Bitter Facts about Today's Women

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Let’s explore some weird, bitter but true facts about women relationships, mentality and so called rights in today’s society. So what does a man do in today's society when it seems all females are pretty much the same?

Women today play the same games and move in the same predictable patterns as the next woman. They all say the famous line "all women aren't the same", or "I'm not like other females", yet they NEVER display anything different. How many women have YOU met who were actually distinctive and original? Meaning, not into the SAME frivolous things such as gossip, or worrying about what the next female is doing or saying. Today's women have completely fallen off in terms of having polish and common sense. It's okay nowadays to be a bad girl, and if any man calls a female out on herself destructive behavior she will write him off as "bitter" and "woman bashing". So females never learn how to improve because they find defense mechanisms to avoid accountability for their poor choices in men, life, and their unacceptable behavior!
Strange facts about women

Interesting facts about women!

Does the man avoid women all together? ? (Self centered, no respect for the male gender, materialistic, superficial, irresponsible) Does he just hit and quit like a lot of guys to avoid the headaches that are destined to come? What does he do? Well, in this post, I will break down the elements women of today display and whatever the guy reader decides to do is his business.

First stage facts:-
The women reading this piece, I hope you all take in what is being said, instead of being so quick to be defensive. What happened to women who wanted to be in a committed relationship? Women today have become the new guys. Women have become so fed up with these "no good Niggas" that they've adopted the same traits. They lie more than men now ,they play more games than ever because they are constantly hounded by "thirsty" guys 24/7, they manipulate and scheme their way through society, instead of gaining respect. Women rather gain control and attention. And when things blow up in her face, she plays the victim and uses the man or her "baby daddy", or her father not being in her life as an excuse. Why do women do these things? Because society rewards their behavior and reinforces it on every social outlet or media outlet! They start out as cute little girls that get what they want because they are cute and throw fits in order to get their way and they grow older and they are brainwashed by the older females who talk about how bad men are and how useless they are and how they cheat. Most women are raised in broken homes as well, and they have no example of how to be a woman or how to keep a family together. Or be a wife because they never witnessed one. What many women's mothers leave out of their story is that they cheated on their daddy all through their marriage until they had kids and then she quit putting out and started playing her control games. She paints a picture in her daughters mind that "all men are dogs", so the little girl grows an early hatred for men.

Second stage facts:-
The next step a female goes through growing up after the "princess stage" is her teenage years (13-19) "curious stage", where they develop a body, and they want to feel pretty so they give themselves blindly to guys to make their self esteem and social standing rise, and that means they get a boyfriend to feel pretty, secure, loved, and to have someone she can develop her games with that she learned from either her mother, her older relatives, her friends, or what she read in a magazine, blog, social site, or watched on TV then they either cheat, and or dump their old boyfriend for a guy that is either older, cooler (in her eyes), more attractive, or has more money.

Third stage facts:-
Then comes the next phase females go through: the "college year’s stage" (19-25) "bopping stage". This is when the real bad come out after 18 years of training. They hit their desirability peak; and that all men with few exceptions think girls from 18-25 are the most attractive, so the young female takes advantage by either humping many guys, or associating with many guys (this explains the "I have a lot of male friends" mentality). Very few women settle for the first guy who comes her way. She is still in her bad phase and has to get all of her fantasies and curiosity out of her system before she fully commits to a guy/girl (whichever she prefers). Couples who meet in college usually break up before they graduate due to too much temptation on campus, long distance problems, or the lack of know how to make a relationship last. Very few make it.

Fourth stage facts:-
After the age of 25 the woman's biological time clock really hits full swing. Now reality starts to set in, they realize that their looks are fading, they become lazy and stop taking care of their bodies (especially the ones who had a kid by this age) so most don't want to actually work beyond what is expected of them except for the corporate whores that sleep their way to the top. So most women (not all) act like they tame things down by lying and manipulating their way into a relationship where they hope to really get a guy and get him to make the worst decision available in modern times: which is to marry her?

Marriage NEVER works in a MAN'S favor.  If the marriage ends, HE loses. SHE gains. If the marriage lasts, he invests ALL of his time, money, and life earnings into providing a stable foundation for the woman...while she invests NOTHING. In conclusion, most women of today (arguably 90%...9 out of every 10 females) have gone from being loyal, honest, trustworthy, self respecting queens, to being heartless, mindless, self absorbed, drama filled, irresponsible.


If you look around, you will see more single moms than anything. Why is this? Because many men know once the kids come his life is over as he know it and if he's lucky she will cheat on him behind his back until the kids get grown, leave, then she leaves him and takes his life's earnings and spend it going out with all of her stupid girlfriends and bound rich guys etc. The greatest part of all is her easy life, thanks to the poor foolish males that provided it. So she will live longer than all the guys she ran through and destroyed. And when these guys drop dead, or are sick and dying, she will pass on all of their graves and act like she never did anything wrong to any of them. Again, women take NO accountability for their actions or wrong doings. So to all the men out there: do yourself a favor and take time getting to know a woman before you commit to her and give her a baby. So If you are unsure about her, do NOT move in with her, do NOT get her pregnant, and lastly, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT marry her! Make every woman you meet EARN your time, EARN your trust, EARN your money, and EARN that ring. To the ladies out there, the same rules apply to you as well. Pay attention to all the signs. Don't end up miserable just because you wanted to have someone. Understand that men come a dime a dozen, and no matter how handsome he is, there is someone out there who is tired of his stupidity. So choose wisely.


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