40 Funny Questions to Ask on Yahoo Answers

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I think a really fun thing to do online is to go to Yahoo answers and asks someone a really stupid but answerable question. So if you’re getting bored, try out answering these funny questions.

I hate when you're trying to get help with homework so you open yahoo answers and the answer is "do your own homework”.

Funny Yahoo Question

  1. How the animal rights people have outlawed riding a Kangaroo without a saddle and special license?
  2. If you could give someone easiest suicide advice, what would it be?
  3. Does anyone know the discount code for buying a breakup?
  4. I'm just curious, why do women need to put lots of make up when heading grocery shopping?
  5. How can I fix my stupid boyfriend?
  6. What is the capital of Mars?
  7. What is the best translation program for alien words?
  8. I am looking for an Android app to detect a person who farts, any help?
  9. Which part of the world has the most Gold Diggers?
  10. Can we contact aliens through NASA?
  11. Name the first female who used the internet?
  12. What is more delicious, elephant or loin meat?
  13. Can I hack my own Facebook account?
  14. Is it legal to ask questions from US government on Yahoo Answers?
  15. What are other benefits of using toilet roll?
  16. What people do before the invention of toilet roll?
  17. What are the facts behind area 51?
  18. How many potatoes can you eat by using Facebook?
  19. Should I fire a case against Lady Gaga, my little daughter gets afraid of her voice?
  20. Why people destroy their pictures on Instagram?
  21. Can we still update our Facebook statuses in the space?
  22. What Facebook does with the accounts of dead people?
  23. Is it possible for me to start a new business at Mars because economy condition here on planet earth is worst?
  24. Just like Justin Bieber I want to record my solo song on YouTube, anybody here to sponsor me?
  25. Does Jet Audio program made by some genius pilot?
  26. Should making fake accounts on Facebook remain tax free?
  27. How could I successfully control my girlfriend mind?
  28. What is the best small business idea for my mastermind husband?
  29. Anxiety is a viral disease in love or just a stage?
  30. My wife cannot live without shopping, kindly advice me how to cheat in shopping centers.
  31. Can I change my hair color with red pen ink?
  32. What does it mean if your poop sinks or floats?
  33. How to terrorize snakes?
  34. I dropped my Iphone mini in the toilet, can I still ask for the claim?
  35. Why does my powder bleach always disappear on a Sunday?
  36. Do you have any swag hairstyle idea for my sweet cat?
  37. Is there any smart device in the market to push for cheating my boring husband?
  38. What is a difference between a real man and someone who lay down to create a child?
  39. Why I cannot see the moon and stars in daylight?
  40. Give me some useful suggestions to get adopted by Angelina Jolie.
  41. Note: if you know the answer of any questions listed above, kindly post it here; it must be a real knowledgeable fun.


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