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Sample Apology Letters to Girlfriend

The following samples of apology letter to your girlfriend are a good example of a lot of the factors that impede anger against an argument or fight being taken seriously. Most of the apology text messages give no indication that what a guy did was try to hurt his wife, fiancé or girlfriend feelings. An apology might not right wrongs, but if he apologized it could make her feel better, make her feel a little more open to the idea of moving on? Instead, you blame her, making her feel worse when she probably already blames herself.
Feel free to edit these apology paragraphs according to your situation and send it to your girlfriend or wife.

Sample Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Ignoring Her
Dear Angelia,
I don't know where my depression and anxieties come from. I don't feel bad all the time but sometimes it builds up until there is not much I can do so the worst feelings come out unexpectedly. I was always the shortest in my grade so I was never picked for anything like sport…