Cool Naughty Whatsapp Status Messages

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Hi friends pick up some really cool and naughty Whatsapp status ideas for your today’s Whatsapp message to the world. I put up here dozens of funny and bit naught Whatsapp status messages because my friends forced me to create a Whatsapp account to give you laughs and giggles. Because they knew how resolutely courageous I am. I'm fearless in what I say. Maybe I should keep my fatuous genuineness elsewhere, but I'll remain here because I've grew a connection with y'all, like an umbilical cord. But yeah, I don't mean to insult any of ya'll. Remember, everything I say is a joke. I just like to make people laugh, that's all. I Love you, Whatsapp friends.

Naughty Whatsapp Statuses

Naughty Whatsapp Statuses!

Nothing worse than wanting something to happen that you know won't happen, especially when it was just happening the day before!

Sometimes people think they've won a debate with me because I stop responding, but in reality I just hate arguing for free.

Only 53% of women believe they are financially prepared to live to age 75, and only 32% of women say they have enough to live until 95.

I can understand being a freak, but be a freak for your significant other. Not the rest of the world.

I am trying to save up enough romance for you to one day I afford to say I love you..

She is literally everything I could ever ask for in a girlfriend. She's faithful, loyal, tells me if any guy who tries to hit on her on Whatsapp and she immediately blocks them without hesitation. Call me cheesy or whatever for admitting that I care so much about her in such a short amount of time, but we're not going to let anybody interfere with our relationship.

In & Out Burger restaurants are always the hardest to run in and out of.

I saw various decent females who getting into in their 50's but still cannot leave the habit of walk around in high heels and it look like they have shoes on the wrong feet’s.

Happy whatever you're celebrating today! Doesn't really matter if you celebrate your birthday or not, another day of Positivity and happiness is always needed so enjoy.

It's a naughty twist of luck that the most decent, adorable and smart guy, often stay away from the most beautiful girls on the Whatsapp.

I wish I could take my brain out and put it to the side before I get in bed every night so that thoughts won't be able to keep me up.

One of my dreams is to travel the world, not so I can tour around and waste time, but I want to see how EVERYONE lives. Who am I to say that Whatsapp is a dumb place, or that haters need to be run over?

I am thinking about making a new Facebook page. I'm tired of seeing drama, fight videos, and other nonsense every time I log on and I have so many people in my friends list that it would take forever to go through.

Sorry but the fact you avail about 30 minutes to find out a perfect crush online love test and post the end results to Whatsapp status clearly shows you're an idiot.

The mode I hug my ex girlfriend in park today is certainly going to show the way to my arrest.

Those statistics make me sick. However, I've been saying most of this stuff for months. I cut out Facebook and replaced it with Whatsapp and I feel so much better.

I don't understand these endless, pointless rivalry jokes between Toyota and Honda. A car is always a car. A truck is always truck. I own a Ford Mustang and proud. You guys are pathetically funny.

I am sorry to say but, your stupid selfies that looks like Lady Gaga meme is making everyone on Whatsapp uncomfortable.

I love seeing all these idiots saying things on their Whatsapp statuses like “I am so cute” to the people who are upset.

I hate overly preachy tantalizing on Facebook but those are my thoughts at the moment, they're free and you didn't have to read this far if it was real.

Sorry my face is in such a state that I say no to show it on Whatsapp because I'm scared it'll put all my ex girlfriends to shame.

I actually highly dislike the Facebook and most people are idiots who believe everything they hear there. But guess what? It’s still better than Whatsapp.

I cannot even express how deeply sick of the Whatsapp I am. I may block people until they get over their excitement.

Facebook should have a lie detector app that would flag all the stupid people put on here. I can’t believe that everyone a pathological liar?

Just because they don’t have the balls to do it doesn't mean I should baby them. That’s how girls learn ignoring me or that's the idea at least.

Being born in the 90's is really weird and cool because we were the first generation (of children, anyway) to be introduced to technology, but we still had a childhood playing outside on our bicycles. Like my whole street used to be filled with kids doing kart wheels and playing together and I know I sound like a grandma, but don't get me wrong...I love the internet and Iphone but when I look at my brother I can't help but think we were the last.

I'm so sick of seeing bullying, harassment, fighting, videos of fights, and immature threats all over my Whatsapp. Every time I log on, someone feels the need to post their personal dramas and their problems with others all over the Whatsapp it doesn't make you look hard or cool, and it most certainly isn't cute. It's immature, it's unneeded, and it's dumb. If you have nothing cool or real naughty to say, don't say it at all and most certainly don't post it on your Whatsapp status for everyone to become involved.


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