Best Samples Donation Thank You Letters

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Here we organized few best samples thank you letters wording after receiving a donation. Collecting donations for some purpose isn’t an easy job and writing a letter of appreciation for donations acknowledgment is also a somewhat difficult task. One this page you will find a dozen of samples and well-written examples of donation thank you letters, you can alter these letters according to your requirements and can also convert into an email. It's okay to switch things up and to begin a new chapter. Often Times people want you to remain where you are as you, not because they don't like you, but because your comfort level is comfortable for them. Your non-growth helps them feel as though they're excelling. Give yourself a life overhaul. Evaluate the things and people you're connected to. Take another look. Take inventory of the gifts you have on the shelf. Are they being utilized? Are your gifts on lay-a-way while you make small payments of an hour here and there in developing them?
 Donation Thank You Note

Sample Donation Thank You to Friends

Dear Janet and Nicole,
Both of you have donated, and thank you for choosing our nonprofit organization as the recipient of your hard earned money. We need you to reach out into your network and pull others into the donation circle. Do you work for a company that matches charitable giving? Let them know you gave so they can have the opportunity to donate. Think your job would be interested in sponsoring send me a private message I'm happy to send them an official letter. We can raise this funds all we have to do is decide to help in any way we're able too.
Kind regards,

Dear friends,
So many of you were so generous bringing food and supply donations to camp for the weekend. In addition to saying thank you, we want to be sure that your donation is officially recognized as a 'gift in kind' donation for tax purposes. If you bought supplies or food for camp please email and I will send you recognition of donation letter on camp letterhead. In your email please let me know the monetary value of your donation. It was a great weekend and we are grateful for all of you.
Thanks again.

Donation Thank You Note for Parents

Dear parents,
Thanks so much for supporting our School Project! Your donation will support many students. They are also lucky for the support students to have shown them when she sent over the jump ropes and soccer balls and school supplies and letter! They were thrilled to receive the thoughtful gifts. Thanks to your family for your entire do for the school project. I would like to say Thank you to everyone who made a donation to the special school. The children were a huge part of our life while we were an escort for them and we had a special bond with each one.
Thank you once again for your openhandedness.

Dear Mr. Adam,
Thank you to Adam for the generous donation of $250 for the koala foundation. Nelson and I are very honored to receive your lovely gift. You are an amazing, generous and beautiful lady. The letter you wrote to Nelson was very touching and we think you’re fantastic.
Sincerely yours,

Fundraising Thank You Note

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,
Hi all thank you very much for all your amazing donations to this great cause I can't believe that I did it and even got this letter saying thanks. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I was having a somewhat crummy day and that completely made it better. You have no idea the load you just took off our shoulders. This is something that is very near and dear to my heart. My fundraising goal may be great, but so is my passion for the cause. No matter how large or small, every donation makes a big difference. Many, many heartfelt thanks to both of you who are able to contribute. Much love to you.
Yours sincerely,

Donation Thank You for Stamps

God is good and he is providing. Two sweet friends stepped up and offered help with printing and envelopes for our letter writing gathering Friday night. Thank you, thank you. We still need stamps donations. If you are able to donate a roll of stamps that would be amazing, as you know this is a huge expense when you have to send out over 500 letters. All donations are tax deductible.
Sincerely yours,

Donation Thank You Email Sample

I wish to express my appreciation for the generosity demonstrated by Mr. Davis in support of our continued efforts to improving the learning environment. Thank you, Mr. Davis, for your very kind donation, which we received yesterday! Your generosity will make an immediate difference in narrowing the pupil desk ratio and subsequently trigger our pupils' desire to learn. Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to realize our goal. Your assistance means so much to me but even more to improving the learning environment which will ultimately promote quality learning. On behalf of the teaching staff and indeed on my own I wish to sincerely thank you for your kind gesture.
May God Bless You Abundantly!

Online Fundraising Thank You E-mail Note

Dear Facebook friends,
Thank you, everyone, for everything, every donation, every prayer, every kind word and thought. Thank you to those who have brought food and scarves and hats. Thank you for the many mailings of books, music, and uplifting cards and letters. Thank you for the drop in check on me especially after those hard days. Thank you for the many beautiful flowers and gift boxes. Thank you for helping my daughter to reach the Go Fund Me goal. And again thank you all for just being there and giving me support as I battle through this. I am so totally blessed.
Sincerely yours,

Short Donation Thank You Notes for Letters

  • Thank you very much for everyone that joins us on all of the different projects we take on. It's all for a good cause, but sometimes we know it's hard. So we really appreciate you doing what you do for our groups and our causes.
  • This thank you letter goes to all of the wonderful people who donated school supplies or gave monetary donations. I thank you too! To the ones who were unable to give this year maybe we'll catch you next year. You guys are awesome.
  • Thank you guys for your support and donation, I wanted to write a letter but always got stopped in the process. You know how it goes! By the way, the technical part of the show you were on did not work so we lost the program. But thanks for being willing. Maybe we will one day get the funding to upgrade our equipment to reach more people and even use the call in technology. We are working on the mission of encouraging people to join us in this fight for life in America today! Please pray.
  • Thank you for reading this. I know many of you donate to several organizations so please don’t feel pressured; we just want this event to continue for many years. We are all volunteers and we all believe a cure for cancer is in our future.
  • Thanks for your last month donations, my family is currently looking for few more donations of supplies to send over to my brother’s unit. Any donation will be greatly appreciated, even a simple letter or card from someone back home or a hand drawn picture from a kid means the world, any questions please contact me or my mother.
  • I can’t express the gratitude and appreciation I have for all my friends and family!! Everyone has been so generous, from donations, running errands, helping with kids and yard work, even coming to help clean my house. It’s been an amazing shop of kindness for me and my children. Each day I feel a bit stronger and hope the recovery will be shorter than the doctors think. You all know how I push myself when I have a goal. So I try to walk more each day and do those physical therapy things often. Again thank you so much, having you guys behind me helps keep me motivated and focused.
  • On behalf of the administration of the school in this public manner like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to the current passed sponsors who made this donation available to the aforementioned name. We say bravo on your gesture and will be remembered for as long as the school exists. We also like to promise you that your donation will be used for its intended purpose. Once again, we say thank and thank.
  • A huge shout out of appreciation to all those who have jumped on board and helped out with my fundraiser! From everyone who attended last night’s movie screening, made donations or helped spread the word, you've all assisted in making last night a full house success!

E-Mail Examples of Thank You Notes for Donations

  1. I want to take time out to give thanks and appreciation to Miss Kate for her donation of school supplies to this weekend school in session basketball tournament. If you find time to come out you and your family will be granted free admission! Thank you for supporting the cause. In a world full of darkness you’re providing light.
  2. I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to our community for their generous donation to fund our Donor's Choose project. My students will be so excited to see the wonderful resources we will be adding to our classroom. I will submit pictures once we receive our items. Again thank you so much.
  3. Hey everyone, at the end of this month our agency is hosting an appreciation luncheon for your parents. We are looking for donations to be given out. This is not a fundraiser or auction, just a way we can celebrate those who give so much to the children in our community. If anyone can help with a donation please message me. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for your support of toy donations this summer. It was amazing to see the amounts of toys our families donated and you can see by the letter below how many children benefited. We have such an amazing community and just another reason that families are the best and you can't teach that.
  5. First I must thank those that have stepped up with donations so we can make this fundraiser a huge success! With that being said we still need help and can use more donations. Please dig deep and let's really show you care about kids. Thank you so much all our friends who wrote letters and send all kinds of donations and gifts. We have computers now in our library.
  6. Thanks to all you amazing people who have donated money from your own pocket and family savings to help me! I'm overwhelmed and will always be here to repay the favor when anyone of you ever needs it.

Funeral Thank You Poems and Notes

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Writing thank you notes or appreciation messages after a funeral is so important because attending a funeral means you are showing your sympathy and condolences toward suffering family. In return we can't say enough thank you words and sometimes not find the proper words to convey how great and comfortable they have made us feel. You can customize your own sympathy thank you notes by printing these sample messages and poems on it or you can simply post these verses on your Facebook timeline.
Funeral thank you messages

Funeral Thank You Cards Notes

1- My father’s funeral services today made me a very proud son! I have a wonderful peace and a new understanding of this page of life. It does not feel like an end but a beginning. I would like to thank each and every one of you that came to show your respects! You all are truly the best of the best!

2- A huge heartfelt thank you to all that attended my mom's funeral today and for all the lovely messages from those you couldn't make it. Today was a perfect goodbye! The night is still young! RIP mom.

3- Today we are having the funeral for my sister, we will all miss her. Thank you for purchasing the flowers for your auntie. Thank you, sweetheart, the Lord will bless you abundantly. My sister and I put all the flowers arrangements together. Very thankful for everything!

4- Thank you to my daughter’s dearest friend for sending me these beautiful flowers because it's been a rough week of a funeral. Thank you for your kind heart for thinking of me. My Heather loves you dearly and thank you for loving her and being the best friend to her. We are so blessed. Again, thank you.

5- As some of you know, my dad passed away yesterday. This has got to be one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, planning his funeral. I haven't got the exact times of the temple ceremonies as of yet but I will keep everyone posted. Please help me spread the word to your parents, aunts, uncles, and eve brothers and sisters that have not known so far. Tag some people if you have too. Thank you and I will give you guy’s updates as I get them.

6- I would like to thank everyone for the fantastic support and condolences notes that myself and family have received in this very sad and hard time. I would also like to let anyone who would like to attend dad’s funeral service to pay respects.

7- Thank you to all who came to the visitation, the funeral, sent flowers, goodbye speeches, sent emails and texts and made phone calls to me in the last week just to check up on me. You are all dear friends! Today was difficult for me and my family to say our last goodbyes to grandma even though we know we will see her again in heaven someday. It has been fun being with family, going through old pictures, remembering stories of our childhood, and sharing memories of a wonderful woman who shared with us how to live a life full of love. I will lay my head to sleep tonight remembering this blessing that was spoken at her graveside: May the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord blessings shine on you and are gracious to you;  we love you grandma, you will be missed.

8- I would like to thank those of you that paid your respects to our sister by visiting her in the hospital ,looking after us at the hospital during her final days, after the passing away, attending the funeral service, offering the support during her 15 days of prayers. All your contributions meant so much to us.

9- Thanks to everyone who showed up to our daughter’s funeral. She looked so peaceful. I'm happy for all the support we received. It means a lot to us. Thank you, mom and dad, for all your help, we couldn't have done it without you both and my sisters. Thank you all, I really wanted her laid to rest and not cremated. No matter the cost. Now we have a beautiful area to visit her whenever we want.

10- Beautiful flowers, friends, and memories the last few days. Dad's Celebration of life was extemporaneous but so wonderful that it seemed scripted. There was a fabulous celebrant and had one of the best quotes of the day: "These people make you sorry that it's not appropriate to applaud at a funeral." I'm not going to try to identify everyone, but you were amazing and we'll never be able to thank you, and the scores of people who paid their respects, enough. Just wish I had gotten a photo of some of the visitors who wore their coveralls in tribute to dad. They are a supremely talented and special group of men and were incredibly kind to honor that way. Thank you, one and all.

11- I can't thank you to all enough who made it to my Dad's funeral today... and especially to those who couldn't. What a great day of honoring him and what a mind blowing comforts to all who have been left in his awesome wake. The strength of love shown by everybody has been staggering and I am honored to be called his son. RIP Dad. Love you to bits, although you'd hate me declaring that in public! I will miss you forever.

12- I just want to thank you to everybody that attended my dad's funeral today it really was a great send off for such an amazing man, I can't believe how many people turned up just shows that he influenced so many people's lives. You will never be forgotten.

13- Thank you so much to everyone who came to my dad’s funeral yesterday. It was a wonderful send off for a wonderful man. He would have been so pleased looking down seeing all his family and friends celebrating his life. Thank you all again!

Sample Thank You Card Messages for Funeral

  • My Grandma is so beautiful! Thank you for the ones who came to the funeral and the ones who couldn't make it, all love. God Bless all of y'all.
  • Thank you for attending and singing at my Grandpa funeral! Now every time I hear that song I am filled with happiness thinking of our dear Grandpa Al and all his wonderful songs, poems and stories and how you never saw him without a smile on his face. He sang and danced and loved life and the people around him till the very end. I want to be like him.
  • To the good people at my mother funeral Home! We would like to thank you guys for the terrific job y'all did with my mother's preparations. I must say that I felt better knowing that my mother was in good hands and being treated properly.
  • The family of my aunt would like to thank those who came to pay respect at her funeral and benefit. Thank you also to all those who donated to the cause! We greatly appreciate all of you, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
  • I wanted to thank all of our family and friends who supported us in one way or another regarding my dad's unexpected passing. Thank you to everyone who was able to come to his wake and funeral. Thank you for the food, cards, help, verses, and prayers. They mean so much to us all. We feel so blessed by all of you wonderful people. It is a difficult transition but God is good.
  • I cannot state how much my family and I be thankful for all of you that have commented, texted, called, cards, sent food, flowers and much more over the last few days. This is a true testimony to my brother and his mark on this world. We are blessed to know and love you all. We will lay him to rest today in his funeral; there is nothing more fitting for this man. Thank you all again and God Bless you all.
  • Thank you for all of your love, prayers, funeral donations, support for my family and I at this very emotional time. My Grandmother was a beautiful soul who told the best stories and cooked like nobody's business. Both my Ancients are fighters and are a treasure full of wisdom. Warriors are not born they are made through trials and challenges , I swear my prehistoric have been around probably since the dawn of time which is most likely why we all turned out as good as we have . Thank you ancients, Thank you to the wonderful original rebel who started it all. I know you are still playing pranks and feeding people in heaven and one day I know we will be sitting together again with you making my banana curls and giving me mischievous ideas how to scare out of someone. I love you, Grandma, I was more than blessed to be with you at the end of your journey. We all will miss you more than you know.
  • It was a beautiful funeral. I want to thank you all for your prayers and support, you guys are awesome and I have faith your event years to come! Our community came together like never before for this family. God willing, we look forward to seeing you next year as many if not more your way next year.
  • Thank you to everyone who attended the funeral service of my late sister in law and also for your messages of sympathy and for your floral tributes. Special thanks go to her friends and her senior citizen group who went all out to give her a good send off. We appreciate each and every one of you. May God bless you all!
  • Thanking you for being there at the biggest funeral and showing your respect and love for my late brother. I am deeply humbled and grateful for your presence in the funeral, your donations, food, prayers, goodbye song and the support you provided me and my family in this hard time. Thank you, you are highly appreciated.
  • I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my friends, relatives and all who knows us for being with us during the death and wake of my youngest brother and to those who attends the prayers and funeral, thank you very much for the love. I will never forget you and worth remembering.

Thank You Poems for Funeral

Three short but inspirational funeral thank you card poems, these verses are written in for general purpose, you can edit it according to your needs.

Waking up with this on my mind
Tell me since when is it Ok;
Or deemed respectful to take photos of a funeral
Of the deceased and of the grieving family
Exposing their pain on social media
I have been there. Thank you for those
That did not take pictures of me at my weakest moment
Respect the dead
Thank you to all my family and friends
That attended my mother’s funeral today
Thanks to everyone that has called, text,
or message during this time of loss
Please continue to pray for strength in this time of need

I wanted to thank all of my friends and family
That was involved in today and the days leading up to the funeral
It would have been very hard to do it without
All of the prayers, hugs, flowers and phone calls
You handle everything so maturely
That meant so much to me and my mother
Thank you

Just had a lovely phone call heaven
She would like to thank all that made it to his Funeral yesterday
And a big thank you to all the people
For their wishes, cards and flowers, who couldn't make it
She said it was a wonderful send off for such a lovely women,
She was just overwhelmed on how many people turned up
And made the day as good as it could have been
Thanks, everyone!

Funeral Thank You to Coworkers

1. Thank you to everyone for the thoughts, prayers, condolences cards, flowers, blankets, money and payments to the funeral home, and cards for me and my family this week. We greatly appreciate it! Words can't express how much so. My coworkers, my sisters, dad's neighbors, all the churches, the list goes on! Thank you from the family.

2. My thoughts for this day, I am blessed to be liked by my staff, and my coworkers. I have a lot of friends on Facebook of whom all see me and complain. But I have to say one thing. Thank you all for everything. You have made my life by attending my dad funeral, it’s worth living because if it wasn't for you all I don't know what I would have done.

3. Many of my friends and coworkers have asked if there is anything they can do for me and my family during this very difficult time of losing my daddy. I would like each of you to consider contacting Funeral Home and donating to the cremation cost. You could do it in honor of my daddy; he was a meek soul who I had the privilege to know for many years. Daddy would never let anyone do without and would have been the first money in any donation plate for the needs of other people. Knowing the need of his family has truly allowed me to see how blessed and loved we have been in our darkest moment compared to those who have no resources or support while dealing with and going through the same tragedy. He is deserving of being laid to rest properly and it would mean the world to me if you would consider my request. Thank You.

4. I want to send a shout out to my work family. They sent me the most beautiful roses to the funeral and then today we received this amazing bench from them. It means so much to me to have such a great relationship with all my coworkers. Thank you again, crew, you’re the best.

5. Thank you, everyone, for the enormous amount of love and support you have given our family in this rough time. The funeral will be on Thursday. Visitation will be from 3-7 and the service will follow immediately after. We are asking you to spread the word to help make his day of celebration one he would be proud of. Thank you.

6. I would like to thank everyone for their continuous support and prayers my family and I truly appreciate it. I'm writing this post to see if anyone it could friends, family or co-worker have any pictures of my mother. If you do and you don't mind can you please send it to my Facebook account? Thank you so much and tomorrow I will have all the information about the wake and the funeral posted. Again thank you in advance.

7. I just want to thank everyone for all of their kind words and thoughts and prayers over the last few days! I can't thank you all enough. I'm also so blessed with the best coworkers a girl could ever ask for. We will be traveling down for the funeral on Sunday. Love you all.

8. I would like to give you all a heartfelt thank you to my awesome coworkers for the beautiful flowers that were delivering to me when I came back from my sister's funeral. They are beautiful flowers. You guys are the best coworkers ever.

9. I want to personally thank all of my coworkers , brothers and their old ladies for giving my family so much comfort letting us know how you felt about the man I loved that you felt like me. My brother loved everyone he met and they were like family to me and my family. I want to thank again each of you.

10. I want to thank everyone that has reached out even though we may have not responded. Your thoughts are with us, for all of you that were asking and concerned were having an intimate family gathering at funeral home.

Thank You for Your Condolences Quotes and Notes

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How to answer condolences messages and prayers? Offering a well written thank you note isn’t possible for everyone in such sad moments. These are the best-written samples of thank you quotes for sympathy and condolences messages you received from your friends over Facebook or texts. When's the last time you took a time to express your thoughts via a written note? How do you feel social media and technology has transformed traditional communication? I send cards just because. I am always looking for the exact one. I love receiving cards and letters. Technology does not relay the same message as a handwritten, stamped, and mailed correspondence. This is what I tell people I meet: If I don't ever invite you to dinner, and then send you a card or a note, you should question the validity of our relationship. I still write notes. I still have a phone book that I can hold in my hand. I save receipts from dinners and write notes on them. I send cards and sign my name.
Thank you for condolences message

Thank You for your Condolence Quotes

1- Thank you all for your condolences regarding my grandfather. To those of you that you knew he was a good man. He is no longer in pain.

2- Thank you to everyone who gave their condolences for my aunt, please continue to pray for my cousins and uncle. Heaven gained another angel.

3- Today we lost my aunt. It's a hard time for my family right now and we are thankful for your understanding during this time. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and condolences! We appreciate it all.

4- This morning, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for the thoughtful condolences and prayers that so many of you took the time to send following my grandmother's passing. It is both comforting and humbling. Thank you so much!

5- Today is the day and this is such a surreal feeling! Thank you again so much for all the heartfelt condolences it really means a lot to us. I would like to apologize again for not responding to everyone it has been an emotional roller coaster ride for us. I promise to get back to everyone when this day is final over. The family Thanks you!

6- Thank you, everyone, else for the warm condolences and prayers for my family, on the passing of my brother. He was a wonderful man, and a great big brother to me. I have had many wise and challenging philosophical discussions with him over the years, which I will sorely miss. He was a man with a great compassionate philosophy of life. Again, thank you all for your love and prayers.

7- Our Hearts are Filled with humility and appreciation for our many good friends and family, who comfort us during our recent sadness, means so much to us, We thank each of you, for the condolences and prayers, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

8- I want to thank all of you for the words of condolence and your thoughts and prayers for me and my family. It’s been a difficult month for us, especially my dad. It really means a lot to me the outpouring of support I received from everyone. Thanks again and love to all.

9- I would love to take this opportunity to thank you all for being involved in one way or another during the trying moment that the family faced. Thank you so much for your contributions as well as condolence messages that were sent in, as the family, we got nothing to repay for your kindness but we pray that the Almighty God bless you abundantly.

10- Thank you, family and friends, for all of the kind words and condolences for the loss of my first granddaughter. I'm going to miss her dearly. She touched the hearts of so many people and a part of mine is broken. I love her but God loved her more.RIP my beautiful angel.

11- Thank you to everyone for your kind words and condolences. I am sure they have been a comfort to my niece and nephew as well.

12- Thanks for all the prayers and condolences for my family and I. We are grateful for your kind words and prayers. Please continue to pray for us as we heal and move forward. Thank you for your sympathy during our time of loss.

13- Your words of condolences and prayers meant a lot to me. Thank you for them! Getting together yesterday to celebrate my son birthday was a blessing. Family time is the best medicine for the soul. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes for my son.

14- My heartfelt thanks to everyone for your sympathy and consoling words! Your support helped us to cope at this sad time. We all appreciate your support and condolence messages. Thank you.

15- A big thank you to everyone for your heartfelt sympathies and condolences about the loss of my father, it was much appreciated. He will be missed.

How to Thank Friends for Their Condolences Notes?

To my family and close friends who knew my sister's husband, he passed away yesterday and the funeral is today at 1 P.M at Durban. Thank you very much for your condolences at this time. To God, we belong and to god we return.

To all my friends and family, thank you for your kind prayers, condolences, blessing, flowers, and cards. This is a very difficult time for me, and with all of your prayers and blessings, I hope I have the endurance to deal with this one day at a time. Most of you know he was my life and will be greatly missed.

To all our family and friends thank you for your kind words and condolences at the passing of my brother in law. Many of you have been calling and messaging whether or not a service is going to be held. His obituary did not state it but yes, services will be held on Saturday. Please come and join us in love, and support his beloved wife and children in celebrating his life. God bless!

Thanks to all who attended the funeral of our brother and also thanks to you all for your condolence messages? My family and I are indeed very grateful. May God bless you all!

I, would like to thanks, and extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my family members, friends and colleagues for their condolences messages, kindness, support , sympathies ,thoughts and remembering my dearest departed father in their prayers and reaching out to me during our family moment of bereavement.

I would like to take a moment to thank you for all the Birthday Wishes and condolences for the loss of my uncle. On one hand, we celebrated my birthday and on another hand we celebrate the life of my uncle. Both reminded me of the importance of family and friends. Please do not take either for granted.

So this has to be one of the strangest moments of my life. Because I never thought I'd use the phrases thank you all for the condolences and well wishes together. I am very blessed to have so much love and support from friends and family. Thanks everyone for getting me through the last 3 days.

Thank You Quotes for Condolences on Facebook

  • Good morning I want to thank all my Facebook family and friends for your prayers, thoughts, and condolences. You took the time to drop a line or two and I appreciate you.

  • From the bottom of my heart just want to thank you to everyone for the calls, texts, and messages. Your prayers and condolences have really helped me to have so much peace during this time. And even though it's painful not having him here anymore, I'm glad he's in a better place, in a better body. I'm truly going to miss his beautiful soul.

  • Thank you to everyone who reads this, and thanks you to all who have called or messaged myself or my mother over the last day, all of your love means everything to us.

  • To my family, friends, Facebook friends, workmates and even strangers, I cannot think of any words to express my heartfelt thanks for the condolence and sympathy you have extended towards me. I am really thankful to you and appreciate your support and love in this my time of loss.

  • Thank you all ,for all the prayers and condolences during the sad and heavy heart my family has endured from the loss of our mother ,it's so very comforting to have so many friends ,again Thank you all so much, it's made the healing so much faster.

Thank You All For Your Kind Words and Condolences

  • I would just like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your prayers, thoughts, and condolences with regards to the passing of my mom. My brothers and family have been deeply touched by the response. Thank you and God bless you.

  • Thank you all for the kind words and condolences. I just got back from visiting family up north. Everyone is doing as well as can be expected. Cherish the family you have. If you're nearby, visit them. If distance separates you, call them. Don't let time push you away from family. You never know when the hourglass is going to run out.

  • These are the short sample letters, it will give you an idea what to write in a condolence thank you card. I handwrite thank you notes and I love receiving notes. Technology can be impersonal. It can also be a tool that discourages accountability and transparency. It takes a person who is healthy in mind, body, soul and spirit to know how to use technology as an enhance to their relationship and not a replacement.

  • Our family would like to express their thanks to friends and family, for the many cards, letters, flowers and phone messages, we received following the death of our dear dad. It was such a comfort to know he had touched so many lives in his way. Your support helped us to cope at this sad time. We all appreciate these condolence messages more than we can say.

  • Many of my friends, colleagues and relatives spoke came and sent condolence messages. I and my family members thank you all for your kind words of consolation. My father was a highly disciplined and systematic man. He used to be absolutely perfect in his routine. But for the last three months, he had been completely on his own. He was a man who had seen everything in life and had a fairly long innings. I once again thank you all for your words of consolation.

  • Certainly, all of the kind notes and correspondence that I have received from people have been a great help in accepting the loss. I want to thank my niece for helping me put this response out, her knowing how to send one message to all recipients without letting anyone’s email go out to cyberspace.

Thank You Letters for Condolence Card

Thank you condolence card sample number: 1
Dear family friends,
Thank you to those who have sent to me Facebook messages and text messages about the loss of my good friend. Your messages of concern and condolences mean so much to me. I appreciate them so much. I met him in 1991. We, along with my brother, traveled to racetracks all over the northeast; some of the best memories of my life came out of those adventures. He would write letters to me and keep me up to date on the happenings of our favorite race car driver. And although thousands of miles separated us in more recent years, our friendship continued for several years. He was the most curious person I ever met. We all remember the laugh. I will miss my frequent Sunday afternoon telephone conversations with him so much. Rest in Peace, dear friend, I will miss you so much and again, thanks to all of my Facebook family and friends. I appreciate you and feel very lucky to have all of you in my life.

Thank you condolence card sample number: 2
Thank You for all your condolences, sympathy cards, prayers, phone calls, kind words, food and visits to the chapel to join me and my family in mourning the loss of my mother. She was certainly a great and kind person loved by all, and one of the Best mothers ever. It's going to be so hard and difficult to get over losing her. She was so much part of my life and my family’s lives. She Loved all of us equally, especially her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren. Once again, thank You, I Love you all.

Thank you, condolence notes sample number: 3
As I prepare to turn in for the evening, I am overwhelmed but not by the weight of our loss today. The combination of anticipating this day over the last month, or more, especially, and knowing that he truly is in a much better place, helps to somewhat soothe the emotions of that in this moment. Rather, I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of expressions of condolences, sympathy, and love. Even knowing the number of friends that we have on Facebook, the number of comments, messages, texts, and offers to do anything that we need to be done within the power of those offering, has truly blown me away. Thank you for your prayers, concern and love and for your words of strength and support during this time. I'll post details tomorrow for those who have asked about the service. Until then, thanks for helping us rest in the peace that passes all understanding by your thoughts and prayers conveyed. God Bless!

Thank you condolence short letter sample number: 4
I've been writing thank you cards for the outpouring of sympathy expressions. It's sad how terrible my handwriting has become from lack of use. The handwritten cards I received touched my heart so much; I need to remember that feeling when I may be too quick to just offer a Facebook text. The meals brought over really were appreciated, I'm also going to remember that when someone I know is going through this. Seeing the faces of people I haven't seen in so long really warms my heart on a very difficult day. Again, I'm going to try very hard to show up at these events. Many thanks to all my Facebook friends for their condolences and expressions of sympathy!

Thank you condolence card note sample number: 5
I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who took the time to express sympathy and condolences to me and my family in our time of grief. My brother would have been truly humbled and touched by all of the heart- felt sentiments expressed here on Facebook in the last couple of days. I will probably never live up to some of the examples my brother set, but maybe I might live up to others. One thing I know for sure, my brother never backed down from anything and he protected his family vehemently. He taught us to stick together and the value of honor and hard work. That’s what I’ll take with me, always. Thank you, friends, for the Love and warm regards.

Thank you condolence message sample number: 6

I graciously accept the many supportive comments and condolences from the Facebook community recently. I loved my dear friend, but mostly I pray for this support to be given to her cherished family. She was ever loyal to her best friend and younger sister and could never be without her devoted mother. I pray that all the kind words I've received today from the friend I lost be shared, and redirected to the family treasured above all else. Your support and sympathy have no better destination than upon the emptiness they now hold in their hearts for the sister and the daughter they lost. Thank you, everyone, for recognizing her and honoring her memory.

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Thanks for the Birthday Wishes: Notes and Quotes

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Discover fantastic card verses, notes and quotes about paying a special thank to your friends and family who wished you happy birthday. Birthdays are times for reflections on how and what you have achieved and move forward with hope and courage through the golden years. I would like to say Thank you to my beautiful daughter, my nieces and my wonderful husband for surprising me tonight. I had no idea that they had secretly planned a surprise birthday get together behind my back. You all got me good. I truly appreciate the love and appreciate each and every one of you. I'm one lucky and blessed woman and another thing to my daughter in law happy birthday to you and thank you for spending your birthday with me. And mom, I just spoke to you and had no idea and you didn't say a thing. What a way to end my birthday weekend.

Thank you for birthday greetings

Sample Thank You Notes for Birthday Wishes!

A) Thank you so much, everyone,,for., for all your kind birthday wishes. You have no idea how happy I am to have every single one of you in my life. Just the fact that I know I have you and all your supports give me a reason to work harder in order to have a positive impact on this cruel world. Growing older is not just about numbers. It is more about our experiences and lessons that we learn every year that goes by. This year I learned why there are many people who believe that this world is just too cruel to let us have whatever we wThey believe that in this world, not getting what we want is the norm while getting it, is the unusual. Therefore, they keep doing things as they've been done before and are never able to change for better. But the fact is: We have the power to change this world, and to make it a better place to live in. There will always be those people who might doubt us, underestimate us or simply can't see things same way as we see them. However, if we stand by our beliefs it is impossible to be ignored. Today, I am damn proud to say that I know you guys have my back every step of the way. You are all my family and I love you all.

B) Thank You, God, for another year closer to you and thank you God for all those wonderful birthday wishes. I ask for your hand to reach them and their hearts to be ready to receive the greatest of all gifts the no gold in the world could ever buy. Your love and acceptance in your kingdom! Thank you, everyone, for keeping me in your thoughts on this day. May God always make a way for you to be in His loving hands!

C) It's amazing to have someone that loves you so much that they put so much thought in your birthday gift! I loved every single gift so much thank for being the person that you are you make me feel like the most important person in the world.

D) I would like to thank everyone who sent me greetings and well wishes for my birthday. My life journey of 50 years, towards this golden age where I am now, has surely been an amazing ride. A lot of friends came and went a ton of memories and a whole lot of miles covered around the world. I can never be more thankful, most especially to my Lord. Again, a big thank you to everyone who not only remembered my day, but also those who touched my life in one way or another!

E) A million gratitude to all who greeted me on my special day; friends, relatives, children, sons in law, daughter in law and grandchildren! I thank God for another year added to my journey! Thank you Facebook for connecting our hearts and minds all over the world during my birthday! It was indeed a powerful day!

F) Accept my million thanks and appreciation for the love and prayers, wishes, poems, verses, greetings and gifts to my 18th birthday. May God pour unto you his blessings a thousand fold!

G) I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! So many birthday wishes on my Facebook wall yesterday that I fell asleep at my computer last night, trying to thank each and every one of you. I have an amazing group of friends, family, and most of all the most wonderful husband a woman could ask for! From the time that we left the house for a birthday lunch from my son until sometime well after midnight, the entire day was about me and having fun. Yesterday I felt loved from my head to my toes and of course since I'm so stinking' old, that's exactly where I hurt today! But I wouldn't trade any of you for anything. Thank you so much for making my day special.

Birthday thank you notes for the husband!

1) A very special appreciation to my amazing husband! Baby thank you for making my life better! You have helped me become a better person and I can't wait to see how much we continue to grow together. This past year with you has truly been amazing and you're a blessing in my life more than you probably know. Thank you for making me happy again, Thank you for making my birthday the best, Thank you for always having my back when no one else does and sticking with me through my worse times possible. You've became my best friend, my love and my world. I love you baby.

2) As my birthday comes to an end, I want to thank everyone who called and those who left sweet messages via Whatsapp, Facebook, snapchat and tango. You guys know how to make a girl feel loved! This year was particularly special as it was my first with my sweet angel. I also want to thank my awesome husband for pulling out all the stops for today.

3) Today these gorgeous and delicious chocolate-covered strawberries were delivered to my apartment from my amazing boyfriend! It was such a wonderful birthday surprise and so incredibly sweet and thoughtful! From a couple hundred miles away, you still make me feel so special and the luckiest girl in the world. I love you so much and miss you a ton!

Inspirational Work Hard Quotes for Students

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Hi students, today you will discover the most effective motivational quotes and sayings about success and hard work. You can be doing 100 different things at once and look like you are active, but if you don't attach any goals to your activity, all you are doing is moving around. With everything you do in life, you should attach some sort of goal to it; thus to ensure that what you are doing actually has a purpose. Too often we get stuck in the run around of life and fall into the trap of going through the motions. This is fine if the emotions you are going through actually is leading you to some goal you have set. However, if success is your primary goal, then you should assign goals that you plan on reaching. Activity is not an achievement, do things with a purpose.

These work hard quotations are useless if you live a life without struggle and to me is not really living a life at all. Once you hit that point in your life that you feel is the bottom; you gain a new outlook on life. To hit rock bottom as most say is never pleasant when it is occurring, however, it gives students a perspective of how bad things can be. Once you hit the lows you know how it feels to be there and you never want to repeat what got you there in the first place. Take that perspective you have learned and remember it forever.
Work Hard Quotes

Inspirational Working Hard Quotes for Students

1. Never be so worried about the guy in front of you that you lose focus of what you are doing in the first place. Winning in life requires full dedication and concentration to a particular goal. When you fall off course, you will most definitely lose momentum and purpose. Concentrate on how you are going to succeed, not how others are succeeding. Comparing yourself to others will get you nowhere in life.

2. Do everything in your power to stay above that line, and work towards constant success. You are responsible for how your life plays out. Someday might be a struggle, but don't let that struggle take over your life.

3. Always set high expectations for yourself and don't lower them just to reach goals; find a way to boost your performance. Where you are today is just a place in time. You aren't stuck. If you don't like it, make changes to get out of that hole you are claiming to be stuck inside. Life just doesn't get better; you have to work at it every day. Finally, find gratitude and give thanks every day for where you are and where you are going.

4. When I need encouragement it is to meet the need to feel satisfaction in knowing I have made a difference in someone else's life. The words "Thank You" can go a long way. Encouragement lets you know you are not invisible. We exist best with companionship whether it be with our friends, family or romantic partner.

5. Things take the time to develop in life and the key is to have the patience but also the wherewithal to pounce on an opportunity when it comes rolling by. Don't give up because your success doesn't happen overnight. Like all things, success is a process. Invest yourself! Do the dirty work and the success will find you!

6. Luck is something that comes to you based on chance. Work hard to polish your talent and you don't need the luck to attain your success.

7. Sometimes you must work extremely hard to get out of tough situations. Never quit and never give up, but if you do in fact lose, understand that you learned a valuable lesson and you can keep going. Life isn't easy; nobody said that but you can learn me advance you by learning from your actions.

8. If you want to achieve, you must believe. But just belief and faith alone won't take you where you want to go. Take a course of action that will ensure you will achieve maximum success. With maximum effort, you can achieve anything.

9. If you are sitting idle waiting for the next big thing or the easy money, you are going to be sitting there idle at the end of this year. If you want something you need to be a doer. If we don't do anything, we aren't learning or progressing. Even if you are making mistakes you are still doing something. Don't sit and wait, get up get out and do something.

10. Sometimes in life, we need things to remind us of our purpose. We need to remind ourselves that the road is not always straight and smooth. We should not also remind ourselves that not every day will be bad; nor will every day be good. We must remind ourselves that the only way to get out of a situation is to move forward; if you just walk away, surely you will confront the same situation again.

11. Stop wishing. Start doing. You have to work hard to create your success. Nobody ever wished their way to success.

12. There have been studies that show that a baby that has not been held or otherwise touched beyond their basic needs for clothing, shelter, and food being met, would ultimately die. While on the other hand a baby that has been given attention will thrive. So encouragement is needed just like the air we breathe.

13. The most responsible students are the successful ones. motivational stories for students to work hard but there's no secret to their success. It's their discipline and hard work that keep them on top of their game.

14. Work hard, play harder, dress for success and always do your best. Be yourself, be better than the rest. Improve yourself, never settle for less.

15. You can have success but if you don't communicate properly it won't continue. The biggest problem is there're so many ways to communicate. There are so many means of communication that some things get lost in the shuffle. So make sure you determine the level of importance of your communication and make sure oh are using the proper channels to distribute that information.

16. Learn to work hard but leave your success to the Lord. Learn to enjoy your life and leave your future in God's hand.

17. Never ever do something just because someone is doing it and being successful, do what you love and work hard which will eventually lead you to happiness and success.

18. The most important thing for an athlete is to know his ability. If you know your ability and have even a little bit of a strong mindset, you can get success, because your ability takes you to success. Then things like technique, hard work, and practice come automatically, because when you get the success you want more.

19. Don't wake up without a plan, no plans lead to confusion and confusion leads to poverty, know where you are going, and keep walking, praying, hard work.

Inspiring Quotes for Students

20. Trying to achieve success by working so hard for a job that pays so little and without benefits is like trying to get through the door by repeatedly knocking, knowing full well that no one is home.

21. Hard work is not the key to success but smart work is a key to success.

22. It's really a huge myth that we have been sold on; someone was nobody and then overnight they were superstars. Sure that would be great if it happened that way. What they conveniently leave out is the years of struggle, hard work, and constant learning that got them to the point where they were a huge success.

23. You only have a limited amount of opportunity in your life and you must be ready and prepared to take action when necessary. Luck is also important but most of the time luck is just being ready to act when a new opportunity arises.

24. You need to have the desire and the time to be able to invest in your craft and you can't stop until you have reached the pinnacle. You'll never succeed in life unless you can first imagine yourself doing so.

25. Challenge yourself with something new every day. Have the faith and courage to know things will work out as long as you do your best. You must be willing to go outside of the box; otherwise, you will just be ordinary. Strive to be extraordinary.

26. Belief in one’s self and one's abilities can essentially win any battle. Determination and the will to succeed are the basic principles with which you must use to press on one move ahead in life. For a person who is determined to reach a goal; surely there is nothing that can slow their progress. Continue to learn and grow stronger every day, with persistence and determination, you too can control your own destiny and future success.

27. We all communicate differently. Some of us are forward and to the point; others talk in circles trying to reach a destination. The hard part is finding a way to communicate with everyone and working hard to understand how others communicate.

28. Progress can be measured in many ways, but for my, progress is all about moving forward in life and having success. Progress is definitely a broad word, but how you progress is up to you. Most times to make progress we must change our mindset, our attitude, our learned behaviors.

29. Every day brings new challenges into our lives. Not all of us handle change well and quite frankly many students enjoy routine. It is up to you to face the unknown without fear. To be fearless is real to be scared, but to go forward and do something anyway. And once you take on those fears and conquer them, you will be on the freight train to success. Nobody can stop the drive of a fearless man or woman. Do something today that you are scared of doing.

30. The only way to reach goals you set for yourself is to stay completely focused on the task at hand. We live in a world where it is not only easy but honestly impossible to not get distracted by something. The key is to regain focus as fast as possible and keep pushing forward to your goals you have set for yourself.

Working Too Hard Famous Quotes

1- Do your best always and let the chips fall where they may. Always worry about what you are doing. There is no need to compare yourself to others. Set goals and reach them and then set more goals.

2- With a bit of determination and a lot of hustle you can make things happen. Don't be scared to get your hands dirty or work crazy hours. You want to be able to retire one day and relax; you need to put in the work today.

3- Life belongs to those who think of a way out in an immaculate congestion because there is no fast way to success without bumper-to-bumper. A hard working man with tireless mission deserves to become a cynosure of all eyes in his colorful dress, not a man with shoddy labor.

4- We should remind ourselves how blessed we are to be given the opportunity to live every day. We should also remind ourselves that nothing in life is free or easy. Everything requires hard work and dedication.

5- Every day we are faced with problems that we have to make quick decisions in order to move forward. That improvisation or quick thinking is what will push you through many of life's difficult times. Success is not necessarily the title you have obtained but the obstacles you have conquered in life. Some of us have climbed the mountain 100 times only to roll back down. You must get back up and try again.

6- Step out of the comfort zone and become a better you. Concentrate on yourself and what you can do better every day. The only person that can stop your progress is yourself.

7- One of the keys to happiness as well as success in life is to be steady and consistent. People that have the super highs and massive lows seem to carry such a level of stress with them; it would seem impossible for them to actually achieve happiness.

8- Sometimes Outside encouragement can confirm an inner thought, desire or feeling. The need for outside encouragement is a different thing altogether. Need is a strong word. The person needs validation they may not trust their own instincts.

9- I just think that those who have been at the bottom and bounced back to rise above everything else, have more of an appreciation for success and never want to let it go once they have achieved it. I definitely hate losing at anything in life, but sometimes, from those losses we learn valuable lessons that we carry with us our whole life.

10-  Finally, with success, never get so big headed and arrogant that you lose touch with your original purpose. I consider myself an equal to all, no matter how successful I am or no matter how many times I fail. We all have an equal chance to rise up and succeed.

11- When life seems to be throwing the worst of everything at you the most important thing is put your head down and keep going. Life is not always going to be a rolled out red carpet filled with an easy lifestyle.

12- You don't have to do everything at warp speed. Sometimes you need to slow down and take your time and do things right. You can make all the excuses in the world, but the only thing that can really hold you back is yourself.

13- Even if a student is at the top of his game he should constantly be looking for ways to improve. If you sit idle doing the same old same old, you will only never excel, you will most likely get passed by everyone else. If you don't evolve the way you work and handle things you will lose ground. You must be willing to break the mold and change things for the better.

14- Let’s just wait for the right time of being successful, then it's all the return of our hard work and perseverance. And when you successfully reached your goals and objectives in life, you’re done with your mission, and there's always a sweet bearing that awaits you.

15- Sometimes we think we are doing everything we can, but then we look around and someone else is doing more. Anything is possible as long as you think you can do something and you believe in that fact. It won't happen overnight though so make sure you are ready to commit to everything it takes to become successful.

Hard Work and Determination Leads To Success

Sometimes things won't go your way and sometimes you will feel like you have done your best and still failed. The only way to remedy these feelings or situations is to get back up and get back on the hustle. You can overcome most things if you just continue to move forward and get your hustle on.

Hope these inspirational quotes about hard working really make your day. In the journey of life, many antagonistic vampires will spread across your way like broken necklaces. When difficulties turn to a mutual friend one could prefer to become a debunk carcass by the surprisingly unbearable manifestation. When you are enduring challenges you will look as the clot, meaningless and namby-pamby fellow, some people could speak to you hypocoristically while you are not worth to be addressed in a pet manner. But by your multi-endurance, you will become a portentous conqueror.