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Cute Goodnight Paragraphs to Text Your Boyfriend

Sending and receiving long goodnight texts messages and funny quotes is a common thing between a girl and her boyfriend but these are the cutest goodnight paragraphs you can send to your boyfriend. These are not too long paragraphs but each message contains a great life lesson for him. There is a difference between being with your boyfriend and being your boyfriend. Being romantic with someone takes very little energy. You can sit on the couch next to a person and not touch or speak to them, but you're still with them. Your presence is there absent your spirit. Being into your boyfriend takes energy. It takes a willingness to get involved and connect. Know the difference.
No matter how awesome or painful an emotion is, I always love it when I find a quote or a song that captures it. After all, life is a series of plots and scenes and who would want their lives movie played on mute? When people say they don't care it's because they once did care and they allow someone or s…