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Funny Text for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

Do I start writing these funny things when a friend of mine asked me, what to say to my boyfriend to make him smile over a text? I created dozens of cute texts messages for her boyfriend and it really works. There are so many sweet things which help to normalize a complex relationship; here you will find some cute things to text your boyfriend to make him smile. What to say to your boyfriend to make him happy over text? Stop playing dirty and flirty games with your guys over text because it may generate suspicious thoughts into your minds for each other.
Something I've learned is that if you don't give a person clear expectations for what you want, no one can give you what you want. Sometimes the reason we aren't happy in a relationship is because we aren't teaching a person how to make us happy. Sending a flirty text message after a fight is sometimes a great idea for a reunion or a lovely good morning text isn’t a bad choice as well. I hear a lot of people say they …

Romantic Love Paragraphs & Letters for a Boyfriend

Do you ever write a romantic love paragraph for him from the heart? A recent survey discovered that single girls write more love notes and letters to their boyfriends or fiancĂ© but married women rarely write such a love note to their husbands only on their birthdays or anniversaries but in both cases, it is observed that the relationship got stronger in such couples who use to write each other. Mostly girls in a lovely relationship wake up in the morning by receiving a romantic good morning text from their guys and cannot sleep without sending a romantic text message to their guys. Successful relationships do not just happen. They are a culmination of careful and intentional choices. Most of us plan for our careers, savings, and investments and other parts of our life. When it comes to relationships, however, we think things will just happen. We get taxed and take it as it comes. Nothing just happens. No one comes to knock on your door. We must plan for the kind of love we want opera…