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Most Famous Quotes about Life with Images

There are so many famous people who write and said touching phrases in different occasions, we collect the best quotes about from life from such remarkable celebrities for you. Life so continues. Even with all of the challenges and pauses that really grab out attention in a way that we were not expecting, life goes on. Time does not become suspended because we cannot keep up or because we don't know our next move. But you know what I’ve discovered? It's okay. You don't have to know your next move. You don't have to be perfect. You're not required to be super. It is okay to take a commercial break. It's okay to turn the cameras off and be. It's okay to not get out of bed. It's okay to wake up and just take a drive. Take a life commercial break if you must, rest, enjoy, discover, think, breathe, smile, cry and laugh. Be alone in peace. Meet yourself all over again and discover a really unique and amazing person you. Enjoy this rare collection of famous q…

50 Quotes for Breakups and Moving On

Moving on from a broken heart situation is always hard but these quotes about break up will motivate your inner soul to get out from depression and loneliness. Have you ever been in a relationship and because of something’s the relationship ended and you were heartbroken? How did you cope with the breakup, did it help, what you learned from it? You can cope with loss, you'll get through your family problems, and you can handle relationship breakups as long as you stay strong and positive. Of course, things won't go your way all the time. Of course, it won't happen through a night. But you'll heal eventually. Don't let anyone bring you down or tell you that you can't reach your goals. You just need to surround yourself with people smarter than or as smart as you are. Don't hangout with people who will help you argue through social media but wouldn't dare to swing with you in person.

I'm not sure why girls have to constantly tear each other down. Act…