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Beautiful Happy One Month Anniversary Letter for Girlfriend

I know it’s really a hard job for a boy to write a beautiful 1-month anniversary paragraph or letter for his girlfriend. All you need is to copy and paste this anniversary letter into your girlfriend inbox; you may add her name at several places or make little changes according to your current situation of your relationship. If you really want your relationship to be successful you have to approach it with a harvest mentality! Think about this, every relationship is like a garden and every day you plant seeds of words and actions that you will later reap a harvest from! Even though most of the seeds you plant might seem small when they happen, 1,000 small seeds grow up into trees that will result in an environment changing forest whether good or bad! Remember this, if you don't carefully watch what you plant or what's being planted, your relationship will be at the mercy of whatever it grows into. I go through life trying to live as positive as possible. I have my days, but usually, with some quiet calm thinking I can slow the brain down and understand. Understand that you can't fix everything and you are only responsible for yourself and your actions. That doesn't stop me from trying to help and fix other people or problems when I have a ton of my own to deal with. I believe in Karma; good and bad. But you have to understand the point where you are no longer helping or fixing a situation. Sometimes we try too hard to make something work, and ultimately it’s sticking a square peg in a circle. Focus on your own happiness, spread peace and love with gratitude.

Happy 1 Month Anniversary Letter for My Girlfriend

Hello my love,

Happy one month anniversary to my most beautiful girlfriend in the human colony we called Earth. If there is a holiday that is truly justified it has to be anniversary day. There is nothing that compares to the love of a loyal girlfriend. There is no one that will sacrifice for you like your true love partner. There is no one that will be there for you through thick and thin like your soul mare. If anyone deserves a day it is our partners. 30 days ago this day my life dream become true when I date you for the first time, but I already fell in love with you a long time ago but I always in a state of hesitation to ask you for a date. I collected a lot of gifts and write about a hundreds of love poems and love letters for you, that I never give you but on this very special day of my life you will get all my hand written poems and love letters, that I only write for you, you can keep them to yourself or you can share it publically on the Facebook, I never mind.

 Our first date was completely unexpected and I had the fortune of finding you. I always love you. I will always write love letters to you, no matter you like it or not. I will always write poems on your birthday, our anniversaries, on our wedding, on the birth of our first child and so on. I am not going to be the first person you will love. Not the first person to kiss you or feel your warm embrace. We have felt the same pain from loving the wrong person like a dagger slashing through your soft skin. You will ask then what makes me different from the others you've met. You've been promised of mansions but I can only give you a simple house. You were offered luxury cars but I can only give you a car that would suit us both. Basically everything you could ask for in an instant. As for me, the only thing I could give now is LOVE. A promise that was supposed to be kept but has been broken so many times! That it would be hard for you to trust again. I can attest to that. I cannot promise that I won't hurt you, believe me, I will but not intentional. I can't promise you diamonds or pearls but I can promise you everything you would need to live and to be happy. If there is one thing I could assure you is that you will always be the girl of my dreams. The only one I would love and share the whole world with. I will be proud to say to everybody that you’re the one who puts a smile on my face, the one who gives meaning to my life and is always there for me. I will never let you go; I'd rather go through the pain with you than live happily without you. When the day comes I will hold your hand and ask you to be my wife and from that day you'll make me the happiest man alive. When I look at you, I just don't see today, I also see my tomorrow and my future for the rest of my life.

Now here is a little piece of advice for you, It seems that many people are allowing their daily lives to take control of everything around them. While it is important to work hard and provide for ourselves or our families; it is as important to live your life well and take time away from the craziness and get some time for yourself. Ask yourself one question. Are you truly living your life? Or are you letting your life live you? If it is the latter, I urge you to make time for yourself every day to practice some sort of meditation or exercise to get your blood pumping and your mind off of the madness. No matter what you are doing in life, always do your best. Put forth your best effort. If you are doing the best you can, typically there is nothing that can hold you back. Always push to be the best and never accept anything but the best. You deserve the best in life, every day we are faced with choices, opportunities, and chances to do something to help others or better ourselves. Keep your eyes sharp because these chances don't come around as often as you may believe. Many of these choices will involve risk, but sometimes you just have to stand up and go for It! Put your all into something and make it happen. Good things will happen with action; you can't just sit and wait for them to happen to you. What is enough for you? How much is enough? Are you doing enough? Love the quote from Oprah. Always be thankful for what you have and you will have more. If you are constantly thinking of what you don't have, you will never have what you want. Be courageous in life and take risks. You will ultimately accomplish what you want. You have no one to blame in life but yourself. Work on being the best you and you will succeed.

Relationships don’t cause pain, it’s the expectation from those relationships cause pain, which otherwise we wouldn't expect the same from other people in our life. We often convince you to believe that we need a particular thing from the other person, which actually may not be true because, by the end of it, we are whole and complete. The moment you expect someone to fulfill an aspect of your life, you are giving away your power of being to the other person and in return, we are only disappointed because other's simply don’t understand what is missing in our life. It is easier said than done, but the moment we shift our awareness to the fact that we don’t need relationships to add to our life. We only need relationships to help us grow in the best potential way they can. To me, our relationship is the Titanic that will never sink, to me, it’s a star that will never fade, and to me, it’s a flower that will never dry. Once again Happy one month anniversary to my girlfriend, you are so beautiful and all your cuteness belongs to me.

Take care.

Does anniversary letter are enough to hold a relationship?

Holding on to past relationship hurts does not mean that you are strong neither does it mean you are wise! It means you have decided to build a "prison of fear" for your own heart! I know it's very disappointing to put your all into a relationship only to be mistreated, but, if you were faithful, trustworthy, supportive, loving, would go the extra mile for your relationship and they still mistreated you, then guess what, you are not the fool! They are! Remember this, the best way to get back at someone who mistreated you is to forgive them and show them how well you recover.

If your relationship is experiencing challenges, discuss it with each other, not with Facebook and Twitter! Stop trying to send each other subtle messages with your statuses through social media! And some of you don't even try to be subtle, you just straight up put all of your business out there! Remember, one of the main keys to having a long lasting relationship is keeping others out of your business. But yes you can celebrate your first month anniversary in love and share your cute pictures on the Instagram.


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