Most Famous Quotes about Life with Images

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There are so many famous people who write and said touching phrases in different occasions, we collect the best quotes about from life from such remarkable celebrities for you. Life so continues. Even with all of the challenges and pauses that really grab out attention in a way that we were not expecting, life goes on. Time does not become suspended because we cannot keep up or because we don't know our next move. But you know what I’ve discovered? It's okay. You don't have to know your next move. You don't have to be perfect. You're not required to be super. It is okay to take a commercial break. It's okay to turn the cameras off and be. It's okay to not get out of bed. It's okay to wake up and just take a drive. Take a life commercial break if you must, rest, enjoy, discover, think, breathe, smile, cry and laugh. Be alone in peace. Meet yourself all over again and discover a really unique and amazing person you. Enjoy this rare collection of famous quotes with beautiful images from the great people.

Every day in life we all go through an experience that changes us in many different ways. We live and we lose things but we also learn life lessons that we can take and share with others. Some can be quotes you have learned or made in life. What are some most famous quotes or life messages do you live by or photo quotes you know that you take to the heart. It can be a movie quote or a quote with images from anything. I'd like to fill this day with them and learn about how you all see life. Surround yourself with people who have parts of what you want in yourself in them. if you can't see something you want to grow in you in someone else then don't attach yourself to them! Let people know what you admire about them and what you want to learn from them, and then be purposeful about growing from them! If you give away a space in your life to someone who can't grow you, then you should be growing them, but if no growth is taking place then you don't have room for that relationship.

Best Famous Quotes about Life and Love

1- I'll tell you one thing; if you don't think this year flew by, you must be asleep at the wheel. Beyond that, today is a great day to think about setting goals for the next year and taking a personal inventory of your life. What did you do well this year and where did you fall short? What can you do to improve on this past year? What can you do to make sure this year is better than the last? It's not hard and doesn't take much effort. Take a few minutes today to do a self-evaluation and figure out where you want to be and how you plan on getting there.

2- Every day you wake up is an opportunity for you to forget the past and start new with a clean slate. Now, of course, there will be things that you have done in the past that will hang on for a while but if you keep focused and move forward in a positive manner, these shall fall into the distance and be forgotten as well. Wake up every day with a smile and promise to yourself that you are going to do better than yesterday. It’s not that hard to do, start fresh and be better than yesterday.

3- One of the biggest struggles of life is trying to find that perfect balance between everything, work and play, friends and family, sleep and staying up. It becomes quite a difficult task to juggle everything life throws at you all at once. The most important part of finding the balance is making yourself happy and limiting your stress. If you work all day and put no time aside for yourself you will lose your mind. Always make time for yourself and get as close to balance as you can. We will never be perfect, but we can certainly do our best to get as close as possible.

4- There is a whole bunch of people who are just working to live and survive. Many people don't like their jobs or stay at a job just because they feel they are stuck there. Well, you aren't stuck and if you wanted to change it up you could. It requires drive and commitment to changing for the better. Find whatever you need to in life that makes you happy and that you can excel at. There is nothing better than going to work and doing something you actually enjoy doing rather than going through the motions somewhere just to collect a check.

50 Quotes for Breakups and Moving On

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Moving on from a broken heart situation is always hard but these quotes about break up will motivate your inner soul to get out from depression and loneliness. Have you ever been in a relationship and because of something’s the relationship ended and you were heartbroken? How did you cope with the breakup, did it help, what you learned from it? You can cope with loss, you'll get through your family problems, and you can handle relationship breakups as long as you stay strong and positive. Of course, things won't go your way all the time. Of course, it won't happen through a night. But you'll heal eventually. Don't let anyone bring you down or tell you that you can't reach your goals. You just need to surround yourself with people smarter than or as smart as you are. Don't hangout with people who will help you argue through social media but wouldn't dare to swing with you in person.
Quotes for breakups

I'm not sure why girls have to constantly tear each other down. Actually, I'm doing understand why people, in general, have to tear each other down, but I see it especially with girls towards each other. We should be empowering each other, ladies, really. We are a whole entire united team and we need to act as one. Congratulate and be proud of all the good things your fellow girlfriends do! Like if she cooks dinner for her significant other and its steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans, A+! If she cooks dinner for her significant other and its Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and brownies, then props. Or if she's working a late shift and brings home Chinese takeout and some milk, you go girl. At least she's providing food for herself and her significant other and maybe even her children. If a girl goes through a bad breakup and she parties on the weekends but she still pays her bills and goes to work and school during the week, then let her live that lifestyle. Maybe she'll get tired of it, which cares. That might be how she's coping; she probably just wants company. Don't make her feel like less than a person because of how she's choosing to cope. Or if she's going to college to become a surgeon, or she's already a CNA, empower her to keep going and tell her she's doing an amazing job. If she's working a part-time retail job or even full-time as a waitress and that's the job she chooses for a few years or even her life, then be stoked for her because she found something that she enjoys doing and feels well enough doing it that she could do it for a long time. If she's a stay-at-home Mom, encourage her. If she dyes her hair brown or red or bright blue, encourage her. If she's wearing shorts and her legs are paler than society's idea of beautiful, compliment her anyways. If she wears a crop top and she's got a little chub, tell her that her outfit is cute anyways. If a girl tells you something personal when you guys don't know each other that well, don't go telling everyone else even if it weird’s you out. Let her confide in you. She believes you're being her friend, so be one. She probably needs one and could change her mood by reading some inspirational quotes for breakups and moving on. If a girl goes to raves, or wears flower crowns excessively like me, or has a style you've never seen before, or doesn't wear makeup, or wears what you think is too much makeup, or only posts about her children, or only posts about her boyfriend, or only posts about her dog, or her cat, or her snakes, or if she's moving out or getting married and starting a family at a time you might think is too early, or if she listens to country music instead of pop, or classic rock instead of rap, realize that those things make her happy and confident and her. Don't you ever try to tear another person down because they're not like you or they don't live like you or dress like you or love like you. Or because they're not like anyone else you've ever met. I promise these break up quotes will provide you a new direction. Ladies, and even gents, don't you ever try to change to please anyone else or be someone's friend or their significant other. If you're not accepted as yourself, they're not worth your time. Always stay true to you, and always stay true to what you love and don't ever stop loving it. And next time you might think of demoralizing, criticizing, condemning, or trying to disapprove of who someone is, ask yourself if you'd rather have an original of something, or the copy. Which one is worth more? Don't try to change anyone else, and don't try to change yourself for anyone else. Being 100% you is 110% wonderful. You were made just as you were meant to be.

Quotes about Breakups and Moving On

1. Keep moving forward until you find someone who will love and respect you but you should also remember that there's no perfect girl or guy out there. We all have our flaws.

2. Moving on and saying goodbye is the hardest part in every breakup. You will undergo a series of adjustments and heartaches. You will feel alone, lonely and depressed especially if that person really made a great impact on your life.

3. Sometimes relationships can be difficult and sometimes you've just got to move on. I guess this is what a divorce is like.

4. I think it's funny when a breakup happens and the one partner moves on and is okay, but the instant the other one moves on, they get mad and jealous.