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Don’t Judge Me Quotes for Facebook

The following don’t judge me funny quotes and saying are the best answer for your haters on the Facebook or Whatsapp, just update your status with these quotes. So lately I've been reflecting on the past year a half, and I am extremely proud of myself. A year and a half ago, I wasn't as confident in myself. I accepted less than I deserved, I let people's opinions of me bother me and honestly their words would hurt more than I wanted. But now, I believe I'm flawless and nobody can tell me different. I no longer care about people's opinions, because this is MY life, not theirs. And I absolutely don't allow people's words to hurt me the way they used to because they're not even on my level. I realized that they're just miserable on the inside even if they hide it, and have disgusting personalities so they try to bring others down with them. It took a little longer than I'd hoped, but I can honestly say I love every part of me now. No matter what s…

50 Inspirational Cancer Quotes for Survivors

You are going to read most inspirational quotes about staying strong through cancer for survivors. Are you someone that thought they understood what someone with cancer was going through as much as you possibly could without ever being diagnosed yourself? Read this cancer fighting quotes. I promise you will have such a better understanding. Obviously, you're not feeling these things, so it's not 100% understanding, but it is understanding more along the lines of what it seems many want to be understood by after reading the comments on it as well. Empty your mind when you read this so you can really feel what is being said.
For those of you that are cancer patients or survivors, these cancer quotes may help to explain what you feel you might not be able to put into words. And being an individual that believes in real human emotions and thoughts and feelings and connecting with them when they need to happen, I encourage you to at least read this as well. I fear that if you'…