10 Qualities Girls Find Most Attractive In Guys

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Do you know what qualities appeal the girls most attractive about guys? My Facebook newsfeed is constantly bombarded by poor young men who can't seem to get a girlfriend or men who have gone through a nasty divorce and are not really sure what to do next. So as an older dude I am going to give my perception on this, based on my years of experience being the dumb idiot young dude who just couldn't figure out how to get a girlfriend as well as a divorced dude who has already gone through the many years of heartache and drifting, and has finally come out on top.

Do what you want with this advice. Take it or leave it; I'm just trying to offer what I know and the rest is up to you. You can try to go the jerk route, and a lot of women respond to that. But not everybody is a jerk, so if you try to go the jerk route, and you are not a jerk, Daddy issues women will eat you alive. And quality women won't give you the time of day. But if you are actually looking for a quality girlfriend and or quality friendships, try this instead: most attractive traits in a man. If you don't want to be pushed to grow or be challenged mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and in probably so many other ways by your partner, you are probably one really boring person in the depths of living.
Traits women find attractive in men

10 Qualities in Men That Woman Find Attractive

1: Take a shower.

2: Stop complaining about the internet about stuff. Especially about how nobody loves you or that you just want a girlfriend. Don't do that. That's unattractive. Nobody finds buzzing this.

3: Focus on improving yourself first. This is actually the hardest thing to do because it means you are going to have to have an honest conversation with yourself about who you are, where you want to go, and where you are currently. You are going to have, to be honest here because if you can't have a come to truth meeting with yourself about your own faults and shortcomings, you will never be able to improve yourself and become a better person. Nobody finds people who just drift through life, expecting others to just love and accept them in their worst state.

4: Once you have cleaned internal house, and have put yourself on a path of purpose, the rest is actually easy. Women find men who are on their path of purpose. When you are on your path, you will just naturally exude confidence and attractiveness. You can't fake this, unfortunately. If you are not on your path, you will not be able to attract a quality girlfriend or quality friends.

5: Create an awesome world and then bring other people into it. Don't get caught up in other people’s worlds because you are on their terms and are stuck waiting on them. Don't wait on them and always be doing your own thing. Always be working on reaching your own goals. Waiting on women is not attractive and you will be miserable.

6: Now here is the easy part of all of this. For every person you meet, whether they be a woman or a man, instill in that person that you are the kind of person who is fun, funny, entertaining, and just an all around high energy guy. If you are a man on your purpose this won't be hard to do, because it will be the truth about you.

Make people smile; make them laugh; make them happy but you shouldn't be a clown about it. You also shouldn't try too hard either. Just be fun and cool. Smile a lot and laugh a lot and be genuine about it. Don't be so quick to speak up your opinions on things and never try to dominate the conversations and interactions. Don't get in arguments and fights. We are adults now, so stop acting like children on the playground.

Don't try to tear others down either, even if you are just joking around. Tearing others down doesn't make you look better, it actually makes you look bitter. Bitter is not attractive. And a man on his purpose doesn't need to tear people down to make himself look good. He just looks good already. And if someone tries to tear you down, don't even pay attention. Don't let it bother you, and don't engage with that type of person. You are those types of people and you don't need to give them the time of day.

People don't really remember what you say; they remember how you make them feel. So if you make them feel like crap, they are not going to like you. But if you make them feel good, then they are going to like you. It’s really that simple.

Make people smile; make them laugh; make them happy. Have a good time when you are around people. And then go home. Limit your interactions at first because absence makes the heart grow fonder and house guests are like fish; after three days, they both start to stink.

When those people are not in your presence, and they think about you, they will remember the good feelings they had around you. Their brain cells will start to form a cohesive bond that will associate you with good feelings and good emotions. And you have to give them time for that bond to occur before you meet them again. They will start to think about you more and want to be around you more because it is natural to want to be around people who make you feel good.

But if you keep hanging around all of the time, then you are not giving them time to develop good feelings for you, but are actually doing the opposite and ruining your chances at a good friendship, or a quality girlfriend.

The next time they are around you, wash rinse and repeat step 6. This is the first step to not only getting a quality girlfriend but also making quality friends and creating a social circle of quality people.

If you are a man on his purpose then this will start to happen naturally so you won't have to fake it. You will actually be genuine about all of this so people will actually like you for real reasons and you won't be a fraud. Frauds are not hot.

7: Women will test you. It is kind of a natural thing they do and sometimes doesn't even know they are doing it. I have found that in these instances, the best response is usually no response at all. You can ignore it, laugh about it, or even blankly stare back at her when she does it for a second or two. If you are witty, you can even respond with a funny comment back at it but that is a skill that takes a time to develop and is not always appropriate in every situation.

But never engage with it defensively and don't take it personally. It is actually a part of the dating ritual and if they are actually testing you, it means they are unconsciously a little open to you and are giving you a chance to move further along with them or cut you off entirely. A test is better than being ignored. Being ignored means you have no chance at all. A stupid test means, she is giving you an opening, even if she doesn't realize she is doing so consciously.

8: If you end up getting friend zoned, that's not a bad thing. Not everybody is right for everybody. Besides, now you have a friend whom you now have access to her social circle. Maybe one of her friends is the girl you are looking for. Maybe one of her friends has another friend who is the girl you are looking for. You really don't know what you truly want until you meet as many people as you can to realize what you don't want.

The most important thing here is that you are going out and meeting as many people as you can, and making as many friends as you can in the process, all the while having a great time. This is attractive.

9: Now that you are out having a great time, meeting people and making friends, don't be so quick to go for the first girl who gives you attention. I'm not saying they are not the right one, I'm just saying to take your time and get to know the person better to make sure you are both a good fit for each other. You are going to be meeting and interacting with a lot of people and you want to make sure to only bring in the people into your world that you have created that will be uplifting to all involved. Always go for the win you no longer have time for people who suck you dry. So be careful. Don’t ever be pricks to people. You should always treat everyone with respect, but be careful who you let into your inner circle.

10: It really all comes down to this:
Don't be a jerk, unless you are good at it. Otherwise, you will look like an idiot if you try.
Take a shower.
Stop complaining in public forever.
Be honest with yourself.
Fix your own matters.
Become a man of purpose. The purpose doesn't matter as much as long as you are on a path.
Always be learning and improving until you die.
Create your own awesome world; don't wait around on others.
Be great fun with everyone you meet but don't be up to someone’s butt all of the time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and a guest is like a fish; after three days they both start to stink.
Expect the stupid test. It's a good thing. Learn how to deal with it properly.
Don't get hurt if you are friend zoned. See it as an opportunity instead.
Don't be so quick to allow anyone into your circle.
Always go for the win/win.
Just have fun and freaking relax.
Be cool.

If you do these things and still can't get a girlfriend, then at least you now have a great social life with plenty of people who like you and want to be around you. So it's still a win. As for me, I've been having so much fun in my life and I am so satisfied with it that I don't even want a girlfriend. As a matter of fact, unless she is someone who would actually enrich my life, even more, I just don't have the time. You may end up becoming like me in that respect too and that isn't a bad thing. You should never need another person to make you a better person. Needy is not attractive. Hopefully, this will work for you. Maybe it won't. Either way, good luck and have a great day and be attractive.
How is telling women what traits men find attractive in women any different than what has been done for centuries? Any woman who changes herself to try and attract men is not a woman worth her own gender, much less worth the attention of the opposite. Any man who needs you to be something other than exactly who you are is not worth putting on a facade for. Men have told women what traits are attractive, or rather, what traits women should foster if they ever want to find happiness and be accepted by society. The only difference I see is that these studies are backed by research rather than backed by tradition.

What makes a man attractive to a woman?

There isn’t any cream, lotion or makeup that makes a man face attractive but his gentleman behavior towards women. Regrettably, many men toss good women away thinking they can find something superior only to chose the druggy trek seems to be a better choice over the elegant, smart, sober, life sharing women that respects and loves him. Same is to be said of the woman with the stylish, funny, kind, diligent man and trades him for the bad boy, lazy whack that just robes off her. It goes both ways and I can't understand either one. Nobody is happy with working at a relationship and having some old school hard working relationship values anymore. It brings a big loss on both sides, nobody wins.

What is the single most attractive quality a man can possess?

If he is intelligent he will naturally have great attributes such as security and financial stability and he will also take pride in that and he will be a lover that is attentive because he knows happy wife happy life. If he has intelligence he is the total package or can become. I mean true intelligence. Not just the ability to bring home a paycheck because as an intelligent woman. I know what women want to start the year right by falling in love. But I still believe that friendships come first, as a way to know that person very well. Then serious relationships will slowly but surely develop. I know I can undoubtedly and unhesitant give an intelligent man security in her love loyal and nurturing and money too. It depends on the mission. Love likely brings you joy fulfilling happiness but from the first date or site by time on understanding and good communications (not include dirty talk) from these elements possible to be seen by your partner or if doesn't work out so no hard feelings towards being such friends in beating up the closure in trying. Males are visual. There has been countless research done about what makes a woman attractive. Turns out you’re just got to be able to breathe. Women are way more complicated when it comes to choosing a mate, which is why research is still being done. I’m usually on your side when it comes to your captions but come on.

21 Traits Men Find Unattractive In a Woman

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What men find unattractive physically in a woman? Seriously, the most unattractive trait of a woman is not supporting other women. Words cannot express how lucky I feel to have so many incredible women in my life. The list grows each and every year. Your strength, your passion, and your light give me hope. May you always be as mighty and fierce as you are today, as you will be tomorrow? I am so grateful for you all, truly. To me, feminism is tomorrow. It's hope, it knows that every day is a new chance. A new chance to fight back against who they tell you to be, a chance to love and support your sisters more, a chance to stop being his victim and to start being your hero. And I don’t mean to oversimplify here. There will be tomorrows that bad. Tomorrows that have us on our knees, wondering how such violence could exist in this world. But know that every tomorrow becomes a yesterday. Know that I will always be here to help you start again the next day. Know that I will always fight for your new chance for your right to happiness, and for mine too. And so today, of all days, get yourself ready for tomorrow. Get yourself ready to be a better feminist, to create a more equal world, to start being unstoppable.

I think one of the worst things about being a man in our society is about one thing women take for granted on an almost daily basis, and that is both emotional and physical intimacy. The only socially acceptable way to have this basic human need met for a man is to have a partner, which for most isn't something that you might come by every day for all of your life. In those periods of being single, most men virtually go without any emotional or physical gratification at all, and it changes behavior projection ally towards the more risky and desperate, sometimes ending in a depression like a state. Also, few men have the ability to have an emotionally close friendship, for many reasons depending on the gender of the friend. For some reason, in many cases, a friendship between a man and a woman doesn't last long or ends in a relationship, both because it is expected by society and the workings of biology. And a close and gratifying friendship between men is strongly against social norms, grounded in the idea that emotions are feminine and any display of emotions other than anger between men is gay or womanly. So the odds are stacked against men in being emotionally and physically fulfilled in their daily life. And this helps to explain how some men get overly attached when first seeing a woman because they are having those needs met for the first time in perhaps months. Men get "intense" just like a drug addict getting his fix after months of withdrawal. Just imagine not getting hugged, told you are beautiful or that you matter for long periods of your life, that is the reality of most men in our society, and is one of the contributing factors to why men use more drugs, commit suicide at a higher rate, are less successful at relationships in different forms or treat women negative.

Why do some men not trust women?

I hear men, like my friends and other men in passing conversations, that they do not trust women. The reason that stands out the most seems to stem from the hurt caused by women who these men let into their heart, for years or even briefly. Men feel that women cannot be trusted because it seems that her words are not something to count on, and that what have been said could change sooner than later. Friends have told of women who have lain in their arms telling them of the future they see and want with them or even told them that they love them, only two days after dumping them when nothing has attributed such a change. I myself have had women explain their love to me and poured their hearts out only to change their mind just a few days after. Perhaps men and women relate to emotions and feelings differently. As a man, I can say that emotions felt by most men is not something tied to the moment, we know what we feel and it will in most cases not change unless the situation suffers a major alteration. From the perspective of a man, it seems that women are more prone to be engulfed by the magic of the moment and allow her urges and emotions to ebb and flow with the rhythm of the situation, but mere moments of its passing those emotions and desires could be something else. Men’s emotions and desires are interchangeable constants that a man uses to carve his path forward and carry him upwards. While it seems that women’s emotions fills the now, guides her and informs her while always potentially intermingling with every other emotion and desire, depending on the minute changes coming into play. And each desire and emotion have a degree of strength. She might desire that man across the room and want to know him or date him, or he is just attractive or interesting, but not so much that you want him to do something about it, and if he does there is something he didn’t understand, stepping over a boundary. Men, on the other hand, will ignore you, talk to you if they like you as a friend and not flirt in any way, but if he does like you there is only two degrees of attraction; flirt and love. From the perspective of a man that kind multitude of reasons behind a woman’s gaze causes frustration and mistrust, and fear of approaching her. If this distinction is true, it is easy to see how these different ways of relating to emotions can be disastrous in their own way. A man who has built himself up and knows what he feels is always open to having it all come crashing down, and men learn with age how to build themselves up again better and better, as it is a matter of survival. However, a woman, who do not yet know themselves, are easily open to manipulation like charm and lies and must from trial and error learn what to avoid. Men do not feel that they can trust women because they assume that the emotions of women are interchangeable constants too and if the words said to change all the sudden men think she must have lied to me. While men learn from their mistakes and grow like a snake changing its skin, women more commonly seem to adapt, learn the pitfalls and treat life like a labyrinth, never trying a path that burned her in the past even if might be a faster route to the goal. The stereotypes that men are simple-minded and women are complex are essentially true. And the confusion caused by a lack of understanding breeds mistrust and frustration on both sides. If you feel that I am wrong, then, by all means, I welcome any sort of humble additions.

21 Qualities Men Find Unattractive In a Woman

Here are the most common traits find out in several surveys about why men hate women. I personally do not hate women, I do respect them and a man cannot be a gentleman without resting women. I think especially in a time where humanity has taken a secular turn men suffer even more as women turn strong and independent. For so long men have been a must-have for women, now they can earn their own living and suddenly the feeling of being useful is further away. For me the remedy was to start a love affair with reality itself, to turn my emotional response away from society's norm towards the existential parts of my life. Without the food that I eat, the water that I drink, the energy of the sun and the air that I breathe any woman would still be a waste upon me. The next problem is still the physical desires of the body, this can be lowered somewhat with spiritual practice but in a society where success means bed love, it's safe to say that it's hard. To hold a bit of distance to the identity of body and mind becomes more important, with such a distance even short-termed relationships can become fulfilling. Even something as innocent as sitting close or hugging can become satisfying in a different way as the body is more receptive.

1- A guy find unattractive that when a woman give him eye contact he have to figure out if it is because she simply thinks his clothes are interesting, that she wants him to look back so she can feel attractive even if she does have a boyfriend, if she wants to talk to him or just date him.

2- A guy find unattractive that he is being used just so she can feel that she is an attractive woman.

3- A guy hates that he can behave the same way with two women, and simply because one doesn't think he is attractive that he is a creep or a potential thug.

4- A guy hates that just because he is a man and 2 meters tall, he have to walk at least 5 meters behind a woman late at night, even if he is in a hurry because otherwise, she might think he is a bad guy.

5- A guy finds unattractive that every relationship with a woman is ruled and determined by her emotional difficulties.