How to Overcome Anxiety during Job Interview

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Are you a bipolar and also suffering from anxiety and you are going for a major job interview, here are some useful tips how you overcome your anxiety attacks and show good behavior. Effective Therapeutic Mentorship, leading to quick and effective resolution of distressful habitual ways of thinking, processing and believing, (all free choices of each individual) which support continuing to experience and to hold onto the trauma, rather than say, being thankful for surviving the ordeal, and being able to still live, exist, and to have another shot at life and love. It's most assuredly all about choice of belief, and self-talk, how any individual continues to effectively swim in the river of life, (present tense,) and do so happy to have the opportunity in spite of trauma, OR to habitually demonstrate the choice of, for one’s own reason, to distress about, having been exposed to such trauma. Emotional well-being is an issue of emotional maturity, that one is rightfully free to avoid, or to dare to explore embracing.

Symptoms and behavior of emotional distress!

     Overcome Anxiety during Job Interview

    • The choice to choose to change, to adopt more useful self-talk, and beliefs, depends on the individual. Sometimes it takes years of avoidance daring to embrace responsibility for the quality of one’s emotional life.
    • Mainstream psychiatry most commonly does little towards encouraging and supporting individuals towards exploring and discovering the simple dynamic of freedom of choice, in how one habitually self-talk with oneself, and the quality of beliefs one habitually uses. Choosing to do them emotionally, more effectively.
    • Most are content with the convenience of picking drugs out, like a needle in a haystack to apply to unique individuals, from their DSM drugging instruction manual, towards facilitating individuals in chemically straitjacketing oneself, suggesting that’s it. Live with it. Most Dr's have no clue and accept the notion of incurability and biochemical imbalance, or genetics being the cause, instead of the outcome of simple emotional immaturity.

    Tips to Overcome Anxiety during Interview!

    If the depression is because you have an enormous emotional intellect and can see through society's band aids, how will this help? If the depression is from a damaged thyroid from fluoridated water, how will this help? If the depression is from being bullied in the workplace by your boss and/or colleagues, how will this help? Allostatic load from environmental factors can be added from changing your thoughts but also exercise and nutrition can reduce allostatic overload so a combination of a healthy lifestyle is important. If ever you feel the need for support with emotional distress, confusion, fear, (all the symptoms, behavior that come from that simple equation) Know that you can rely on us, and like-minded individuals, who're only aim is to facilitate each in sorting everything out for themselves, not beating people down with drugs or telling one what to do. You are the master of one you are an awesomely creative and free individual.
     overcome interview nerves

    How to Overcome Post Job Interview Anxiety!

    1. Have faith and believe in yourself first and foremost. Practice what you know is the important aspects of the position you're applying for. Be yourself. Control your breathing and your posturing. And be yourself. Now none of this is very hard.
    2. Simply find and connect with an experienced effective accredited therapeutic mentor towards improving the quality of yourself talk, thoughts, and beliefs It is not rocket science, complicated, difficult or unpleasant, to come to realize one's inherent freedom.
    3. Always try to center yourself by doing things like breathing exercises before you go into a stressful situation.
    4. You can't change others, you can only influence them, they have to want to change for themselves and you can support that.
    5. Sometimes in life, we'll find things we don't like to do, but we have to do it. Like it or not, ready or not, always be prepared! Deal with it! Challenge yourself enough to make progress. It's not about perfection, but progress.
    6. Belief in how best to take care of yourself and your excitement at allowing themselves to be so aware, and turned on, by the abundance of stimuli which surrounds you constantly.
    7. Focus on what you're doing and stop giving attention to what others who are not part of your plan are doing.
    8. Remove all distractions and consistently do the work and stop caring about what other people do and do yours. When you're ready to change your life, you'll change. If not, be prepared for things to stay the same.
    9. Sabotage, Ego, Distractions and lack of personal development will destroy your interview. Make sure you recognize them before they kill your job interview.
    10. Always keep in mind that the first step to success is more than just being around the right people. It’s about discovering you first. It’s all about knowing who you are.
    11. Start practicing control over your emotions. Learn to process emotions in a healthy manner and then decide upon an appropriate response to those emotions if necessary.
    12. Never give up, there is no time, like the 'Present' Wait if you want, here today, gone tomorrow, least one grabs it now, rather than waiting.
    The emotional distress experienced by avoiding accepting that one is simply engaging in unfocused often confusing, conflicting ideas as to what to do about the emotions one might be experiencing, can creatively snowball, becoming quite an amazing avalanche of thinking one seeks to escape from, merely by creatively make believing they have to be coming from somewhere other than oneself. May that anyone, everyone, experiencing this phenomenon of emotional distressful thinking habits, and their creative imagination, discover their complete recovery which is entirely possible, simply, pleasurably, with an accredited, skilled, experienced therapeutic or life coach.

    10 ways to overcome job interview fear for everyone!
    • Treat Yourself Well physically and emotionally
    • Be confident about your success
    • Reduce stressors unrelated to the actual interview
    • Research your potential employer. Prepare answers to common questions.
    • Don't Succumb to Pressure and kick out all negative thinking’s
    • Realize the truth that interviews are a two-way street
    • Find a way to release anxious energy that no one will notice
    • Don’t answer questions immediately and take your time
    • Be sure to bring all important documents you need during an interview
    • Congratulate yourself afterward for taking the chance of this interview
    The actual cure from any of these symptoms of distress resides within each and every individual, (barring any ACTUAL Damage of your computer like a brain). We do possess the freedom, ability that comes with embracing responsibility for the emotional processing we engage ourselves in. One of my best attributes is the ability to take criticism and dialogue without making it emotional. You can feel passion about things and should be able to discuss issues without taking things personally. When we become aware humans, we know clearly when our actions are off and when we are ignoring the truth.

    Your success is as sustainable as its Source! 
    If your success comes from the wrong source, your success will be short lived! If your success is based on what people think or say about you, when they change their mind about you, (as they usually do) your success goes. Your talent can take you where your character may not be able to keep you, we definitely can't rely on our abilities alone for sustainable success. You can't believe your way out of the problems that were created by patterns. The problem is the pattern you've been following for years. You can tell the reasons for people's problems if you look at their pattern, if you want a different result to your issues, check the pattern of your life and change it!  Begin following a different but positive pattern that may take you some getting used to but will give you the results you desire. We are afraid to step out of our comfort zone even when it's causing all our predicaments but change one thing you repeatedly do in the week to come and see the changes you'll experience!

    No matter how much you lose, what you're left with is always going to be enough to take you to the next leg of the relay. Sometimes willpower is no match for the power of the God within us, tap into his power and you will be surprised to learn what you can get over, overcome and conquer! One moment of receiving from God outweighs a lifetime of sorrows. Even after being repeatedly rejected, you must know that rejection is not a dead end; it's a redirection pulling you closer to where you were destined to be.

    Let us also not forget that DNA is not written in stone or how one learns to react to how we are brought up, or are exposed to, how we learn to emotionalize anything that happens to us It is the blueprint, that we control, and can personally manipulate. Realizing this freedom, and potential is the most important part of the dynamic of actual success in any anxiety free job interview.


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