Funny Attitude Quotes for Whatsapp Status

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Do you urgently require a funny quote or a short attitude status for Whatsapp or Facebook? Don’t worry here you will get a brand new collection of funny attitude statuses ideas for sober girls, bad guys and straight people. I just want to inform all the females that when you on Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook your private photos, just remember that there are young boys, young girls, and other females husbands who may learn something wrong from your bad attitude. There are also Moms who are teaching their daughters self respect and their sons what respect looks like. We all should be accountable, including those who click like. Respect yourself. You don’t have to be half dressed on Whatsapp or Instagram to get attention.
Funny Whatsapp Status

Funny Attitude Whatsapp Statuses!

To Whom It May Concern; when you post a picture of you studying or picture of your books to show us that you are studying please don't forget to also take a picture of your script the next week when you get your results.

Don't call me and ask me for anything if you can't even call to see if I'm alive.

If you buy butter with benefits and use toothpaste with benefits, why wouldn't you drink coffee with benefits?

My feet, they're everywhere I want to be and take me only where I want to go!

I've been called "mean" a lot over the years. I'm not mean at all. I believe the word that fits is: Unbothered.

When you chase you hiss, when you hiss you miss, when you miss you mess, and when you mess you shhh! Amazingly, nothing is as interesting as chasing to a girl.

It is impossible to take or get back what was never yours to begin with, but is certainly entertaining to sit back and watch them try and fail.

You want to converse, have something to talk about. You want to debate, have something to say. By something, I don't mean anything.

I can stand almost all faults in a woman, but not shallowness, stupidity, ungodliness, and indecisiveness.

Mark Zuckerberg, who told you we weren't eating, sweating, and fighting before you brought your Facebook to waste our time and dwindle our productivity? Switch it off and see if we, peoples who are used too much worse conditions than making friends we do not even know will be extinct. Do you know that even teargas no longer affects us? Go on, do it and we die at once. You would have saved us from your modern ways.

I know that I'm a piece of work. But hey, I'm consistent.

Hail Everyone! People who never give up on me and always stand beside during my stupid activities, I appreciate your presence.

Women are supposed to be like butterflies, cute and hard to catch. But instead, some of you want to be like roaches, irritating n in every dude bed.

I enjoy playing with words and spreading them. What I post on my status isn’t always a reflection of my life, its insight on my thoughts of what I know, what I've learned or what I am currently witnessing or have witnessed. Consider it my pleasure to drop gems.

You want others to follow what you cannot implement on your own.

You can do anything as long as you don't count yourself out of the equation.

Are you an idle gossip? Have you run short of what to gossip about? I am bringing something fresh for you in a few minutes.

So it is actually possible to spend the entire weekend on a sober head. No intoxicants but, reading, movies, visiting family, the sick, prisoners, and needy. This should go on and on and on. This is an admirable road to walk on.

I might start sending Facebook game requests to the people who always send me game requests of games they don't like or don't play. Then maybe they might just see how annoying it is.

If you post personal things on Whatsapp or Facebook regarding your personal attitude than don't be surprised when people that care about you reaches out to be there for you. If you want things to be private keep them private.


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