Tragedy of Cruel Elephants Training For Circus

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Most of us really like to enjoy each and every bit of circus and elephants show is our favorite part, but do you ever think about the cruel training for these pity elephants? I had planned to let the Elephants speak for themselves with their bellows of pain as they’re beaten into submission as routine training but was told I couldn't play the video. So I will try to speak for them.
cruel elephant training

I have come here today to ask that you seriously consider banning circuses that use animals or at the very least ban the use of the bull hook, whips and chains. First let me inspire you to take that leadership role to step up to the plate and do the right thing with this bit of shocking news. China, a country known for widespread animal cruelty that at times seems to know no bounds has taken the unprecedented step by banning all circuses that use animals. Let me say that again, China has mandated an end to animal circuses and has warned its zoos to stop the abuse. Now if China can see how horribly abusive and cruel animal circuses are certainly we here in America and Palm Beach County can agree that the time for animal use in circuses is over.

Despite what you may have heard from the circus industry there is no government agency in the US that monitors the animal training in circuses. When the USDA does get around to checking on conditions most times things have been cleaned up and quite frankly they have been slow to investigate or prosecute until recently. Last week the  USDA fined Ringling Brothers  $270,000 for  violating federal animal-welfare laws in its handling of elephants, tigers, zebras and other exotic animals.

Both Ringling Brothers and Cole Brothers have a long sordid history when it comes to both animal abuse and child abuse. Both have a long criminal and cruelty history ranging from petty larceny to stabbings, choking’s, beatings and more perpetrated on people along with all the animal welfare violations such as beatings with bull hooks, chains, whips, lack of food and water or veterinary care, improper handling of wild animals, unsanitary feeding practices, failure to test elephants for tuberculosis, deaths due to untreated disease, exhaustion, drowning and heat exposure. I could list all these violations one by one but you get the picture.  As a point of reference in April 19, 2005 Ringling head animal trainer Sasha Houcke was charged with assaulting his daughter by choking and punching her in front of two witnesses and pleaded guilty to the charge.

This is what goes on under the big top from the head trainer on down to the part time workers. None of these workers are given background checks; they can’t be because that would make the companies that hire them liable for any criminal charges brought against them.  When you support the circus this is what you’re supporting plain and simple. You’re saying you’re not bothered by the animal cruelty, criminal records or fraudulent statements of care and concern made by the people that run the circus. Of course they will say that this is how they make money so they have a vested interest in keeping the public removed from the truth. So take the blinders off and don’t be fooled. Then ask yourself this question - just what type of person runs away with the circus? Only someone with something to hide! This is how all elephants are trained in every circus that uses animals the world over. It’s a fact.


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