keep going for hours into something with passion the downside of this, however, is you need a stable course if the mind is racing like formula F1 if you don't have control over it. It will crash in flames, into pieces.

The best relief in life is to let the past go, focus on future and do not give any importance, it's a weight we, in fact, need to let go or it interferes our future. It's hard and sometimes we believe we can fix things, sometimes it's better to let go to be quiet and live your life that's why it's called the past, taking hold things back or the same people who either rejected you or there was a flaw, won't really work.

The sleeping pills are kicking in, pure medical freedom an escape of overthinking and being too conscious.

The best feeling in life is most likely all eyes and concentration for sensation. The second feeling is an accomplishment that you didn't believe that could become a reality.

Society, as a whole, is chock full of ignorant towards. I'll spread my messages. Whoever listens, that's great. Those who don't care to listen, that's on them! I never said they had to listen. They have the ability and freedom to walk away, just like I have the ability and freedom to speak out for my Wounded Warriors.

Empathy and Psychopaths attract one and another quite often. The old saying that the opposite attracts is real. Not the best loving combination either in a long run, what works out is your own kind.

Sometimes people feel without knowing, these days we call it intuition it magnetic but clairvoyance is a higher level of intuition.

Happiness is a mindset, look inside, and don’t wait for it from outside. I am cooking and it makes me joyful.

20 Stress Relieving Quotes!

  1. For everything that happens, has a link of connection of something you either are aware or you are not. The sub-conscious mind works this way. Most people aren't sub-conscious, but some are incredible visionaries. True power comes from self-consciousness. Most people live in some certain denial.
  2. Fear is what keeps people in order, it also that brings hatred, rejection and abandonment. Fear brings discipline as it lasts longer and its more powerful emotion than love. Love is considered weakness yet it is inner respected. Fear in between Hate has small distance what comes down to behavioral.
  3. The hardest thing to deal in life is the depression. Everything else is secondary.
  4. I have seen certain things that have changed around the society. There is more kindness than before but if you want a global change, it will never work, and human nature is way, way too twisted for that. Conformists are too blinded because they understand the order, which is important, but they do not understand exactly what they follow to see a big picture with hundreds of details in between throughout history up to this date.
  5. Feels good to be sober, bored but that's something I got to handle for now.
  6. If you want to see who people around you are, tell them you are crazy to even if you are, just make sure everybody knows that you are infected with depression, and then you start to see how the house of domino starts to fall.
  7. When people desire violence it usually means they live in some sort of quiet desperation of own problems, they desire blood to live out but the truth is, a happy person never uses violence. Violence always comes out of some kind of pain or ignorance.
  8. Smart people avoid conflicts and pain; stupid people are searching for it.
  9. For me, my biggest fear is talking in a crowd. But, if I am to help make a change, I'm going to have to overcome that fear at some point. Once I can conquer that fear, the rest is downhill. I just have a real hard time speaking in public. People make me extremely anxious and overwhelmingly terrified. In order to help my Warriors, I, myself must rise above all fears for their sakes.
  10. You can be crazy, but you also can be intelligent. Remember that.
  11. Most of us do not have any easy way out; we have to be very consistent of understanding what it takes where we live, what surrounds us and how to find the edge of surviving and focusing on getting a more satisfying life. What I’ve noticed as long as one is in the depression and anxiety provides to society, you will never make it. Able to have a good life you need to follow the common rules, remove bad habits and learn how to sacrifice.
  12. Depression is another tool of self-destruction, which robs you poor and eventually kills you, so somebody can fly with a private jet and smile what kind of stupid you are.
  13. People only hear what they want to hear, what suits go beyond that and you will see rejection the least, usually also hatred, if not out-blown it's there hidden ready to explode.
  14. Deception is as old as life. The beginning of deception is trusting in the wrong things.
  15. There is the certain thing going on with the energies of this world and people, if you stick yourself around with people with broken energies, you will feel worn out, you will feel like you've been stamped on the face. I do believe toxicity works through energies.
  16. There's is the only separation amongst society by anxiety. We are all the same just more in tune with the world and are very sensitive to it. Never in comparison, but more so general advice! With the continued encouragement of others around here, more will rise and take that same energy amongst others. The mind itself is already open, but things stand in the hallway of exploration. The biggest fear is to do something you don’t want to do. And that's the objective.
  17. We can possibly change or alter society's perception on us who have these illnesses, show that we are not dangerous, violent people, but we are people with deep feelings and thoughts, and we just want to be accepted among society as an equal, not a blemish.
  18. When you see those who seem to seek help and reject any form of support you offer, it's best to lay your words and walk away with your own peace. In knowing that there are some who choose to find their own way regardless of their wings are broken or not.
  19. Major depression is, in my opinion, the hardest thing to deal with as it's not even fatal, but it pretty much sweeps you off from the feet as you'd be paralyzed for the rest of your life in a black hole where staring at the light, but there is no way climbing out of it.
  20. Humans have enslaved themselves into anything they are dependable on. Even knowing what’s right people still have to live in what's wrong. For some that's normal, for some of us, this is depression, that's it. Depression you have to deal every day with.

My own developed technique to overcome anxiety in public:
I don’t know if this work for you, for years on meds I’ve been trying to develop my own way in order to overcome false delusion, anxiety, and negative thought. Well, I learned that the craziest of minds in our world were some of the most important people of the time. Even a lot of the poets that I admire! Crazy is a term made to diffuse a creative theory on your own. Anything that's outside of the guidelines they teach is considered crazy. You know what; I wouldn't go back and change this conversion if I could because it showed me a way I would have never accepted because of my own clouded judgment. An entity alters this that still lingers in my subconscious. The change will not arrive because it has arrived! We are it. This is our garden. And either we water our fellow plants or let them perish. And I won’t take the lateral. I don’t know what I am, but I sense that someone who looks or people think I'm something. And in intend to utilize it.

In fact, you can’t counter attack the delusion. Resisting it will make the delusion feel stronger right?
First you got to feel your body and mind at the present that’s my theory. When you’re walking in the crowd and you feel like anxiety or negative thinking, what to do? Well, the easiest thing to do is to HUMMING! Yes, it is, in the under pressure situation when the negative thought starts to slip in your mind you just need to put a positive thought inside your head with a little bit of MELODY. So you just need to combine the words and melody to create a little song in your head by doing it with HUMMING. Just make sure you don’t hum too loud. I find this works best for me and it’s the easiest way though but if this works for me then you might want to try it too.

Why had my method works?
Well, here, if I just repeatedly say monotone, for example "I’ll be all right, everything going to be alright" your mind just won’t take it smoothly because when you worry left side of your brain does the work but if you combine that words with melody, like you, say "I’ll be all right, everything going to be alright" with a little bit of melody then your right brain will be activated. You know what right and left brain do right? So if you humming or sing a little in your head, your delusion, anxiety or whatever it will be reduced and that’s the result of your right brain hemisphere.

To reduce anxiety attacks and depression, I will encourage you to follow these 4 basic steps:

1) Psych-drugs may help on the short-term. On the long-term, they cause terrible iatrogenic diseases, and it is then very difficult to come-off. Not impossible, but really difficult and painful. Maybe that you have a family doctor who knows some psychotherapists! It is not obvious and straightforward to find one, because a number are scared even more than you by psychosis and schizophrenia. But it is feasible, especially if you persist to find the one who will see you as a person.

2) Get psychotherapy to help you to go through schizophrenia. Indeed, schizophrenia is a short-term life crisis. Only ill-educated and incompetent psychiatrists pretend that it is a disability for life. Sadly, 99, 99% of them followed the same wrong courses. - And get yourself educated by learning more from survivors of psychiatry and who recovered from psychosis and schizophrenia. They know far better than all the psychiatrists of the world.

3) Once psychotherapy is on-going, then consider to come off psych-drugs slowly, at a rate of 10% per week, on the dose of the past week. Do not go too fast: your body needs to heal from the damages caused by the psych-drugs and that takes time. Thus, give your body the time it needs.

4) Once you came off psych-drugs, nearing the end or after the end, you may experience uneasiness, as apparently you already did. Due to confusion, given the chance, psychiatrists will pretend that it is a relapse and will be happy to re-drug you, even more than before. In fact, it is not a relapse: it is a sign that your body is re-adjusting to health, getting rid of the poison. If it happens, have a rest for a few days, and call your network of careers, helpers psychotherapists.

In past times, the people in serious threat were Academics. Writers, philosophers, professors, artists and so on, people with brain power to think critically to see beyond what they've been told, to question things is one of the first sign of intelligence. And the smart people with authority are dangerous to other people, while stupid and powerless are usually only dangerous to themselves. The strongest fear Authorities have is to lose their power, they'll make it sure, they do anything it takes to remain in power and inherit it into the families. A major threat will be just eliminated. Why don't you see a lot of famous people not speaking out their minds? Because having fame, you have support of listeners, you bend minds. It's dangerous for owns safety.

I've done that mistakes as millions of others, keep away from social engineers. Like surround yourself with people who are uplift instead of dragging you down. Most people aren't worth your time. In a pit bottom right now but I know I will come out of it once again. I will make it; I refuse to go down without a fight. I won't be helpless as in believing what society tells me of who I am. I know what I am and what I have done and no man can judge me. It requires effort it requires the will to stay in course; I thought I was in the rock bottom before. I was not, I am now...there is nothing more powerful than a change of mind without it, and you will never raise your capability of being that who you want to be. I personally want to do things that go beyond the Cattle behavior that 90% of society does. Being social does not mean I have to go out party every Friday. We make our own reality. And my reality requires peace of mind; it requires finding Enlightenment through the Darkness.

Learn to let go everything that you fear to lose. Let me tell you something the last few years have been incredibly difficult. One of the reasons is once you get older your awareness rises of understanding your past; you also have to deal with reality and people. I had a fear of being totally alone but I don't have it anymore, I rather attract people but that's not my goal. As I attract people who are facing depression or are there out for possible harms and are influenced by something more then we clearly understand. Normal, stereotype people live their lives and are rather afraid of what they do not understand. Most of my life has been an experience of experiments. I have taken great experiments around people to understand them better. I have acted to be crazier than I am and there is nothing more fearful then depression if you don't understand it. What is frustrating is the pressure family puts on you to get well so they can feel better which usually gives you more anxiety and not want to see them. Saying things like "i know you will overcome this" when it's a chronic lifelong disease. go out, make friends, brush your hair, buy new clothes, smile, wear some make up. These things are so superficial. And there is a lot more going on at the root of these things that a simple layer of new white wash paint doesn't fix that we are trying to deal with all the time. at the same time you can't get mad at them because how the hell are they supposed to know what it feels like to suffer from this illness, the circles and dark places our minds goes thru all day. But it's the equivalent of someone telling a paraplegic to try to exercise, get better, i know you'll be able to run a marathon in no time, just try to stand up and look strong.

People who are suffering from depression and awkward feelings should freely share with us. Remember you are not the only one who are suffering alone.There must be rays of hope with in dark. As many people in this world are dealing with deep depression who experienced things alike you and tried to overcome those with ideas. Don’t let yourself be alone instead sharing. Join your hands with the anxiety chain.


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