Funny Posters and Slogans for Facebook

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Funny Slogans

 A Company slogan is one of the most important elements that help to build the uniqueness of the company. A good slogan must be a versatile, meaningful, creative and memorable that customer can easily remember. A company slogan and logo both play an important role to suggest, where the company or business is going, what is its policy and values.

An advertising slogan is the password to attract customer’s concentration to the company or to its specific service or product.
Facebook funny poster

Catchy Slogan Ideas:

  • We got you covered everywhere.
  • We are promoting success after your every fear.
  • Cry & cry until you win.
  • Don’t do the same mistake.
  • Leave life to the fullest.
  • Never look back & learn to appreciate.
  • Be yourself before you choose your friends.
  • I first then the rest!
  • My ego at the peak!
  • Stories first, facts a distant second
  • We’re not making any links, we are simply implying them.
  • We are just being polite even for strangers.
  • Don’t accept anything less than you deserve
  • Nothing is like a good food after a good work.
  • Stay tune forever
  • You dream it, we steal it!
  • It just makes logic!
  • Delete your worries!
  • Educate the world how to treat you

There are 5 things that every customer wants to see in any product or service, so always keep these five things in your mind before you choose a slogan.
  1. Something free or an extra bonus
  2. Something trendy or totally new idea
  3. Quick response or feedback from the company
  4. Discount, discount and more discounts
  5. Standard and quality 

Funny slogans:

  • We are open 24/7 like your mouth.
  • If you haven’t had a crush on our brand, you're lying to yourself and the whole world.
  • If you love truly, you will die daily.
  • If you flirt nicely, you will enjoy daily
  • Stay cool! Live single!
  • Top 12 Funny Slogans for Student Council:

The following funny campaign slogans ideas for student council may help you to be elected as president or vice president of your class.
  1. Vote me or get lost with your fake identities.
  2. Who says, I am not the best? Oh Devil
  3. I know what you want in the summer, vote for me.
  4. I swear I am not a smuggler, so what is the problem?
  5. Is there no room for wise leaders?
  6. I am not a silly fan of Justin Bieber but I am your friend, let me prove it.
  7. Student council elections without me are like night without stars.
  8. Hurry up; I cannot wait for my victory.
  9. Keep calm and follow me.
  10. Shut up and vote for me.
  11. Vote for me and I will be your Superman.
  12. The future of a great future US president is in your hands, vote for me.


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