25 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl on Facebook

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Ask serious questions on the Facebook status and you see girls stroll on by as if you said nothing at all. Ask some funny questions and they'll feed off it for days to come. You could also ask these weird questions to your girlfriend by inbox her, or go it viral for all the girls in your FB circle, hope you will get a lot of likes and comments after starting this game.

Do you ever have those moments when everything seems funny, but no one gets your humor? And in spite of their straight faces, the giggles will not cease? In fact, the more serious they look the funnier it becomes. And you feel like you did when you were a little kid and your mom would tell you to stop laughing and be quiet, but the more you tried the harder it was to suppress your giggles? That is a very strange place to be when you’re a grandma now and the role has reversed! When I was a kid at that moment I wanted to tell my mom to lighten up! Hey, kids lighten up! Life is too short to take it so seriously. If you want something to happen you must take action. Start somewhere, anywhere, but most importantly start doing something. Talking never got anyone anywhere; it was by action that things happened. So, if you are going to talk about it, then be about it. Get up, get out, and do something; don't let the days of your life pass you by get up, get out, and get something; how will you make it if you never even try.

Serious talks all the time weaken our relationships and make our love bonds ineffective by causing us to become double-minded. You overcome strongholds by allowing your girlfriend words to be the final authority. Sometimes a fun word will expose our hearts, bring us to repentance, lead us to excitement, and recognize and resist hater’s schemes against us. If you don't like yourself don't expect someone else too. It’s called self-esteem. If you can’t see yourself dating you don’t expect someone else too either. Like You must be showing him how loud you burp. A little fun in love will draw near to us, haters will flee from us, the clouds of deception and blindness will dispel, and the walls of broken hearts strongholds will come down.
funny questions to ask a girl

25 cool questions to ask girls on the Facebook!

  1. Name three scary movies; you laughed too much.
  2. What is your confession you want to share only with me?
  3. Could you jump for me from the Eiffel Tower?
  4. What is your grandma pet name?
  5. Do you ever clean your nose in public?
  6. How you sing a song without open your mouth.
  7. Do you ever try to smell your own fart?
  8. Can you share your most awkward toilet moment with me?
  9. Could you imagine your life without Facebook and Instagram?
  10. What is most important in your life, you cell phone or your boyfriend?
  11. What is the dirtiest idea you ever created in your mind?
  12. Who is your fantasy celebrity?
  13. Do you ever kill a cockroach or lizard?
  14. Who is more irritating to you, a dentist or Lady Gaga?
  15. Do you regularly visit my Facebook timeline?
  16. Who was your first friend on the Facebook?
  17. What if somebody hacks your Facebook account?
  18. Could you live without updating your status for 21 days?
  19. Name 3 fruits you can eat the whole at once?
  20. How could you differentiate between a female and male frog?
  21. What type of guys you want to slap in the first meeting?
  22. Do you ever make a blind date?
  23. What would I hear if I could read your mind right now?
  24. What can you do to make a dinner romantic?
  25. What is your wish for Chuck Norris to do before his death?
Ladies you were created to be pursued. God designed the man to seek. This doesn't mean you can't smile, strike up a conversation and let a guy know you're interested in him, but if after doing so, he doesn't respond, then you should stop too. Halt all operations to get that man. You should never do more than what he's doing. If he never calls you, you should not be calling him. If he never asks to see you or to take you out, you should not be asking him either. Self-assured men intentionally go after the woman they are interested in. Sometimes life hits harder than we are ready for and we get knocked down. The key is learning from what happened and standing back up and pushing back at life. Every day isn't going to be smooth sailing. When you are having a rough day of it, sometimes the best thing is to shut everything down and close your eyes and breathe. The good news is as long as you have gotten back up, you have another chance to win the battle. Don't let life beat you. Focus and beat life at its own game. Then don't be scared to take a victory lap.

Ten Funny Questions to Ask a Girl On Her First Date

  • Why you select me for this awkward date?
  • Do you think I look bizarre while staring at you?
  • Do you ever protest against farts in public?
  • I cannot hold your hand for too long in this summer, could you arrange the next date in winter?\
  • What you like most my shoes or my tie?
  • Do you ever get 1000 likes on your Facebook status?
  • What if we choose a name of our future kid today?
  • Would you like to exchange our cell phones?
  • What is your Christmas crush?
  • Could you sing a song for me?

I've deleted Facebook from my phone so if I don't respond right away that is why. They just require too much to have an App on my phone, reading text messages, seeing contacts, there is pretty much nothing that is private by having Facebook authorized on your phone. I think it’s just a fun place where we can ask stupid questions to each other. There are many people who go through their life without really knowing themselves. Many times we try so hard to be something we aren't in order to impress someone. It took me really reaching rock bottom in my life and ultimately destroying the old me in order to realize who I really was. You really have to take the time to understand who you are and what you are meant to do in life.
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