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Beautiful Happy One Month Anniversary Letter for Girlfriend

I know it’s really a hard job for a boy to write a beautiful 1-month anniversary paragraph or letter for his girlfriend. All you need is to copy and paste this anniversary letter into your girlfriend inbox; you may add her name at several places or make little changes according to your current situation of your relationship. If you really want your relationship to be successful you have to approach it with a harvest mentality! Think about this, every relationship is like a garden and every day you plant seeds of words and actions that you will later reap a harvest from! Even though most of the seeds you plant might seem small when they happen, 1,000 small seeds grow up into trees that will result in an environment changing forest whether good or bad! Remember this, if you don't carefully watch what you plant or what's being planted, your relationship will be at the mercy of whatever it grows into. I go through life trying to live as positive as possible. I have my days, but u…