Famous Anti Racism Quotes

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These famous anti racism quotes will help you stop creating a burden for yourself! Stop living in a lie, and stop talking about yourself when that 'self' is not even you at all. Trust me, from my quote, GOOD will come after we ALL feel the same guilt we are hiding from each other. Doing the wrong things doesn't make you evil and it shouldn't unless your brain really wants evil to take place, intend on it, then kill the next person.

But for those, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, adolescents, widows, monks, priests, sheikhs, Imams, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Pagans, non-straight, Straight, or what is considered the so-called Normal.

One of the most successful aspects of institutionalized racism is its social acceptance as a normal way of life. In the instance that it is challenged there are numerous legal and social justifications given for the deaths of black and brown individuals in the name of preventing violence. Then the same individuals who benefit from this system turn around and state all life is created equal, the process is fair to everyone, the system is for everyone, and you are just emotional. Sorry you are just delusional.
Anti Racism Quotes

Anti Racism Quotes:

  1. If we go into every conversation and interaction with fellow humans with the two greatest commandments in our hearts and minds, we should always be able to lift one another. I vow to continue to strive to love my neighbor as myself.
  2. If we all, removed our masks, revealed our wounds and very sins, stand bare naked, all of us, knowing our shame, guilt, and the rest of your flaws, then the world would be a better place...and thus...many mouths will remain shut.
  3. I learned that ‪‎racism is a big problem and people don't notice it really because they're either oppressed or blinded to what is really going and what we're supposed to be doing even when the problem is right in our face, we even get thrown in a cell for life or harassed for walking through a neighborhood to a store and looking "shady" then shot with no justice for example.
  4. Follow yourself, for you are not your parents, your teachers, not your neighbors, not your friends, and almost many people. They live by their ways and it should not mean you should follow them. Do take some ideas from them... But at the end of the road, you are the one who's walking to YOUR destination, not theirs.
  5. The karma from it is, being so damn scared of being exposed to the world for your crimes you try to hide.
  6. You and I are all still masked beings, perfectly flawed. Let us all be aware of that!
  7. I get to state my experiences of likes and dislikes due to experiences and what I've seen. It should not mean that I am against many things but I am just aware that what’s ordinary and what's said to be good are not that good...it's how it is in the REAL world.
  8. The world would be a better place if everyone knew each other's dark and filthy sins for they will have nothing to lose and it’s a progress to see how many would support each other, accept each other and focus on a unity plan and a solution.
  9. The most insidious thing about privilege is always that it tends to be invisible to those who have it. And trying to convince people they do have it is usually perceived as an attack.
  10. I can at least let my recognition of them help me better empathize with people who have a different cultural experience than I do. And unfortunately, I've found that failing to recognize them is to risk being seen as condescending, even when I know my motives are pure.

I think we stand to be most productive sitting down together, not to hold hands singing together, but to bring dignity & respect to the realness of our individual human stories.

Reality is while racism may not seem to be every person's issue in the United States, if we have a single loved one, neighbor, friend, etc. who have fallen subject to this thing (I have), then it becomes our story. It's not just my story. It's your story. It is our history. History cannot be rewritten, but it can be redirected. We don't have to be bitter; we need to be better.

We really need to spend more time better listening to one another's human story, learning from it & growing from it together. We may not have built this wall of division, but we can together help to continue tearing it down. Let's do some soul searching and ask God "is there anything in me that needs to change [as a white person, black person, brown person]? Change me God. Let's not "get over it", but deal with it. "Together we stand, divided we fall.


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