Inspirational Quotes That Give You Hope

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Are you looking for cute love quotes that give you hope? These inspirational words about faith, hope and love will bring you out from the darkness of disappointment and you may turn into a true believer of one God.

hope for love quotes

In life, sometimes people encounter undesirable circumstances, which are repeated or new, and it makes them feel uncomfortable. Whenever we face these situations, people usually try to hard to recover so they can be happy. I think that, as time goes by, people can become mature and wiser from various experiences. Therefore, I hope that we will have the skills to regain our happiness quickly and be flexible in responding when unpleasant situations occur.

never lose hope quotes

Love quotes that give you hope!

  1. It is so sad that we look for the negative. None of us are perfect and none of us do everything right. Let us look for the good.
  2. They say love is patient; love is kind, love never ends, but it does play with your mind. Some have faith, some hope for a love that is true, but the greatest of these has always loved you.
  3. Life has challenges but don't make a mistake to lose a hope. If you face challenges, don’t put your hope into people just prayed to God.
  4. Never lose hope, Never give up on your faith, and Never stop believing in your dreams because miracles do happen; you just need to believe in yourself and trust in God.
  5. Dear God, if one day I lose hope and goal, give me the confidence that your destiny better than everything I want and everything I dreamed of.
  6. Someone will lose spirit when he did not believe that there is hope.
  7. A true friend gives hope when life is low. A friend is a place where you can go and get peace in bad moments. so never lose hope!
  8. Everyone always dreams about living a meaningful and productive life rather than a meaningless life. Hope for the best is only motivation through which people can build their beautiful lives.
  9. It’s a long hard road but I am ready to ride on it. My shoulders are strong, my hands are strong and full of talents and my head is high, God gives me life and there is a hope.
  10. Life is a test; some get it easy and learn nothing. Some people get big failures, but learn everything.
  11. The greatest blessings always come from the hardest time in our life. Find that ray of hope and make sure that you will overcome.
  12. A river cuts the rocks not because of its power, but because it keeps going on remembrance, never loses the hope. Defend and face the challenges to increase the courage, keep moving towards your target, to say the word that this is your year to shine.
  13. There is only one thing that keeps us float & that is hope. No matter how tough life becomes & how many difficulties we face, we should not give up. Hope is the only thing we have, when everything seems to be against us. Yes, we may lose everything we had but let’s not lose the hope.
  14. When going through hard times, do not lose hope; you will achieve your goal because certain bad luck is actually a blessing in disguise.
  15. Yes, life can sometimes throw up stones from all angles, it can make you forget to breathe, but never lose hope, pray continually, keep your head high, refuse to worry or panic attacks, we will make it thru, so be a strong woman.
  16. Cheers to the singles, pray that we may never lose hope that someday we will find our heart's one true love! And to all those, whose hearts are already taken, enjoy while it lasts.
  17. The strongest steel must pass through the hottest fire, so don't be surprised at the fiery trials that will come your way as something strange, we need some fire up in our lives, it tries our faith to see what we made.
  18. Don't lose faith or hope for they are your strongest allies and remember out there in the world someone does love you and need you. So find the will, strength, faith, hope and love deep inside yourself to carry on and don't give into despair.
  19. A mother feeds her baby, provides shelter and protects. A mother does not put obstacles of any harm in the baby's way so the baby will look up and notice who you are, she loves her baby without any expectation for that baby to show faith, hope and trust. A mother just gives the love that is needed.
  20. Roses are red, violets are blue. Love is kind so are you. You are special and on this day I wish you health, wealth, happiness, peace, hope, faith above all love always.
  21. Love is the single most important thing you can have. So share and let your heart shine today.
  22. When I grow old, I hope I would have some wrinkled hands holding mine in faith and trust and walking by my side, towards the end of the journey of my life, rather than having to deal with memories of some lost love in my heart.
  23. God has an everlasting insurance plan for those who qualify. Wreck your spirit He'll replace it with hope. Crush your soul and He'll restore it with a lifetime warranty. Total your faiths He'll buy it back at any price, so stay encourage.

With our faith and hope set on God, we can live more courageously day by day. We are not excused from life's difficulties and sorrows, but we trust God will get us through them.


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