College Survival Kit Ideas for Guys

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Every guy needs some cute ideas for high school graduate or college survival kit, on this page you will discover all the necessary items you need to become a super student or freshman of the year. We all want to have the things we want. It’s a natural effect that triggers your mind to admire something, get hooked, daydream and eventually obsess about it, but it isn't easy to satisfy. I am talking about wicked gadgets that make you feel like batman or some kind of CIA secret agent with all those bad-ass gadgets. We may not have a portable quantum super computer, an invisible suit, super shades or inceptions portable dream-in-an-instant machine but at least it’s OK to drool over gadgets that is available in the market.
College Survival Kit

we drool even more when we reach college, Seeing people with all their laptops and updated cell phones... you start wondering, what are the things that would really complete my college and years beyond (aside from friends and families of course) behold my personal survival kit.

Laptop or Tablets:
The Alien Ware M11x Gaming Laptop, In other words, a bad-ass computer laptop that will even make your laptop look like a pocket calculator and make your desktop PC doubt its very existence. The "weakest" of its series (M15x and M17X), it still boast great amounts of memory and stunning visual clarity that enables video gaming while not sacrificing battery life. You can personalize it to the extent that you are able to change the lighting colors and sounds....It also has a titanium plaque to assure you that your are holding an alien gaming machine. Its every game’s dream and wait there’s more..... It acts as your own Head Quarters, Acting as your 11" HD, Personalized Gaming and Office Laptop Capable of going head to head with Desktops. Oh yeah.... its trademarked tag line?

The Samsung Galaxy, It’s not really the hype right now. In a world "obsessed" with the touch screen cellular phones, I dared to be different. Although a little left behind, the Galaxy simplicity appealed to me... The Ginger bird series did bring up the Mode Shift technology that changes the keypad into a different mode in a push of a button. Although it can't par with the Iphone or other "futuristic" phones, it is still able to capture photos and videos with its 15.1 megapixel camera. It has Stereos speakers for surround sound, 40 GB internal memory and up to 200 GB external memory for music and videos. Over 400 hours standby time and the calls are Crystal clear, simple, yet smart.

I am using Samsung Galaxy Gear; I am a guy who never leaves the house without a watch on my left hand. So it’s only normal for me to "desire" a watch and this thing is one of those "desired". Here read for yourself:

Handheld Gaming
PSP or PSPgo, I don't have to explain further just know that the PSPgo is smaller and has its own internal memory, about 16GB. I bet you already know that.

Portable Music:
The IPOD is also a great and innovative mp3 player. The IPOD can be a little better than this gizmo. Why did I choose this? I wanted to be different because I think the IPOD isn't the only great MP3 player out there and besides the walk-man is the original portable music player. The Walkman X series is a touch screen interface music player that has a memory capacity of 16 to 32 GB. The sound is damn clear and it has noise cancellation ability. It has 33 hours playback time and has a web browser. It is a great alternative for the IPod touch.

I got SONY ALPHA A-390. If i am going to dream of camera, I won’t limit myself to point and shoot cameras. I'll dream of DSLRs. And when I think of DSLRs, I think of this baby. It has all of the other DSLR's capabilities. Only better and sexier! It has 14.2 megapixels and its lens can be interchangeable (duh?). The Canon HV20, This one is damn expensive but is probably the best camcorder out there. Great quality, great battery, great image control features, great assist features, great camcorder. Its sounds great for camcorder released last 2007. Great for newbie’s too.... just don't put it under water.
The Kodak Play sport Zx3. Big things come from small packages. This gadget takes this belief seriously. The Zx3 is a small full 1080p HD video and still image recorder. It has a glare filter and a face tracker. It also has slow-motion playback and damn water proof.... Heard of any HD cameras that is this small and can record underwater?

Gaming Console:
I have The Xbox 360 with the Upcoming Kinect. This is a slim version of the 360 with sexier curves than your girlfriend. It has Stunning visuals that will keep your eyes away from your girlfriend. All the more reasons your girlfriend can get jealous of it. Aside from the physical concept changes, nothing much is new and its just a sexy 360. The Kinect however will make the Nintendo Wii obsolete. Kinect is a motion controller, and when i say motion, i say motion. You will control video games without any joysticks unlike the Wii. It will rely on its camera to scan your movements and transfer it to the Xbox and unto the screen. Kinect could be another giant leap forward and i want one.

How about you? What’s on your list?


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