Good Ideas for Instagram Bios

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You can make super good Instagram bios by posting these cute and funny quotes on your IG. I am so frustrated with angry people on Instagram attacking one group of people through their clever bios. Let people be. No reason to attack someone because they practice something different, or because they are different. There is no reason to automatically assume someone is conservative/liberal that they are a certain way. To say just be one is funny that they are evil is beyond ignorant. No need to say something like, "all cops are bad" or all "guys are cheaters" or "all girls love selfies" You are putting a large group of people into one category. All whites are not one way, all blacks are not another. Everyone pretty much knows this, and would consider someone ignorant to say otherwise. Why is it all of a sudden acceptable to put a religion, or a job, or a hobby into a category and say they are a certain way?

Good Instagram bios quote!

Instagram bio ideas

  1. Discovering what you love just a trace of attention and testing. When you discover the most significant person of your life, you will make every best attempt to do your best and maintain the relationship.

  1. If you put positive into the universe, the universe responds in kind. So many people today are wrapped up in themselves and their misery and wonder why it keeps happening. It's simple to change. When you show a little kindness it goes a long way to making your life enjoyable.

  1. One should enjoy their life as your life is where you are. To be envious of others life is not living your own.

  1. People treat you like whatever, but God will make things work in your favor. If a person does not mind hurting you so easily just forget it especially if that is all they can speak unto you. No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper.

  1. We are what we think, right? Finding joy, happiness, excitement...think it, believe it, and it will be. Being mindful of each moment is so incredibly important.

  1. We are all on a journey to find our dreams. We are all together in this process. Lend a hand, show support, encourage each other, share in the triumphs and help soothe the mistakes.

  1. Do you feel like every day is a learning experience? Are you open to new information and able to embrace it? Keep an open mind; look for knowledge and understanding in all you do. Have an awesome day everyone.

  1. When you moving forward don't allow yourself to be weighed down by those who refuse to understand the theme of your walk! It takes giving up certain things in order to live the life that God has for us.

  1. It can be a simple as sharing a smile with someone, liking a post, speaking gently to a loved one, thinking positively and letting that Positivity be reflected in your actions. Wishing you an awesome day!

  1. Walk off where you are confronted and loved, not where you are jaded and unnoticed.

  1. You cannot stop God, therefore you can't stop people. When you try to hold people back -you get in the way of God, therefore do your part. Lift up praise when someone is blessed, because God is blessing you.

  1. Life isn't fair, life will never be fair. There will be many times in our life where we will be given the short stick in the draw. What makes the difference is what you decide to do with the hand that's dealt. Are you going to complain about it or do something about it? It is up to you to make that decision.

  1. When you judge someone without even giving them a chance, you aren't defining them, you are defining yourself.

  1. Life is meant to teach you and test you, the results are like this, you pass, you fail or you end up learning a valuable lesson.

  1. We need not look back. Our lives are in front of us, and the greatness that we find within can be shared if only we allow ourselves to think past ourselves!

  1. There is not much you can do without faith & placing your trust in God. Most people believe that it is in their power that they accomplish, however it is God's abounding grace that we do all that we do. Place your faith & hope in God & watch His blessings just pour miracles into your life.

  1. The secret to changing your mind and attracting positive things to you is to first focus on the good things that are happening around you and become thankful for them.

  1. Just because someone stands behind you doesn't mean that have your back! Know your clan.

  1. What you do for yourself will perish with you, What you do for other will live forever.

  1. Life is not sprint it’s a marathon and always remember that the first to Depart is not always the first to arrive.

  1. If you can conceive something believe in whatever it is with all you can. Then you will receive it.

Sometimes the same people, who hand you an umbrella when it rains, could also be the same people who help to create those storms in your life. Be careful who you let into your life and into your heart. Everyone isn't meant to support your dreams and share your vision. Instagram is not a plan or purpose of your life, but you can write your life lines and beautiful quotes for cute friends on your Instagram bios.


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